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  • The details of this Nutracuetical
    and bones Responsible for the skin firmness and resilience Protects from photo aging effects Chondroitin Sulfate Structural component of joint cartilage Cushion like and resist compression Gives cartilage its shock absorbing qualities Helps repair and restore joint cartilage Help protect existing cartilage from premature breakdown Depolymerized chondroitin sulfate makes the skin more resilient and Joint Cartilage strong How does it Work The patented Bio Optimized process that ensures rapid absorption and higher bioavailability It supplies the molecules in your joints in the same proportions used in the joints themselves but in a form that your body can more easily replenish and rebuild HA and Collagen in the aging process HA starts declining from the day we are born Collagen increases until we are about 35 and then continues to decrease Younger looking skin Replenishes HA Collagen Smoothes our fine lines and wrinkles Hydrates skin Similar to injected forms of HA Collagen Works from the inside out No needles Replenishes Hyaluronic Acid levels Award Winning Joint Health Solution Supports active and healthy joints Proven to increase mobility and reduce stiffness and discomfort in case studies Helps new and rebuild cartilage Recipient of Frost Sullivan award for best in Bone Joint Health Canada s National Health Product Directorate NHPD world s most stringent government agency regarding dietary supplement regulations approved these claims v Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis of the hip knee v Maintain healthy skin v Metabolize fats protiens v Development and maintenance of bones cartilage teeth gums v Connective tissue formation v Wound healing v Maintain Good health v Supports younger looking skin healthy aging active joints Key Benefits are All natural safe and protected by multiple patents Fastest and most absorbable forms of HA Collagen The only product that prevents HA breakdown Effects do not taper

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  • Rehabilitation Studies show faster healing processes.
    1299 Includes free shipping to you The VT202 1 looks exactly the same as the VT202 but it has two motors producing 2 distinct types of vibration Giving you two machines in one Disclaimer The references provided by VibraTrim is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any disease The studies listed on this page are provided for general information only These independent studies reference the years of research into vibration therapy and training and their research is independent of the VibraTrim The FDA has not evaluated these studies Most of these studies are listed on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website While the use of vibration therapy and training is still a relatively new concept to most health fitness and medical professionals It certainly does not suffer from lack of supportive research and while there is obviously much research yet to be done in the area The overwhelming consistency of findings from scientific research that currently exists on the subject is a compelling precursor to VibraTrim s potential applications and impact on this revolutionary method of training and treatment Here are examples of published science supporting some of Whole Body Vibration technology and claims including enhanced muscle strength bone density hormonal release circulation and pain reduction This list while being large is not exhaustive of the subject All exercise carries with it some element of risk To reduce the risk everyone particularly those over 35 or who have known back heart or blood pressure problems or any other medical illness or problem should be cleared by a physician before beginning this or any exercise program Rehabilitation Studies Acute Residual Effects of Vibratory Stimulation on Explosive Strength in Elite and Amateur Athletes Acute effects of whole body vibration on muscle activity strength and power Effect of 4 month vertical

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  • Welcome to Avoiding Joint Replacements
    doing things that people who were there 4 5 days weren t able to do So he sent me home I missed the special meal and all the other stuff that this hospital provides to people that go through a joint replacement Home was still a better place to be I used a walker for 2½ days after coming home But at that point I found I was carrying the walker rather than using it So I put it aside and didn t use anything else from that point on I went back to the surgeon for the normal 10 day follow up visit When I walked in to see him he asked where my walking assistance was I told him that I hadn t used anything for the last five days He said that s unusual and ask me to walk down the hall for him When I got back he said I don t know how you did that but you are at least 5 weeks ahead of the normal schedule He removed all limitations from me right then He also concluded by saying You can go skiing next week if you think you can I can only attribute my rapid recovery to my daily use of the VibraTrim I began using it again three days after coming home even though at the time a joint replacement was on the VibraTrim contraindications list I figured that it was my hip and my machine I had no one else to blame but myself if something went wrong It didn t It accelerated the healing process Don t stop using your VibraTrim on a daily basis The third question that I normally get from people looking at whole body vibration machines after Does it build bone density Yes Does it increase lymphatic drainage Yes Does it increase cartilage No it doesn t That question kept prompting me to look for something that would increase cartilage I found something from one of my VibraTrim users that does just this Fortunately I found it in the nick of time as I started having pain in my left knee that was also making a clicking noise that sounded just like I was wearing a pair of flip flops but I wasn t I went back to see the same orthopedic surgeon After taking another x ray of that knee he told me I know you already guessed it You need knee replacement because you don t have any cartilage in that knee I told him that I was going to pass on this joint replacement as I was going to grow new cartilage instead I know by the look on his face that he thought I was crazy Well that was four months ago now and the clicking sound is gone the joint pain is gone and I am walking normally again This product that I am taking was developed specifically for joint health but it does oh so much more than that

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  • A Customer uses the VibraTrim VT400
    2 motors that develop oscillating style spiral style dual vibration movements It comes with manual program 6 built in programs plus you can modify 3 of them yourself Resistance bands large exercise wall chart manual extensive on line exercise manual and a DVD VT400 On sale now for 1999 in stock ready to ship you today See the Buy Now Page for additional information Includes free shipping to you The latest in Vibration Technology This unit is the ultimate in vibration machines with 2 motors that develop oscillating style spiral style dual vibration movements It comes with manual program 3 built in programs plus you can develop six of your own programs Resistance bands large exercise wall chart and manual VT202 VT202 1 VT202 on Sale now for 1099 Includes free shipping to you The ultimate in portability The VT202 is a mighty machine that combines an extendable handle and wheels for easy moving around your house and easy storage in a closet There is a remote control with manual program and 3 built in programs a large exercise wall chart and users manual VT202 1 on Sale now 1299 Includes free shipping to you The VT202 1 looks exactly

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  • How to order this product.
    autoship Don t worry though You are not locked into anything or any length or time You can cancel the Autoship anytime or suspend it You can cancel it tomorrow next month in a year in ten years or never There are a couple of other products that you also might want to order There is Stromaderm Skin Serum which is an excellent product too to apply around your eyes and other wrinkle prone areas Don t forget the other four legged members of your family The Pet Blend is excellent for restoring health as they get older and their joints start to suffer just like ours It is basically the same product without the wonderful fruit juices that you will appreciate but they won t I would suggest that you start with just the basic product You can always order these other products at any time To access the additional product and enrollment information just Let s walk through the process together 1 Select the Enroll tab at the top of the page 2 On the next page select either Canada or USA 3 On the next page select either Wholesale or Business Builder I suggest Business Builder 4 On the next page you will notice that My Order Today on the right states that you currently have 1 Jusuru Enrollment and 1 iRep Success kit If you want to just start with the basic package you do not need to order the Business Builder Pack or the Business Venture Pack or the Business Enterprise Pack They contain more brochures DVDs and shot glasses The iRep success kit contains the manual a DVD one each of the brochures As a iRep you will have tons of resources that you can use and reprint as you need them 5 Then you need to order some product My suggestion is to start with one case 4 bottles of the Jusuru Life blend and click in the Box above the 1 Autoship What is Autoship Autoship is where the company will automatically process a payment and ship you a case each month This can be cancelled at any time so there is no risk here The advantage is that unless you are on the Autoship you cannot qualify for the 3ForFree program as mentioned above You will also earn some bonus commissions 6 Make sure to check the box that says I Agree for the Autoship It is right above the continue button 7 The next page is pretty straight forward Complete all of the necessary fields If you select your commissions paid to a direct deposit make sure to complete all of the bank information The only other thing is for you to put in the name for your replicated site It could be your name a company name or anything you chose They will then create a whole website just for you that will look exactly like mine Now take your time to explore the entire website watch the videos

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