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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Troubleshooting
    order to work properly use Group Page instead of Page Also Make sure you type Side B ar with a capital B Why am I seeing PHP Warning Cannot modify header information headers already sent by messages at the top of my page If this is the first or only error message you re seeing it s usually an indication that there are blank lines spaces or other characters before the php or after the in a local customization files such as config php Double check the file and make sure there is nothing before the initial php It s often easiest and safest to eliminate any closing altogether On Windows it may be but shouldn t be necessary to use a hex editor to convert LFCR line endings to LF line endings in the local config php file When you save the file the encoding charset should be either cp1252 Windows1252 or UTF 8 without Byte Order Mark NotePad is an editor that can do this When you transfer the files tell your FTP manager to use text mode transfer or if that doesn t help binary mode transfer If the warning is appearing after some other warning or error message then resolve the other error and this warning may go away How do I make a PHP Warning about function session write close go away If you are seeing an error similar to this Warning session write close function session write close open some filesystem path to a directory sess failed No such file or directory 2 in your filesystem path to pmwiki php on line NNN PmWiki sometimes does session tracking using PHP s session handling functions For session tracking to work some information needs to be written in a directory on the server That directory needs to exist and be writable by the webserver software For this example the webserver software is configured to write sessions in this directory some filesystem path to a directory but the directory doesn t exist The solution is to do at least one of these Create the directory and make sure it s writable by the webserver software Provide a session save path value that points to a directory that is writable by the server e g in config php session save path home someuser tmp sessions unix type OS session save path C server tmp sessions Windows Why is PmWiki prompting me multiple times for a password I ve already entered This could happen like out of nowhere if your hosting provider upgrades to PHP version 5 3 and you run an older PmWiki release Recent PmWiki releases fix this problem Alternatively this may be an indication that the browser isn t accepting cookies or that PHP s session handling functions on the server aren t properly configured If the browser is accepting cookies then try setting EnableDiag 1 in local config php run PmWiki using action phpinfo and verify that sessions are enabled and that the session save

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Available Actions
    the skin specified by ActionSkin print action refcount bring up the reference count form which allows the user to generate a list of links all missing existing or orphaned in or from specified groups See Ref Count Link references counts on pages Part of the core distribution but must be enabled by the administrator action search displays searchbox on current page see search Targeting and customising search results action search q searchterm performs search with searchterm and displays results on current page action search q link pagename performs backlinks search with pagename and displays results on current page action source show page source action atom action rdf action rss action dc If web feeds are enabled returns a syndication feed based on the contents of the page or other options provided by the url see web feeds Web feed notification of changes action upload display a form to upload an attachment for the current group see uploads Query string parameters from page name use when a page is redirected n page name display page setprefs SomeGroup CustomPreferences sets cookie to custom preferences page See site preferences Customisable browser setting preferences Access keys edit form Actions enabled by EnableDiag The following actions are available only if you set EnableDiag 1 in your configuration file They can be used for debugging and should not be set in a production environment action ruleset displays a list of all markups in 4 columns column 1 markup name 1 parameter of markup column 2 when will rule apply 2 parameter of markup column 3 PmWiki s internal sort key derived from 2 column 4 Debug backtrace information for potentially incompatible rules filename line number pattern see Custom Markup Using the Markup function for custom wiki syntax migration to PHP 5 5 To see more than what action ruleset gives you apply the Cookbook MarkupRulesetDebugging recipe it can also show the pattern and the replacement strings doesn t make use of PmWiki s authorization mechanisms action phpinfo displays the output of phpinfo and exits No page will be processed doesn t make use of PmWiki s authorization mechanisms action diag displays a dump of all global vars and exits No page will be processed doesn t make use of PmWiki s authorization mechanisms Actions enabled by PmWiki Scripts action analyze see Site Analyzer and Analyze Results action approvesites see Url approvals Require approval of Url links doesn t make use of PmWiki s authorization mechanisms Actions enabled by Cookbook recipes more information about Custom Actions action admin see Cookbook UserAuth2 action backup see Cookbook BackupPages action clearsky see Cookbook SearchCloud action cm dependencies see Cookbook CodeMirror action comment see Cookbook CommentBox action comments see Cookbook Comments action comment rss see Cookbook CommentDb action convert see Cookbook ROEPatterns action converttable Cookbook ConvertTable action copy see Cookbook MovePage action csv see CSVAction action downloaddeleted action delattach action deldelattach action fileinfo action thumbnail action undelattach Cookbook Attachtable action delete see Cookbook DeleteAction action discuss see Cookbook DiscussionTab action downloadman

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Auth User
    the htpasswd file htpasswd path to htpasswd Creation and maintenance of the htpasswd file can be performed using a text editor or any number of other third party tools available for maintaining htpasswd files The Apache web server typically includes an htpasswd command for creating accounts in htpasswd htpasswd path to htpasswd alice New password Re type new password Adding password for user alice Similarly one can use htgroup formatted files to specify group memberships Each line has the name of a group without the followed by a colon followed by a space separated list of usernames in the group writers carol editors alice carol bob admins alice dave Note that the groups are still writers editors and admins in PmWiki even though the file doesn t specify the signs To get AuthUser to load these groups use a line in SiteAdmin AuthUser like htgroup path to htgroup Configuration via local config php AuthUser configuration settings can also be made from the local config php file in addition to the SiteAdmin AuthUser page Such settings are placed in the AuthUser array and must be set prior to including the authuser php script Some examples set a password for alice AuthUser alice pmcrypt wonderland set a password for carol AuthUser carol 1 CknC8zAs dC8z2vu3UvnIXMfOcGDON0 define the editors group AuthUser editors array alice carol bob Use local htpasswd for usernames passwords AuthUser htpasswd local htpasswd Use local htgroup for group memberships AuthUser htgroup local htgroup Configuration via LDAP Authentication can be performed via an external LDAP server simply set an entry for ldap in either SiteAdmin AuthUser or the local config php file use ldap airius com for authentication AuthUser ldap ldap ldap airius com ou People o Airius cn sub Make sure to include AuthUser below the entry for the ldap server Want to use AuthUser so we can use ldap for passwords include once FarmD scripts authuser php And remember to assign the Security Variables for edit and history or whatever Security Variables set login for edit history page to let anyone edit that has an ldap entry HandleAuth diff edit DefaultPasswords edit id Author AuthId LDAP authentication in AuthUser closely follows the model used by Apache 2 0 s mod auth ldap module see especially the documentation for AuthLDAPUrl for a description of the url format For servers that don t allow anonymous binds AuthUser provides AuthLDAPBindDN and AuthLDAPBindPassword variables to specify the binding to be used for searching See also Cookbook AuthUser via Microsoft LDAP Setting the Author Name By default PmWiki will use a login name in the Author field of the edit form but allows the author to change this value prior to saving To force the login name to always be used as the author name use the following sequence in config php to activate AuthUser include once FarmD scripts authuser php Author AuthId after include once To allow more flexibility but still enable changes to be linked to the authorized user one can give

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Blocklist
    entries to come from multiple pages by setting the BlocklistPages variable By default BlocklistPages is set to SiteAdmin Blocklist as well as any automatically downloaded blocklists as described below PmWiki will use all entries in all the blocklists for filtering wikispam Setting a value of BlocklistPages changes the default BlocklistPages array Main Blocklist PmWiki Blocklist The order of blocklists really doesn t matter all of the blocklist pages ultimately get used and the unblock entries are processed after all of the blocklist pages have been loaded Automatically downloaded blocklists Maintaining blocklists is relatively easy to do but can become tedious over time Several groups have formed and maintain shared blocklists where a common blocklist is made available to all PmWiki s blocklist capability has built in features for automatically downloading and updating such shared blocklists If you re just in a hurry to make use of some standard blocklists make the following setting in local config php EnableBlocklist 10 This tells PmWiki to not only enable blocklists on the site but to also configure itself to automatically retrieve and maintain local copies of well known blocklists such as MoinMaster These local copies will be saved in SiteAdmin Blocklist MoinMaster and refreshed once per day as determined by the value of BlocklistDownloadRefresh To automatically retrieve the SiteAdmin Blocklist page used at pmwiki org add the following setting in local config php BlocklistDownload SiteAdminGroup Blocklist PmWiki array format pmwiki The blocklist from chongqed org which we used in the past is no longer available as of 2013 Ignoring specific entries in a blocklist unblock When using a large master blocklist or blocklists automatically refreshed from external sites it may be that some entries in the blocklists are inappropriate or overeager and block legitimate content In this case a wikiadministrator can use unblock in a blocklist page to ignore an entry from the blocklist For example to allow spam com even if another blocklist has a block entry for it unblock spam com In order for unblocking to work the phrase or pattern following unblock must be exactly the same as the original Permissions on blocklist pages In general an administrator will want to edit protect the SiteAdmin Blocklist and any other blocklist pages to prevent arbitrary changes to the blocklist see Passwords Since most pages in the SiteAdmin group are edit protected by default anyway this usually isn t a problem Administrators may also wish to read protect the various blocklist pages so that others do not know the exact phrases and or IP addresses that are being blocked By their nature blocklists tend to contain phrases or terms that may be offensive or inappropriate to some Any pages created via automatic download see above are automatically locked against viewing except by administrators administrators intermediate Detailed configuration of automatically downloaded blocklists Automatic downloading of blocklist information is controlled by the BlocklistDownload array An entry for MoinMaster might look like BlocklistDownload SiteAdminGroup Blocklist MoinMaster array url http moinmo in BadContent action raw format

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Notify
    php Simply add a line like the following EnableNotify 1 NotifyList notify alice example com group Main NotifyList notify bob example com name Main HomePage Controlling notification frequency To prevent flooding of recipients mailboxes the notify script uses a squelch value as the minimum amount of time that must elapse between messages sent to any given email address The default squelch setting is 10800 seconds three hours which means that once a recipient address is sent a notification message it will not receive another for at least three hours Any edits that occur during the squelch interval are queued for the next notification message The site administrator can change the default squelch interval via the NotifySquelch parameter enable notifications EnableNotify 1 NotifySquelch 86400 wait at least one day in seconds between notifications In addition individual addresses can specify a custom squelch parameter in the SiteAdmin NotifyList page Alice receives at most one email per day notify alice example com squelch 86400 Bob can get notifications hourly notify bob example com trail Profiles Bob squelch 3600 Charles uses the site default squelch notify charles example com Controlling notification delay Because a page will often receive several edits in rapid succession e g a long post followed by several minor edits a site administrator can also set a NotifyDelay value that specifies how long to wait after an initial post before sending notifications enable notifications EnableNotify 1 NotifySquelch 86400 wait at least one day between notifications NotifyDelay 300 wait five minutes after initial post Note that the squelch and delay values are minimums notifications are sent on the first execution of PmWiki after the delay period has expired For inactive sites this could be much longer than the specified delay periods This isn t really considered an issue since timely notifications are less important on relatively inactive sites However changes within the squelch time after the last notification will remain unnoticed if the wiki is not even visited for a long period after If this matters it might be necessary to make the server call pmwiki php regularly e g cron job Custom delay parameters cannot be specified for individual addresses in the SiteAdmin NotifyList page the delay parameter will be ignored notify edgar example com trail Profiles Edgar delay 600 Note for Windows installations Sites running PHP under Windows may not have PHP s mail function configured correctly Such sites may need to add a line like ini set SMTP smtp server com to config php where smtp server com is the name of your host s preferred outgoing mail server You may also need to set the sendmail from value if that is not configured ini set sendmail from noreply foo com Notify Variables EnableNotify Tells stdconfig php to enable the notify script EnableNotify 1 enable notify EnableNotify 0 disable notify NotifyFrom Return email address to be used in the sent email NotifyFrom wiki example com NotifyFrom Wiki server wiki example com NotifyDelay The length of time seconds to wait

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Passwords Admin
    pmcrypt youradminpassword DefaultPasswords attr pmcrypt yourattrpassword Encrypting passwords in config php One drawback to using the pmcrypt function directly to set passwords in config php is that anyone able to view the file will see the unencrypted password For example if config php contains DefaultPasswords admin pmcrypt mysecret then the mysecret password is in plain text for others to see However a wiki administrator can obtain and use an encrypted form of the password directly by using action crypt on any PmWiki url on the target wiki or just jump to PasswordsAdmin action crypt on your own wiki This action presents a form that generates encrypted versions of passwords for use in the config php file For example when action crypt is given the password mysecret PmWiki will return a string like 1 hMMhCdfT mZSCh BJOidMRn4SOUUSi1 The string returned from action crypt can then be placed directly into config php as in DefaultPasswords admin 1 hMMhCdfT mZSCh BJOidMRn4SOUUSi1 Note that in the encrypted form the pmcrypt function and parentheses are removed since the password is already encrypted Also the encrypted password must be in single quotes In this example the password is still mysecret but somebody looking at config php won t be able to see that just from looking at the encrypted form action crypt may give you different encryptions for the same password this is normal and makes it harder for someone else to determine the original password Please note that the encrypted password should be created with action crypt on the wiki that will use it A password encrypted on one system may or may not be usable on another Removing passwords To remove a site password entirely such as the default locked password for uploads just set it to empty DefaultPasswords upload You can also use the special password nopass via action attr to have a non password protected page within a password protected group or a non password protected group with a site wide default password set Revoking or invalidating passwords If a password is compromised and the wiki administrator wants to quickly invalidate all uses of that password on a site a quick solution is the following in local config php ForbiddenPasswords array secret tanstaafl if in array POST authpw ForbiddenPasswords unset POST authpw This prevents secret and tanstaafl from ever being accepted as a valid authorization password regardless of what pages may be using it See Also The HandleAuth array which sets the required authentication level that is necessary to perform an action Cookbook RequireAuthor Protecting actions example Each action can be password protected Cookbook authors providing scripts with own actions can use this also but I ll limit the example to a by default not protected action source This action shows the wikisource of the actual page Sometimes you don t want that especially to Cookbook protect email or when using some conditional markup which should not be discovered easily or only by persons that are allowed to edit the page There

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Ref Count
    scripts refcount php To use refcount add action refcount to the URL of any wiki page to bring up the reference count form For example PmWiki RefCount action refcount The refcount form contains the following controls Show This selects which pages will appear in the output all Shows all references missing Shows only references to pages that don t exist existing Shows only references to pages that do exist orphaned Shows pages that exist but don t have any references to them There is no way to browse to an orphaned page page names in group Selects which group s to the referenced pages can be in referenced from pages in Selects which group s the referencing pages can be in Display referencing pages Includes a link to the referencing page this can make for a very long output unless you limit the groups searched The output is a table where each row of the table contains a page name or link reference the number of non RecentChanges pages that contain links to the page and the number of Recent Changes pages with links to the page Passwords administration Documentation Index Url approvals This page may have a more recent

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Url Approvals
    once scripts urlapprove php Note that UnapprovedLinkCountMax must be set before including the urlapprove php script Handling of Unapproved Links You can also change the disapproval message defined in the UnapprovedLinkFmt variable for example include once scripts urlapprove php UnapprovedLinkFmt Link requires approval a class apprlink href PageUrl action approvesites approve a Link requires approval is whatever you want to see in place of the unapproved link and approve is the blue text Using this feature may prove usefull if you want to always hide the unapproved link If you wish to totally forbid unapproved links you can use UnapprovedLinkFmt b external link not allowed b SideBar caveat Please note that in general you need to go to the sidebar page in order to approve links in the sidebar The reason for this is that the approve mechanism only approves links on the current page Initial setup After initial setup all existing links become unapproved You need to visit your pages and approve all links where needed See AllRecentChanges for a list of all pages that were created on your wiki Password approval of URLs To approve external links an author needs permissions to edit the page SiteAdmin ApprovedUrls Technical tips URL Whitelist Urls can also be approved by adding them to a white list defined in the variable WhiteUrlPatterns which is set in the local config php file To add multiples urls use the separator vertical bar For example WhiteUrlPatterns http example com http example net http example org To add all urls from say New Zealand and Australia use WhiteUrlPatterns http nz WhiteUrlPatterns http au Change Approved URLs page name If you want to change the default name of SiteAdmin ApprovedUrls set the following in local config php ApprovedUrlPagesFmt array OtherGroup OtherName Previewing the unapproved URL To see

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