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    her own two feet I wouldn t be surprised if she got the money back again later but it s going to be a good arc until it happens Hell maybe she ll be offered the money and turn it down 2 I thought the art looked really different in this book It wasn t until I was typing up the tags that I saw that there s a different artist Welcome to the team Annie Wu That dog is like me at a con I swear No she won t She will take it and use it to spite her father annie wu david aja hawkeye marvel comics matt fraction Vlog Goodbye 2014 January 1 2015 Shea Leave a comment A little babbling that I shot yesterday and looks like the worst video I have ever made Because 2014 Here s hoping 2015 will have awesome Shea vs Unread Comics Pile Echo Vol 4 Collider December 30 2014 Shea Leave a comment I need to start using Action movie version in normal conversation It s been a while since I picked up Echo but it feels so good to finally have the rest of the series to read I love most of the stuff Terry Moore puts out and it s about damn time I get around to finishing this series off The pace on this is fantastic Even with he cure the sick child that is humanizing one of the former antagonist interlude there s still information coming out along with character development Even though I am pretty sure I had forgotten most of the plot points I was back up to speed pretty quickly and back into the story and ready for it to keep going One of the issues with a story like this one with a heavy science backing is that it s really easy to get lost in the technical aspects of the plot and the details that happen Even when there s a character there to be the audience s eyes to make sure the characters explain things in layman s terms sometimes it feels patronizing Not so much this time with the scientists slipping back into the technical talk frequently and the audience perspective character bringing them back down to the Action movie version That whole conversation was fantastic Not only that but the scientific explanation also advanced the plot We found out what the big bad of the series really was and our characters all have a concrete thing they are working towards now which brings the whole thing together a lot better There is a goal at the midway point the confusion has been lifted And then a bunch of people die in the name of that end goal The action picks up just as the explanations end and the setup for the second arc is done Now all that s left is to save the world abstract studios echo terry moore Shea vs Unread Comics Pile Fables Vol 20 Camelot December 28 2014 Shea Leave a comment Rose is actually doing something and I am legitimately amazed She has been moping since volume 11 or so and it is about damn time she did something Not that she s actually done anything yet This is all setup for when she is going to do something Speaking of setup this whole damn volume is setup Several of the last few volumes have felt like setup Since defeating Geppetto this book has felt like it s setting up for something else and has been trying out antagonists without ever bringing anything together Either that or it feels like this should have split into a bunch of different comics instead of one large one despite how everything crosses over While Rose s story and Snow s do have a lot of intersection they feel completely separate Bigby is off on his own Winter is off on her own being awesome while still home and in bed on time Therese is probably going to go off and have more adventures that will be completely ignored Getting Fabletown setup and the things hiding in the castle that they haven t found yet has been glossed over There s a quick single issue about a band going off and having adventures that could have been its own thing Without a focus the whole thing feels disjointed With the end of the war there was an ending Now it feels like it s desperately trying to find footing again and it can t quite get the antagonist in order to do so It did have the bonus of a Boy Blue cameo and Blue saying all the things I wanted him to say 1 He s never coming back Not really And his death continues to actually have an emotional impact because of that And he thinks this cult of Boy Blue is stupid too It is nice to see that Willingham is starting to break out of some of the habits that I m getting irritated by He s starting to play with gender roles a little and Bo Peep is the first woman who is both married and might actually be able to do something non female oriented in the plot This might be because she doesn t have children but I will take what I can get at this point 2 I m just waiting for the setup to be over It s gotten to the point where I m not so much enjoying the read anymore as I m waiting for something to happen Like Game of Thrones I am diligently waiting for all of this to come together and the point to reveal itself Let s just ignore the fact that the cameo with Dare afterwards raises so many questions such as why Blue is still in this limbo for so long and just being ushered into the afterlife while Dare is being rushed off to the afterlife despite dying far

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  • About | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    a graduate of SFU s Interactive Arts program with a concentration in New Media Environments and a particular interest in transmedia storytelling Which looks like a mess of words to most people and I spend much of my days when I tell anyone that just explaining what all that means For the purposes of this page it means I know my stories web development and usability I participate in Nanowrimo every year and am both dead and incredibly active during the month of November Dead in that I am even less socially active than normal and more in that I post an excerpt every day that I write Look forward to it and dread it I m also a comic book geek video reviewer and story teller with a heavy interest in fan culture Share This Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google More Email Pinterest Reddit Like this Like Loading Logging In Leave a Reply Cancel reply 1 Reply 1 Comment 0 Tweets 0 Facebook 0 Pingbacks Last reply was March 14 2012 Charlie View March 14 2012 Love your site Great job Please let me take you on a date if you ever come to NYC Reply Follow me on Twitter

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    look at a comic that does not quite fit the criteria or format of Spoileriffic Shea Reads Her Old Fanfic is a 15 25 minute show with a sporadic update schedule I invite my teenage self to read a fanfic I wrote when I was sixteen and provide reactions commentary and am generally embarrassed by the whole thing The fanfic I am reading can be found here UMIN edhel A Comic Minute is a show I used to do where I reviewed the first issue of a relatively newly released comic in one minute It was fast paced and will only ever cover the first issue wrapping up with a final thought Show FAQs Who does your title cards Joanna Sabatino or myself depending on the show Will you cameo for me I don t know You should probably ask Sometimes I m busy and I will flat out refuse if you ask me for anything in November but generally I m fine with doing a cameo provided you aren t trying to get me to do anything particularly demeaning or out of character Share This Facebook Twitter Tumblr Google More Email Pinterest Reddit Like this Like Loading Logging In

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  • Contact | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    Pinterest Reddit Like this Like Loading Logging In Leave a Reply Cancel reply Follow me on Twitter My Tweets Sponsors Ads by Project Wonderful Your ad here right now 0 Recent Comments Jeff Williams on Might as well make it official Chris Ferraiolo on Might as well make it official Rockwell Montclaire Colbert on Might as well make it official Ren Kris on Might as well make it official DaxStrife

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  • Spoileriffic! | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    many other people It is a damn lie but I love them for it Rachel Rising 1 Comment It s this one and one other one 1 that are sort of zombie stories but more just about the dead coming back to life There s a difference A very clear difference Revival though I ve only gotten through the first volume of that one Powers 2 Comments I completely forgot to do the standard introduction I didn t even notice until after I d finished editing Whoops But seriously the belly shirts in an otherwise business casual office threw me off for so long Love her as a character but if I can t wear a belly shirt to a programming job I m pretty sure she can t wear them as a cop unless she s under cover Saga Vol 1 3 Comments A lovely story about parenting One that involves a fantasy sex planet and nearly dying several times Title card by Joanna Sabatino Chew Vol 1 1 Comment No really Chicken and cannibalism I really don t know what else to say Morning Glories Vol 1 2 Comments Looking at the first volume again made me look for even more stuff that comes back later and that I can pretend was all foreshadowing for later There s a lot more than what I put in the video but I figured I could leave a few mysteries up to you guys to look up yourself And really that s my reaction to the end of every volume Every single one Punk Rock Jesus Leave a comment DAMN this book is preachy Who would have through a book about Jesus would be eh Merry Christmas Underground Leave a comment To be clear it s not bad It just does

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  • Shea vs Comics | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    love to see if any of my issues with his writing do get ironed out in the future You can check out the books here Neil Gibson Comics The Big Two 5 Comments Because some people have asked me this in the past and I ve never really given a proper answer before here it is There s other reasons I tend to stay away from them but this is the big one and the main reason I don t pick them up in the first place And the reason that the ones I do pick up I don t typically stick with for the long term Killer B s of the Zombie Holocaust 1 Leave a comment I may have liked this book a lot more than I should have but damn if it s been ages since I read a book where the hot chicks were actually competent and weren t talking about boys or crying the whole time I had a lot of fun with it I don t know why Hound Comics give their books such long names though I hope one day they give me a book with a three word title Check out Zombie B s of the Zombie Holocaust Brimstone and the Borderhounds Presents Critical MASS 1 Comment It really was a lot of fun even if I was a bit lost on who they were The characters have good chemistry together and are not overly serious so it leads well into the fight scene at the end of the book So yeah Bottom line I liked it Check it out yourself Brimstone and the Borderhounds Presents Critical MASS Fred Fortune 0 Leave a comment I got an indie book to check out Do let me know what you think about the format

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  • Shea Reads her Old Fanfic | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    www fanfiction net s 627117 13 UMIN edhel Chapter 12 3 Comments This is the lamest repayal of treason I think I could have possibly come up with But points for accuracy Ugh You can read along here http www fanfiction net s 627117 12 UMIN edhel Chapter 11 Leave a comment This is going to end up painfully I am so sorry You can read along here http www fanfiction net s 627117 11 UMIN edhel Chapter 10 2 Comments Squirrels SQUIRRELS You can read along here http www fanfiction net s 627117 10 UMIN edhel Chapter 9 2 Comments The forced love plot strikes You can read along here http www fanfiction net s 627117 9 UMIN edhel Chapter 8 1 Comment BATHING SUIT TREES If you want to read along http www fanfiction net s 627117 8 UMIN edhel Chapter 7 Leave a comment This is the closest you re getting to character exposition If you want to read along http www fanfiction net s 627117 7 UMIN edhel Chapter 6 2 Comments At last a bit of action If you want to read along http www fanfiction net s 627117 6 UMIN edhel Chapter 5 1

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  • Specials | Series | SheaKoshan[dot]Net
    of Spoileriffic reviews Go on and catch up by watching the Spider Jeruselum review if you feel like you re missing something Asked Questions 2011 Leave a comment So I asked for more questions and people delivered Here s the answers and a lot of them are full of rambling Sorry about that but I was packing and I am very much in the procrastination mood during it so I babbled on a lot longer than I really probably should have with a lot of them And yes it s supposed to be Percy Jackson Apparently I was channelling Mr D Go figure VLOG Asked Questions 4 Comments After me pestering people for questions I have finally answered them Yes I know I m not nearly popular enough to break format and do one of these but I felt like doing one of these and making an excessive amount of videos in celebration of doing this for a year So yay Thank you everyone Spoileriffic Year One Recap 1 Comment A commentary that isn t really that much of a commentary I decided to ramble about all the stuff that happened over the past year with the videos since I m on a huge documentation kick and well here it is Red s Story Special 1 Comment And so the the conclusion to the first arc Sure it was a bit of an info dump but I m still playing around with the format and I m having a lot of fun doing it I m not sure I really care how well it goes over to be honest since it was so much fun to do I do hope everyone enjoys it though Be sure to watch Tarot for the setup to this one All art by Joanna Sabatino

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