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  • The Festivals | Waveform Studios Dublin
    nice piece on his blog here National hunt festival racing offers an even greater glimpse back to Ireland s agrarian roots than any of our other national sports and the series tries to capture the sense of tradition and heritage through a number of engaging characters and stories trainers race managers bookies publicans jockeys all trying to make a living from the sport that they love They and their families

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/the-festivals-setanta/ (2016-05-02)
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  • Joe Brolly – Perfect Match | Waveform Studios Dublin
    of consent to a soft opt out scheme The documentary goes behind the scenes into the corridors of power North and South as Joe and Shane attempt to change the organ donation law of consent to Soft Opt Out Viewers are brought into the operating theatre as six lives are potentially saved by the generosity and organs of just one donor This is a story of suffering But its also

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/joe-brolly-perfect-match-rte-1/ (2016-05-02)
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  • Outcast | Waveform Studios Dublin
    doomed relationship plays out a Beast stalks the estate killing locals working its way towards the protagonists Meanwhile Cathal and Liam two mysterious men from Ireland use Celtic ritual and magic on a blood hunt to track Fergal down The film premiered in March 2010 as part of the South by Southwest Festival It was also screened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and received a UK release later that

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/outcast-2010/ (2016-05-02)
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  • The Scholarship | Waveform Studios Dublin
    different walks of Irish life Director Kim Bartley was granted access to the inner workings of Belvedere College SJ and to the lives and homes of five families who hoped to gain one of their coveted bursaries The cameras followed all their journeys as they made the transition from primary to secondary school The personal stories of The Scholarship captured on screen over two years tells a poignant story about

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/the-scholarship-2013-rte-1/ (2016-05-02)
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  • The Apprentice, TV3 | Waveform Studios Dublin
    which a group of aspiring young businessmen and women compete for the chanceto win a job as apprentice to a business leader The TV3 series is now in its fifth season Giles Packham s music score has helped ignite tension in the boardroom fire contestants and connect with audiences as the apprentices come to terms with challenging tasks Listen to Clips Find Us 5 Merrion Row Dublin 2 Ireland Find

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/the-apprentice-tv3-2/ (2016-05-02)
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  • Death On the Railroad, 2013, PBS & RTE | Waveform Studios Dublin
    to America to lay railroad tracks in Pennsylvania in 1832 but met their untimely death The suggestion that they died of Cholera has been challenged with the uncovering of new evidence which suggests murder Using the latest forensic and scientific investigative techniques this modern detective story unravel this extraordinary story Produced by Keith Farrell of Tile Films the documentary formed part of PBS s Secrets of the Dead series which

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/death-on-the-railroad-documentary-pbs-rte-2013/ (2016-05-02)
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  • See You At The Pictures | Waveform Studios Dublin
    this feature length documentary which looks at movie going in Ireland throughout the decades The film examines specific periods of Irish history as related by ordinary and less ordinary people who lived and are living through them Out of this emerges a truly nationally shared experience of cinema going as important to our common heritage as any of the other components of our culture Listen to Clips Coming Soon Find

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/see-you-at-the-pictures-2013-rte-1/ (2016-05-02)
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  • Dermot’s Secret Garden Series 1 & 2 | Waveform Studios Dublin
    theme and underscore to this very popular gardening series The series follows gardener Dermot O Neill as he strives to restore his secret Victorian Walled Garden and achieve self sufficiency this is his dream his passion or some might say madness The soundtrack is mainly piano guitar and strings with the odd bit of ukelele and electric guitar The soundtrack was inspired by the many moods of the seasons passing

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/dermots-secret-garden-rte-1/ (2016-05-02)
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