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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: Asset Protection
    a court and by the Internal Revenue Service The corporate veil refers to the separation between the individual and the company It is the most valuable quality that the corporation offers Care must be taken to preserve the corporate veil because if it is pierced the corporation may have no asset protection value whatsoever In matters involving a lawsuit by an injured party especially if a corporation has no significant assets the plaintiff will attempt to convince the court that the corporate entity should not be respected and that the principals of the company should be held personally liable In these cases the plaintiff is attempting to pierce the corporate veil in order to obtain a judgment against the principals who may have personal assets sufficient to satisfy a judgment In these turbulent financial times it is more important than ever to establish an effective asset protection strategy Silver Shield Services Inc can guide you through this important process Give us a call at 775 577 4822 Labels Judgments Lawsuit Protection Limiting Liability posted by ShieldCorp 3 07 PM 0 Comments 0 Comments Post a Comment Home About US Location Silver Springs Nevada US We specialize in the forming maintaining

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: August 2007
    service we are here to help you through every step that your business may take Contact Us staff shieldcorp net Phone 1 775 577 4822 Fax 1 775 546 9955 Website ShieldCorp net Incorporate Online Nevada Links NV Business Entity Search NV Secretary of State Nevada Commission On Ethics Nevada State Website NV Legal Resources Diretcory Previous Posts Asset Protection Corporate Havens Nevada s Pro Business Attitude Nevada Corporation Statistics

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: September 2007
    not going to form the company 3 You really want to ensure that you have that name posted by ShieldCorp 3 24 PM Sunday September 16 2007 1244 Stock Why would you want your company or any other company you may invest in to treat the company stock as Section 1244 stock If you establish your stock as 1244 stock in your Corporation then if things do go wrong and your company suffers a financial set back you will be allowed to deduct up to 50 000 in a single year 100 000 for joint filers against your ordinary income This applies to all the classes of stock that a company may have common preferred restricted etc This is different then the normal deduction that you are allowed on a loss on stock for your tax return Normally you are only allowed to deduct the loss against you capital gains and up to 3 000 against your ordinary income in a year As you can see this could be very advantageous when filing your tax return To qualify as 1244 stock you must meet the following criteria 1 You have to invested cash for the stock You cannot trade property stocks securities etc 2 The corporation can not receive over 1 000 000 in contributions or paid in capital 3 The corporation has to receive over 1 2 of its income from sources other then royalties annuities sales or exchanges of securities interest rents or dividends posted by ShieldCorp 3 07 PM Wednesday September 12 2007 Stock Ledger Statement The Stock Ledger Statement is a statement made by the company that tells the name and address of the person who has the Stock Ledger What is the Stock ledger The Stock ledger is the official record of who owns what shares and when they were obtained Until a person is recorded in the Stock Ledger they have are considered to have no shares and thus no voting rights or dividends The information that is recorded in the Stock Ledger is as follows 1 Name and address of the stockholder 2 Date and time they became a shareholder 3 Number of shares and types 4 Amount they paid for the stock 5 Certificate number 6 If applicable who they obtained it from Many states require that a copy of this ledger be kept with the Resident Agent Nevada requires that a Stock Ledger Statement telling who and where the ledger is kept be kept at the Resident Agent s office The advantage to this is that if the Resident Agent is subpoenaed they will show the Ledger Statement instead of a copy of the actual ledger and thus show who owns stock The person will then need to obtain a new subpoena to obtain a copy of the actual ledger in whatever jurisdiction that the Ledger is located Meanwhile the ledger can be moved and a new statement sent to the Resident Agent At this point the person trying to obtain the information will need to start all over trying to find out where the Ledger is kept You can only imagine how frustrating this can be to the person trying to find out information regarding your company posted by ShieldCorp 7 47 PM Tuesday September 11 2007 Articles of Incorporation The Nevada Articles of Incorporation must include the following 7 Articles to be filed with the Nevada Secretary of State These 7 Articles on are on the State s fill in Articles of Incorporation which is required to be filed You can attach additional pages to the State s Articles but they will not accept any filing that does not have their form attached 1 Name of the Corporation This name must be different then any other company formed in Nevada This includes LLC LP s GP s etc It does not need to include an ending although it is recommended that you do include an Incorporated Corporation Limited Company or and variation thereof If you use the name of an individual then you must include an ending to the company name ie John Smith Inc 2 Resident Agent Name and Street Address If using our company then that would be as follows Silver Shield Services Inc 2840 Hwy 95Alt S 7 Silver Springs NV 89429 3 Shares The state form allows you to determine the number of shares and the par value or no par value of these shares on their form If you desire to have different classes of stock or preferences or rights then what is indicated on the state form you will need to attach additional pages and explain the stock in detail 4 Names Address of the Board of Director s Trustees The people listed on the Articles will determine who is on the First Director s Board This person or persons will control the company from the beginning It is usually best to use our address for the Director s address to prevent others from finding out where you are located 5 Purpose You may list any purpose that you would like Although if you list a specific purpose then you are only authorized to do what you specified If you range outside of this you will need to amend your articles or face fines or possibly no corporate protection For this reason most people us the following term To engage in any lawful activity This will cover you for anything that you may want to do 6 Name Address and Signature of Incorporator This is the person who filled out the paperwork for the State These people have absolutely no control over the company 7 Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment of Resident Agent This where the Resident Agent must sign accepting the responsibility of being the company s Resident Agent If you prefer not to prepare your own Articles we do offer to fill out the Articles for you for a nominal fee Labels Incorporate in Nevada posted by ShieldCorp 2 27 PM

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: October 2007
    a Nevada Resident Agent It is very important they you carefully chose your Nevada Resident Agent and clarify what they will and will not do as part of their service We have had many people call us over the years and tell us that their current Nevada Resident Agent did not send them their renewal List of Officers You can imagine the problems this can cause Many of these companies were in default or revoked when they called us When we asked why they were not notified the customer told us that their last Nevada Resident Agent said they had not paid for mail forwarding At Silver Shield Services Inc we will forward all official mail from the Federal Government and the State of Nevada and 1 bank statement per month as part of our low 80 00 yr Nevada Resident Agent fee Call us today at 775 577 4822 to set up your account today posted by ShieldCorp 3 07 PM 0 Comments Monday October 15 2007 Nevada LLC Taxation Part 2 We previously discussed the 4 different ways your Nevada LLC can be taxed The single entity requires a little more in depth discussion The IRS considers a single entity LLC to be either a single person or another entity For the purposes of taxes the IRS considers a husband and wife as a single entity If you are a single entity they want you to file the LLC return on your personal return This can be a positive or negative feature In the positive it will cost you less with your accountant A very big negative could be that you will now pay self employment taxes on everything you made That could prove very costly Make sure prior to forming your Nevada LLC that you have discussed everything with your accountant to ensure that you are structuring yourself so as to minimize your taxes Labels Incorporate in Nevada Nevada LLC posted by ShieldCorp 6 31 PM 0 Comments Saturday October 13 2007 Nevada LLC Taxation If you chose to form a Nevada LLC you will need to determine how you would like to have it taxed when you apply for your EIN You have the following choices Corporation C Corp Corporation S Corp single member entity partnership Each of those choices has different tax implications for you They range from flow through income to potential for double taxation So prior to starting your Nevada LLC you should contact your accountant and determine which way would be best for you Labels Incorporate in Nevada Nevada LLC posted by ShieldCorp 7 40 PM 0 Comments Thursday October 11 2007 Incorporate in Nevada Well 2006 has certainly gone by fast If you are anything like me you have put off doing everything you said you needed to do at the beginning of the year Unfortunately for many that was putting into action your plans of asset protection and tax reduction strategies Their is still some time left But you need to get started now With proper strategies involving Nevada Corporations and Nevada LLC s you can rest comfortably over the holiday s knowing that you have reduced your taxes and protected your assets Give us a call at 775 577 4822 so we can help you implement your plans today Labels Incorporate in Nevada posted by ShieldCorp 8 14 PM 0 Comments Wednesday October 10 2007 Shelf Corporation We offer a wide variety of Nevada Shelf Corporations and LLC s for sale They range anywhere from a couple of months old to 5 years old We do not publish a list of our shelf companies on our website because we do not think this is a very good practice If we published all of the names and age then a record would be out there that lets everyone know that your company is not really as old as you profess when you start to use it This would ruin everything you are trying to accomplish If you need a shelf corporation or llc please give us a call 775 577 4822 or drop us an email staff shieldcorp net and let us know what you are looking for and we will assist you in every possible way that we can Labels Shelf Corporations posted by ShieldCorp 6 43 PM 0 Comments Tuesday October 9 2007 Incorporate in Nevada Affiliate Program Over the years we have always paid referral fees and we have appreciate the numerous referrals that we have received Due to the increase in referrals and the requests that we have had we have decided to start an affiliate program The affiliate program will be starting in the next couple of weeks Please keep checking back to our website to see when you will be able to sign up and start making money We will be paying referrals on everything including but not limited to Resident Agent Corporate Kits Nominee Officer and office packages virtual offices We look forward to writing you checks Labels Incorporate in Nevada Nevada Registered Agent Nevada Resident Agent Nominee Officer posted by ShieldCorp 6 12 PM 0 Comments Monday October 8 2007 Nominee Officer part 2 If you are thinking about utilizing a Nominee Officer it would be best to decide on this prior to filing the Articles of Incorporation Many people prepare their own articles and place their name on the Articles of Incorporation or have their incorporation company do so They then decide later that they need a Nominee Officer so they obtain one and place them on the Officer List The problem with this is that their name is on Public Record It will not show up on the Secretary of State s website because they were not an officer but it is still on the original Articles of Incorporation which anyone can obtain This could very damaging if the company was used for asset protection If you are thinking about utilizing a Nominee Officer please give us a call 775

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: November 2007
    Labels asset protection posted by ShieldCorp 8 53 PM 0 Comments Tuesday November 13 2007 Communication As many of you may or may not have noticed we have a new feature on our website We have added BoldChat to make it easier to ask us questions without having to type an email or pick up a phone Just click on the top of the page where it says to click and type in your question s and we will be sure to answer them as quickly as possible Please allow us some time to respond as we take care of everyone Labels Incorporate in Nevada posted by ShieldCorp 10 39 AM 0 Comments Saturday November 10 2007 Asset Protection w Nominee Officers Part 2 Another way to effectively utilize Nominee Officers in asset protection is to use the Nominee Officer on the account that has your brokerage account This company should do nothing other then maintain your brokerage account The main reason for this is because if it does nothing other then maintain the brokerage account then it stands a very little chance of being sued for anything It is hard to sue someone or a company if it has done absolutely nothing The reason for the Nominee Officer is to protect the identity of the true owner posted by ShieldCorp 2 04 PM 0 Comments Monday November 5 2007 Choosing a Nominee Officer Many customers think that they will save a little bit of money and instead of utilizing our Nominee Officers they will use a friend or a family member The only problem with that is you never know what will happen down the road How many times have you heard of a family member stealing from another or sue each other How about friends By utilizing a company that specializes in doing this you eliminate the potential for this problem How much is that worth or could it be if things go wrong Call us today to set your company up correctly 775 577 4822 Labels Nominee Officer posted by ShieldCorp 7 12 PM 0 Comments Friday November 2 2007 Asset Protection w Nominee Officers One way to effectively utilize Nominee Officers in asset protection is to have your Nevada Corporation that has nominee officers place a lien on any property that you own This is done by filing a mortgage or deed of trust on the property for the equity that you have in the property This will make you look like you have no money and are completely in debt The reason for the nominee officer is because it will not look real even though it is if it is you placing a lien on your own property Of course this needs to be set up and complete correctly otherwise it will probably not hold up under scrutiny To establish it correctly call us at 775 577 4822 Labels asset protection Incorporate in Nevada Nominee Officer posted by ShieldCorp 6 31 PM 0 Comments Thursday

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: December 2007
    time to incorporate posted by ShieldCorp 8 17 PM 0 Comments Friday December 14 2007 New Year Part 2 How can I best use this for Estate Planning How can I structure my entity to take advantage of Tax Laws How can I best shield my assets There is no clear cookie cutter way to tell which entity is best for you Only that it is better to have one in place BEFORE a problem arises in stead of being behind the proverbial eight ball Labels Incorporate in Nevada time to incorporate posted by ShieldCorp 8 24 AM 0 Comments Wednesday December 12 2007 New Year Part 1 As the New Year approaches we reflect on the events of the past year and plan for the future Many unfortunate events and extra expenses can be prevented by proper planning In preparation for your next Nevada Entity consider all aspects of your life Family financial spiritually and health the piece of mind can be priceless at an affordable price Labels Incorporate in Nevada time to incorporate posted by ShieldCorp 9 46 PM 0 Comments Monday December 3 2007 Tax planning It is important when deciding what kind of entity you want to use to examine what the tax ramifications will be at this time and possible in the future For example you may not want to have the income flow to yourself if next year you will be making several hundred thousand This could cause some serious tax s that could have been legally avoided by planning in advance To see if your scenario will work check with your attorney s accountant s prior to starting your new entity Labels Incorporate in Nevada posted by ShieldCorp 9 17 PM 0 Comments About US Location Silver Springs Nevada US We specialize in

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: January 2008
    US We specialize in the forming maintaining and utilization of Nevada Corporations and Nevada Limited Liability Companies for people and businesses world wide Whether you want a full office with nominee officers or just resident agent service we are here to help you through every step that your business may take Contact Us staff shieldcorp net Phone 1 775 577 4822 Fax 1 775 546 9955 Website ShieldCorp net Incorporate

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  • Silver Shield Incorporation Services - Nevada Resident Agent - Nominee Officer: February 2008
    0 Comments Thursday February 7 2008 Articles of Incorporation According to Nevada State law officers and directors of a Nevada Corporation may be exempt from liability for the lawful acts of the corporation provided that this provision is properly stated in your Articles of Incorporation Many times we see individuals producing their own Articles of Incorporation where we only act as resident agent Often these articles do not contain the proper elements to fully take advantage of this important provision We at Silver Shield Services Inc have the tools necessary to take full advantage of Nevada s favorable laws Labels Nevada Incorporation posted by ShieldCorp 2 25 PM 0 Comments Tuesday February 5 2008 When Should I Incorporate Usually the right time for someone to incorporate was long before they thought about the question There is no standard answer to the question when should I incorporate this usually depends on what your business has done in the past and what your future plans are Many business advisors recommend incorporating when revenue reaches a certain amount or tax savings justify incorporation These perspectives greatly underrate the value of incorporation If you are concerned with financial privacy it is best to incorporte at the very beginning if possible Then the history of events does not lead to you but instead to the corporation What value do you place on business risk The fact an asset or activity exists under the corporate umbrella could save owners millions in liabilty and judgments Even from the revenue tax perspective there are other good reasons to consider incorporation One of those reasons is that income is used to determine your tax liability as losses are deductions against your income Most new companies are expected to initially have financial struggles or loss New corporations can spend money

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