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  • Takio #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    Avon Oeming Publisher s Icon Comics Genre s Action Adventure Superheroes June 19 2012 Shea Leave a comment It was really fun The girls seem like girls and I actually really enjoyed the section with exposition where she s practising for a talk show she s never going to be on And it s young adult friendly on top of everything else Related content Batman Beyond 1 Top 10 Comic

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/takio-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    well done and the art has this weird familiarity to it and I kind of want to know what s going on and more about Luther as a character Although I am very curious about how the back of a comic book available to everyone provided only one kid with the super power to see the muscle structure of everyone around him managed to only do this to one kid

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/the-strange-talent-of-luther-strode-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • House of Night #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    s a little after school special ish with it s storytelling what with the main girl having to learn what amounts to friendship lessons after hearing about the back story about famous vampyres Really could be witches mages whatever in every issue but there s something familiar about it that I like I do hope that it gets less predictable though I m all for books appropriate for younger audiences

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/house-of-night-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Grim Leaper #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    Comics Genre s Comedy Dark Urban Fantasy July 3 2012 Shea Leave a comment This one is honestly just adorable Dark but adorable A love story for two people who keep dying over and over again Good humour good pacing and generally a lot of fun I really want to know what they end up doing with the story Related content Top 10 Comic Minute Comics of 2012 Debris 1

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/grim-leaper-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Hawkeye #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    comment Honestly I wasn t expecting much The story though was a lot of fun and the fact that they did focus on him out of costume rather than in was probably what did it for me Getting to meet Clint as a person instead of an archer in an honestly pretty damn stupid costume made him more interesting especially given what he was doing Plus pretty well written I

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/hawkeye-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Mind the Gap #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    I skipped over anything that didn t follow Elle but there s hospital intrigue family drama and little hints about why Elle was targeted and trying to figure out what the goals of the people after her are The pacing is good the story is interesting and it s a fabulous read overall Related content Top 10 Comic Minute Comics of 2012 Morning Glories 1 Malignant Man 1 Ghost Projekt

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/mind-the-gap-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Beasts of Burden | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    is available for free online It s also a nice look at another way of telling stories when you have a format that lends itself not only to chapter storytelling but collected one shots as well quite nicely Also the art is gorgeous Proper title card coming I waited way too long to tell Joey what I was doing this month Related content Top 10 Comics of 2011 The Escapists

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/beasts-of-burden/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Spoileriffic! | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net | Page 3
    tend to get hung up on details like that especially when they do make a point of pointing out how many days it s been Everything else about it was great amounts of fun though and I wholeheartedly can recommend it on the basis of the story After all a questionable ending doesn t negate an otherwise great experience right Right The Escapists Leave a comment This one is a crazy amount of fun It s got some really interesting style choices and two different art styles that make sense inside of the comic as well as just generally being a fun story Title card by Joanna Sabatino She is also doing a fundraiser and doing commissions so go donate to Hope 2 Haiti now Joe the Barbarian Leave a comment I cannot believe I got his name wrong But seriously Ed Brubaker is just more fun to say than Grant Morrison Try it Go on try it Anyway I whole heartedly recommend this title It is absolutely amazing and it is worth checking out I just wish I had a better idea at the end whether or not it was in his head but I guess I have to live with the ambiguous ending I sincerely doubt this one will ever get a sequel Top 10 Comics of 2011 2 Comments I feel the need to clarify that I usually read comics from Marvel that rarely sell well enough to keep going because they don t have many of their standard big names in them It happens and it s something I know going into the title I m just never happy when it does end up getting cancelled Title card by Joey Red s Story Special B Went Crazy Leave a comment And so we get another story

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/series/spoileriffic/page/3/ (2016-04-29)
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