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  • Shane Bauer » No Way Out
    practice of putting people in solitary indefinitely In reporting on this story I step inside prison for the first time since my own incarceration I visited Pelican Bay State Prison s Security Housing Unit or SHU where 89 people have been in isolation for over 20 years One has been in solitary for a full 42 years They don t have indefinite sentences in the SHU for the reasons you might think Inmates actually get relatively short SHU sentences for killing someone Many of the SHU s indefinite residents haven t even broken prison rules They are there because the California Department of Corrections claims they are connected however tenuously to prison gangs But as I found reviewing hundreds of pages of prison files and court records the evidence against many of them is shockingly thin Evidences include everything from the possession of Machiavelli s The Prince to pictures of former Black Panthers to using common Spanish words like tio and hermano The process of deciding who gets put in the hole for decades has no judicial oversight The decisions are made in closed door hearings where a single prison staffer acts as judge jury and prosecutor Inmates are not

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  • Shane Bauer » How Conservatives Learned to Love Prison Reform
    was as easy as stripping pork from the budget In the meantime decommissioned military bases could house excess inmates The Georgia Republican s 1994 Contract With America included the Taking Back Our Streets Act which would fund more state prisons with extra money for states that curtailed parole Over the next two decades the prison population more than doubled One in 200 Americans is behind bars the highest incarceration rate in the world In 2009 the nation spent 82 7 billion on corrections a 230 percent increase from 1990 Today Gingrich has changed his tune There is an urgent need to address the astronomical growth in the prison population with its huge costs in dollars and lost human potential Gingrich wrote in a 2011 op ed in the Washington Post We can no longer afford business as usual with prisons The criminal justice system is broken and conservatives must lead the way in fixing it Once you reach a certain rate of incarceration you start to have diminishing returns because you aren t just putting dangerous people in prisons anymore Gingrich is one of many high profile conservatives to embrace criminal justice reforms that would have been unthinkable in Republican

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  • Shane Bauer » Shahin Najafi: No Fatwa Will Stop Me
    ayatollahs called for his execution after he released a song they interpreted as insulting to Shia Islam s 10th Imam To sweeten the deal a regime controlled website offered 100 000 to whoever pulled the trigger In the track that earned him the fatwas Najafi raps over his own beatboxing and calls for the return of the 10th Imam Ali al Hadi al Naghi over a millennium after his death

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  • Shane Bauer » The Sheikh Down
    Down In early 2009 I embeded with Sheikh Eifan al Issawi in Falluja a beneficiary of what some American personnel call the make a sheikh program a semiofficial little discussed policy that since late 2006 has bankrolled Sunni sheikhs who are in theory committed to defending American interests in Iraq By funneling them billions of taxpayer dollars through inflated construction contracts the US reinstituted a strategy started by Saddam Hussein

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  • Shane Bauer » Iraq’s New Death Squad
    resulting brigade the Iraq Special Operations Forces was a deadly elite covert unit fully fitted with American equipment that would operate for years under U S command and be unaccountable to Iraqi ministries and the normal political process It s probably the largest special forces outfit ever built by the US and it is free of many of the controls that most governments employ to rein in such lethal forces

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  • Shane Bauer » No Way Out: My Return to Solitary Confinement
    Photography Video About Contact The Sheikh Down Shahin Najafi No Fatwa Will Stop Me Date January 16 2013 No Way Out My Return to Solitary Confinement Twitter Feed Tweets by

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  • Shane Bauer » Interview with Democracy Now! Pt. 1
    Home Articles Photography Video About Contact Interview with Democracy Now Pt 2 The Sheikh Down Date January 15 2013 Interview with Democracy Now Pt 1 Twitter Feed Tweets by shane

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  • Shane Bauer » Interview with Democracy Now! Pt. 2
    About Contact Home Articles Photography Video About Contact Press Conference After Release From Iran Interview with Democracy Now Pt 1 Date January 14 2013 Visit Website Interview with Democracy Now Pt 2 Twitter Feed Tweets by shane bauer Contact Name

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