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Title: Political Theatre

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... or Undone And like that Marco Rubio is done Or is it undone Realistically it wasn t much like that either It was more like watching a car crash in slow motion over a period of months the impact starting about a month ago and the chassis only now finding a resting place So much for early bold predictions Rubio should have been and in some universe possibly could have been the safe choice On paper he was liked by big money Republican donors he compared with then Senator Barack Obama not well but he compared and in the small sample size of Sunday morning talk shows he seemed able to handle the press That latter asset may have been the key to his undoing In the land of talking heads impressing isn t hard It s why talking points were invented Wars have literally been started because talking points were allowed to pass unquestioned Rubio s campaign was built on this and counted on it It counted on a type of politics that in just the last decade has been rendered prehistoric if not obsolete A lot of people are picking apart the remains of the Rubio campaign today possibly even members of that campaign They ll use metaphors sports ones will be popular but they ll all boil down to this Rubio was poorly prepared poorly advised and may well lack the talent and skills to be president So what does he do now What do Republican voters do now They have three candidates none of whom will stop campaigning until after they ve had their time on the convention stage in Cleveland At least one you know who keeps threatening to campaign longer if he erm his voters don t get their way The one thing that seems certain apart from Trump instigated violence is that Cleveland is where this and possibly the entire Republican Party as we ve known it ends Rubio will be there How could he not be Right now the anti Trump Republicans have three realistic tickets they could propose Cruz Kasich Kasich Cruz or Kasich Rubio Yes Rubio might still make it to November We must not forget as much as Trump is feared Cruz is still hated and the distance between the two might be paper thin Even before that first nerve wracking floor vote bargaining will be taking place behind closed doors and finding a way to keep Cruz from heading the Rublican ticket will be part of that Cruz for all of his Nixonian charm polls badly among centrists Unlike Tricky Dick his seeming role model Cruz can t benefit from imploding Democrats he can t even hope to prey on weak Democratic campaigners No this year it s his party s turn and if that isn t clear now just wait til July Kasich knows this as well as anyone He polls best against the Democrats If he can hold on until the convention and he can then...

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