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Title: Pulse-R engine - a small, low cost internal combustion engine using bio gas technology

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Keywords:pulse-r engine, bio gas engine, small gas engine, future car technology, low carbon engine, bio fuel engine, cng, lpg, bio-methane, gas generator engine, low cost stationery engine, low carbon hybrid, dedicated gas engine, 4 stroke piston engine, hybrid gas engine, gas range extender, range extender engine, oaktec engine, pulsar engine

Description:Oaktec is developing a novel low cost internal combustion engine concept with improved efficiency called Pulse-R that is especially suited to burning gaseous fuels including bio gas. Oaktec are also involved in developing a small, low cost, low carbon vehicle platform for young drivers.
... and is showing exceptional results in testing Pulse R technology can make a step change to the efficiency of low cost stationary engines for many applications including micro electricity generation It has particular advantages over conventional engine architectures when optimised for gas fuels including LPG CNG and bio gas In May 2014 the Pulse R engine won the prestigious Shell Springboard cleantech innovation award beating over 110 UK companies with new low carbon technologies News November 2015 Pulse R wins peer to peer Innovation award at Innovate 2015 in London June 2015 Pulse R successfully tests on raw AD produced bio gas giving excellent test results and BSFC Dec 2014 Oaktec has been awarded grant funding of 220 000 from the Energy Catalyst for the development of a bio gas specific Pulse R engine This project will aim to develop an engine that produces efficient clean power from untreated bio gas direct from micro anaerobic digesters Dec 2014 Oaktec has been adopted for the pilot TDAP Technology Developer Accelerator Programme by the Advanced Propulsion Centre This initiative will support the development of Pulse R through the stages from proven prototype to commercialisation by introduction to partner OEM s and by...

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