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  • Backhaul Trucking Loads - Truckers Edge
    i don t unload and return home with load I stay out until I make what I have to have to pay bills so what I am saying is the word backhaul doesn t even apply to those of us who run like this We have no one but ourselves to blame for backhaul freight cheap prices because if you didn t take these cheap price loads they would be forced to pay a fair price which sure be as of today at lease 2 00 mile REMEMBER THE WORD BROKER MEANS DEAL WITH ME AND YOU WILL GO BROKE DON T ACCEPT CHEAP PRICE LOADS Reply JUSTICE for ALL 4 5 2016 5 46 02 PM Donnie u better be glad u dont work for one of these load board people U would be out of a job so fast faster than u posted this comment the level of control money have everybody hoping and wishing to be the next slave driver Mr pitiful small p not worthy of a capital P they get theirs in Capitalism using trick words BREAK EVEN BACKHAUL to make one feel bad for not wanting to sell his soul then u have people so raped broken and abused for so long they will take up for these authors rubbing your head patting u on the back for being such a good boy REMEMBER THE WORD BROKER MEANS DEAL WITH ME AND YOU WILL GO BROKE DON T ACCEPT CHEAP PRICE LOADS Reply Mike 4 1 2016 10 31 57 AM Thanks for this article Some good examples But lets post an article on how can wr drive out this lying theiving scum brokers Because the problem is in the brokers who take like 90 profit off of the rate that customer pays Why not eliminate those brokers Why not not allow them to use load boards to go to california you might get lucky with 1 30 per mile From california you will get 1 2 if lucky Every trip this year has been loosing money Im taking out loans just to pay for bills This is rediculous Reply JUSTICE for ALL 4 5 2016 5 26 56 PM Notice how the people so called fighting for the truckers are too afraid of writing any articles about ways to alleviate the leprechan at the gates of hell brokers waiting for u to finish your daily ritual driving for their fancy lifestyles while sitting on their butt holding a phone too tired from having so much money to spend the night before to do anything but cheat the hard working man and woman I wonder why I thought this was supposed to be a country built on value and BRAVE people and all i have ever seen is Bullies taking lunch and dinner money from the poor and depriving the hard working individual of a happy lifestyle at home with his family by not paying them a decent wage Im beginning to see why the unemployment rate is so High nobody wants to work for the leprechan thats always complaining about certain groups of people not willing to waist 30 years paying off loans and a tax for everything but his lavish lifestyle my question is Is a Bully actually BRAVE for preying on the divided weak Reply DieHard 4 1 2016 10 41 54 AM bottom line it dont work we talking about breaking even what business survives that ONLY BREAK EVEN Reply THE LIGHTBULB 4 1 2016 12 12 25 PM The truth is being uncovered constantly thanks to people like Veronica beware of people like these that say they are truck advocates but are really double agent hypocrites working for both sides and only out to feed themselves One can obviously see this article and articles like these are to lull and ease one into taking a load for scraps then get used to nothing and nothing from nothing leaves nothing and u are back a company driver working the chain gang again I ll bet the author is a broker or has connections to a load board refuse the load and no one makes money or instead get your broker license and cut the brokers looking for slaves out thats what a real truck advocate would say deceitful articles BEWARE Reply MarkM 4 1 2016 3 27 53 PM Lightbulb to be clear I work for DAT Also I am not recommending that truckers take loads at 1 00 mile Far from it My main point is that it s important to know what loads and rates are available so you can make the right decisions for your business Reply todd 4 1 2016 4 20 56 PM we dont backhaul every load is income if we operate out of our home every day then it would be considered a back haul know the areas i dont go into florida and countless other states due to pathetic freight rates knowing your cost per mile is crucial mine is currently 1 04 after ALL expenses not just fuel as most think crippling the owner op and smalls are loading unloading times 8 am to 2 or 3 pm cutoffs no fridays and the fmcsa brokers explain why a bank or credit card cant loan shark but a broker can and of course junk rates the inability to strike has also crippled us Reply Fernando amador 4 2 2016 7 04 46 AM Good Veronica can we tell the bank o sorry but we broke even this month and no money for truck or trailer payment o I forgot the people that work in the warehouses they take money out of the bank to give to the owner of the warehouses to keep working because the warehouse run even and can t pay the employee nor van keep them we are the only once that loose money all the time I don t move for a 1per mile and we should all

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  • Do Brokers See a Different Rate?
    load board is calculated based on a range of actual transactions for loads that have moved in that lane some of those loads moved for more than that price some for less The range does not include the top 25 of the rates and the bottom 25 which eliminates outliers and gives you the most accurate guide to the range of available rates on that lane If you re using the DAT Power load board or our standalone freight rates tool DAT RateView you can see the range of prices used to calculate that rate You can use that information to try to negotiate for the top end of that range 2 Range of dates Another factor is the age of the information The rate that you re seeing in the load board is an average for the past 90 days In RateView you can narrow that down to a 7 day average If you re researching a lane where prices are volatile the 7 day rate gives you a more precise look at today s market prices That said the 90 day rate is still a good guide and might prove more useful when bidding on RFPs or other long term recurring business 3 Geographic range In the load boards we calculate the rate based on what we call the expanded market If you also have RateView we can show an average rate for an entire region or you can get access to rates in a geographic area defined by the first three digits of a zip code These maps show how the geographic area changes when researching rates in Los Angeles Left to right Region Extended Market Market and 3 Digit Zip The example above for Los Angeles shows how drastically the geographic borders can change based on

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  • 6 Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate
    Good communication Share your needs with the broker and learn theirs Be direct but respectful You aren t just negotiating for one load but potential future business as well The Hot Market Map in DAT Load Boards offer a snapshot of freight demand across the country with the darker colors showing where there s higher demand for trucks What Brokers Hate Is that all you have in the rate If you know your lanes you won t need to ask this Rates are set to a great degree by market conditions With DAT Load Boards you can research the market rates for the lanes you re searching You also get Hot Market Maps like the one above which shows you where demand for trucks is highest If there are a lot of trucks available in that lane right now the rate may not meet your expectations But if you know the range of market rates in that lane you might be able to negotiate for the high end of that range Long winded explanations Time is money for both you and the broker so keep it brief For brokers they re usually in a rush in the mornings to assign the entire day s loads in a short period of time Indecisiveness If your goals are clear you ll know immediately whether or not you can cover the load Plus being decisive inspires confidence Worst case just say Thank but no thanks and move on You can do business with that broker another time In another blog post I ve offered tips on what to research and what questions to ask when you call on a load All DAT load board packages include broker spot market rates on the lanes you re searching so you can negotiate with power when

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  • March 2016 Van Lane Rates - Truckers Edge
    of price changes on the top 90 van lanes last week Five lanes did have significant drops that you might want to try to avoid NORTHEAST Two of the biggest declines were in the Northeast Long haul traffic has been down in Philly so if you re stuck there with an empty van look for a short haul to re position your truck and then find a new load Philly to Buffalo lost 16 per mile Buffalo to Columbus was also down 16 MIDWEST Biggest drop of the week Columbus to Memphis down to 1 46 miles could be an adjustment due to a build up of retail inventory Chicago s load to truck ratio is still way below the national average and outbound rates slipped 2 WEST The other two big declines were out West Seattle rates were down as a whole despite higher volumes which could be due to intermodal competition on long haul routes Stockton to Seattle down 16 Seattle to Salt Lake City down 18 Los Angeles rates rose to an average of 1 77 mile last week Keep an eye on the L A to Stockton lane which got a big boost in volume last week Lot of loads available for that 680 mile roundtrip SOUTHEAST Atlanta rates were down 3 which came as a bit of a surprise Most of the activity in the Southeast right now is elsewhere Memphis and Charlotte held steady for the most part SOUTH CENTRAL Load to truck ratios are still pretty low in Dallas Demand for vans in Houston has been picking up Houston to Oklahoma City was up 7 Lots of loads posted in Laredo recently Want to see the average rates on the lanes you run Sign up for TruckersEdge Enhanced to see the average prices

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  • February 2016 Flatbed Truck Loads - Truckers Edge
    weather has led to more construction freight but steel shipments slowed down That hurt flatbed rates in markets like Cleveland and Birmingham but Pittsburgh was up for the month All rates include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers SOUTHEAST Outbound rates rose from Memphis and Atlanta in February Rates out of Raleigh were way down for the month but last week the lane from there to Baltimore was up to 3 10 mile A handful of lane out of Roanoke also rebounded last week after a down month Birmingham was the biggest loser for the month Down 19 to an average of 1 69 mile outbound MIDWEST Cleveland rates were off in February with a sharp downturn last week Average rate out of Rock Island IL dropped to 2 37 mile NORTHEAST Weather related issues boosted the rate from Harrisburg PA to Springfield MA but that lane rate dropped back down to 3 10 mile last week That s close to where it was about 3 weeks ago SOUTH CENTRAL Houston is the largest flatbed market and it was mostly unchanged in February Fort Worth rates rose the most in February up 7 to 1 78 mile WEST There weren t really any big shakeups out West Flatbed rates in Los Angeles were steady all month then dipped 6 last week Want to see the average prices for the lanes you run Upgrade to TruckersEdge Enhanced to see rates based on real transactions between brokers and carriers Add comment Cancel reply to comment Name Required Please choose another name E mail Required Please enter a valid e mail 5 5 The captcha value you provided is incorrect b i u quote Required Comment Preview Comment Notify me when new comments are added Search Categories

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  • February 2016 Van Lane Rates - Truckers Edge
    up last week so intermodal competition could be driving rates down in places like Los Angeles and Stockton CA Elsewhere lane rates adjusted to market conditions in Buffalo Philadelphia Boston and Chicago All rates include fuel surcharges and are based on real transactions between carriers and brokers NORTHEAST Rates on the Buffalo Philadelphia lane rose by double digits in both directions The roundtrip averaged 2 27 mile The opposite happened on the Philly to Boston lane Loads leaving Philly paid 13 less the backhaul from Boston was down 17 WEST California was looking up in previous weeks so the fact that L A and Stockton were down last week was a surprise Those markets might ve been affected by rail activity Denver volumes and rates were up but outbound prices there are so low that it s tough to get excited about that SOUTHEAST Memphis is a hot market right now with more than 1 000 load posts per day for vans and a load to truck ratio above 3 0 MIDWEST Chicago to Philly got a 10 boost Chicago to Buffalo was down 12 but averaged 2 16 mile which is still higher than the Philadelphia lane SOUTH CENTRAL No big price swings in Dallas or Houston this week Houston was number 2 after Atlanta for the most loads posted on DAT TruckersEdge in February Want to see the average prices for the lanes you run Upgrade to TruckersEdge Enhanced to see rates based on real transactions between brokers and carriers Add comment Cancel reply to comment Name Required Please choose another name E mail Required Please enter a valid e mail 5 5 The captcha value you provided is incorrect b i u quote Required Comment Preview Comment Notify me when new comments are added Search Categories Carrier

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  • All posts by matts,matts
    Trucking Business 14 Trucking Life 1 Trucking Regulations 7 Trucks 1 Top Stories How to Get Your Operating Authority Surviving the Buck A Mile Backhaul Do Brokers See a Different Rate 6 Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate Join Us Follow us on your favorite networks for news and updates from DAT Solutions Twitter Follow LoadBoards Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Subscribe Newsletter Signup Subscribe in a reader Advertisements Social Newsletter Subscription

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  • Trucking Route Planning - Truckers Edge
    about taking that buck a mile load if you need to get out of a tight spot You can be insulted or angry but at least you won t be broke Better yet plan your week in advance to avoid those low paying lanes If you look at the loads and the rates that are available in both directions you can be the Wayne Gretzky of trucking You ll go to where the loads are going to be DAT publishes information on Hot Markets every week in Trendlines a free online feature The dark areas in the map represent above average load to truck ratios which means there s more freight there and less competition Rule 2 PLAN EVERY TRIP AS A ROUNDTRIP There are always more loads and higher rates in one direction than the other The backhaul might be really low or the lane might be pretty well balanced If you have choices take a load into a place that has good loads to get you back home Look at the load board to see what s available in both directions TruckersEdge Enhanced shows you the average rates that were paid in the last 90 days on each lane and you can use those for comparison A LEAVING A CITY WITH HIGH OUTBOUND RATES If you re starting in Memphis or another place with above average rates a little extra planning can turn a so so roundtrip into a really good one A load out of Memphis might go to Chicago or to Columbus The load to Columbus pays 12 more per mile for about 50 more loaded miles And Memphis Columbus Memphis gives you 100 more loaded miles You ll make 70 more total But Chicago has a lot more loads back to Memphis and the rate is 30 higher on the return trip Plus the roundtrip average for Memphis Chicago Memphis is 1 60 mile Columbus pays 1 51 What s the best roundtrip They re both pretty good but Chicago is better Why You make almost the same money on the roundtrip There are more loads to choose from on the way back to Memphis You save about 35 in fuel and you ll put 100 fewer miles on your truck B LEAVING A CITY WITH LOW OUTBOUND RATES Leaving Columbus or another place where outbound rates are not so great You will want to be very choosy about the destination of your loads because you re making most of your money on that return trip to your home base This strategy can improve your roundtrip but it doesn t fix everything Denver is still gonna be a dead end Just stay away if you can C SUPER SIZE IT You can also super size your trip by turning a roundtrip into a triangular route We call this a TriHaul DAT Express and DAT Power load boards include TriHaul route suggestions If you are based in Columbus you might still go to Memphis because you

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