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  • Two Corporation Strategy : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    deed of trust on real property and a UCC 1 filing on personal property If someone sues you personally or the home state company they will be unable to collect because of the previous lien that was placed on your assets In Nevada you do not have to reveal the stockholders of a corporation The only thing revealed is the identity of the officers If you have nominee officers for your corporation your name is not revealed You therefore have privacy No one knows who owns your corporation If done properly this can be a very valuable strategy for protecting assets Another way to accomplish the same thing is to have your home state corporation lease the property equipment etc from the Nevada Corporation that files the lease in your home state showing it as the owner of record You can have nominee officers for this corporation therefore assuring your privacy The above illustration shows how to protect assets You can also use multiple corporations to reduce taxes in your home state The Nevada Corporation would enter into contracts to do business with your home state corporation For example you may pay a bookkeeper 10 000 per year to keep your books Let s transfer that responsibility to the Nevada Corporation and increase the amount paid to the Nevada Corporation to 14 000 You still pay the bookkeeper as an independent contractor the same 10 000 Your Nevada Corporation now has a 4 000 profit which is not taxed in Nevada and your home state corporation has an additional 4 000 deduction on your home state income tax Let your imagination go to see what other kinds of legal activities you can transfer to Nevada and reduce your home state taxes Nevada does not have a personal or corporate income

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  • Using Multiple Corporations : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    etc to the Nevada Corporation backed up by legal and binding contracts and with UCC 1 filings in the appropriate state or county recorder s office You have now pledged all your major assets to creditors your Nevada corporation so you are virtually dirt poor Your home state business owns nothing Even if an adversary won a judgment against your home state corporation and closed you down your Nevada Corporation

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  • Differing Fiscal Years : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    these services and that these are billed and invoiced accordingly When you reach the last quarter of the calendar year and you find your home state corporation is making too much money you can renegotiate the contracts thus allowing for a lump sum payment higher payments etc which are to be paid before the end of the year By using this strategy you have transferred the income to your Nevada

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  • Establishing Your Nevada Corporations : Nevada Resident Agent : Nevada Registered Agent : ShieldCorp.net
    you probably have a lot of questions about where to go from here and you have a lot of important decisions to make These decisions will ultimately be responsible for whether or not you continue to experience growth One thing to consider is whether to form a corporation or LLC for your business For many small businesses forming Nevada corporations is an appealing option regardless of what state the business is physically located in You can read more below about why Nevada corporations offer benefits unattainable in other states as well as other advantages they provide Read More The rules governing corporations and LLCs share similarities from state to state yet there are a few states that offer a much more business friendly environment This is what makes it appealing to incorporate in Nevada which is one of the states offering many financial advantages and tax benefits to corporations in their state Even if your operations are in another state you simply have to maintain a minimum presence in the state which you incorporate which will be explained in further detail below While you may be considering filing the necessary paperwork to incorporate in Nevada you may want to consult a business which handles this as the primary focus of their business You can find such a business at http www shieldcorp net pages establish nevada corporation llc htm which is the website for Silver Shield Services They help small business owners to establish and maintain Nevada corporations regardless of the physical location of the business By having Silver Shield Services handle all aspects of this process you do not have to worry about any problems arising when you are trying to incorporate in Nevada If you try to handle this on your own and you make a mistake during

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  • Make Your Nevada Corporations Work for You : Incorporating in Nevada : ShieldCorp.net
    your presence in Nevada all real and above board This also will help you judgement proof your business in this sue happy society Proof is absolutely necessary to take full use of the advantages offered by incorporating in Nevada Here are some suggestions as to what you need in your strategy to judgement proof your business eliminate state taxes and serve your other purposes You need to have a business office and address in Nevada The corporation should have a Nevada bank account from which all bills are paid A business license issued by a Nevada city Carson City in our case reinforces the fact that you are indeed a legitimate business in Nevada Your corporation needs a telephone listing in the phone book with an office address to show that you are really a Nevada corporation doing business in Nevada Major service contracts sales purchases and major business transaction and exchange of funds should be consummated signed notarized and money exchanged at the Nevada office All monies should be deposited into or paid from the Nevada bank account Your corporation should have people at the Nevada office These people can answer the phone receive and disburse mail and handle

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  • Corporation Requirements are Simple : Incorporate in Nevada : ShieldCorp.net
    everything for you so you don t have to If you do miss your renewal deadline the State does allow you to bring the current with a 75 00 late fee Please try not to go beyond that time as then the State fees begin to pile up with an additional 300 00 reinstatement fees along with everything else you owe In our opinion there is only one place to

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  • Nevada Corporation is a Separate Entity : ShieldCorp.net
    check for valid business expenses to your Nevada corporation you have created a tax deduction in your home state The income has been transferred to tax free Nevada Set up your special tax free benefits such as a medical reimbursement plan retirement plan etc with the Nevada corporation which will have no employees This will enable you to take advantage of many legal ways to take money out of your

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  • Nevada vs. Delaware a Comparison : Nevada Incorporation Services : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    Franchise Tax Yes No Requirement to Report Number of Shares Issued and Outstanding Yes No State Shares Tax Information with the I R S Yes No Requirement to Report Places of Business Outside State of Incorporation Yes No Requirement to Report Dates and Times of Annual Stockholders and Directors Meetings Yes No Delaware is the state that was formerly and traditionally recognized as conducive to corporations My how things have

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