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    50 Qty Farmers Farmers Cheese is delightfully basic and uncomplicated It is a fresh mild cheese with a slightly tangy taste and a texture that is moist yet dry enough to be sliced 1 3 50 29 00 Asiago Asiago is an aged cow s milk cheese that has a crumbly texture with a flavor reminiscent of Parmesan This wonderful cheese is often grated in salads soups pastas and sauces 1 3 70 32 50 Fresh Cheese Curds Cheese Curds are squeaky fresh delectable cheddar cheese in its natural random shape and form before being processed into blocks of cheddar Their flavor is mild with about the same firmness as cheese but they have a slight rubbery texture 4 3 50 245 00 Marble Pepper Jack Marble Pepper Jack Cheese blends Monterey Jack with Colby and adds the spicy zing of jalapeño peppers to create a flavor that both comforts and invigorates 3 50 29 00 Parmesan This Middlefield Parmesan Cheese is out of this world It is crazy good It has a medium to hard texture and is great for shredding onto salads and pasta dishes as a topping for pizzas or just for eating by the slice but make them thin because this is a strong delicious slightly salty cheese 5 3 70 32 50 Colby Longhorn Similar in flavor to Cheddar Colby Cheese is a stirred curd cheese made with pasteurized milk like Monterey Jack Colby cheese has a slightly higher moisture content than cheddar giving it a softer texture and a mellow buttery flavor 3 50 29 00 Pearl Valley Amish Country Butter 2lbs This hand rolled delicious salted butter is some of the best butter you ve ever tasted Perfect on bread in cooking and for eating by the slice Not quite as tasty as

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