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  • Uli-Alto | PmWikiFr / Index de la documentation
    Exemples de WikiStyles Plus d exemples avec des WikiStyles Raccourcis clavier Accessibilité de certaines actions ou liens par le clavier Directives Balises pour contrôler les propriétés de la page Inclure d autres pages Insertion d autres pages dans la page affichée Liens InterMap Raccourcis de liens externes prédéfinis Affichage conditionnel Balises de condition permettant d afficher ou de cacher des sections de la page Variables de page Balises contenant certaines informations des pages Variables textuelles de page Variables définies par les éditeurs dans les pages Expressions fonctionnelles Fonctions pour manipuler le texte faire des calculs etc Formulaires Construction de formulaires dans les pages wiki Éditions simultanées Lorsque deux éditeurs modifient une page en même temps Structure organiser et protéger les pages WikiStructure Organisation d un site wiki terminologie et liens WikiGroupes Espaces du site wiki sections fonctionnelles relativement autonomes Entêtes de groupe Entêtes pieds de page et menus qui s affichent dans toutes les pages d un WikiGroupe WikiTrails Cheminements linéaires à travers plusieurs pages du site Historique de page Chaque modification de page est enregistrée et on peut facilement revenir en arrière Mots de passe Protection de pages et de groupes en édition et en lecture Catégories Des liens pour classer et retrouver des pages PageListes Affichage d informations extraites de plusieurs autres pages Attach lists Liste des fichiers joints à la page Supprimer une page Comment effacer une page du site wiki Administration du site wiki Installation et maintenance Installation Comment télécharger et installer PmWiki Configuration initiale Réglages du système après l installation Mise à jour Installer une nouvelle version de PmWiki sur un wiki existant BackupAndRestore Administration des fichiers joints Activer et configurer l envoi de fichiers Sécurité Mots de passe utilisateurs bloqués etc Personnalisation Configurer les liens InterMap Ajout de raccourcis InterMap personnalisés Balises personnalisées Ajout

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  • Uli-Alto PmWikiFr/Index de la documentation
    marks to search for a phrase Also use quotes for text with punctuation or special characters Searches are case insensitive but accent sensitive in the default configuration i e u is not the same as ù To limit your search to a single group enter the group name followed by a slash at the beginning of the search string e g PmWiki or Site To list all pages enter a slash for the search Search examples Enter To find pages whose content contains apple pie both apple and pie apple pie the phrase apple pie pmwiki apple apple in the PmWiki group of pages pmwiki apple the phrase pmwiki apple in all groups of pages apple pie apple omitting those containing pie food apple pie food omitting those containing apple pie apple pie the words apple and pie apple pie apple and pie pie the word pie with a colon pie tasty the phrase pie tasty pmwiki all pages in the PmWiki group Some special characters need to be enclosed in quotes including the colon equals sign less than single quote and double quote Search Page de garde Fr Bac à sable En Français Fonctionnalités Téléchargement Installation Bases de l

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  • Uli-Alto Main/Wiki Sandbox
    with the Text Formatting Rules Just click the Edit Page link at the bottom of the page Search Uli Alto HomePage WikiSandbox Shelter People Works Parties Contact Village Integration Pictures wiki Basic Editing Documentation Index edit SideBar edit SiteNav Options

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Wiki Wiki Web
    to simply make it as quick easy and rewarding as possible to create or edit online content Using any standard Web browser a person can edit almost any page on the system using relatively simple text formatting rules Creating a link to a new or existing page simply involves putting the word or phrase that will be your link text inside double square brackets to reference and serve as a title for the target page In the process of creating the link you re creating the new page if it doesn t already exist On some sites depending on the configuration of PmWiki a link can also be created by entering a WikiWord a word consisting of two or more capitalized words joined together It s not necessary to learn all of the formatting rules others will often come in and reformat things for you After all anyone can edit You can see some of the recent changes that others have posted to this site To learn more about adding pages to this Wiki site see basic editing then try editing pages in the WikiSandbox If you want to learn more about the WikiWikiWeb concept try some of these Web

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Skins
    to further customize the appearance of a skin including adding statements to local config php that are compatible with your chosen skin adding css files to pub css such as local css for your entire wiki and MyGroup css for MyGroup and directly editing the skin s files If the skin is updated regularly you probably will want to avoid editing the files in the skin s folder Check the skin s page in the Cookbook for specific suggestions If you want to modify the default pmwiki or print skins included with the PmWiki distribution you should copy the pub skins pmwiki and pub skins print directories to another name and then use those skins instead of the default ones While the name of the skin tmpl and skin css files don t usually matter the optional skin php file MUST match the name of the skin How can I make a skin The best way to make your first skin is to modify a copy of PmWiki s default skin Make a copy of the folder pub skins pmwiki and name it whatever your new skin should be named In your local config php file set Skin to be the name of your new skin Modify the template and CSS files to suit you Test your new skin Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you re happy with the results The reason we recommend starting with the default PmWiki skin is that it s quite a simple skin much more so than many of the skins you ll find in Skins The starting point is the template tmpl file which provides the overall layout of the page Inside of the template file are a number of special substitutions and directives that provide places for PmWiki to insert the data relevant to the current page being displayed Skin Templates describes the format and directives in more detail There are also skin guidelines available on pmwiki org It s beyond the scope of this page to explain how to write HTML hypertext markup language XHTML extensible HTML which is a bit newer or CSS cascading style sheets but there are many good tutorials on the web for all three of them One caution if you run into an HTML tutorial that explains about how to use font or blink tags or spacer gifs it s at least five years out of date so skip it and find another one You should test your skin on a variety of browsers ideally as many as you can on as many different platforms as you can but at minimum you should be testing on Internet Explorer 8 Firefox 3 and Chrome since those are the most common and have different bugs it is also useful to test on Opera and Safari Don t forget to do things like resize windows and change text size during your testing Print Skins By default your new skin will use the standard pub skins print skin To over

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Pm Wiki Philosophy
    make it easy to link PmWiki to other non wiki web documents to embed PmWiki pages inside of complex web pages and to allow other web documents to easily link to PmWiki This principle also follows from the favor writers over readers principle above every new feature added to PmWiki requires some sort of additional markup to support it Pretty soon the source document looks pretty ugly and we d all be better off just writing HTML Another reason for avoiding arbitrary HTML is that ill formed HTML can cause pages to stop displaying completely and arbitrary HTML can be a security risk more so when pages can be created anonymously See http www cert org advisories CA 2000 02 html for more information 3 Avoid gratuitous features or creeping featurism In general PmWiki features are implemented in response to specific needs rather than because someone identifies something that might be useful In any sort of useful system it s hard to change a poorly designed feature once people have built a lot of structure based on it Need an example Look at MS DOS or Windows One way to avoid poor design is to resist the temptation to implement something until you have a clearer idea of how it will be used 4 Support collaborative maintenance of public web pages Although this wasn t at all the original intent of PmWiki it became quickly obvious that WikiWikiWeb principles could be used to make it easier for groups to collaboratively design and maintain a public web site presence PmWiki allows individual pages to be password protected and a couple of local customizations makes it easy to protect large sections of PmWiki pages Furthermore in many ways PmWiki provides style sheets on steroids you can quickly change the headers footers and

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Pm Wiki
    Wiki Password required Password Search Uli Alto HomePage WikiSandbox Shelter People Works Parties Contact Village Integration Pictures wiki Basic Editing Documentation Index edit SideBar edit SiteNav Options fixed fluid orange blue green pink cyan red violet View Edit History Print

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  • Uli-Alto PmWiki/Pm Wiki
    Hide minor edits Show changes to output Search Uli Alto HomePage WikiSandbox Shelter People Works Parties Contact Village Integration Pictures wiki Basic Editing Documentation Index edit SideBar edit SiteNav Options fixed fluid orange blue green pink cyan red violet View

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