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  • Underground | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    it s not bad It just does not read like a complete story Also damn those dark scenes needed a little colour if they wanted to get across how magnetics and beautiful the caves were What they had going while effective at conveying dark did nothing to show off how pretty they were supposed to be If you want to check out the complete run the site is here http

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  • Spoileriffic! | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net | Page 2
    Part 1 2 Comments I was originally going to complain about other things that happened in the book but then I reread it As much as the half boot portion of this doesn t work where it throws in references to the original with no purpose and sometimes incorrectly the larger issue is how narratively scattered this story is It makes you bored then drops important information into the end of the scene before it gets interesting again Honestly I m a bit surprised that it made it past the trade Also yes Books of Magick fans I know I ll correct myself in the next part Superman Batman Absolute Power 2 Comments So they are able to kind of draw on memories of their past lives but are absolutely not able to draw on their original lives where they are not complete dicks And there s no emotional attachment to the new parents who actually raised them so handing them over to the random future authorities that just happen to know how where they are despite the timeline presumably getting rewritten in their future too Yeah this book is a bit all over the place Hellblazer City of Demons Leave a comment Despite the endless barrage of questions you re left with at the end of the book it s really not that bad otherwise Starts really strong and if it was part of the ongoing series I m sure someone would have at least cleared up how anyone involved with the occult did not recognize John Constantine I m on Volume 4 of the collected editions and I m pretty sure everyone in the underworld is aware of him at this point Song of Saya Leave a comment And apparently this was never collected as a trade either which is odd because several titles with no redeeming qualities have gotten that Then again from what I can tell the fans of the original game HATE this comic so they really only had a target audience of people who might want to pick up a horror book with covers that kind of look like a romance story and yeah not really the best idea for marketing there Top 10 Comic Minute Comics of 2012 Leave a comment Yeah hoping next year is a bit better I was struggling to find things to put on the list this year I m thinking I probably just missed a lot of good stuff At least I m hoping I just missed a lot of good stuff this year And now linking to all the comic minutes Fairest 1 Orchid 1 Batman Beyond Unlimited 1 Takio 1 The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 1 House of Night 1 Grim Leaper 1 Hawkeye 1 Saga 1 Mind the Gap 1 Beasts of Burden 2 Comments First off Beasts of Burden Online The comic is a lot of fun if you don t mind reading more of it than you might have intended And more

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  • Spoileriffic! | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net | Page 6
    that it isn t good by most standards including mine It does know what it s supposed to be though and the fun ensues from it being off the wall and crazy 100 Girls The First Girl Vol 2 Leave a comment Part 2 of the long review of 100 Girls Complete with a rather anticlimactic ending to something that really needed a second storyline and possibly several more after that These things happen and it s sad but dammit I wanted more to the story Also goodly amount of plot in this one Baha plot 100 Girls The First Girl Vol 1 Leave a comment The first two part review ever And only in two parts because the thing was two volumes long for some reason despite it only being about seven issues long So I did it in two volumes so that I could cover a lot more of it than I could have all together There s some semblance of plot in this one too If you look all careful like Faker Leave a comment This one went a lot better I think I hit a few strides and it was about here that I was certain that I really didn t want to do any bad books I had too much fun doing a book I actually enjoyed that I m not planning on ever doing bad books Well not bad in that trying to be good but ended up terrible sort of way anyway War at Ellsmere 2 Comments Not my best to say the least Second time out I tried a few things that just didn t quite pan out Still it s a learning process right And I was learning quite a bit as I was doing it Like my scanner sucks very

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  • DC Reactions | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    Shea 2 Comments And by the time this goes up I m sure DC will have done something new Someone go check the counter I bet something new has popped up now that I put the video up Something drastic and awful Related content Neil Gibson Killer B s of the Zombie Holocaust 1 Fred Fortune 0 Brimstone and the Borderhounds Presents Critical MASS 2012 Comic Recommendations Share This Facebook

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  • Superheroine Costumes | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    stuff but the costumes thing is something that carries over into the books I read too So in case anyone was wondering I think the costume should be feasible to move in before we start in on the sexy slutty dilemma then we debate all the hell we want Also sorry about the being sick I tried to stay focused Related content The Big Two Killer B s of the

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/superheroine-costumes/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Neil Gibson | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    I d seen a little more of the later works since it does look like the improvement over time really builds into something fantastic and I would love to see if any of my issues with his writing do get ironed out in the future You can check out the books here Neil Gibson Comics Related content Killer B s of the Zombie Holocaust 1 Fred Fortune 0 2012 Comic

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/neil-gibson/ (2016-04-29)
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  • The Big Two | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    Superheroine Costumes Neil Gibson Z2H Comics Part 3 Share This Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google More Email Pinterest Reddit Like this Like Loading Post navigation Previous Post Five Weapons 1 Next Post Constantine 1 Logging In Leave a Reply Cancel reply 5 Replies 2 Comments 3 Tweets 0 Facebook 0 Pingbacks Last reply was April 18 2013 nscottg View April 18 2013 sheakoshan Rothfuss and Riordan within 5 minutes of each other 3 You read both of their stuff Fan Reply nscottg View April 18 2013 sheakoshan I sorta remember sending you Name of the Wind but I gave that book out to a lot of people Reply Nick View April 18 2013 The moment Runaways switched to Whedon it pretty much went to pot same goes for when they switched Sean McKeever off of Spider Man Loves Mary Jane It seems as though DC and Marvel both don t understand the concept of consistency in writing as being a good thing least if DC s treatment of Birds of Prey is any indication which is sorta mystifying considering the success of Bill Willingham s Fables series with DC can t think of a similar decent parallel in Marvel s universe

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/the-big-two/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    may have liked this book a lot more than I should have but damn if it s been ages since I read a book where the hot chicks were actually competent and weren t talking about boys or crying the whole time I had a lot of fun with it I don t know why Hound Comics give their books such long names though I hope one day they give

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