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  • Streamline Your Marketing With VIDEO - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    more and more people are able to use it Also you have got the cost of production coming down with greater and greater technology options available And I would imagine that the expansion of social media has to have played a role in some of this importance Absolutely As people share things online and work and interact with friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube all of that has driven a great deal of activity and certainly this is the primary type of content that people are sharing and publishing online And the numbers are pretty dramatic Just this last month alone there were over a 176 million people who viewed video online And they viewed over 6 billion of them So these are individuals they are professionals they are businesses in whatever platform they are accessing and that s a lot of video How does video compare to just standard text as it pertains to Google in rankings and such That s a really important factor About 24 months ago because of all of this activity with social media with video the search engines began to index all of that information that is public all of that content whether it s photos whether it s video what have you and so because of that when people are searching two things are possible The search engines can return video with their search and they are actually ranking it higher because of its form in terms of that as well as the fact that more and more people are actually requesting that their search be exclusively on video and so whether it s going straight to Google and requesting a video search or a lot of people are going straight to the video sharing platforms they are searching straight

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  • Online Video Production in Dallas, TX - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    have to turn around and figure out how to edit yourself We listen conduct research coach write design motion graphics animation shoot edit and provide online distribution services to present your business From quick effective online advertising videos to extensively planned corporate communications Motion Media Solutions is a trusted video production partner to many high profile organizations Video proFile is the quickest way to present your business products and professional services online Used by corporations and business professionals a Video proFile promotes services products locations sales professionals and franchisees If your corporate video production requires capturing unique visual elements on location our professional directors crew and lighting equipment will meet and surpass your specifications After producing your video with sophisticated editing motion graphics and animation we launch your message online using our Video proFile Page syndication across major video sharing platforms linking client websites and enhancing search ranking so your business is found online The Motion Media Solutions Video proFile Page is a unique search engine optimization SEO strategy designed to most effectively help you present yourself Our unique zoomIn Process ZIP identifies your key messages and guides you through the creation of your video The process entails the following

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  • No Surgery with Protruding Ears, Prominent Ear Treatment - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    calling her names like Dumbo Hi Hi How are you Good and you Good Thanks This is where the story changes for Anna Prior to the new Cartilaze procedure in order to get her ears fixed we would be watching Anna check in at a surgery center or hospital preparing for Otoplasty a traumatic surgical procedure for correcting ear deformities Well surgical ostoplasties have quite a bit more downtime There is more pain involved Patients have cuts behind their ears There is sometimes problems with scarring There can also be a problem with sutures that protrude through the skin Other possibilities of infection things like that cause problems for the patient Dr Ragsdale is right Otoplasty used to be one of the only options for Protruding Ears It is a serious surgery typically performed under general anesthesia Add to that sutures pain medication a great deal of healing time and the possibility of infection Even for the best surgeons performing the procedure symmetry between both ears is hard to accomplish and in many cases the ears can actually be pinned back too far To say the least the stress of Otosplasty has deterred many with Prominent Ears to even consider the surgery In fact patients that in the past did not have surgery because of either fear of anesthesia or the concerns with the side effects are now candidates for this procedure Cartilaze by Numena Medical Corporation takes only 30 minutes per ear involves no anesthesia no sutures no pain medication A simple laser assisted procedure for treating protruding ears that brings better results at a more affordable price We treat each ear with the laser over 100 times and they really don t feel it There is a cooling probe which prevents the skin from heating up and as

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  • nonprofit & foundations videos - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    videos produced for fundraising confirming mission raising awareness increasing volunteers and establishing purpose Video proFile page is a profile for each video Using analytic tools we optimize its title description and tags to match your video message to relevant search

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  • Real estate videos - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    End Real estate videos is a listing of business videos for real estate agents real estate brokers real estate companies in residential and commercial real estate businesses home builders custom home builders home loans mortgage lending companies mortgage lenders and more Video proFile page is a profile for each video Using analytic tools we optimize its title description and tags to match your video message to relevant search keywords and

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  • Dealers of office products & more - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    17 videos shop BakerOfficeProducts com Details 17 videos 20 40 60 80 100 9 28 4 31 Dealers who sell office supplies ofice products office furniture printer supplies business equipment business machines contract furniture jan san beverage and break room supplies and other types of business products for office use Video proFile page is a profile for each video Using analytic tools we optimize its title description and tags to

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  • Legal videos - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    Meet our Partners website pages deposition training videos business law services promotional videos and more Video proFile page is a profile for each video Using analytic tools we optimize its title description and tags to match your video message to

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  • Healthcare videos - VideoproFile.net | smart video network
    Playlists Login Videos Categories Galleries Playlists Login healthcare 20 40 60 80 100 4 01 10 14 8 42 Details 3 400 views 4 videos 2015 Motion Media Solutions ALL

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