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  • Firefighters Series 1 – 3 | Waveform Studios Dublin
    series Firefighters now in its third season which follows the emergency services in Dublin The show is broadcast on RTE 1 and UKTV Watch To catch up on the most recent show check the RTE player Listen to Clips RTE PLAYER Related Projects Cuimhni ón mBlascaod Documentary TV Phantom 2004 Animation Audio Post Film Joe Brolly Perfect Match Audio Post Documentary TV Find Us 5 Merrion Row Dublin 2 Ireland

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/firefighters-series-1-2-rte-1/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • The Zoo TV Series | Waveform Studios Dublin
    dedicated men and women who take care of the 600 plus exotic animals who live there With 60 episodes broadcast to date consisting of six seasons and five one hour specials The Zoo has become a favourite with audiences across the generations Viewers not only get up close and personal with the many beautiful exotic and often critically endangered animals in the zoo but also join the keepers on the journey of taking care of them from day to day life and animal husbandry to the excitement of births deaths and unexpected emergencies Over the last six seasons Giles carefully crafted score for The Zoo has mirrored the highs and the lows of life in the Zoo It has echoed the tension lived by zoo keepers as they make difficult decisions about a sick animals accompanied a penguin chick as she takes her first swim and brought tears of joy with the birth of a baby elephant The series has been nominated for an IFTA in 2013 2014 and again in 2015 Series 7 is currently in production for later in 2016 Listen to clips RTE PLAYER Related Projects Homemade 2012 Audio Post Film Joe Brolly Perfect Match Audio Post

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/the-zoo-series-1-5/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • Tashi | Waveform Studios Dublin
    another era A melting pot of the weird and wonderful full of mythical creatures it s a place where ogres evil warlords and flame throwing dragons are commonplace Welcome to Tashi s world When Jack s parents bundle him off to stay with his distant cousin Tashi the two boys become swept up in a series of wild adventures exploring a fantastical land far far away Tashi and Jack develop a special friendship Tashi helps Jack gain a greater self confidence and Jack teaches Tashi about life at his home Together they learn the importance of respecting all kinds working together and a sense of community but most of all they have a lot of fun exploring the weird and wonderful and meeting a host of strange creatures Tashi the animated television series is based on the beloved Australian children s books by Barbara and Anna Feinberg The books have sold over a million copies in more than 20 countries Giles Packham has composed the score to this 52 x 12 min animated series Listen to Clips To Follow Related Projects The Apprentice TV3 TV Paperman 2011 Animation Audio Post Film Joe Brolly Perfect Match Audio Post Documentary TV Find

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/tashi/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • Cutting Grass | Waveform Studios Dublin
    a young inner city boy Donal tries his hand at cutting lawns for pocket money in a quiet affluent suburb Not having much luck he encounters Gerry an old man who strangely pays him just to be left alone Score for the film blended traditional orchestration with elements of sound design and electronic music Listen to Clips To Follow Related Projects Paperman 2011 Animation Audio Post Film Teeth 2007 Audio

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/cutting-grass/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • Girl On The Undercard | Waveform Studios Dublin
    as Katie Taylor The 52 min documentary is scored with musical influences from all across the USA While scoring the documentary it felt like being on a road trip across many states with influences from mississippi blues to the more experimental electric guitar music of Colerado Seattle and Austin The film premieres March 17th 2014 on Setanta Sport Listen to Clips Related Projects The Gathering Homeward Bound Advertising TV Vincent

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/girl-on-the-undercard-setanta-sport/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • The Festivals | Waveform Studios Dublin
    an even greater glimpse back to Ireland s agrarian roots than any of our other national sports and the series tries to capture the sense of tradition and heritage through a number of engaging characters and stories trainers race managers bookies publicans jockeys all trying to make a living from the sport that they love They and their families have been involved in these festivals for generations The series premieres

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/the-festivals-setanta/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • Joe Brolly – Perfect Match | Waveform Studios Dublin
    the corridors of power North and South as Joe and Shane attempt to change the organ donation law of consent to Soft Opt Out Viewers are brought into the operating theatre as six lives are potentially saved by the generosity and organs of just one donor This is a story of suffering But its also an uplifting tale of hope and the generosity of the human spirit Related Projects Dermot

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/joe-brolly-perfect-match-rte-1/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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  • Outcast | Waveform Studios Dublin
    the estate killing locals working its way towards the protagonists Meanwhile Cathal and Liam two mysterious men from Ireland use Celtic ritual and magic on a blood hunt to track Fergal down The film premiered in March 2010 as part of the South by Southwest Festival It was also screened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and received a UK release later that year Score for the film blended traditional

    Original URL path: http://waveformstudios.net/portfolio/outcast-2010/?id=272 (2016-05-02)
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