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  • Nevada Resident Agent

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  • Nevada LLC : Nevada Corporations : Nevada Registered Agent : Nevada Incorporation Services : Incorporate in Nevada : ShieldCorp.net
    find in this site are Why Incorporate In Nevada Nevada Resident Agent Services and Nevada Registered Agent Services Service Utilizing Nevada Nominee Officer to protect your privacy How different fiscal years can help you How to take advantage of tax savings Maximizing asset protection Limiting your personal liability The differences between S Corp C Corp and LLC If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us We

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  • Our Blog : Nevada Incorporation Services : Nevada Resident Agent : ShieldCorp.net
    experts have a great deal of faith in the ability of entrepreneurs to start a successful small business and in turn lead us out of this recession Traditionally small businesses if not killed by a recession have shown the ability to rebound quicker than larger conglomerates However it takes a great deal of confidence for someone to start a business when the current financial climate lack reasons to build confidence Entrepreneurs are typically a confident bunch and even within the economic stranglehold many of them are finding reasons to support their decisions to start or grow a small business For instance thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act small businesses with less than 15 million in gross receipts are now able to claim tax refunds by applying operating losses suffered in 2008 and 2009 Another provision awarded the Small Business Administration SBA which is responsible for teaming with banks to lend money to small businesses enough money to waive the fees associated with lending for possibly the rest of 2009 Stay tuned for more on the provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Labels American Recovery and Reinvestment Act posted by ShieldCorp 12 08 PM 0 Comments Monday May 4 2009 Bank Accounts In an interesting development Wells Fargo Bank has decided to stop opening Resident Agent Accounts The Resident Agent type of accounts are those where you did not need to come into the bank to open the account You would fill out all of the paperwork and send it in along with your tax returns verification that you are you via ID and utility bills I do not understand how these can be problem accounts as they are completely verifying everything about you But I do find it interesting that this occurs after the federal government bails them out Anyone else find this interesting posted by ShieldCorp 8 24 AM 0 Comments Friday May 1 2009 It s been awhile Sorry it s been awhile since we blogged We have been running around trying to find a new bank to work with Surprisingly Wells Fargo called us the other day and said that they will no longer be opening Resident Agent accounts as they call them That means that no longer can accounts be opened through the mail You will need to go to the bank to open the account This puts a damper on things It makes me wonder how much of this is due to the government giving funds to Wells Fargo posted by ShieldCorp 6 19 PM 0 Comments Thursday April 23 2009 State Tax Increases The supporters of the 787 billion stimulus package back in February were armed with arguments that the package would limit the need for states to increase their taxes Now those arguments are being smashed with tax hike proposals in at least 10 states While our federal government runs wild with deficit spending many state constitutions prohibit carrying a deficit into the next fiscal year Unlike Nevada where

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  • Incorporate Online : Nevada Corporations : Nevada LLC : ShieldCorp.net
    Mail Forwarding Processing 195 00 value included Postage 8 00 month included Office contract verifying our office is your office 200 00 value included State Business License Assistance 50 00 value included County Business License Asistance 50 00 value included Consulting Half Price 50 00 hour normally 100 00 hour List Phone number with information Category to be listed for information and yellow pages 15 00 month Mail Forwarding Processing 195 00 Postage Deposit Where would you like your mail sent Name Address 50 00 Nevada Phone Number Your own Number 150 00 Listed with Information 125 00 Voice Mail 75 00 value free Voice Mail Notification Number to be Notified at 75 00 EIN Assistance 25 00 Name Social Security Number Phone Number for IRS Ending month of tax year December January February March April May June July August September October November Primary Nature of Business Rush 25 00 Bank Account Assistance 100 00 Rush 25 00 Minutes Resolutions will be sent via a zip file 25 00 Nevada Corporation Handbook by Derek G Rowley A must read for anyone serious about maximizing the benefits of incorporating in Nevada 35 00 State Business License Required by law LLC is 200 500 00 Rush 25 00 County Business License We will email you an additional form 150 00 Rush 25 00 Corporate Consulting 100 00 hour Total Amount of Order I would like to pay with a credit card through PayPal On the following page will be a link to submit your payment through PayPal If payment is not received I understand that Silver Shield Services Inc will send me a bill via e mail that will have instructions on how to pay with a credit card I would like to pay by check and will mail it today I understand that if I print out this order form and fax it along with a copy of the check to 775 577 4429 that Silver Shield Services Inc will process my order today while I mail the check You will still need to press the submit button How did you hear about Silver Shield Services Inc If referred by a person who was that person To verify you are a human and not a computer enter the code 82214 without quotes in this box I understand that Nevada Corporations LLC s are managed by a Board of Directors Managers each of whom must be at least 18 years of age A Corporation LLC is only required to have one Director Manager but may have more if desired I further understand that the Corporation will be authorized to issue 75 000 shares of stock with no par value I hereby appoint Silver Shield Services Inc as the Resident or Statutory Agent of record in Nevada for my newly formed Corporation LLC Said appointment shall be for the term of one 1 year renewable indefinitely thereafter until canceled I understand that Silver Shield Services Inc and or its officers or employees are

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  • Why Incorporate : Nevada Corporations : Nevada LLC : Incorporating in Nevada : ShieldCorp.net
    they need There is nothing sinister in so arranging one s affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible Everybody does so rich or poor and all do right Nobody owes any public duty to pay more then the law demands Judge Learned Hand in Helverling vs Gregory To further examine the different formations and strategies that people utilize the following links have been provided to give you more information so that you may make an informed decision Sole Proprietorships Partnerships Did you know that there are smart solutions that can design your affairs to offer win win advantages far beyond the structures outlined above From the sole proprietor to several principles of a partnership all can benefit greatly through incorporating If your saying to yourself Yes but I have limited knowledge of corporations and their advantages or perhaps you are saying that you are already incorporated in your state and that these disadvantages do not apply to you Read on and you will discover the advantages of incorporating especially in Nevada and the benefits you will receive are much easier than you think Limit Personal Liability Two Corporation Strategy Using Multiple Corporations Limited Liability Companies Differing Fiscal Years

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  • Why Incorporate in Nevada : Resident Agent : Nevada Corporations : ShieldCorp.net
    is the only state in the U S that does not share information with the Internal Revenue Service Nevada is the best state in which to incorporate hands down Nevada has No Taxes on Corporate Shares No Franchise Tax or Gift Tax No Business and Occupation Tax No Stock Transfer Tax No State Personal Income Tax No I R S Information Sharing Agreement Nominal Annual Fees Minimal Reporting and Disclosure Requirements Stockholders are not a matter of Public Record Law requires only one director you can have a corporation with only one person involved Directors can change bylaws No minimum capital is required Only officers directors and resident agents are disclosed Additionally neither stockholders directors nor officers need to live or hold meetings in Nevada or even be U S Citizens Directors need not be Stockholders Officers and directors of a Nevada corporation can be protected from personal liability for lawful acts of the corporation Nevada corporations may purchase hold sell or transfer shares of its own stock Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital services personal property or real estate including leases and options The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions and their decisions are

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  • Our Services : Nevada Incorporation Services : Nevada Resident Agent : Nevada Corporations : Nevada LLC : ShieldCorp.net
    fees will be as follows 75 00 Filing fee Secretary of State 49 00 Incorporation fee 124 00 TOTAL The price for an Initial Incorporation is 124 00 75 00 state filing fee 49 00 Incorporation fee 124 00 The price for an Initial Non Profit Incorporation is 99 00 50 00 state filing fee 49 00 Incorporation fee 99 00 Does not include the 125 00 fee 25 00 Non Profit for the Initial List of Officers This is required by the last day of the 2nd month of incorporation For your convenience you may pre pay this on the order form Certified Copy If you would like a certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation Organization the fee for this is 30 00 This fee is charged by the Secretary of State The price for a Certified Copy is 30 00 Resident Agent Service Every Nevada corporation must have a resident agent This is required by Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 78 090 A resident agent must have a street address in Nevada for the service of process The street address of the resident agent is the registered office of the corporation in this state All legal process and any demand or notice authorized by law to be served upon a corporation may be served upon the resident agent of the corporation Acting as resident agent is the minimum requirement for any Nevada corporation To read more about our Resident Agent Service please click here Resident Agent Service The yearly price for Resident Agent Service is 80 00 Corporate Record Book We recommend at the time of Incorporation that you obtain a Corporate Record Book This book has all of the proper documentation to setup and start operating your Nevada Corporation Your corporate record book includes Customized Binder with

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  • Bookkeeping Services : ShieldCorp.net
    page But if you are interested in our services please contact us either by email at Silver Shield Services Inc or by phone at 775 577 4822 Please be sure to let us know in detail what you would like to know about so that we can ensure that we answer all of your questions to the best of our ability We look forward to hearing from you and thank

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