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  • Hospital infections 4th deadliest killer of people! - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    maybeT some minor surgery You think everything is okay Hospital acquired infections are the number four killer that s more than car accidents that s more than breast cancer more than AIDS all of those things that we worry about every day do not compare to the combined risk of a hospital acquired risk infection Each facility based on the numbers that I ve been told spends about 40 000 to mitigate a hospital acquired infection The HRMS with its entry level price just a little bit below 3 000 covers about a 10x10 10x15 area and is 99 effective in eliminating all airborne pathogens The HRMS is installed and fits into an existing fixture space your typical 2x4 lighting fixture And above the lighting unit is a UV chamber What the HRMS does is it circulates the air throughout the room depending on the size of the room up to 10 times an hour It pulls the air above through the filter into a revolutionary patented design UV chamber exposing it to the UV light and eliminating the ability of the airborne pathogens to reproduce basically rendering it inert The HRMS is going to revolutionize infection disease control in

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  • Perforating systems problem NOT penetration, it’s profitability! - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    We didn t look at the shape of the tip We didn t look at the condition of the sidewall We didn t look at the amount of clear tunnel that was produced We didn t look at the hole size and the change in the hole size from the casing to the perforation to the middle of the tunnel to the tip of the tunnel and We didn t evaluate how that perforation tunnel flowed Unless you address all of these factors in perforation design then you re not going to generate the product that delivers the best economical performance for the well New Standards for Perforation Systems John Hardesty As we move away from evaluating perforation performance in cement we have to develop tools to predict how these products are going to perform downhole The Primary Factor John Hardesty The primary factor is the amount of open tunnel This is affected by the rock that you re perforating the system in the chart design and also the conditions that you re perforating in Narrator The GEODynamics Perforation Flow Lab compares flow performance delivered by computing systems using natural rock targets under representative downhole conditions systems techniques scenarios John

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  • Girl’s Life Inspires Pipeline Safety Awareness Across the Nation - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    PCMS understood what they were looking at when they went to emergency calls Jeff Farrells the first thing that came to mind was the Smalley Foundation Danny Smalley Founder Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation I would like to tell the industry folks that we wouldn t be able to do what we do without your help Jeff Farrells it s been a great partnership The Day Our Purpose Was Defined Narrator In August 1996 Danielle and her friend Jason noticed the smell of gas in their rural neighborhood and left her home driving her pickup truck to report it to authorities Narrator Approached the end of her driveway they unknowingly entered a vapor cloud and the truck stalled Danielle restarted the ignition and it became the source of an explosion of fire with flames spanning fifteen acres Narrator Danielle and Jason instantly lost their lives Danny Smalley I blame myself for my daughter s death Danny Smalley I didn t know that there was a pipeline there had I been aware of the hazards and I said during court that if I won that I was going to open a foundation for pipeline safety to teach people the hazards and the danger The Hazards Danny Smalley if you live in the state of Texas anywhere you re at you re not too far from a pipeline Wesley Carter Process Safety Manager Oil and Gas Operations 42 fatalities since 1983 These are statistics right from the Chemical Safety Board based on investigation they did in 2010 Jason Moxley over the course of the last few years shale plays have really taken off across the United States Wesley Carter It s in your backyard you don t see the hazards and then when it does happen all of a sudden you are like

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  • EnerplatPro for Energy Technology Ventures - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    www enerplatpro com EnerplatPro is an independent service company in the Upstream Oil and Gas segment Its new partnership program leverages a worldwide network of independent industry consultants and technology companies The overall objective is to simultaneously propose effective route to market for the technology startups while creating a gateway to innovation for the large service companies and operators Startups Lead Energy Technology Ventures Nobody can ignore the contribution of technology in recent developments unconventionals deep off shore mature field development enhanced oil recovery These technologies are not only coming from the big players but there is a global trend where an ever growing number of small medium sized companies even startups are bringing innovation EnerplatPro Clears Obstacles to Innovation The challenge of technology companies is the cost and the time it takes to bring to market their products and services End users have the difficulty to identify assess and deploy these new technologies Matchmaker for Energy Technology Ventures We connect innovative technologies with energy end users We have developed a platform that enables end users to post a request for a specific technology This request is then matched to potential technologies Why EnerplatPro EnerPlatPro is more than a platform

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  • Factoring works when working capital needs quicker than bank loans - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    with companies across the country and across almost all industries with a variety of business needs We welcome the opportunity to help your business through the smart business of invoice factoring LEADERSHIP Peter Cooney and Jeff Kassing are at the helm of Greystone Commercial Services Together with their teams they establish and nurture sustainable business relationships with entrepreneurs and small to mid size businesses providing operating capital and superior customer service Under their leadership Greystone Commercial Services continues as a well established and reliable invoice and receivables factoring company WHY FACTOR INVOICES Invoice factoring enables fast growing transitional or restructuring businesses to get the cash they need to reach their goals Factoring invoices is a flexible and effective way to produce results quickly What s more invoice factoring doesn t require a commitment to a multi year facility Don t let invoice factoring myths keep you from exploring this smart financing alternative FACTOR INVOICES TO ACCELERATE CASH FLOW Factor invoices convert your accounts receivables into cash and allow your business to Fund payroll Pay taxes Purchase inventory materials Increase production capacity and sales Take advantage of trade discounts Improve trade credit rating and or vendor relations i e A P FACTOR INVOICES WHEN THE BANK SAYS NO Banks are an excellent source of business financing However banks often decline requests for new working capital or renewal extension or increase of existing credit line for one or more of the following reasons Your company has been in business for less than 3 years Your company s profitability significantly dropped 1 year or was unprofitable Your company s business is growing too fast Your company is past due on taxes Your company has negative net worth or negative cash flow Your company s business is seasonal Your company violated a financial covenant

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  • Online Video Production in Dallas, TX - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    have to turn around and figure out how to edit yourself We listen conduct research coach write design motion graphics animation shoot edit and provide online distribution services to present your business From quick effective online advertising videos to extensively planned corporate communications Motion Media Solutions is a trusted video production partner to many high profile organizations Video proFile is the quickest way to present your business products and professional services online Used by corporations and business professionals a Video proFile promotes services products locations sales professionals and franchisees If your corporate video production requires capturing unique visual elements on location our professional directors crew and lighting equipment will meet and surpass your specifications After producing your video with sophisticated editing motion graphics and animation we launch your message online using our Video proFile Page syndication across major video sharing platforms linking client websites and enhancing search ranking so your business is found online The Motion Media Solutions Video proFile Page is a unique search engine optimization SEO strategy designed to most effectively help you present yourself Our unique zoomIn Process ZIP identifies your key messages and guides you through the creation of your video The process entails the following

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  • No Surgery with Protruding Ears, Prominent Ear Treatment - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    calling her names like Dumbo Hi Hi How are you Good and you Good Thanks This is where the story changes for Anna Prior to the new Cartilaze procedure in order to get her ears fixed we would be watching Anna check in at a surgery center or hospital preparing for Otoplasty a traumatic surgical procedure for correcting ear deformities Well surgical ostoplasties have quite a bit more downtime There is more pain involved Patients have cuts behind their ears There is sometimes problems with scarring There can also be a problem with sutures that protrude through the skin Other possibilities of infection things like that cause problems for the patient Dr Ragsdale is right Otoplasty used to be one of the only options for Protruding Ears It is a serious surgery typically performed under general anesthesia Add to that sutures pain medication a great deal of healing time and the possibility of infection Even for the best surgeons performing the procedure symmetry between both ears is hard to accomplish and in many cases the ears can actually be pinned back too far To say the least the stress of Otosplasty has deterred many with Prominent Ears to even consider the surgery In fact patients that in the past did not have surgery because of either fear of anesthesia or the concerns with the side effects are now candidates for this procedure Cartilaze by Numena Medical Corporation takes only 30 minutes per ear involves no anesthesia no sutures no pain medication A simple laser assisted procedure for treating protruding ears that brings better results at a more affordable price We treat each ear with the laser over 100 times and they really don t feel it There is a cooling probe which prevents the skin from heating up and as

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  • How smart business video works to present yourself - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    sales tools Smart business professional video helps present yourself How does it work Start with the business card to match branding colors fonts logo etc Add other logos and images from a thumbdrive During the session a coach uses a survey to include keywords from answers to important questions like what separates you from the competition After the session the best clips are selected and posted for the video wizards

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