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  • Smart video goes in every email - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    proFile page is smart for search sharing Smart business video goes in every email to increase views opens and conversions Adding video to email boosts open rates by 20 Video email increases click through rates two to three times Using video in email subject lines reduces unsubscribes by 26 For these reasons the profile section of the Video proFile page was designed to be like your hosted video business card

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  • A great pitch has order in business video - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    be relevant online today you really need to discuss your product or service or what you do in terms of key work phrases and important concepts and then align those things with the talking points that you cover in your videos You may have referred to your business a certain way for a very long time and yet a majority of the people today could be searching using a completely

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  • VideoproFile's profile
    You can now grow your social site by inviting people making friends sharing photos and a lot more The possibilities are endless No personal information is shared A great pitch has order in business video Details by VideoproFile in secrets to smart video 967 views Austin Chamber of Commerce New Member Orientation Details by VideoproFile 821 views ECi AcSellerate Product Update Details by VideoproFile 746 views Chat for help We

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  • Smart business video is not just social - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    It s common place today because of the popularity of YouTube for a lot of people to think about online video as a social network activity It s so much more than that If you think about your business from the standpoint of what facts people are interested in in your industry what important questions do prospects customers have when they come to do business with you And when you

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  • Increase Sales with VIDEO - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    by sending a video Hi Vince Poscente here talking about instant impact and lasting influence That s on all our minds how we have impact and influence on people In our business our closing ratio sales ratio formula is 8 to 1 so I need eight holds before I get one speaking engagement Instant Impact Lasting Influence Sales Closing Ratio with VIDEO The thing that changed our closing ratio from 8 to 1 to 2 to 1 was when we started to send instant impact and lasting influence videos to our prospects I just sent a 70 second video very short very tight and didn t sell anything just gave them value Just said These are the kinds of things that would be great at your event I m Vince Poscente Happy planning Our closing ratio went up 400 simply by sending a video very quick video and it was on an iPhone It was just on an iPhone set it up on a little tripod on the desk and that was it But if you can have impact and influence through video you know you that you can increase your sales and have more impact and influence professionally and

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  • Realm of Influence through VIDEO - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    business video Hi Vince Poscente here We re here to talk about how you can have instant impact and lasting influence especially through business video If you want to be able to have impact and influence understand that there is a freight train coming at you right now that is called business video And business video is a way to communicate that is beyond our comprehension The realm of influence of the Gutenberg Press compared to online video Let s go back to the 1400 s when the Gutenberg Press was invented Prior to that the written word wasn t existing People got messages verbally And so the realm of influence was let s say that see video diagram for the width of the realm of influence When the Gutenberg Press was invented then the realm of influence grew to the point where you could communicate through the written word and have so much impact and influence on people on a broader scale We are at the same inflection point with business video The realm of influence that the written word has is dwarfed by the realm of influence that business video has Make yourself a student of how you

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  • categories | VideoproFile.net | smart video network - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    gives you a professional state of the art online shopping experience We are continually 18 videos shop PortersOP com 18 videos Web Store Videos 8 videos shop AAAsolutions com EZSolution gives you a professional state of the art online shopping experience We are continually enhancing nbsp Shop AAAsolutions com nbsp to make ordering supplies and managing your account 17 videos ECinteractive Videos 17 videos shop BakerOfficeProducts com 17 videos legal and attorneys Legal videos include attorney video profiles law firm videos for Meet our Partners website pages deposition training videos business law services promotional videos and more Video proFile 6 videos healthcare 6 videos education nbsp Education videos is a listing of nbsp business videos nbsp about trade schools and online university programs promoting US CDL truck driving schools US CDL truck driving job applications 29 videos PickensPlan Energy Video Series produced for nbsp PickensPlan nbsp Conversations with T Boone Pickens nbsp is an educational video series on energy related topics from Saudi Arabia to Natural Gas Electric 12 videos museums Museum Video proFile pages support videos produced for museums using video to promote their exhibitis DVDs for sale in their museum stores and online and to communicate what s coming soon at the 2 videos business professionals Professionals video pages is a category of nbsp business videos nbsp videos produced for business professionals to present yourself Video proFile page nbsp is a profile for each video Using 36 videos technology Technology videos is a nbsp business video nbsp listing for software companies and publishers of software products and apps for mobile devices using online videos to present features and benefits 3 videos 2 subcategories ECi Software Solutions The ECi Software Solutions family of companies provides business and e commerce solutions offering on premise and cloud based technologies For 30

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  • Aerospace Optics Video - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    flying safer Aerospace Optics was also a leader in developing one of the first switches to use an integrated LED lighting source replacing incandescent bulbs as the industry standard and it established a filtering technology that allowed both NVIS compliant lighting and sunlight readability These technologies paved the way for additional innovations such as the VIVISUN 5000 which is an electro optical display switch system also offering NVIS compatible and sunlight readable lighting The VIVISUN LED a dedicated lighted pushbutton switch which is virtually maintenance free and Aerospace Optics latest breakthrough the VIVISUN LOGIC SERIES Electronic Latching switch and Pulse Timer switch The VIVISUN LOGIC Series is a component of the VIVISUN Multi Function Body MFB line of advanced switches The LOGIC SERIES is the first of its kind with an integrated electronic circuit designed to replace traditional holding coils or magnetic latching switches and depending on the specified features can sense a variety of electronic edges and produce conditioned and timed pulsed outputs These features bring unique functionality internal to the switch eliminating the need for external circuit components In addition to product innovation and lighted pushbutton switches Aerospace Optics is committed to setting the standard for world class

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