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  • Nevada Resident Agent Service : Nevada Registered Agent : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    small business is at a point where revenues are steadily growing and the future is looking promising you will likely want to consider forming a corporation The three most common types are type s corporations type c corporations and limited liability corporations One reason you will want to form a corporation is because this will limit your personal liability for actions taken by the business For example if your business is not incorporated and a judgment is made against the business your personal assets are in jeopardy When a business is incorporated under one of the three types above the judgment would only be against the business assets not your personal assets There are now many people who will form a Nevada corporation instead of their home state because of tax advantages This requires that you have a Nevada registered agent with a Nevada physical address You can read more below about how to find a Nevada registered agent and utilize the services they offer Read More Because of the lenient rules and regulations governing a Nevada corporation many business owners choose to incorporate in this state This is a perfectly legal and acceptable business practice which is a sound financial decision which will help you to keep more of your hard earned money You simply need to fill out the paperwork for incorporating as a Nevada business and attain the services of a Nevada registered agent to hand deliver the documents to the necessary agency To learn more about the specifics surrounding how you can benefit from having a Nevada registered agent you should visit http www shieldcorp net pages nevada resident registered agent htm This is the website for Silver Shield Services Inc which provides Nevada registered agent services to businesses all throughout the US They also provide

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  • Nominee Officers Service : Nevada Incorporation Services : Nevada Resident Agent : Nevada Registered Agent : ShieldCorp.net
    looks up on the Internet the officers of your corporation your name will not appear The Nominee Officers name appears You have maximum privacy If you choose to use our officers you will be required to sign an indemnity agreement Utilizing Nominee Officers with the Nevada Corporate Headquarters Package ensures the maximum protection from any potential problems To utilize Nominee Officers Silver Shield Services Inc must be the Nevada Registered

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  • C-Crop Vs LLC Vs S-Corp : LLC in Nevada : ShieldCorp.net
    S Corp Ownership Stock Membership Interest Stock Owners No Restrictions No Restrictions Limited to 75 Management Officers Directors Members or Managers Officers Directors Limited Liability of Owners Yes Yes Yes Ownership Transfer Freely Freely Mostly free Duration Perpetual Possible Indefinite Choice of Tax Year Yes Restricted Restricted Fringe Beneifits Yes Members Restricted Restricted Tax Rates Double Taxation Your choice Flow thru Profits Dividends Per Operating Agreement Flow thru Next Two

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  • Site Map : Nevada Incorporation Services : Nevada Registered Agent : ShieldCorp.net
    Resident Agent Bookkeeping Services C Crop Vs LLC Vs S Corp Differing Fiscal Years Establishing Your Nevada Corporations Incorporate Online Our Services Limit Personal Liability Make Your Nevada Corporations Work for You Corporation Requirements are Simple Nevada Corporation is a Separate Entity Nevada Corporate Headquarters Office Package Limited Liability Companies Nominee Officers Service Nevada Series LLC Senior Executive Service Nevada vs Delaware a Comparison Supporting Office Services Sole Proprietorship and

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  • Sole Proprietorship and Partnership : Nevada Corporations : Incorporating in Nevada : ShieldCorp.net
    the taxes for the business On the other hand the sole proprietor assumes total liability for the business If the business is sued or fails the sole proprietor risks losing his her personal assets Sometimes two or more people get together and form a partnership Together they start manage and provide capital for the business What most partners do not realize is that all partners are personally liable to an unlimited degree for the activities of all the other partners If structured properly a corporation limits the liability of the officers and stockholders among other advantages and offers a layer of protection against lawsuits Disadvantages of Proprietorships and Partnerships There are numerous disadvantages to not incorporating In simply functioning as a sole proprietor or a partnership you endure 1 Unlimited personal liability You are personally liable for all debts of the business 2 In a partnership each member can bind the other so that one partner can cause the others to be personally liable Failure of the business can ruin the owner s financially 3 All profits are personally taxable to the owners 4 Owners have fewer tax advantages or tax deductible plans than are available to corporations 5 Most

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  • Limit Personal Liability : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    that corporations can be based in any state no matter where the owner lives The best strategy to make yourself judgment proof is to take advantage of these two facts 1 If a corporation is run properly you can protect yourself from today s litigious society insulate yourself from lawsuits and make yourself virtually judgment proof 2 In Nevada you will have protection for Directors and officers from personal liability

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  • Limited Liability Companies : Nevada LLC : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    The Operating Agreement can written so that the 2 working owners receive 80 of the profits while only owning 50 of the business What are some of the disadvantages of an LLC Disadvantages include 1 It is a relatively new entity and there is not enough case law to determine how the courts will treat an LLC 2 Interests are not freely transferable 3 LLC s are treated differently in different states 4 Lifetime may not be limited but if you chose this feature then to be taxed as a partnership you will have to give up either the limited liability characteristic or the centralized management characteristic for this reason most people chose a lifetime of 30 years 5 Lack of privacy all income reported on personal income tax 6 C Corporations have many tax write off s that an LLC does not One example of this is the Medical Reimbursement Plan that a C Corporation can utilize while LLC members are not allowed to This can result in very significant tax savings A Limited Liability Company is an area of developing law and it will take a few years to firmly establish the rules and laws governing them In the meantime they do have their place but much thought needs to go into the decision to use an LLC over a corporation The goal of most any business owner is to provide high quality goods and services to customers with the intent of growing your business into a thriving entity While most businesses start out as a sole proprietorship or partnership this operational structure is not beneficial when a business starts to grow and evolve When your business has achieved a certain amount of success and growth you will likely want to explore your options as far as the structure of your business is concerned Whether you should form a S Corporation C Corporation or Limited Liability Corporation LLC will depend upon the specific goals you have personally and your future business plans One major factor to consider when making this decision is what the rules and regulations are in the state which you plan to incorporate For example a Nevada LLC offers many advantages for small to medium sized businesses You can read more below about how a Nevada LLC business structure can help benefit you and your business Read More Forming an LLC in Nevada has become quite popular for business people all over the country because of the tax benefits liability issues and other financial benefits The Limited Liability Corporation was initially made popular after the IRS ruled that LLCs could offer the same tax benefits as a partnership while still offering the protection of limited liability previously only afforded to S or C Corporations The LLC is essentially a cross between a partnership and a corporation as it implements elements of both While the LLC structure is recognized in all states there are many differences in how each state treats this status for tax purposes

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  • Nevada Series LLC : ShieldCorp.net
    5 rentals For each of his her rentals they would form a seperate LLC to protect each property The costs would be as follows 500 00 formation fee plus 800 00 franchise fee for a cost of 1 300 00 per company That is a total cost of 6 500 This does not include accounting fees bookeepers etc With the Series LLC you would only need to form the parent LLC and put each rental home into a cell or seperate series ie siries 1 series 2 or series a series b etc Each cell needs to be operated as a seperate business enterprises Each cell series should have its own bank account dposits rental agreements etc All paperwork should have the series distinguished so that it is operating as that series and not the parent LLC At the end of the year all of the seperate cells accounting will be brought together for 1 tax return Because the LLC was registered in another State all States will allow it to foreign qualify in their State This will allow you to operate as a Series LLC in States where it has not been adopted by law Benefits 1 Significant cost

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