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    with or without apical hook or tooth Gula some times stridulatory Platynotyni Oncotini some Stronguliini Praeugenina Pronotum carinate some times strongly explanate laterally cordiform subcylindrical or globose procoxal cavities closed behind externally with rare exceptions open or closed internally mesocoxal cavities with or without exposed trochantin closed laterally by meso amd metasternite or by mesoepimeron or rarely by trochantin Phrenapatinae Legs with penultimate tarsomere some times lobed Allecullinae and Lagriinae anterior trochanters overlapped laterally bt the femora except Scaphidemini tarsal claws some times pectinate Allecullinae Tarsal formula normally 5 5 4 some times 4 4 4 some Bolitophaginae Diaperinae Pimeliinae Phrenapatinae or 3 3 3 some Phrenapatini Elytra very variable in shape globose subcylindrical more or less deplanate glabre or more or less pubescent many times fused some times carinate if striate with sutural striole except in Phrenapatinae Typically with 9 striae but 10 in Pimeliinae Lagriinae and some Bolitophaginae Abdomen with intersternal membrane of sternites exposed except most Pimeliinae and some Lagriinae and Bolitophaginae visible sternites 1 3 connate 4 5 movable Abdominal defensive glands present or absents Aedeagus rotated ventrally the ventral side visible dorsally Pimeliinae normally the dorsal face exposed dorsally in the abdomen in most underfamilies LARVA Mature larva 5 to 70 mm in length Body typically elongate and cylindrical to slightly flattened or occasionally flat and broad fusiform Cuticule lightly to heavily sclerotized occasionally head and 9th tergum more heavily sclerotized bearing sparse to dense short to long setae Head with frontoclypeal suture present endocarina absent antennae 3 segmented or 1 Leiochrini 2 Lagriinae segmented or with segments slightly to highly reduced apically antennal sensosrium almost always flat dome like typically C shaped forming an incomplete ring around terminal segment or fused remnant in species with 2 segmented antennae Labrum transverse with few to many

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    Haninge SWEDEN e mail FLORES Gustavo IADIZA Instituto Argentino de Investigaciظژn de Zonas Aridas laboratorio de Entomologظٹa Casilla de correos 507 5 500 Mendoza Argentina email gflores lab cricyt edu ar FOUQUÉ René Mikulásská 2 Liberec 4 46001 CZECH REPUBLIC e mail GEISELHARDT Sven Institut fأ¼r Biologie I Hauptstrasse 1 D 79104 Freiburg GERMANY email GRIMM Roland Denzenbergstr 44 D 72074 Tübingen GERMANY email roland grimm lfvbw de HALSTEAD D avid G H 57 Meadow Wat Old Windsor Berks SL4 2 NY UNITED KINGDOM IWAN Dariusz Museum and Institute of Zoology Wilca 64 Warszawa POLONY e mail darek miiz waw pl KESKIN Bekir Ege Faculty of Science Biologie Departement of Zoology 35100 Bornova Ismir TURKEY e mail keskin sci ege edu tr LABRIQUE Harold Centre de Conservation et d Etude des Collections 13 A rue Bancel F 69007 Lyon FRANCE e mail LEO Piero Via Tola 21 I 08128 Cagliari Sardegna ITALY e mail piero leo tiscalinet it LILLIG Martin Krämerweg 55 D 66123 Saarbrücken GERMANY e mail MAES Jean Michel Museo entomológico de León AP 527 León NICARAGUA email MAL Noël Institut Royal de Sciences Naturelles de Belgique 29 rue Vautier 1000 Bruxelles BELGIEN e mail MARCUZZI Giorgio Dipartimento di Biologia Universita di Padova Via Trieste 75 I 35121 Padova ITALY Juan Carlos Martأ nez Fernأ ndez Murcia Spain juanchismf at hotmail dot com MASUMOTO Kimio Institute of Human Living Sciences Otsuma Women s University Tokyo 102 8357 JAPAN e mail masumoto otsuma ac jp MATTHEWS Eric G North Terrace Adelaide South Australia 5000 AUSTRALIA e mail late prof MEDVEDEV Zoological Institute Sans Petersbourg RUSSIA Unfortunately has passed away recently updated 05 October 2009 MÉRKL Otto Hungarian Museum of natural History Baross u 13 1088 Budapest HUNGARY e mail MOROTE Karen Jeanet Universidad de la Amazonia Peruana Facultad de

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    workers Picture Gallery Classification Literature Forum Miscellaneous Links About Moderators Classification by BOUCHARD P LAWRENCE J F DAVIES A E NEWTON A F see the paper Other Classifications Gebien 1937

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    Main Page Taxonomists workers Picture Gallery Classification Literature Forum Miscellaneous Links About Moderators Label Generator HTML JavaScript Beetle walking simulator GMTP Geometric Morphometrics Tools Package Loan calculator Loan simulator

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    interest and total interest paid to the bank or financing agency at the end of the loan term It also calculates the payment amortization schedule based on your input Although this calculator is made in a way to produce the most accurate results it comes with absolutely no warrantly Therefore you are encouraged to double check the rates with your bank or other financial institutions Loan Calculator Loan amount Terms

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