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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Basic Variables
    will cause cross group linking anomalies EnableLocalConfig Allows disables local config php customizations usually for a farm s wikis Can be set to zero in local farmconfig php to prevent the farm s wikis local config php from being loaded EnableLocalConfig 0 disable PmWiki s local config EnablePGCust Allows disables per page and per group customizations Can be set to zero in any local customization file to prevent remaining page group customizations from being loaded EnablePGCust 0 turn off per page group configs EnableRedirect When enabled default causes page redirects to automatically be performed by the browser Setting EnableRedirect to zero causes PmWiki to pause and issue a Redirect to link message instead This is sometimes useful when debugging recipes to be able to see the results of actions before page redirections occur EnableWikiWords Enable WikiWord processing EnableWSPre Enables a markup rule that causes lines with leading spaces to be treated as sections of preformatted text If set to a value greater than 1 indicates the minimum number of leading spaces required for this treatment EnableWSPre 1 leading spaces are preformatted text EnableWSPre 0 leading spaces are normal lines of text EnableWSPre 4 4 spaces are preformatted text FTimeFmt Can be used to override the default date format used by the ftime function The default FTimeFmt is TimeFmt See Markup Expressions GroupPattern The regular expression pattern used for valid WikiGroup name specifications Defaults to allowing any group name beginning with an uppercase letter but can be set to limit the valid group names see Cookbook LimitWikiGroups limit groups to Site SiteAdmin PmWiki and MyGroup GroupPattern Site SiteAdmin PmWiki MyGroup for case sensitive group names note the i switch GroupPattern i Site SiteAdmin PmWiki MyGroup LinkWikiWords If set then bare WikiWords in a page are automatically linked to pages of the same name Note that this value can also be affected by the linkwikiwords and nolinkwikiwords directives LinkWikiWords 1 turn on WikiWord links LinkWikiWords 0 disable WikiWord links Note this setting requires WikiWords to be enabled see EnableWikiWords LogoutRedirectFmt Identifies the page to which the visitor should be sent after an action logout Defaults to the current page LogoutRedirectFmt Site Logout action logout target LogoutCookies An array of cookie names to be removed when action logout is invoked NamePattern The regular expression pattern used for valid page names Defaults to allowing pages beginning with an uppercase letter or digit followed by sequences of alphanumeric characters hyphens and underscores PagePathFmt An array controlling how the default group home page name will be determined Please note that this variable is intended to be set in farm config php not in individual groups Trying to use different DefaultName DefaultPage or PagePathFmt settings in different groups will cause cross group linking anomalies Default Setting PagePathFmt array Group 1 1 1 1 DefaultName Setting to use if you wish DefaultName to actually be the name of your group home pages PagePathFmt array Group 1 1 DefaultName 1 1 Do note that if the Groupname Groupname page

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Edit Variables
    lost history of pages that are older but have few changes DiffKeepNum 50 keep at least 50 revisions default is 20 DraftActionsPattern The actions which allow full loading of the draft php functionnality for custom actions Default is edit You can enable drafts for other actions like DraftActionsPattern edit pmform translate Enable drafts for actions edit pmform and translate DraftSuffix The suffix to use for draft versions of pages default Draft EditFunctions This array contains the sequence of functions that are called when a page is edited It can be customized to provide additional functions to be called as part of the editing process The standard setting is EditFunctions array EditTemplate RestorePage ReplaceOnSave SaveAttributes PostPage PostRecentChanges AutoCreateTargets PreviewPage Many recipes manipulate this array so it is recommended instead of redefining the complete array to add your custom functions to use functions like array unshift array push and array splice EditRedirectFmt The page to which an author is sent after pressing Save or Cancel from an edit form Defaults to FullName which sends the author to the page just edited but can be changed to specify another page redirect to Main HomePage EditRedirectFmt Main HomePage redirect to HomePage of current group EditRedirectFmt Group HomePage EditTemplatesFmt Name of the page or an array of names to be used as the default text for any newly created pages Use Main NewPageTemplate as default text of all new pages EditTemplatesFmt Main NewPageTemplate Use Template in the current group for new pages EditTemplatesFmt Group Template Use Template in the current group if it exists otherwise use Main NewPageTemplate EditTemplatesFmt array Group Template Main NewPageTemplate See Cookbook EditTemplates for more information EnableDrafts When set to 1 enables the Save draft button and built in handling of draft versions of pages where initial Save draft of an existing page PageName saves changes to a new name PageName Draft subsequent attempts to edit PageName causes PageName Draft to be edited subsequent selections of Save draft cause PageName Draft to be saved pressing Publish causes PageName Draft to be posted to PageName and deleted turn on draft edits EnableDrafts 1 A related variable EnablePublishAttr adds a new publish authorization level to distinguish editing of drafts from publishing them EnableDraftAtomicDiff When set to 1 publishing a draft version will clear the draft history leaving a single diff between the latest and the previous published versions Note that this will delete the author names dates and contributions of the intermediate unpublished versions Drafts need to be enabled see EnableDrafts EnableGUIButtons When set to 1 turns on the graphical buttons in the Edit Page form turn on graphical edit buttons EnableGUIButtons 1 EnablePostAuthorRequired When set to 1 posting of pages requires the author to provide an author name Otherwise authors can post without a name require authors to provide a name EnablePostAuthorRequired 1 GUIButtons Allows the configuration of the buttons which appear at the top of the text area when editing a page See scripts guiedit php for the default definition Note

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/File Permissions
    change ownerships of files or directories that already exist we have to make sure they are created with the correct ownerships in the first place To get the directories to be owned by the webserver account we let PmWiki take care of creating them This means we temporarily grant write permission to the parent and then execute PmWiki to allow it to create the directories However we also want the newly created directories to have the same group as the account holder so the account holder can remove or manipulate files in the directories Therefore we use Unix s setgid capability 2777 or rws permissions to cause all newly created files to inherit the same group as the parent To avoid world write directories use the following instructions instead of the instructions above If you already have created the wiki d and uploads directories use chown and chmod to match the following results pwd home pmichaud public html pmwiki chmod 2777 ls ld drwxrwsrwx 10 pmichaud pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 execute pmwiki php script from web browser ls ld uploads wiki d drwxrwsrwx 10 pmichaud pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 drwxrwsr x 2 nobody pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 uploads drwxrwsr x 2 nobody pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 wiki d chmod 755 drwxr xr x 10 pmichaud pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 drwxrwsr x 2 nobody pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 uploads drwxrwsr x 2 nobody pmichaud 4096 May 28 09 55 wiki d Now the two directories are owned by nobody which means the webserver can write to them We don t have world writable permissions on the directories and the account holder pmichaud still has write permissions to the files and directories by virtue of the group ownership and permissions The setgid bit also ensures that any files or subdirectories created within uploads or wiki d will belong to the same pmichaud group Safe mode HOWEVER if a site is running in PHP s safe mode then the let PmWiki create the directories solution doesn t work as PHP will only create files in directories that are owned by the same user that owns the pmwiki php script itself Thus PmWiki apache cannot create the directories in this case or safe mode will complain when PmWiki attempts to write a file into those directories The only way for things to work in safe mode is to manually create the needed directories and set their permissions to 777 as outlined at the beginning of this section PHP running as script owner There are some webservers and PHP installations that are configured to run a PHP script with the same identity as the owner of the script This is often called suexec PHP or even just suPHP In this case since the PmWiki script ends up running with the same identity as the account holder then everything just works out of the box without doing anything manually PmWiki creates any directories and

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Fmt Page Name
    global variables caching as needed of the same name in reverse alphabetical order and filtering out any unsafe globals Replace any sequences with values out of the array FmtV Note that FmtPageName is automatically aware of any global variables However since modifying global variables may be expensive the array FmtV exists as a way to avoid rebuilding the variable cache for values that change frequently Security According to PM as a general rule it s unwise to be calling FmtPageName on strings that are coming from page markup as this exposes the ability for people to view the values of variables that perhaps they shouldn t see This is also why page variables which come from markup use PageVar and PageTextVar and don t go through FmtPageName Availability of Variables in FmtPageName To be very specific here s what Pm wrote regarding different ways of defining a variable that can be used by FmtPageName when it is formatting a string Set a global variable FmtPageName automatically performs substitution on all global variables that aren t arrays If the variable is going to change value over repeated calls to FmtPageName it s probably better to use FmtV as in the next item Set a value in the FmtV array FmtV MyVariable something means to replace instances of MyVariable with something Use this for variables that change value frequently over multiple calls to FmtPageName Set a pattern replacement in the FmtP array This is normally done for substitutions that have to be dynamic somehow based on the pagename being referenced such as Title Group Name PageUrl etc Also see Cookbook Functions FmtPageName Finally here s something else Pm wrote that is related and explains why we have this function In order to produce its output PmWiki has to do a variety of

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/I18n Variables
    php XL An array hash which contains pairs of language identifiers and translation hashes Each translation hash maps a given lookup key or phrase into a corresponding text string for the given language Thus it is essentially a multi lingual dictionary used for phrase translation It is also used for handling user preference mappings Thus the e row value that one finds on the Site Preferences page is loaded into

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Link Variables
    LinkPageCreateFmt but used when the link text has a space in it LinkPageSelfFmt The HTML string to output for self referencing links i e links to the page itself Defaults to a class selflink href LinkUrl LinkText a UrlLinkFmt The HTML string to output for URL links that begin with http ftp etc Defaults to a class urllink href LinkUrl title LinkAlt rel nofollow LinkText a IMapLinkFmt an array of link formats for various link schemes Not set as default Examples of custom formats to allow different styling via classes Links to http standard url links IMapLinkFmt http a class httplink urllink href LinkUrl LinkText a Links to https secure pages IMapLinkFmt https a class httpslink urllink href LinkUrl LinkText a Links to PmWiki InterMap shortcut IMapLinkFmt PmWiki a class pmwikilink urllink href LinkUrl LinkText a InterMapFiles An array consisting a list of files and pages containing InterMap entries to be loaded MakePageNameFunction Name of a custom function to replace MakePageName which converts strings into valid page names MakePageNamePatterns MakePageNamePatterns is an array of regular expression replacements that is used to map the page link in a free link such as free link into a page name Currently the default sequence is strip single quotes PageNameChars convert everything else to space w w PCCF return strtoupper m 1 Note that if you change MakePageNamePatterns the documentation links may break This can be fixed by re setting MakePageNamePatterns to the default in local PmWiki php MakePageNameSplitPattern See Cookbook DotsInLinks WikiWordCountMax The maximum number of times to convert each WikiWord encountered on a page Defaults to 1 000 000 Common settings for this variable are zero disable WikiWord links and one convert only the first occurrence of each WikiWord WikiWordCountMax 0 disable WikiWord links WikiWordCountMax 1 convert only first WikiWord WikiWordCount An

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Other Variables
    work This doesn t work FmtPV MyText This is my text WARNING Doesn t work The problem is that the text This is my text is not a valid PHP expression To work it would need to be placed in quotes so that what actually gets stored in FmtPV MyText is This is my text which is a valid PHP expression for a text string Thus the correct way to do this would be with an extra set of quotes This will work FmtPV MyText This is my text This also has implications for how internal PHP or PmWiki variables are accessed To have the page variable MyVar produce the contents of the internal variable myvar many folks try the following which does not work This doesn t work either myvar SomeComplexFunction FmtPV MyVar myvar WARNING Doesn t work There are several correct ways to do this depending on whether you need the value of the myvar variable as it was at the time the FmtPV entry was created or at the time that a particular instance of MyVar is being rendered on a page For most simple page variables that don t change during the processing of a page its more efficient to set the value when the entry is created myvar SomeComplexFunction FmtPV MyVar myvar capture contents of myvar NOTE If myvar should contain single quotes the above won t work as is and you ll need to process the variable to escape any internal quotes For more complex cases where an internal variable may have different values at different places in the page possibly due to the effects of other markup then you need to make the FmtPV entry make an explicit reference to the global value of the variable and the variable had better be global

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Pagelist Variables
    Exclude the Main group from search results SearchPatterns default Main Exclude RecentChanges pages from search results SearchPatterns default All RecentChanges Prevent a page from listing itself in pagelist or searchresults SearchPatterns default FmtPageName FullName pagename SearchBoxOpt For example SearchBoxOpt target DefaultGroup Search EnablePageIndex When set to 1 causes PmWiki to maintain a link and word index in PageIndexFile which significantly speeds up categories backlinks and searches PageIndexFile The location of the page index file for pagelist defaults to WorkDir pageindex PageListCacheDir The name of a writable directory where PmWiki can cache results of pagelist directives to speed up subsequent displays of the same list Default is empty which disables the pagelist cache Enable pagelist caching in work d PageListCacheDir work d PageSearchForm The page to be used to format search results for action search unless the current page has a searchresults directive in it This variable can be an array in which case the first page found from the array is used Simple use of page search form in the default group PageSearchForm DefaultGroup Search Use Search page in current group if it exists otherwise use Site Search PageSearchForm array Group Search SiteGroup Search FPLTemplatePageFmt The pages to be searched for a pagelist template specified by a fmt xyz parameter Defaults to searching the current page Site LocalTemplates and Site PageListTemplates PMWiki default setup global FPLTemplatePageFmt FPLTemplatePageFmt array FullName SiteGroup LocalTemplates SiteGroup PageListTemplates It can be customized to look in other pages Search a Group Templates page as well as the Site templates global FPLTemplatePageFmt FPLTemplatePageFmt array Group Templates SiteGroup LocalTemplates SiteGroup PageListTemplates Or declare defaults for the template array Search a Group Templates page as well as the Site templates global FPLTemplatePageFmt SDV FPLTemplatePageFmt array FullName Group Templates SiteGroup LocalTemplates SiteGroup PageListTemplates EnableUndefinedTemplateVars This variable controls how undefined Variable

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