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  • Technology for Learning Differences, ADHD, and Executive Function Challenges | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    hammer You will get the best results with tech tools thoughtfully matched to the user s abilities the particular task and the environment or context in which they perform the task See the Assessment tab for more detail Solutions customized to student s abilities tasks and learning environments Formal AT assessments including report for learning issues 3 SUPPORT Acquire and set up the tools Nowadays purchasing technology is only the first step you also need to ensure compatibility with your system and may also need to download it install it on your computer configure it to the user s needs and verify that it works with other technology Expert guidance selecting and acquiring technology Technical assistance with downloads installation and configuration of software and devices 4 TRAINING Learn how to operate the devices or software Hands on training not only teaches the user how to operate the device or software in question it also provides him or her with the confidence to use it With the right training students will know what features are available what they do and how to operate them Hands on skills training for students family and providers Professional development for educators see Services for Schools and Districts under the Services tab above 5 STRATEGIES Apply the tools effectively Whereas skills training teaches how do I operate the technology s features application training teaches how do I apply those features to become a faster reader more effective writer or better learner Both are required to realize success Application strategies for various devices and software Guidance matching the tools to the task Collaboration with teachers tutors and learning specialists 6 IMPLEMENTATION Integrate use into school and home Implementation is making it all happen from planning training sessions to getting materials in alternative formats electronic text audiobooks to

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  • Assistive Technology Assessment - Find the Right Tools | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    meal be prepared independently or is help available By asking the right questions in advance we can identify the best tools for making that meal Likewise to identify the most appropriate technology learning tools for an individual we need to first know about the person the nature of the task and the environment in which they will perform that task AT assessment is a collaborative process not a one time event by a specialist This is especially true when identifying technology tools for students The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA instructs school district IEP teams to consider if a student requires assistive technology devices and services to achieve their goals and then integrate that AT which proves to be effective into the student s IEP Determining which AT will be effective often requires an assessment of assistive technology needs Rather than a one time event conducted by a specialist assistive technology assessment is best thought of as a collaborative process by which a team e g IEP team determines what technologies would improve a student s performance participation and independence As illustrated above this process should take into account not only the student s learning strengths and weaknesses but also the nature of specific tasks to be performed and the environments in which the student performs these tasks the physical environment social environment and the context such as working independently or with others Accomplishing this relies on the collective knowledge and skills of the individual team members each of whom has a unique perspective of the student and his her abilities level of performance curricula etc both in school and at home Depending on the expertise within the team they may seek the services of an outside AT specialist to conduct specialized evaluation and training recommend specific assistive technologies and coordinate the needs assessment process but the inputs and involvement of the entire team are what produce successful results Lastly a proper AT assessment also considers necessary supporting services such as training for student and or staff integration of the AT into school and home life and technical support issues It also provides a plan for implementation and for evaluating student progress with the AT And AT assessment always considers the perspective and inputs of the student NOTE Because understanding the individual s learning weaknesses and strengths is such an important part of the AT assessment process it is often helpful to obtain a diagnostic or psycho educational evaluation from a qualified professional prior to conducting an assistive technology needs assessment Pick the features not the product Let s say the student is a slow reader and the team believes he or she might benefit from literacy software with text to speech which reads books aloud What software if any would be most beneficial Before answering that we need to ask other questions Knowing the cause of the slow reading decoding problems weak vocabulary visual processing attention and the need for associated tools e g assistance with writing would

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  • Assistive Technology Training - Learn to Operate the Technology | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    student user training should be provided for those who will work with the student and the technology This may include teachers aides therapists tutors and parents Assistive technology is most successful when both the user and their providers understand the purpose of the technology are proficient operating its relevant features and have confidence in their ability to use it Of equal importance the user and others need to know how to apply those features to get the desired results See Integration to learn why Types of trainings and classes available I offer several types of training on a wide variety of topics and technologies relevant to learning disabilities and learning differences In all cases I tailor the instruction to the user s or audience s needs abilities skill level and comfort level with all things tech Overview Classes A good way to get started and learn what s out there General awareness trainings familiarize participants with options Are there alternatives to high end text to speech software clarify distinctions between products e g What are the differences between Kurzweil 3000 and Read Write Gold and show how individual features address specific barriers to learning For a list of topics currently available see Training Topics See the Classes Events page or links in the right hand column for a list for upcoming AT classes offered through the Children s Health Council and Parent s Education Network Individualized training to provide skills and confidence One on one trainings teach the user what the technology does where to find relevant features how to operate them and how they will benefit the user I also provide application strategies to help the student and others apply these features to meet their specific needs Hands on workshops for groups Hands on group workshops are similar to

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  • Integrating Assistive Technology into School, Work, Home | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    both It s one thing to know how to use technology how to operate it It s quite another to know how to make use of the technology how to apply it to become a better reader more effective writer and successful learner For example how might one use the highlighting annotation and text extraction features of high end reading and writing programs Kurzweil 3000 WYNN others to increase comprehension and retention How can a student use a graphic organizer program like Inspiration to become a better notetaker How might a student use speech recognition in conjunction with other AT software Without knowing how to apply them effectively technology features become interesting but unhelpful bells and whistles Integration also includes fitting use of the device or software into the classroom environment or wherever it will be used and blending it with instructional methods in order maximize the benefit and avoid creating problems e g distracting other students Developing application strategies collaboratively Strategies work best when they address the needs of all involved I work with students teachers and tutors to develop strategies which take advantage of specific AT features In this way the technology solution is personalized to meet each

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  • Assistive Technology Tools for Learning Differences, ADHD, and Executive Function Challenges | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    Organizer and Mind Map Software Outlining and mapping software to help organize writing notes instructions checklists concepts any information that benefits from a structure Inspiration Mac PC Inspiration Maps iOS Kidspiration Mac PC Kidspiration Maps iOS Webspiration online XMind Mac PC Free Mind Mac PC Portable Word Processors Laptop alternatives for classroom use that focus on generating text without the features and distractions of laptops or tablets Fusion Mac PC Forte Mac PC Speech recognition speech to text Dragon NaturallySpeaking PC Dragon Dictate Mac Windows Speech Recognition included in Windows operating system Dictation and Dictation Commands utilities built into Mac OS Dictate and commands utilities built into iOS Dragon Anywhere iOS Android syncs custom words and macros with some Dragon desktop editions Voice Typing Google Docs on Chrome browser also see MathTalk MathPad by Voice and SpeakQ below for other software that incorporates speech recognition PDF Annotation Type on PDF version of worksheet quiz or other handout vs handwriting on it Preview annotation toolbar annotate PDF documents included in Mac OS Skim free PDF reader with annotation tools Mac Adobe Reader version 11 PDF reader with annotation tools and markups discontinued 2015 replaced by Acrobat Reader Mac PC Acrobat Reader DC PDF reader w annotation tools markups replaces Adobe Reader Mac PC PDF XChange Viewer annotate PDF documents PC FoxIt Reader PDF reader with annotation tools PC ClaroPDF Accessible Pro and ClaroPDF Lite PDF reader app w annotation tools Pro has text to speech iOS PDF Expert 5 PDF reader with annotation tools text to speech iOS Kami formerly Notable PDF PDF reader with annotation tools Chrome SnapType for Occupational Therapy simple app to snap photo and annotate iOS Assorted Reading Writing Aids Supports for spelling grammar word choice reading level and visual readability Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic fonts designed to ease visual aspects of reading for those with dyslexia Visual Thesaurus visual word map online Mac PC Ginger contextual spellchecker online PC Ghotit contextual spelling grammar checker with word prediction other supports Mac PC Grammarian Pro2X grammar and spelling checker Mac WordQ word prediction word lists abbreviation expansion Mac PC SpeakQ WordQ plus speech recognition PC Clicker 6 custom onscreen keyboards talking word processor word prediction Mac PC WriteOnline word banks talking word processor word prediction mind mapping online Mac PC BeeLine Reader text color gradients aid visual tracking improve reading speed reduce effort Readability reduces webpage visual clutter for distraction free reading online Reading Focus Cards virtual index card like reading guide to aid visual focus Mac PC Rewordify automatically defines or substitutes simpler words in place on webpages Snap Read Universal text to speech convert image to text and text leveling simplify difficult words for Web reading Taking Notes Organizing Notes Microsoft OneNote digital notebook PC Mac iOS Android Chrome online Circus Ponies NoteBook digital notebook Mac discontinued January 2016 Growly Notes digital notebook Mac iOS Evernote digital file cabinet online Mac PC iOS Android Livescribe smartpens pens link recorded audio to handwritten notes works with Mac PC

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  • Assistive Technology Services Offered and Fees | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    g AAC alternative computer access AT Assessment Work with students educators and others to identify the most effective technology for the student s abilities learning needs tasks and learning environments if needed provide written report attend IEP meetings Training Train student and family if necessary on use of appropriate AT software and devices both operational skills and application strategies Technology Configuration Technical assistance configuring devices and software to student s needs and preferences configuration and setup of student s computer and software Alternative Format Materials Assist with acquiring and converting materials to alternative formats e text audio etc for use with AT such as text to speech software DAISY players etc also identify and recommend sources for specific materials Acquisition of Technology Identify and recommend sources of AT and assist with purchase and acquisition return to top Services for Other Professionals In addition to many of the services mentioned above Collaboration on assistive technology assessments Consultation on assistive technology and AT related issues return to top Services for Everyone Classes on Assistive Technolog y Assorted topics offered through the Children s Health Council Parents Education Network and others for current offerings see Classes Events page or sidebar at right Classes also available on request for various topics see Training Topics page for more info Hands on workshops for AT devices and software Arranged on request for small groups See AT Toolbox page for general list of assistive technology devices and software I work with General consultation on assistive technology and AT related issues return to top Areas Served Services Locations Hours I work primarily with schools and families along the Peninsula from San Francisco through San Jose I am also available to work with clients in the larger San Francisco Bay Area including East Bay Marin and Santa Cruz but see the note below regarding travel costs Services are delivered in the client s home or school though other arrangements are possible When necessary I am available to work with students evenings and on weekends at no extra charge return to top Fees I m happy to answer general questions and discuss issues via phone or e mail at no charge For more specific services my rates are as follows Hourly Rate 132 per hour for time spent onsite or with individual client e g training assessment and meetings as well as for time providing specific services for a particular client e g configuring their computer or software I have a flat one hour charge for document review reading evaluations IEPs etc I don t charge for creating training materials e mails or phone calls unless the phone call is scheduled as a meeting substitute e g conference call to remotely attend an IEP meeting Assistive Technology Assessments AT assessment costs vary depending on numerous factors for example the extent of solutions sought whether classroom observations are needed whether a written report is required and IEP meeting attendance Formal AT assessments with a written report generally range from 1500 to

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  • "Official Bio" | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    In the education arena Shelley has provided AT training and technical assistance to dozens of school districts both as a private consultant and as part of a state funded program and directed AT resources and services for Stanford University s Office of Accessible Education OAE from 2000 to 2008 She was also instrumental in establishing the Schwab Learning Center at Stanford a division of the OAE which provides enhanced services

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  • Contact Info | Shelley Haven ATP, RET
    contact me by either phone or e mail to set up a training initiate an assessment or ask questions about assistive technology in general Phone 408 737 2092 Email Shelley at TechPotential dot net Why is my e mail written out that way To reduce the spam I receive Just replace at and dot with the appropriate symbols Mailing address If you need to mail documents or other material please

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