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  • Terranext - Environmental Assessments
    around time RECENT PROJECTS Environmental Site Assessments NEPA Cellular Tower Buildout Project Nextel Communications TX OK KS MO FL GA NC SC TN MS AL IL Terranext recently completed a major environmental assessment project across twelve states for Nextel Communications Activities included Phase I ESAs Phase II ESAs NEPA checklists Archaeological and Architectural Surveys for a Section 106 Review Biological Assessments and Wetlands Delineations Nearly 600 cell tower sites were completed in 7 months Terranext was responsible for all field work and reporting Terranext streamlined our client s environmental process by performing these services in a twelve state region that was previously delegated to numerous consulting firms This has greatly reduced the cost for our clients management and completion of ESAs and NEPA assessments Project value was 1 100 000 Environmental Site Assessments Primus Financial Freeman Auto Group Hiley Mazda Dallas Texas Terranext has conducted multiple Phase I and Phase II ESAs which follow ASTM standards and include the use of aerial photographs historical topographic maps and previous environmental reports We have performed these two types of ESAs on subject properties at existing car dealerships and undeveloped properties being considered for expansion by car dealerships in the Dallas Ft Worth area Our Phase II ESAs included soil and groundwater sampling and analysis Groundwater samples were collected from existing monitoring wells Soil samples were collected using a hand auger Summary reports with conclusions and recommendations were prepared Anthrax Sampling General Services Administration Washington DC Terranext performed anthrax sampling services on a rapid response basis for GSA National Capital Region during the anthrax crisis of November 2001 The objective was to demonstrate whether anthrax cross contamination had occurred in federal buildings which received mail from the Brentwood Postal Facility A total of 18 different buildings were sampled including the following Federal Agencies

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  • Terranext - Air Quality Management
    Permit application for Gerdau Ameristeel s Sayreville mini mill The work included the development of an emissions inventory and determination of the emission rates each major emitting unit State and Federal regulations that apply to facility operation are being reviewed and a compliance plan and Title V permit application are being developed SPCC Plan Terranext completed a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan SPCC Work included identifying regulatory requirements facility inspection for ASTs preparing a tank location map identifying SPCC team determining role of team members identifying reporting procedures detailing response procedures and preparing the report Mercury Dioxin HAPs BACT SOTA Terranext performed these additional BACT SOTA analyses for the Melt Shop including cost effectiveness analysis of alternative approaches and associated balance of plant impacts based on special request of State agency as a part of PSD permitting activities Mill Optimization Plans Terranext developed details and schedules for the Melt Shop process optimization program to reduce emissions and avoid triggering LAER requirements with a planned 50 mill production increase Project value is approximately 400 000 annually Air Quality and Industrial Compliance Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center New York New York Terranext is assisting this major metropolitan hospital in updating its air permits and emissions information to comply with the latest New York State and Federal Clean Air Act regulations under Title V The facility operates six dual fuel fired boilers to provide the hospital with 125 psig steam Four of the boilers are rated at 60 000 lbs hr steam production and two at 80 000 lbs hr Due to the size of the boilers New York State regulations are requiring stack testing to comply with NOx RACT rules Terranext designed and supervised the stack testing program and evaluated options low NOx burners for NOx control as well as prepared emissions information and recommendations for record keeping systems sufficient to address the New York State permitting requirements Terranext also prepared the Title V permit application and was responsibile for NOx RACT Compliance Plan Boiler trouble shooting Emission Source Identification Emissions Inventory Quantification Regulatory Review Record Keeping Reporting Compliance Plan Development Title V Application Project value was 50 000 Air Quality and Industrial Compliance Tate Lyle Sucralose McIntosh Alabama Terranext provides environmental staff for daily environmental compliance activities at this manufacturer of food additives We are responsible for all permit modifications and new permits and assist plant personnel in the planning and implementation of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Terranext is responsible for all daily environmental planning and compliance activities The facility is compliant with applicable permits and regulations Work plans are in the development process for the environmental management system Permits and regulatory reports include the following Permit to Construct Air Permit Applications numerous Synthetic Minor Air Operating Permit Applications numerous Quarterly and Semiannual NSPS required Report Preparation and Submittal NPDES Industrial Waste Water and Storm Water Permit Application Monthly Quarterly and Semi annual DMR Preparation and Submittal NPDES and SID State Indirect Discharge SID Permit Applications Water Supply

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  • Terranext - Energy Engineering
    water Hot oil Chilled water Compressed air Natural gas RECENT PROJECTS Energy Engineering Audits Multiple Sites Owens Corning Texas Ohio New Jersey Terranext performed comprehensive Energy audits and implemented Energy Management Programs at 10 different facilities for Owens Corning Project included establishing baseline utility usage recommending a cost effective sub metering and data collection program developing an energy water and waste balance for each facility and identifying key energy reduction projects Project management software to measure actual energy usage reduction and track energy projects was developed and launched at each facility Project identified over 3 Million in potential costs savings in no cost and low cost projects Project value was 190 000 Energy and Water Resource Audit Bunge Oil Plant Decatur Alabama Terranext performed a comprehensive Energy and Water Resource audit at this Soya Bean oil plant for Bunge Chemical Project included establishing baseline utility usage recommending a cost effective sub metering and data collection program developing an energy water and waste balance for each facility and identifying key energy reduction projects Project management software to measure actual energy usage reduction and track energy projects was developed and launched at each facility Project identified over 500 000 in potential costs

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  • Terranext - Waste Water Management
    determined the appropriate well spacing to minimize well interference and evaluated the impact of well field operations on the flow in the Missouri River Additional activities performed include development of plans and specifications for water supply wells analysis of 72 hour pumping tests and development of a ground water flow model The ground water model was used to estimate the safe yield of the aquifer HIGH CAPACITY WATER WELL EXPLORATION Central Iowa Water Association Waverly Iowa Sigourney Iowa Terranext personnel completed a geophysical exploration survey to determine bedrock fracture locations for a high capacity municipal water supply in central Iowa A bedrock fracture trace analysis was conducted to determine potential fracture trace orientations and locations as Phase I of the geophysical survey Following the results of the bedrock fracture trace analysis a surface geophysical survey was conducted to determine specific orientation location and depth of the bedrock fractures An electrical resistivity survey was chosen as the geophysical method of choice based on the high resistivity contrast of fracture zones Based on Terranext s work two different fracture zone locations were identified Drilling the first test well location revealed numerous large fractures and test well production from the location was over 2 000 gallon per minute gpm Drilling of a test well on the second location is currently being conducted Erosion Control Stormwater Management Former Lead and Cobalt Mine Frederickstown Missouri This former mine is listed for possible addition to NPL and consists of 1750 acres of land near Fredricktown Madison County Missouri Mining began on the property in 1843 and continued to 1961 Over time this mine produced copper lead cobalt nickel iron and small amounts of zinc and silver In 1992 Terranext conducted baseline stormwater sampling from three outfalls at the mine to evaluate the offsite transport of tailings into surrounding streams The sampling demonstrated heavy metals were entering the streams Terranext designed a stabilization program consisting of grading the tailing piles to reduce slopes capping of the tailings to prevent distribution by wind and precipitation establishing vegetation above the cap and routing storm water runoff around the tailings area Construction was completed in November 1998 at a cost of approximately 650 000 Terranext identified historic processing areas as another source of metals and subsequently designed and constructed a new sedimentation structure consisting of a new dam and 7 9 acres of storage area to capturing run off from the processing and tailing areas This project was completed in October 2000 at a cost of approximately 330 000 A third source of metal discharge was a continuously flowing discharge from an unplugged mine decline After evaluating treatment options for removing metals such as engineered wetlands and precipitation of metals by pH adjustment and settling in the sedimentation pond plugging of the decline was determined to be the most cost effective method for controlling the discharge Construction of the decline plug was completed on September 24 2002 at a cost of approximately 335 000 In 2003 Terranext prepared a Characterization

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  • Terranext - Polution Prevention
    Regional Training Site Maintenance RTS M two Army Aviation Support Facilities AASF one Army Aviation Flight Facility AAFF one Aviation Classification and Repair Activities Depot AVCRAD six MOARNG training sites and 68 MOARNG armories Our activities included Conducted site visits of representative and unique MOARNG facilities statewide to characterize operations that generate significant amounts of regulated waste or consume considerable resources Determined the types and amounts of pollutants generated at MOARNG facilities by reviewing readily available documentation including hazardous waste generator reports waste shipment logs inventories monthly reports and other available records Identified pollution prevention P2 opportunities and alternatives based upon the provided information For each P2 opportunity Terranext identified an economic analysis technical feasibility and environmental impact Terranext developed a P2OA report which served as a basis for the P2 project During the P2 project additional P2O were identified Terranext worked with MOARNG to develop the annual P2 Report Terranext identified five projects that had the potential to significantly reduce either the use of hazardous materials or the generation of hazardous waste from the MOARNG operating facilities Project value was 25 000 Pollution Prevention Merial Limited Athens Georgia This significant pollution prevention project determined potential and feasible treatment technologies for a hazardous waste stream generated in the manufacturing area of this animal pharmaceutical production facility The hazardous waste stream contained significant quantities of a heavy metal mercury D009 a characteristic hazardous waste As a part of the facility s on going program to reduce the amount and the toxicity of the waste generated at the facility Merial retained Terranext to evaluate feasible treatment technologies to minimize this hazardous waste stream at the facility Terranext evaluated reactive filtration activated carbon membrane separation evaporation and ion exchange For the Merial waste stream we found that reactive filtration evaporation and ion exchange

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  • Terranext
    performed a wetlands survey and delineation around the northern and southern ends of the runway for this Air Force Base in North Carolina The delineation is suitable for Certification by the Army Corps of Engineers Project value was 6 000 Cultural Resource Assessment Ironwood Development Victory Crossing Housing Development Columbus Georgia Terranext was contracted by Ironwood Development to perform a Phase I Cultural Resource Survey for a proposed building construction site in Columbus Georgia The construction project will include federal funding through HUD A pedestrian and vehicular reconnaissance survey of the proposed expansion area was performed to examine the existence of cultural resources including archaeological sites historic structures and cemeteries The survey was conducted in compliance with Georgia Historical Preservation Division HPD guidelines The survey was approved by Georgia HPD and HUD Project value was 5 000 Endangered Species Habitat Survey Bald Eagle Wireless Network Group Smithville Mississippi Terranext performed a bald eagle habitat survey for this proposed new build 350 foot guyed wire cellular tower project in Smithville Mississippi The survey was requested by U S Fish and Wildlife A pedestrian survey was conducted by a Terranext Wildlife Biologist in which the line of sight technique was used to determine if any of the proposed tower construction activities including the access road guyed wires or main tower would affect existing eagle nests Treescreens were mapped and included in a summary report which concluded that eagle nesting would not be affected by the project Project value was 1 200 NEPA Studies Cellular Tower Buildout Project AL MS FL NJ DE MD Terranext is currently performing a major environmental assessment project across eight states for Cingular Wireless NEPA related studies include NEPA checklists Archaeological and Architectural Surveys Biological Assessments Wetlands Delineations and consultation with State Historic Preservation Offices Historical Societies Tribal

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  • Terranext - Hazardous Waste Management
    the potential generator of hazardous waste status and the appropriate and documented disposal of the materials Terranext personnel are experienced in Part B permitting RCRA site investigations CERCLA remediation and emergency response RECENT PROJECTS Hazardous Waste Landfill Cover U S Gypsum Alquippa Pennsylvania Terranext completed a soil cover plan schedule and cost estimate for a 160 acre Brownfield site located near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for a major industrial client The property is under an Order of Consent from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection with whom cover options were discussed The site was a former steel mill site which is contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants Various cover options were explored including the use of treated bio solids and schedules and cost estimates compared for the conceptual design The next phase of the work will include a detailed cover plan and possible testing of various on site cover options to determine long term survivability The site is scheduled to be redeveloped for an industrial use Part B Permitting Safety Kleen Columbus Georgia Terranext provided certification for the development of a Part B permit for a hazardous waste TSD solvent recycling center in Columbus Georgia Services included an engineering assessment of

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  • Terranext - Information Management
    proprietary data management and computer modeling software PM Diamond to manage data and prepare ground water contour and contaminant isoconcentration maps PM Diamond quickly extracts data generated over several months to years at various sites to aid in efficient data analysis and can easily incorporate GIS coordinate systems to provide a regional perspective of the site This software can be used to conduct contaminant fate and transport modeling at complex CERCLA sites and is much more efficient at evaluating concentration trends and the extent and magnitude of contaminant plumes Another Terranext registered software asset is PM Target This program facilitates the prediction of the affect of a remedial application to site conditions over time For example PM Target can be used to evaluate the impact of a public water supply well on nearby contaminant plumes or releases to ground water The program can also be used to model the predicted time of impact upon the cone of influence of a pumping well and calculate probable contaminant concentrations in the well There are almost unlimited applications for PM Diamond and PM Target in providing technical support to clients RECENT PROJECTS Information Management Wastewater Spray Irrigation Site Solid Waste Landfill Site SP Newsprint Dublin Georgia Terranext was responsible for a soil groundwater study to compare loading limitations for various inorganic compounds and metals on soils at the wastewater spray irrigation site Wastewater is pretreated at the mill and then piped to a location 3 miles from the facility Determined loading had been exceeded for several compounds by volume of material applied However loading limitations were not supported by actual analytical results We recommended SP seek permission to continue application and we recommended changing the soil and groundwater sampling protocol The analysis used MS Excel Time Series plots Project involved development of a

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