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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Deleting Pages
    Site AllRecentChanges The default word used for page deletion delete can be changed in config php by setting the variable DeleteKeyPattern see Edit Variables If there is a danger of malicious page deletion it may be a good idea to change the delete word to something more obscure There is also a recipe for creating a separate delete action at Cookbook DeleteAction Removing deleted pages The deleted pages are retained in the same wiki d directory in which they were created They are renamed with an extension of del 123456789 where 123456789 is a unique number timestamp A wiki administrator may log into the server via FTP or SSH and periodically remove these files One way to remove the files is to delete them If you have shell access you could use different commands for example go into the wiki d directory and type one of these lines rm f del find name del delete Alternatively the Cookbook CleanUp recipe can purge those unused files See also BackupAndRestore How is a Wiki Group deleted An admin can remove the group pages from wiki d Note that a wiki page may also have related uploads Fully deleting a group via the

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Initial Setup Tasks
    not being found then try uncommenting these lines The PageLogoUrl variable specifies the URL of the icon image that will appear in the upper left corner of each wiki page The DefaultPasswords admin sets an administrative password Setting EnableUpload to 1 enables Uploads Attached files DefaultPasswords upload sets an upload password The TZ environment variable defines a particular time zone see Cookbook ChangeTimeFormat If your site runs on PHP 5 1 or newer it is recommended to use the function date default timezone set see below The date default timezone set tells PHP what the default time zone is For other ways to set the time zone and a list of identifiers see the online PHP manual The TimeFmt variable defines the appearance of time strings and along with TZ localizes the wiki to a specific time zone see Cookbook ChangeTimeFormat By setting these and other variables in local config php you can change the look and feel of PmWiki from its default sometimes substantially so See PmWiki Variables for a list of variables that PmWiki uses and see PmWiki PmWikiUsers for examples of sites that use PmWiki in customized ways Other common setup tasks The following variables are often requested when preparing a new wiki Author required when editing a page EnablePostAuthorRequired 1 Set the DefaultGroup These common Cookbook recipes are also often installed immediately Clean Urls Remove the n Group Page arguments from the end of URLs If you prepare an international wiki potentially with characters in different alphabets Cyrillic Greek Chinese or many diacritical symbols Czech French please look at PmWiki UTF 8 and Cookbook UTF 8 Security Review and set up any security required Setting an administrative password The pages in the Site group except the Site SideBar are locked by default In order to edit pages in this group you need to create a site wide admin password in local config php To set the site wide admin password to mysecret change the line to the following DefaultPasswords admin pmcrypt mysecret You must use the pmcrypt function but set the password to a value with meaning for you See PasswordsAdmin for details about making the password more secure Don t modify or rename pmwiki php PmWiki has been designed so that all customizations can be made without changing the distribution files one of its design goals is to provide seamless upgrades PmWiki never writes to files in the local or cookbook directories so placing your customizations here makes it easier to track the changes and upgrade PmWiki without losing the changes When changing the configuration of your site always change the local config php file or add files to the cookbook or pub directories Do not change pmwiki php or the files in the scripts directory because the files are supposed to be overwritten upon upgrading You shouldn t rename pmwiki php either If you rename the file it will not be overwritten during an upgrade of the software and there will be a version

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Upgrades
    cp Rpv pmwiki x y z pmwiki 5 Update customisations and recipes That s it Your base PmWiki installation is complete Now use the PmWiki Site Analyzer to determine which recipes could be updated to the most recent version Unless you have made customizations to the pmwiki php script or to the files in scripts your PmWiki installation should continue to run correctly Changes to these files are not recommended Local customizations should go in local config php pub css and pub skins yourskinname Note Additional tips can be found on the PmWiki Troubleshooting page Upgrading from version 2 1 27 to 2 2 0 Between the stable versions 2 1 27 and 2 2 0 there are a number of additions Some of them may need changes to local config files or to wiki pages and they are outlined here For the full list of changes see the release notes If you are upgrading from a 2 2 beta version your wiki may already include these features Some pages that were formerly in the Site group are now in a separate read protected SiteAdmin group Site AuthUser Site AuthList Site NotifyList Site Blocklist and Site ApprovedUrls If upgrading from an earlier version PmWiki will prompt to automatically copy these pages to their new location if needed If a site wishes to continue using the old Site group for these pages simply set to config php SiteAdminGroup SiteGroup To authorize reading or editing in protected areas the former password nopass should now be written as nopass WikiWords are now disabled by default To re enable them set either LinkWikiWords or EnableWikiWords to 1 The ROSPatterns variable has changed replacement strings are no longer passed through FmtPageName i e it must now be done explicitly Page links inside included pages sidebars headers or footers are now treated as relative to the page where they are written instead of the page where they appear For example in Site SideBar always set the group in a wikilink like Main HomePage or with a page variable Group HomePage because a link HomePage will point to a page Site HomePage PageLists Spaces no longer separate wildcard patterns use commas PageCount GroupCount GroupPageCount variables used in pagelist templates are now PageCount GroupCount GroupPageCount The directive no longer accepts parameters from urls by default In order to have it accept such parameters which was the default in 2 1 and earlier add a request 1 option to the pagelist directive Skin templates are now required to have HTMLHeader and HTMLFooter directives Authentication using Active Directory is now simplified see PmWiki AuthUser Upgrading from version 2 2 0 to the latest version Note this page may have a more recent version see PmWiki Upgrades Some additions since version 2 2 0 may need changes to local config files or to wiki pages and they are outlined here For the full list of changes see release notes and change log Version 2 2 10 EnableRelativePageVars was changed to enabled

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Backup and Restore
    restore commands above will give you world writable files and directories You can avoid world writable permissions by letting PmWiki create directories with the proper attributes ownership and permissions for you Start with tar zxvf wiki backup 200512 tar gz rm rf wiki wiki d rm rf uploads chmod 2777 wiki Now upload a file in each group that had uploads If your site doesn t have uploads just visit your site once so the wiki d directory will be created Finish your installation with chmod 755 wiki tar zxvf wiki backup 200512 tar gz Details The commands on this page assume your site is in a directory called wiki The test backup was made in December 2005 so it s named accordingly Your site will only have an uploads directory if uploads are enabled The backup command uses a date stamp YYYYMM in the filename If you automate the command via cron you ll wind up with monthly snapshots of your site You can get a daily snapshot by appending d to the date command date Y m d will get you YYYYMMDD Be wary of space limitations if you have a large uploads directory See Also A thread gmane org on the pmwiki users mailing list A Backup Pages recipe in the cookbook Miscellaneous Backup via FTP Download and install a ftp client like Filezilla Using the ftp client connect to the server where you host pmWiki using the IP address ex 123 234 56 67 or the ftp name ex ftp myhost com supply your account name ex mylogin and password ex myp4ssw0rd Move to your pmWiki directory ex usr mylogin web wiki or tahi public html pmwiki Select the folder you want to backup as explained before probably either only the data or the whole wiki

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Uploads Administration
    and pages Uploads can be enabled only for specific groups or pages by using a group customization Simply set EnableUpload 1 for those groups or pages where uploading is to be enabled alternately set EnableUpload 1 in the config php file and then set EnableUpload 0 in the per group or per page customization files where uploads are to be disabled Restricting total upload size for a group or the whole wiki Uploads can be restricted to an overall size limit for groups In the group configuration file i e local Group php add the line UploadPrefixQuota 1000000 limit group uploads to 1000KB 1MB This will limit the total size of uploads for that group to 1000KB any upload that pushes the total over the limit will be rejected with an error message This value defaults to zero unlimited Uploads can also be restricted to an overall size limit for all uploads Add the line UploadDirQuota 10000000 limit total uploads to 10000KB 10MB This will limit the total size of uploads for the whole wiki to 10000KB any upload that pushes the total over the limit will be rejected with an error message This value defaults to zero unlimited Restricting uploaded files type and size The upload script performs a number of verifications on an uploaded file before storing it in the upload directory The basic verifications are described below filenames the name for the uploaded file can contain only letters digits underscores hyphens spaces and periods and the name must begin and end with a letter or digit file extension only files with approved extensions such as gif jpeg doc etc are allowed to be uploaded to the web server This is vitally important for server security since the web server might attempt to execute or specially process files with extensions like php cgi etc file size By default all uploads are limited to 50K bytes as specified by the UploadMaxSize variable Thus to limit all uploads to 100KB simply specify a new value for UploadMaxSize in config php UploadMaxSize 100000 However the default maximum file size can also be specified for each type of file uploaded Thus an administrator can restrict gif and jpeg files to 20K doc files to 200K and all others to the size given by UploadMaxSize The UploadExtSize array is used to determine which file extensions are valid and the maximum upload size in bytes for each file type For example UploadExtSize gif 20000 limit gif files to 20KB Disabling file upload by file type Setting an entry to zero disables file uploads of that type altogether UploadExtSize zip 0 disallow zip files UploadExtSize 0 disallow files with no extension You can limit which types of files are uploadable by disabling all defaults and specifying only desired types Setting the variable UploadMaxSize to zero will disable all default file types Individual file types may then be enabled by setting their maximum size with the variable UploadExtSize turns off all upload extensions UploadMaxSize 0 enable

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Security
    advantage of a bug in PHP The vulnerability can be closed by turning register globals off upgrading to PmWiki 2 1 21 or later or upgrading to PHP versions 4 4 3 or 5 1 4 In addition there is a test at PmWiki SiteAnalyzer that can be used to determine if your site is vulnerable Wiki Vandalism and Spam Assumptions you are using a Blocklist and Url approvals You don t want to resort to password protecting the entire wiki that s not the point after all Ideally these protections will be invoked in config php How do I stop pages being deleted eg password protect a page from deletion Use Cookbook DeleteAction and password protect the page deletion action by adding DefaultPasswords delete to config php or password protect the action with HandleAuth delete edit or HandleAuth delete admin to require the edit or admin password respectively How do I stop pages being replaced with an empty all spaces page Add block s to your blocklist how do I stop pages being completely replaced by an inane comment such as excellent site great information where the content cannot be blocked Try using the newer automatic blocklists that pull information and IP addresses about known wiki defacers OR Try using Cookbook Captchas or Cookbook Captcha note these are different OR Set an edit password but make it publicly available on the Site AuthForm template How do I password protect the creation of new groups See Cookbook Limit Wiki Groups How do I password protect the creation of new pages See Cookbook Limit new pages in Wiki Groups How do I take a whitelist approach where users from known or trusted IP addresses can edit and others require a password Put these lines to local config php Allow passwordless editing from own turf pass for others if action edit preg match 90 68 SERVER REMOTE ADDR DefaultPasswords edit pmcrypt foobar Replace 90 68 with the preferred network prefix and foobar with the default password for others For a single IP you may use if SERVER REMOTE ADDR 127 0 0 1 your IP address here POST authpw xxx the admin password Please note the security issues this means that you have your admin passwords in clear in config php and someone with access to the filesystem can read them for example a technician of your hosting provider your IP address may change from time to time unless you have a fixed IP contract with your ISP When that happens someone with your old IP address will be logged in automatically as admin on your wiki It is extremely unlikely to become a problem but you should know it is possible if you are behind a router all other devices which pass through that router will have the same IP address for PmWiki your wifi phone your wife s netbook a neighbour using your wifi connection etc All these people become admins of your wiki Again you should evaluate if this

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Custom Markup
    markup example The second argument says to perform this markup along with other directives The third argument is the pattern to look for example The fourth argument is the HTML that example is to be replaced with We use the Keep function here to prevent the output from being further processed by PmWiki s markup rule in the above example we don t want the http www example com url to be again converted to a link Define a markup to call a custom function that returns content The e modifier has been deprecated and should not be used in ongoing development See below for more details An e option on the pattern parameter will cause the replace parameter to be treated as a PHP expression to be evaluated instead of replacement text Thus a markup to produce a random number between 1 and 100 might look like Markup random directives random e rand 1 100 This calls the PHP built in rand function and substitutes the directive with the result Any function can be called including functions defined in a local customization file Arguments can also be passed by using regular expression capturing parentheses thus Markup randomargs directives random d d e rand 1 2 will cause the markup random 50 100 to generate a random number between 50 and 100 Note Be very careful with the e modifier in regular expressions malicious authors may be able to pass strings that cause arbitrary and undesirable PHP functions to be executed For a PmWiki function to help with parsing arbitrary sequences of arguments and key value pairs see Cookbook ParseArgs Migration to PHP 5 5 and Markup e Since PHP version 5 5 the e evaluation modifier is deprecated and some hosting providers don t allow its use Recent versions of the PmWiki core 2 2 58 and newer allow new ways to define markup rules without being dependent on the e eval modifier The historical ways to define markup rules are not removed and work but may be incompatible with PHP 5 5 installations Note if your replacement pattern doesn t need evaluation you must use Markup like before and not Markup e The following is acceptable for PHP 5 5 compatible with PmWiki 2 2 58 will also work in PHP 5 4 and older Markup name when pattern replace pattern can no longer have an e modifier replace can be a string with matches as 1 2 etc replace can be a function name callback which will be called with the array of matches as argument instead of a string the fourth parameter can be a definition of an anonymous function note you can use anon functions this way since PHP 5 3 0 for PHP 5 4 or earlier pattern can have an e modifier The existing ways still work but under PHP 5 5 they trigger warnings for deprecated feature Markup e name when pattern replace pattern cannot have an e modifier replace can be

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Custom Wiki Styles
    lower roman ROMAN WikiStyle ROMAN apply list WikiStyle ROMAN list style upper roman alpha WikiStyle alpha apply list WikiStyle alpha list style lower alpha ALPHA WikiStyle ALPHA apply list WikiStyle ALPHA list style upper alpha special open links in a new browser window newwin WikiStyle newwin target blank Turns markup into a comment via display none CSS comment WikiStyle comment display none wiki styles frame border 1px solid cccccc padding 4px background color f9f9f9 lfloat float left margin right 0 5em rfloat float right margin left 0 5em thumb lframe frame lfloat rframe frame rfloat cframe pre block white space pre sidehead block class sidehead Author Defined Wiki Styles The first index of the array defines the style name e g mynewstyle projectentry etc the second index defines the attribute name e g color background color etc the value set defines the attribute value e g red bold 00ffcc etc Sample If you want to define a site wide style the same as the page style define projectentry color red use WikiStyle projectentry color red The WikiStyle projectentry apply variable may be defined if the wikistyle concerns a particular tag It may be item for li dt list for ul ol dl div pre img p or the combining block for p div ul ol dl li dt pre h 1 6 Example WikiStyle top apply item WikiStyle top class top then a markup top An important list item will output li class top An important list item li Printer Friendly Styles If your custom styles in local config php are getting very colorful it might be useful to disable them in print view This can be done easily by putting them into a condition if action print your custom styles Notes To be done Questions I tried this but

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