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  • Yoga Niketan
    website devoted to the preservation of Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogiraj Lahiri Mahasaya and His established channels It is one s duty to humbly serve everyone Enter the Shrine

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  • Yoga Niketan
    This website is devoted to the loving memory of Divine Kriya Yoga Guru Acharya Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta exalted and beloved disciple of Swami Sri Yukteshvar Giri Maharaj of Serampore We offer it as flowers of devotion to his lotus

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  • Yoga Niketan
    or distribute or reproduce the text or any portion of the text in any form printed electronic or otherwise or to distribute it to others in any language or form without permission of Yoga Niketan To do so is a violation of copyright law If you wish to produce an extract from the book in a published work you must first obtain permission in the usual way according to the

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  • Shrine - Yoga Niketan
    Guru to the initiate in a continuous chain A Kriya Yogi can only act as a Kriya Guru when allowed to do so under permission from his own Guru Disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya used to be told to keep the teachings a closed secret and not to talk about it even with friends and relations who were not initiated into the secrets So religiously this direction was followed that in

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  • Library - Yoga Niketan
    Notice 2016 All Rights Reserved YogaNiketan Welcome to the Yoga Niketan Library A few words about these books The Original Approach to Kriya Historical books Kriya History Biographies Scriptural Commentaries Contemporary Kriya Writings What is new New section entitled ARTICLES

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  • Articles - Yoga Niketan
    read more March 4th 2016 The REAL tradition of Kriya Yoga We are quiet sadhaks and we wish well to all We like to stay away from the Kriya Yoga marketplace and all the touring gurus We generally don t feel comfortable to comment on others More than ever these days can be seen the emerging phenomenon of a never ending market place of original Kriya yoga gurus It pains the heart of read more February 27th 2016 PRAYAG The abode that is cool and the place where the Star can be seen in which there is prayag meaning the union of Triveni confluence of the three rivers that is called madhyadesha middle land Lahiri Mahasaya from Manu 2 21 The Scriptural Commentaries of Yogiraj Sri Sri Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya Volume 1 Yoga Niketan read more February 27th 2016 Brahmin Via the lotus stem thread of the mouth relinquish breath meaning make is Still in this way via the sushumna path it becomes Still like this spontaneously This is the indication of kumbhak meaning vayu moves in Stillness via the sushumna that is the state of kumbhak Lahiri Baba from Amritabindu 13 Scriptural Commentaries of read more February 17th 2016 Airs of a Paramhansa When people try to practise religion said Naren Swami Vivekananda eighty per cent of them turn into cheats and about fifteen per cent go mad It s only the remaining five per cent who get some direct knowledge of the Truth and so become blessed Therefore beware At first even the young disciples of Ramakrishna were unwilling to agree read more February 16th 2016 To the Eyebrows omkarapurvikastisro mahavyahritayohvyayah tripadachaiva savitrivijneyam brahmanomukham 2 81 Commentary 81 One who performs Omkar Kriya with utterance meaning performing pranayam from the door at the region of the anus

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  • About Yoga Niketan - Yoga Niketan
    established channels Our work is lovingly and reverently dedicated to the memory of Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta exalted and highly beloved disciple of Swami Sri Yukteshvar Giri Maharaj of Serampore Yoga Niketan is run by volunteers who receive no compensation of any kind whatsoever All proceeds from the sale of these books go towards maintaining our work This group of volunteers works under the careful guidance of our Guru the

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  • Contact us - Yoga Niketan
    us FAQ Copyright Notice 2016 All Rights Reserved YogaNiketan menu Contact us We request all readers to please read our FAQ in full before writing to us Yoga Niketan email yoganiketan yoganiketan net Surface mail contact Yoga Niketan 167 Swakeleys

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