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  • The Poll is Closed! I Have a Novel! | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    helping me pick the novel I m writing this year I ll be editing this post once I wake up and find out myself what I am writing And I m awake In the night the leader changed and now I am writing The Jabberwocky s Book Which means I can skip a lot of my prep work because it s a sequel You ll still see some of it though since I do have to add a few characters and better develop some of the setting but YAY EASY And for those sad about Escaping Reality not making it don t be too sad If I finish early that is probably the one I ll be picking up next Share This Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google More Email Pinterest Reddit Like this Like Loading Post navigation Previous Post Nanowrimo Poll 2013 Next Post The Jabberwocky s Book Characters Logging In Leave a Reply Cancel reply Follow me on Twitter My Tweets Sponsors Ads by Project Wonderful Your ad here right now 0 Recent Comments Jeff Williams on Might as well make it official Chris Ferraiolo on Might as well make it official Rockwell Montclaire Colbert on Might as well make

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  • Nanowrimo Poll 2013! | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    princess She knows because she doesn t want to be an innkeeper s daughter When a group of people come through the inn looking for the real princess of a conquered kingdom Mirabella sneaks out to join them on their quest to fulfil the prophesy to retake the kingdom The journey isn t quite what she had hoped full of danger and uncertainty and she is not the only potential princess they ve picked up in their travels Sky of Butterflies Deciding to try their luck on their own Mateo and Serafina venture out of their orphanage and into the wide world outside only to be swept up in a revolution The robots have caught their world up in a tyrannical rule while the rich remain safe behind gilded gates The kids however soon learn that the resistance is not all that it seems to be and neither are they The Jabberwocky s Book 3 After getting the book from Wonderland and sending the Cheshire Cat back into the now broken world she turns her attention to problems at school There is a creature she released on campus that she needs to try and capture once more tracking it by the shrill screams of its victims The screams terrify her to the core but she must find a way to press on After all it s her fault this thing is terrorizing the campus in the first place Escaping Reality When Helena was a child she went missing for several years When she came back she had no recollection of what happened Now in her twenties she is getting the feeling she s being watched She s starting to remember what happened back then and it s becoming clear that she has unfinished business from those missing years 4 I

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  • Comic Minute Sentimentality | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    don t think I would have checked out nearly as many comics as I have I certainly gave a lot more books a chance since starting it Rather than just reading books that I knew would be good I started picking up things that might be good Some of them definitely were better left behind And some of them were fantastic I m happy with what I ve done with it though For the last episode I opted to use The Last of Us which was entirely so I could go out promoting the woman who first got me into comics Demonology 101 was what got me in and I ve been reading webcomics for a very long time Well before I was introduced to print comics in University 1 I was obsessing over them So the last one was a send off that reflected my roots and you should still check out all of Faith Erin Hicks work I know I m going to miss this series more than anyone else It s been a fun ride I ve gotten to meet and talk to all sorts of people from folks in the reviewer community to folks in the comics industry because of it Everyone s been very supportive and it s not like I m going anywhere I still have two other shows that I m going to continue with 2 so you re all still stuck with me The Comic Minutes though were my first and most constant It s sad to see them go Still it s time Life s taken a turn and I am comfortable with letting them go so that I can pursue other things If someone else wants to pick up the series and do Comic Minutes themselves they re welcome to

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  • Exiles #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    Parker Artist s Salvador Espin Publisher s Marvel Comics Genre s Superheroes May 22 2009 Shea Leave a comment The very first Comic Minute before they were really made regularly Though it started out as just a distraction from editing my novel it was fun and I kept going This was made back when I was using Youtube and only Youtube Related content Her Oes 1 Nomad 1 The Last

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  • The Last of Us #1 | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    to know what the deal is with Riley and Ellie Hell I m anxious to just know about the universe they re in period so all is awesome for me It s certainly better so far than a lot of other comic adaptations of video games I ve read in the past Faith Hicks was the one who got me into comics before I started reading comic books so I

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/videos/the-last-of-us-1/ (2016-04-29)
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  • What to do if You’re Dropped by Blip | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    free as well But let s break it down JWPlayer This is just straight up a video player You can put it on your site set it up in the code and BAM You have a video player It is free though there are people who have built extra plugins for it such as analytics embed codes and custom player skins that sometimes ask for money to purchase these add ons You can also if you know what you re doing build all of these things yourself You will also have to host the videos yourself on your own server which you might have to pay for depending on your hosting More on that in a bit Longtail Adsolution They have an advertising branch You can use this service for free to put ads on your video or if you are so inclined host your own ads I was getting 1 cent per click but I think you can also hook your Adsense account into it or like I said before run your own ads If someone wants to sponsor your videos in exchange for running ads on them you can do that Bits on the Run Remember when I said you needed to host your own videos For those of you who don t realize it costs money to host your videos on your server because you need to make sure there s enough space for them It also costs money for the bandwidth required to play said videos It can get really expensive if you have a lot of videos or a lot of viewers and a hosting package that won t compensate for that Given this there s Bits on the Run which is a video hosting service that comes with a lot of great plugins for the video player already installed and a little bit of free space After that you can customize your payments for only how much you use and it will probably work out to less than bumping your hosting package up to the next pricing bracket Plus you won t have to fiddle with any of the code to make it work The Other Ones Springboard This one is like Blip though it was doing the application process first Word is that it will only accept shows that already have a good audience but it has a much wider range of ads and works better in more countries Still they do have quality control in effect there as well Viddler Did you know you have to pay for Viddler I only found that one out today Aside from knowing Nanowrimo uses it that is about the only thing I know about Viddler Something Things to Remember Blip doesn t have anything against you This is not some personal vendetta this getting dropped thing It s strictly business and there are no hard feelings from them Keeping you just isn t that good for their business They have servers to pay for and

    Original URL path: http://sheakoshan.net/2013/03/06/what-to-do-if-youre-dropped-by-blip/ (2016-04-29)
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  • Comic Minute Stats | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    for the people who have been following me whenever they started to do so It s been fun and having people along for the ride makes it all that much better For the most part people have been supportive and made this fun to do and I do hope for another 200 in the future provided that people continue to make things that I want to pick up every week Also surprised excited and mildly terrified at the number of writers artists and editors that have found me over the years and have had kind words or have even sent me things to look at on my little show 2 I don t know if any of you read these things I post regularly but thank you nonetheless Also the comic shops who find my videos and show them to customers Seriously how do you guys all keep finding me Also because I feel like having some sort of milestone anniversary thing but don t know what I d shoot and really don t have much time to make it Yes that is a thing that has actually happened More than once I can t believe it either Share This

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  • Image Comics | Publisher | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    foreshadowing for later There s a lot more than what I put in the video but I figured I could leave a few mysteries up to you guys to look up yourself And really that s my reaction to the end of every volume Every single one Underground Leave a comment To be clear it s not bad It just does not read like a complete story Also damn those dark scenes needed a little colour if they wanted to get across how magnetics and beautiful the caves were What they had going while effective at conveying dark did nothing to show off how pretty they were supposed to be If you want to check out the complete run the site is here http undergroundthecomic com Five Ghosts 1 2 Comments It really is an interesting story where the guy can channel ghosts though I have no idea how the vampire fits in being an undead creature as it is and all Still it s been a fun issue so far and I m almost positive that there s going to be ghost related subplots on top of this looking for a woman thing Which should be fantastic Five Weapons 1 Leave a comment I don t think I got across just how fantastic this first issue was Because it was fantastic Nicely paced good adventure fun and it explained enough so I knew what was going on and left just enough mystery behind that I want to know more The twist at the end of the first issue was great and you all should check this one out Son of Merlin 1 Leave a comment Something about the scientist who discovers that he s the heir to a great magic that he is going to fight against believing in

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