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  • Miscellaneous Options
    Folders list On the folders page list user folders by category You define the category by naming the folder as category foldername separated by the string or character of your choice default is is not allowed Dictionary for Spell Check The default dictionary to be used when checking the spelling of a message This can be changed On the Fly Trash mail reserved day s Number of days to retain

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  • Common Issues
    You may possibly be at the wrong domain for login If you are not sure go to the server domain in this case www pdcweb net and type in openwebmail after the domain However it is preferred that you use your own domain Why do some of my messages redirect to a folder other than my Inbox You may have your filter options set up to block different e mail messages according to their header information Simply go to the preferences and uncheck all the options in the Mail Filtering Options Why do the toolbars change The toolbars will adapt to the current mailbox or mode you are in see Using the Toolbars for more information on this topic including the functionality of the buttons icons Why are some of my messages bolded and some not The messages that are in bold specify that you have not read those messages It is just the opposite for non bolded message listings non bolded messages are messages that have been read Why aren t attachments getting sent with the e mails You must click Add after browsing for files to attach to the e mail see Adding Attachments Why isn t some

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  • Abilities and Advantages of Webmail
    client Will be taken off of the server for viewing on your computer Will not be available for viewing in your Open Webmail inbox Note that you cannot have any e mail in your Open Webmail inbox that has been downloaded onto your offline e mail client regardless of the status you mark it as read or unread Open Webmail also has its advantages Mainly that you can view your

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  • Additional Help
    scope of this tutorial or for help installing Open Webmail please visit any of the following sites Official Open Webmail Site SourceForge net Webmail Forum FreshMeat net Open Webmail Forum For Help with Passwords or other related information please contact

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  • About the Open Webmail User Tutorial
    that they are in You can use the links on the bottom of each page to get to the next tutorial instead of having to refer back to the index each time You will find Screenshots of different situations in Webmail which allow you to have a hands on like tour of Open Webmail You can refer to these tutorials any time by clicking the Need Help link on the Open Webmail session screens as well you can navigate to here yourself by going to http www yourdomain com webmailhelp help en where yourdomain com is the name and extension of your domain The Open Webmail Tutorials were originally developed by Brent Epp and William Brillinger of Precision Design Co Altona Manitoba Canada If you find an error or feel that these tutorials are lacking something feel free to E mail us Please put the text Open Webmail in the subject line Please note that we do not provide personal technical support for Open Webmail users or administrators Please e mail us only to suggest information be put in the Open Webmail tutorial such as links resources or other topics you may like to see covered in these tutorials If

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  • Trespass
    This page has been intentionally left blank Please click here to return to the Open Webmail Tutorials About Open Webmail Help

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