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  • Electronic Logbook Benefits - Truckers Edge
    of idling and eliminate out of route miles You also get trip sheets automatically and you don t have to spend a weekend doing your IFTA taxes Those reports alone should save you enough money for the ELD to pay for itself ELD Fact or Fiction ELDs will make me less productive Fiction You ll be able to spend more of your HOS hours driving instead of doing paperwork You also get more flexibility than you do with paper logs Instead of rounding every 15 minutes ELDs and e logs let you round to the nearest minute and make the most of your hours You ll still be able to edit the e logs like you can with the paper logs plus roadside inspections will go faster now The government will be able to track my truck Fiction DOT and FMCSA won t know where your truck is only authorized employees with the trucking company can view ELD data to locate a vehicle And if the truck is being used for personal reasons they ll only know the 10 mile vicinity of where the truck is ELDs can keep you from starting your truck Fiction That technology exists but it s not part of the ELD mandate ELDs will force small carriers out of business Fiction Some trucking businesses that were already teetering on the edge might get pushed out but companies who keep their compliance in order should come out of the ELD mandate looking even more competitive E logs are more expensive than paper logs Fiction E logs will cost more up front but the increased productivity makes them cheaper in the long run If you spend 20 minutes a day filling out Hours of Service and Record of Duty Status reports you could be missing out on

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  • E-logs and Electronic Logging Devices - Truckers Edge
    times a year and you have to keep the records on file for four years They re due on Jan 31 April 30 July 31 and Oct 31 You can also send us your trip sheets and we ll do your fuel tax reports for you What s an ELD and what is the ELD mandate ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device It s a tool that lets drivers keep a Record of Duty Status RODS and track their Hours of Service HOS using electronic logbooks e logs The ELD mandate is a rule passed by the FMCSA that requires professional truck drivers and motor carriers to use electronic logbooks for HOS compliance Owner operators drivers and fleets have until December 2017 to comply How do ELDs work An ELD system plugs into the truck s cab connects to the engine and records when the vehicle is in motion A separate device lets drivers select their duty status and see their hours of service Instead of inspecting a paper logbook law enforcement can download data from the device in a number of ways including Bluetooth and USB What s the difference between EOBR AOBRD and ELD EOBR stands for Electronic Onboard Recorder while AOBRD stands for Automatic Onboard Recording Device Each varies a bit but all three are used for e logs ELD has become the most commonly used term since that s the term used in the FMCSA s mandate What s a Fleet Management System ELDs can also be a part of a Fleet Management System FMS which is used to track the location of all the trucks in a fleet An FMS can also include engine diagnostics fuel efficiency reports in cab communication IFTA reporting and more What if the ELD logs the wrong time Drivers can

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  • Motor Carrier Authority - Truckers Edge
    with the following trucking specific requirements USDOT Number This number from the U S Department of Transportation DOT is used to collect and monitor your company s safety information inspections crash investigations etc Operating Authority All for hire carriers have to have authority from the DOT to haul freight across state lines Your authority also determines what types of freight you can haul Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Applies to all trucks that weigh more than 55 000 pounds International Registration Plan IRP IRP distributes registration fees based on distance traveled in each state or Canadian province You have to register on your state s transportation website International Fuel Tax Agreement IFTA IFTA is an agreement between the lower 48 U S states and Canadian provinces to simplify reporting of fuel use by carriers who drive in multiple states Carriers file a quarterly fuel tax report that determines their tax and distributes it to the states Your truck has to have an IFTA decal on it which you have to apply for at the beginning of every year BOC 3 Filing This names your company s process agent which is who gets served court papers in any legal proceeding You have to designate a process agent in each state where you maintain an office or establish contracts Some companies offer blanket coverage that designates a process agent in every U S state Other federal and state regulations including size and weight standards EPA air quality regulations and safety rules The U S Small Business Administration has a list of links to the regulations and compliance standards for the trucking industry DAT TruckersEdge can also help you through the regulatory maze so you can get your authority We can even handle your IFTA tax reporting and assist with other compliance requirements STEP 7 Get insurance Insurance is a major expense for trucking businesses and there are several types you ll have to get Primary Liability You have to carry at least 750 000 in primary liability coverage which covers damages or injury done in case of an accident when you e at fault Many shippers or brokers require 1 million in liability coverage Cargo 100 000 is most common to cover cargo but it depends on what you are hauling Covers damage to the freight and or theft Physical Damage Covers truck damage in accidents where you are not liable Non trucking use bobtail Covers if you re liable for an accident that happens when you re not hauling a load for someone else The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association has more info on trucking insurance at www ooidatruckinsurance com STEP 8 Buy or lease a truck and or trailer For the tractor do you plan on only running day trips or will you need a sleeper cabin What kind of freight will you be hauling Will your need a van reefer or flatbed trailer Below are some common types of leases Operating Full Service Lease You take care of maintenance taxes

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  • Trucking News | TruckersEdge
    but only by an average of 3 per load More 0 Apr 25 Reader Poll How Many Nights Are You Home 0d7161fa 5516 4500 8199 9a625982a820 0 0 96d5b379 7e1d 4dac a6ba 1e50db561b04 Posted on 25 Apr 2016 By Matt Sullivan Categories Trucking Life When we talk about planning your work week we tend to focus on rates Obviously there s a lot more that goes into planning how you run your business For example how many nights a week do you want to spend at home More 0 Apr 14 Need Reefer Loads Look to the Border 375c36b0 1ffb 451a 9079 3f6269a0b304 0 0 96d5b379 7e1d 4dac a6ba 1e50db561b04 Posted on 14 Apr 2016 By Matt Sullivan Categories Freight Rates Tags owner operator carrier Reefer trends were still a mixed bag last week Produce season is winding down in Florida but California is slowly improving Produce from Mexico has led to higher demand for reefers along the border with volumes surging out of Nogales AZ More 0 Apr 13 Vans in Demand in the Southeast 7b657bff b1c8 4954 8fef c156a2bf3fe4 0 0 96d5b379 7e1d 4dac a6ba 1e50db561b04 Posted on 13 Apr 2016 By Matt Sullivan Categories Freight Rates Tags carrier owner operator The end of Q1 led to a big flurry of activity at the end of March with everyone trying to get shipments out before they closed their books A lot of those gains were reversed last week but volumes were up on a few key lanes More 0 Apr 07 Reefer Trends Mixed Rates Unchanged fd860f9b 5d57 44d5 a476 dc9c875fc096 0 0 96d5b379 7e1d 4dac a6ba 1e50db561b04 Posted on 07 Apr 2016 By Stephen Petit Categories Freight Rates The reefer load to truck ratio was 3 2 last week a 5 improvement As a national average the

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  • Reader Poll: How Many Nights Are You Home?
    you spend at home When we talk about planning your work week we tend to focus on rates Obviously there s a lot more that goes into planning how you run your business For example how many nights a week do you want to spend at home Some owner operators look for short hauls that get them home most nights Other truckers go for as many miles as they can get and maybe make it home once a week How big a role does time at home play in your route planning Answer our poll question and let us know how many nights a week you spend at home Add comment Cancel reply to comment Name Required Please choose another name E mail Required Please enter a valid e mail 5 5 The captcha value you provided is incorrect b i u quote Required Comment Preview Comment Notify me when new comments are added Search Categories Carrier News 5 Freight Rates 43 Trucking Business 14 Trucking Life 1 Trucking Regulations 7 Trucks 1 Top Stories How to Get Your Operating Authority Surviving the Buck A Mile Backhaul Do Brokers See a Different Rate 6 Things Freight Brokers Love and Hate

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  • Search Results - Truckers Edge
    always include the rate they re offering when Product Sheet TEST Title Hits 0 Body Hits 5 Total Score 5 Your carrier onboarding process now online Carriers manage their profile and sign contracts online Speed is everything You need to find and qualify carriers quickly and have no room for error Use DAT Onboarding a secure easy to access onl Load Board Packages Best Value for the Most Loads Title Hits 0 Body Hits 4 Total Score 4 Step 1 Choose Package Enhanced 49 95 Month Sign Up Now Standard 34 95 Month Sign Up Now Post OnlyFree Sign Up Now Unlimited Truck Posts Post your trucks FREE Unlimited Load search es Find the best loads fast Alarm Match Notification Get an Motor Carrier Authority How to start your trucking business Title Hits 0 Body Hits 3 Total Score 3 9 Steps to Starting Your Trucking Business STEP 1 Get driving experience First you ll need a commercial drivers license CDL You can go to private truck driving school or some trucking companies have their own training programs Some companies mig Mobile Load Board Find loads and post trucks from your phone Title Hits 0 Body Hits 2 Total Score 2 How to Use DAT TruckersEdge on Your Phone TruckersEdge works on virtually any mobile device If you have an iPhone or Android device then you can search or post everywhere you go All you need is a subscription to TruckersEdge net and you l IFTA Fuel Taxes We ll do your fuel and mileage reports for you Title Hits 0 Body Hits 1 Total Score 1 Fuel Tax Reporting Filing IFTA fuel taxes is a pain but DAT can offer some relief Send us your trip sheets and we ll do your fuel taxes for you All you have

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  • Search Results - Truckers Edge
    term and show all results Filter results on tag selections below No Tags Show results with no tags Product Tags Segment Tags Other Tags Pages Videos Search Results for search site See a Demo Title Hits 0 Body Hits 1 Total Score 1 DAT TruckersEdge Demo Take the Next Step Request a live demo to search the lanes that you run or sign up today and start finding loads Social

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  • TEST - Truckers Edge
    in an online database No more struggling to read faxed handwritten forms Easily access carrier information whenever you need it don t risk moving another load without complete documentation on hand Carriers manage their profile and sign contracts online Integration with your TMS Onboarding allows you to view carrier information easily and efficiently Qualified carrier data will be uploaded into your TMS so you view only the most relevant information Combined with DAT CarrierWatch carrier qualification and onboarding has never been faster or more secure Maintain your company s branding with DAT Onboarding Your company gets a personalized website on DAT You control the color scheme welcome text logo and host your contracts with full version control No fax needed with e signatures A new feature gives you the option of using e signatures in which carriers sign a PDF document with their mouse stylus or finger The document can then be stored electronically or printed and filed as a hard copy Brokers view carrier data which links directly to DAT CarrierWatch Manage contracts view signatures and customized site design How DAT Onboarding works Direct carriers to your branded website with your company logo and color scheme Carriers complete a

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