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  • Brainspace Support's profile
    8210 Address 15601 Dallas Parkway Suite 1000 City Addison State TX Zip code 75001 Country United States Website http www brainspace com Company Name Brainspace Social Media Twitter https twitter com brainspace Facebook https www facebook com brainspace LinkedIn https www linkedin com company 129989 3 18 Overview Video of Brainspace Discovery Details by Brainspace Support in Brainspace Discovery 154 views 2 11 Communications Analysis Brainspace Discovery Details by Brainspace

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  • Overview Video of Brainspace Discovery - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    IS information AND a click away from being a query All elements of the Dashboard update immediately responding to every filter you apply The Discovery dashboard is a quick way to investigate your data search your metadata and see the results in real time This Sidebar lets you navigate to every Discovery module and return to an overview of your data at any time by clicking the Dashboard icon Open the Search Drawer to access Concept Search a user interface that provides an intersection between machine learning and human intuition Exclusive to Brainspace Discovery our Concept Search is a transparent multi concept intuitive way to find documents that respond to concepts and not just keywords Plus our Sliders allow users to interact with Discovery s Brain technology to fine tune their analysis Form Search provides Additional Filters that allow you filter against emails perform quick keyword searches or search by domain and also against any of your metadata with our Advanced Query capabilities The Cluster Wheel is an overview of your document population presented in a visual map that can be explored in detail allowing you to dig deeper into more significant areas while still being able to view the dataset population in it s entirety You can even concentrate on a subset of data by generating a custom wheel for it which we call a Focus Communication Analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing email documents It quickly shows who communicated what and to whom Nodes represent people and the lines between them are documents An overview lets you know what s being talked about Labels and Search Filters let you quickly organize explore and understand Document Collections keeps track of your Collections and allows you to sync your collections to other applications such as Relativity Saved Search results

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  • Communications Analysis | Brainspace Discovery - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    Discovery will display graphically the flow of communication for that subject matter Each node represents a sender or recipient email address or a collection of email addresses The Communication Analysis module automatically collects different alias email addresses for the same person into a node we call a Person You can also manually select and merge multiple email addresses All of this information is preserved across all users Discovery uses similar colors to indicate people or groups of people that are in frequent communication with each other You may find two people of the same color never actually exchanged emails directly with one another but were both in communication with many of the same people for your queried search topic Clicking on a node provides detailed analytics about that email user s communications on your search topic You can also click on the edge or a node or the line between nodes to show details for the concepts being exchanged including top concepts included in the documentation Discovery shows you those users who communicated your search terms including others they most frequently sent to or received those communications from You can filter on people or domain whether a specific email address

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  • Discovery Collections video | Brainspace Discovery - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    filter elements and can be removed by clicking the trash can icon that displays when you hover over the entry making it easy to drop one or more parts of a very complex search You can clear away all search elements in the breadcrumbs trail by selecting the x at the right side of the filter bar Above the breadcrumb trail you ll find a drop down that lists your Recent and Saved Searches This allows you to quickly jump back to an earlier search or even part of a search that you were constructing For each recent search you also have the ability to show the exact Lucene syntax used for that search A list of your Saved Searches will be found in the Recent and Saved Search dropdown list To save a search select the Save Search icon at the upper right then provide a name for your Search criteria This saves the actual search query so if you later add more documents they will show up as results if they also respond to this search If you d like to save a subset of documents resulting from your search criteria save your document results to a Collection

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  • Discovery Cluster Wheel video | Brainspace - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    the documents then sort each of those documents into ten piles each representing the most important concepts found from your initial assessment Now take those piles and break each of them into ten piles Continue this until you ve identified and removed Exact Duplicates and Near Duplicates or until the pile has less than a hundred unique and original documents Good news The Brainspace Discovery Cluster Wheel does this all for you quickly and efficiently At the center of the Cluster Wheel is your entire document population As you move outward you find more and more specific clusters of documents until you re at the outer edges You can select a cluster to create a filtered search for that cluster and review the documents in Search Results Any search originating from the Dashboard is highlighted on the Cluster Wheel providing a graphical sense of your search results relative to the overall document population If it s fully highlighted 100 of the documents are responding Greyed out clusters have no documents that match the specific search criteria Documents that are duplicates or near duplicates are indicated with a D or ND watermark When a document is selected a compass needle appears

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  • Discovery Dashboard video | Brainspace - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    usually because they contain no text Discovery provides three columns of Faceted data The first column by default shows your Top Terms the most important and relevant concept terms that Discovery has identified within your Dataset using our Brainspace technology This Facet column highlights and dynamically updates relevant concepts and not just common keywords found in your dataset The Top Terms Facet is the only component that is not metadata driven You can select from among any of your metadata fields in the other drop downs to display other desired results Faceted search enables users to fine tune their search with a progressive narrowing of choices in each dimension Think of 20 questions The first question is animal vegetable or mineral And this faceted question allows you to quickly trim away vast chunks of irrelevant records Discovery gives users the utmost control over their dataset analysis They can click on any entity within the Dashboard and any items of interest to update results and create complex searches without ever thinking about search A Timeline is provided for any metadata fields that have dates and is especially useful for analyzing emails Users can select a specific date or range of dates

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  • Ross R. Mason's profile
    75219 Country United States Website http www motionmediasolutions com Company Name Motion Media Solutions Social Media Twitter http twitter com MotionMedia Facebook http facebook com MotionMediaSolutions YouTube http YouTube com user motionmediasolutions LinkedIn http www linkedin com company motion media solutions Google https plus google com u 0 112940532288453505016 about 4 00 Global Leaders Organization Investment Opportunity Video Details by Ross R Mason in business professionals 315 views 2 57

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  • Global Leaders Organization Investment Opportunity Video - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    well as debt and other financial services Industry demographic and professionally niched verticals led by recognized thought leaders connecting communities with commerce and capital A gamified ecosystem allowing for the flow of commerce connections and tangible value among hundreds of communities representing billions in annual revenues and value creation Local live chapters cementing ownership leadership and participation in the one and only networked economy for community commerce capital Michelle Lemmons The Global Leaders Organization is the very first platform of its kind to take a business leader and connect them with community commerce and capital so that their business will thrive and succeed Joseph Barisonzi Community Leader is designing and building a customized online investment platform so that the members of GLO can invest in each other s businesses and they can raise money from the people who know them best Michelle Lemmons We ve selected our first ten verticals Each vertical is led by a recognized thought leader The verticals are selected either by a demographic or industry specific Joseph Barisonzi There ll be two types of portals for GLO s members The first our sponsored portals which will correspond to each of the different verticals The other is an international network of associated portals each meeting GLO s high standards providing GLO s members even more opportunities to invest and raise capital Michelle Lemmons We know that leadership is not only global it s local We ve selected chairmen in major cities to build membership and to curate deals for the investment portal From my experience with working with busy CEOs and presidents it s hard to get them to stop and take the time to do something even when it s of value to them When we created an incentive for the interaction everyone participated and benefited

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