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  • Economic Evaluation for Policy-Making in Population Health: Training With The Health Economics Research Unit - ScotPHN
    Unit Economic Evaluation for Policy Making in Population Health Training With The Health Economics Research Unit Ongoing training with the Health Economics Research Unit at Aberdeen University providing an introduction to the identification appraisal and application of economic evaluation for policy making in population health Share This Previous Programme Budgeting and Margin Next Learning Click here to cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment Health Economics

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  • Courses - ScotPHN
    effectively with finance ministries justify the role of the public sector by correctly identifying market failures apply the different dimensions of efficiency to ensure a larger return to investments in the health sector Future dates 30th March 2016 Health Economics For HTA University of Glasgow 11th April 24th June 2016 This course aims to provide students with a critical understanding of health economics its value and limitations It will familarise participants with the application of economic theory to health and health care issues the principles of health economics and the techniques of economic appraisal Purpose This course will deliver the fundamentals of health economics and the practical elements of economic evaluation that are integral to health technology assessment Content key concepts of economics economic characteristics of health care economic evaluation techniques sensitivity analysis health economics informing decision making Further details and registration here Introduction to Cost Effectiveness Modelling Scottish Health Service Centre Edinburgh 13th 17th June 2016 This 5 day course is designed to equip individuals who have a basic understanding of cost effectiveness analysis with the skills required to build 2 types of decision analytic cost effectiveness models decision trees and Markov models Designed and delivered by internationally recognised experts in cost effectiveness analyses the course will combine focused pedagogic sessions with practical exercises to provide participants with hands on experience of building the most commonly used types of cost effectiveness models undertaking deterministic and probabilistic sensitivity analyses Value of Information Analyses and producing a range of outputs to meet the requirements of reimbursement authorities in the Europe North America and Australasia The course is suitable for postgraduate students health professionals analysts and post doctoral researchers working in academia public health systems pharmaceutical and device manufacturers as well as commercial research organizations Teaching assistants and additional tutors will be

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  • Research - ScotPHN
    and drugs to those who need them Information Services Division provides health information health intelligence statistical services and advice that support the NHS in progressing quality improvement in health and care and facilitates robust planning and decision making Institute for Fiscal Studies is Britain s leading independent microeconomic research institute Its research remit is one of the broadest in public policy analysis covering subjects from tax and benefits to education policy from labour supply to corporate taxation Investing In Prevention and Early Intervention making the case for investment in prevention and early intervention Tools and frameworks to help local authorities and the NHS King s Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and health care in England helping to shape policy and practice through research and analysis promote understanding of the health and social care system and bring people together to learn share knowledge and debate NICE Decisions Support Unit commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE to provide a research and training resource to support the Institute s Technology Appraisal Programme NICE Evidence Search is a unique index of authoritative evidence based information from hundreds of trustworthy and accredited sources Nuffield Trust is an authoritative and independent source of evidence based research and policy analysis for improving health care in the UK Office of Health Economics provides authoritative resources research and analyses in health economics health policy and health statistics both through independent research and in consultancy Their work informs decision making about health care and pharmaceutical issues at the UK regional and international levels Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development works with governments to understand what drives economic social and environmental change measures productivity and global flows of trade and investment analyses and compares data to predict future trends sets international

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  • Academic - ScotPHN
    sciences Measuring and Valuing Health Decision Analytic Cost Effectiveness Modelling Economic Evaluations Alongside Clinical Trials Systematic Reviewing Discussion Papers Health Services Research evaluating the effectiveness of health services with particular focus on urgent and emergency medicine rehabilitation assistive technologies psychological therapies and interventions for long term conditions Emergency Medicine Research Medical Care Research Unit Mental Health Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Research Centre for Bayesian Statistics in Health Economics Research Software Training Centre for Wellbeing in Public Policy Events University of York Health Economics Resource Centre Health Econometrics and Data Group provides expertise in the development and application of state of the art quantitative research methods capable of informing health policy through empirical evidence Publications Research Inequality of opportunities in health Performance of health systems and organizations The evaluation of public health interventions using econometric methods and microsimulation Working Papers Software Centre for Health Economics produces policy relevant research and innovative methods that advance the use of health economics to improve population health Research economic evaluation of health technologies health policy econometric methods equity in health and health care global health health and social care Publications Centre for Reviews and Dissemination produces policy relevant research and innovative methods that advance the use of research evidence to improve population health Research Health Technology Assessment Service Delivery Organisation Public Health Child Health Methodological Development Knowledge Transfer Guidance Systematic Reviews CRD s Guidance for Undertaking Reviews in Healthcare Databases PROSPERO resource for identifying on going reviews York Research Database University of Glasgow Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment Research decision analytic modelling and simulation for evaluation in health encompasses research work associated with conducting an evaluation using modelling or simulation methods economic evaluation alongside clinical trials encompasses research work associated with conducting an economic appraisal as part of a clinical trial economics of population health is concerned with the study of social and environmental influences on physical and mental health and well being evidence synthesis encompasses all research work associated with systematic review and meta analysis of direct indirect and network evidence incorporating perspectives and experiences research focuses on the application of qualitative methods of data collection and analysis including conversation analysis to the evaluation of interventions to improve health to exploring people s health and illness experiences across a range of clinical areas and to examining interactions and communication between health professionals and patients statistical analysis of linked health data encompasses all research work in HEHTA that is associated with statistical and epidemiological analysis of linked health data sets global HTA Publications Events Downloads Glasgow Caledonian University Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health Research Publications Health Economics Group conducts research on the development and application of methods of economic evaluation as applied to health care priority setting and assessment of specific interventions in various settings focussing on three main areas applying economic evaluation frameworks to NHS priority setting challenges and to assessment of public health and health care interventions and those promoting broader aspects of wellbeing developing methods to explore and quantify

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  • Tools - ScotPHN
    health economists involved in trial based economic evaluations offers a unique and permanent web address for each resource use measure for citation in papers and reports provides a repository of methodological papers related to resource use and cost measurement Cost Effectiveness Analysis Registry is a comprehensive database of 4 339 cost utility analyses on a wide variety of diseases and treatments Public Health England Spend and Outcome Tool SPOT Better Care Fund related metrics forecasting tool Potential Years of Life Lost tool University of Oxford Health Economics Research Centre Compendium of Health Datasets for Economists ICoHDE providing the largest collection of English specific datasets available for researchers interested in the field of economics of health and health care It is a repository that aids the detection of data resources and provides support for secondary use of quantitative and qualitative data in research learning and teaching The types of datasets documented cover a large number of health and health care policy relevant areas including primary care activity and expenditure hospital activity and expenditure social care performance measurement health care labour force health care commissioning pharmaceutical prescribing expenditure on equipment and technology incomes and earnings complaints and litigation healthcare related prices and inflation indices Database of Mapping Studies An Excel spreadsheet listing studies mapping to EQ 5D from other patient reported outcome measures or clinical instruments The database presents details of the sample size modelling methods and patient population in addition to the citation details and source instruments that are mapped in each of the 103 studies meeting the inclusion criteria Useful for those who wish to identify mapping studies to estimate utilities for cost utility analyses and or decision analytical models constructed for publication or for submissions to health technology assessment HTA organisations such as NICE SMC CADTH or PBAC authors

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  • Groups - ScotPHN
    inclusion of economic perspectives and evidence in systematic reviews of health care social welfare education and criminal justice interventions Health Economists Study Group HESG exists to support and promote the work of health economists International Health Economics Discussion List is a general health economics discussion list Membership is open to all health economists and all those interested in health economics worldwide It is also the recommended discussion list for members

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  • Organisations - ScotPHN
    cross sector understanding and partnership Digital Health and Care Institute established by NHS24 University of Edinburgh and Glasgow School of Art the Digital Health Care Institute DHI will co create sustainable economic growth through new products services and systems developed together with businesses academics healthcare specialists and citizens Our aim is to generate high value health and social care solutions to the benefit of the people of Scotland and wider The Digital Health Care Institute offers a fusion of health design technology and business knowledge from the network of it s partners that span health and care providers third and private sectors higher education and business development agencies Glasgow Centre for Population Health seeks to generate insights and evidence support new approaches and inform and influence action to improve health and tackle inequality Working with a wide range of stakeholders they conduct research of direct relevance to policy and practice facilitate and stimulate the exchange of ideas fresh thinking and debate and support processes of development and change Their activities are directed towards four main aims to create and test new models for understanding the patterns and causes of Glasgow s enduring poor health while identifying potential solutions and actions for improvement to bring excellent and innovative population health research together with the work of policy makers and service providers to accelerate and strengthen processes for better and more equal health to develop greater capacity for effective action to improve health through educational processes and events provision of regular communications and organisational and professional development to be a focus for the exchange of ideas independent thinking analysis and debate about population health and health inequalities linked with similar activities elsewhere in the world What Works Scotland is a new initiative to improve the way local areas in Scotland use evidence

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