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  • Troop 56 Regular Events - Klondike Derby
    Scout power to pull it instead of dogs The Scouts pull the sleds that are loaded with their personal and patrol equipment The Scouts journey on paths through woods up and down hills and stop at different activity stations usually named after Alaskan towns where they are tested on different Scout skills Often the Scouts have to use a map and compass to navigate themselves and their sleds to their destinations each activity station When they arrive at these stations they are timed and tested on their Scouting knowledge their team work and their problem solving skills Some of the things they may be tested on at the activity stations include Sled and equipment inspection Are they prepared with the right equipment Build a fire in the snow using only 3 matches and cook a complete meal for the whole patrol on it They have to cook a hot drink meat and a vegetable on the fire they build Winter Survival Skill Tests Where do you find dry wood for a fire How can you start a fire without matches using flint and steel or fire by friction What can you find to eat How do you build a shelter

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  • Pack 56 Regular Events - Flower Sale
    a well known event in Longhill Township and we are pleased to say that it is well attended by the townsfolk and we are very grateful for their patronage The troop buys the flowers in bulk each year from a local supplier and sells them as individual trays We also sell hanging baskets which are also very popular potting compost and birdseed The scouts are all expected to take part

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  • Troop 56 Regular events - AT Hikes
    scheduled hikes are fit into the Troop calendar Hike dates are divided equally between Friday summer Saturday and Sunday Heavy rain or snow may cancel a hike Adult volunteers are vital to the success of an AT hike Adults who do not wish to hike can support the efforts of their scout by providing much needed shuttle support Since each hike is a one way trip a driver is needed to shuttle the hiking and driving adults back to the start of the hike after dropping off their vehicles In this way when all hikers get to the end of the hike they can simply get in the waiting cars and head home This saves an hour of shuttle time at trails end when tired Scouts can do nothing but wait This effort is sincerely appreciated by everyone We try to plan a 5 mile Early Exit Opportunity when possible this requires additional drivers While on the trail participants learn to read trail blazes improve map skills test their stamina and get an opportunity to see a different side of New Jersey Wildlife sightings are common Often we will pass Thru hikers people who have committed themselves to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail We walk the same trail as they do with considerably lighter packs Each section provides a unique experience What to bring Comfortable hiking shoes socks Sneakers should be avoided as they provide little support over the rocky terrain no low cut socks an extra pair of socks takes up little room and a fresh pair can offer relief during a break and help to avoid blisters Synthetic pants shirts Jeans are NEVER appropriate for hiking zip offs are great layering in cooler weather long sleeves help with bugs sunburn cotton should be avoided quick

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  • Troop 56 Regular Events - Ski trip
    AT Hiking Program Scout Ski Trip Public Service Advancement Useful Tips Useful Links Library Photo Library Scout Ski Trip Annual Scout Ski Trip to Mountain Creek Ski Center or Shawnee Mountain The ski trip will be announced early January Here are the typical choices Lift 30 Beginner Package limited lift lesson rental 40 50 Experienced Package all lift lesson rental 50 50 Rental Skis 21 40 Rental Snowboard 21 40

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  • Troop 56 Public Service - Scouting For Food
    food in February May July and November as many emergency food providers have expressed a tremendous need for support in these months Patriots Path Council BSA proudly provides continuing support to the National Scouting for Food Good Turn This program embodies one the highest ideals of Scouting service to the community by meeting the local needs of the hungry through the practical application of the Daily Good Turn How does

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  • Long Hill Township , NJ Troop 56 - Passaic River Cleanup
    Calendar Regular Events Public Service Scouting For Food Passaic River Cleanup Advancement Useful Tips Useful Links Library Photo Library Long Hill Township NJ Troop 56 Passaic River Cleanup Passaic River

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  • Troop 56 Boy Scout Advancement - Tenderfoot
    have helped pitch On the campout assist in preparing and cooking one of your patrol s meals Tell why it is important for each patrol member to share in meal preparation and cleanup and explain the importance of eating together a Demonstrate how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope b Demonstrate you know how to tie the following knots and tell what their uses are two half hitches and the taut line hitch Explain the rules of safe hiking both on the highway and cross country during the day and at night Explain what to do if you are lost Demonstrate how to display raise lower and fold the American flag Repeat from memory and explain in your own words the Scout Oath Law motto and slogan Know your patrol name give the patrol yell and describe your patrol flag Explain why we use the buddy system in Scouting a Record your best in the following tests Push ups Pull ups Sit ups Standing long jump 1 4 mile walk run b Show improvement in the activities listed in requirement 10a after practicing for 30 days Identify local poisonous plants tell how to treat for exposure to

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  • Troop 56 Boy Scout Advancement - Second Class
    of the knife saw and ax and describe when they should be used d Use the tools listed in requirement 2c to prepare tinder kindling and fuel for a cooking fire e Discuss when it is appropriate to use a cooking fire and a lightweight stove Discuss the safety procedures for using both f Demonstrate how to light a fire and a lightweight stove g On one campout plan and cook over an open fire one hot breakfast or lunch for yourself selecting foods from the food pyramid Explain the importance of good nutrition Tell how to transport store and prepare the foods you selected Participate in a flag ceremony for your school religious institution chartered organization community or troop activity Participate in an approved minimum of one hour service project Identify or show evidence of at least ten kinds of wild animals birds mammals reptiles fish mollusks found in your community a Show what to do for hurry cases of stopped breathing serious bleeding and internal poisoning b Prepare a personal first aid kit to take with you on a hike c Demonstrate first aid for the following Object in the eye Bite of a suspected rabid animal Puncture wounds from a splinter nail and fishhook Serious burns second degree Heat exhaustion Shock Heatstroke dehydration hypothermia and hyperventilation a Tell what precautions must be taken for a safe swim b Demonstrate your ability to jump feetfirst into water over your head in depth level off and swim 25 feet on the surface stop turn sharply resume swimming then return to your starting place c Demonstrate water rescue methods by reaching with your arm or leg by reaching with a suitable object and by throwing lines and objects Explain why swimming rescues should not be attempted when a reaching or

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