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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven × °
    was designing flyers for my Rocky Horror Picture Show cast Help Me Mommy It was neat to put Brad s head on Clint Eastwood s body I tell ya what Ha ha Enjoy the pictures 03 31 2012 Updates Not much of an update I just wanted to tell you all that I still need links in the new Cartoon Doll Search Engine This can include dolls websites even if there are no tutorials just make sure you submit it to the right category Dollers Websites ALSO I ve been working on my Palace Chat server I d really love other doll makers to get into it and make bases and clothing exclusively for Palace similar to how they re made for individual forums Please give Palace a try 03 26 2012 Updates Just a little preview of a new base body I m working on 03 25 2012 Updates Soooo I ve been working a bit more on my Palace Chat server and I was originally going to have it just be a small Palace as a companion to my dolls website However I m thinking of turning it into a central chatting place for dollers all over the world I d love to have dollers make some exclusive base bodies and props for said bases It would sort of be like if you were making bodies and clothing for a drag and drop excepting that people could wear them while chatting You can check out the website for my Palace Chat server at verypalace com 03 23 2012 Updates You should totally go over to Facebook and like me my website s Also don t forget that you should check out Palace Chat You can visit me via Open Palace by clicking this link opens in new window or by downloading The Palace Chat client at PChat org and using my Palace s address which is verypalace com 9998 And if you have the Palace client already installed just click the link It will open open Palace up and connect you automatically 03 21 2012 Updates Hallo Another new pixel image from me I basically took an image of the 10th Doctor that I loved and turned it into pixel art While I didn t trace it I pretty much just drew him exactly as the picture is portrayed I think it was a great pixel study for me figuring out how to shade skin and hair on a larger base body as it were The source picture can be found here Feel free to comment on it over at deviantART 03 17 2012 Updates Small pixel 03 14 2012 Updates Soooo I edited the previously posted hat as per critiques on it from Pixel Glam One simply has darker colors and the other I used lots more dithering on 03 14 2012 Updates I am getting soooo sick of my layout I really want a new one pronto Maybe I ll just make a simple one myself I ve done that in the past For your amusement I have made a top hat A BIG top hat So big it surely wouldn t fit any of my current dolls at any rate I was thinking I could perhaps open a shop on Pixel Glam forums and sell customized top hats But I dunno My confidence in dolling is not quite that high as of yet Perhaps you can use it I d love to see what you do with it 03 12 2012 Updates I can just envision my website flailing its little arms around like a kid squealing I want a new layout RIGHT NOW For realz The layout is so old and looks VERY small skinny on my laptops I can only imagine what it would look like on my husband s monitor which is about 37 XD Anyhoo I m not an expert when it comes to HTML or making layouts so I ve been on the hunt for the perfect one Hopefully I ll find one soon Or can get someone to make one for me And a smaller linking image since everyone seems to favor smaller linking banners nowadays Older Updates 03 11 2012 Wow I m getting pretty good with the updates huh Lookie what I did My first STEAMPUNK doll Base by AuroreBlackCat 03 08 2012 ALRIGHT So I ve been hard at work on my cartoon doll search engine which will now be located at HTTP DIR RUBBERHOUSE NET all night I currently have 111 categories waiting to be filled I have already put in 66 links by myself and plan on adding more tomorrow But for now it s bed time Goodnight Please check out the directory and tell me what you think or add some links of your own by going to the Suggest Listing 03 06 2012 new update same day OMG A NEW BASE BODY New Prep 1 earlier in the day In my haste of wanting to get the directory installed on my server I failed to realize I over wrote a few things and it caused my site to be down for a few hours basically from about 2 30am Eastern to about now which is 7 30am Eastern I m SO sorry for that Then in my haste to figure out why my website wasn t up and running I accidentally deleted my htaccess file XD Which basically means it was my list of allowed sites to hot link to my images that s all So again I m sorry my website was down I guess it s better to be down during the middle of the night however compared to the rest of the day 03 05 2012 new update same day I adopted my first doll today It is Ralphi from A Christmas Story I still hate the movie but my brother and dad LOVE it And it s based in the NWI area even though it was filmed in

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - Dolls × °
    of dolls is in the right hand menu just click on any catagory you wish to see Also please be sure to read my terms of use if you use my dolls or base bodies in any way N E W D O L L S p i x e l s updated 10 03 2013 Dr Frank N Furter base by Ars Deorum Pixels 03 15 2012 No base

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - How to Create cartoon Dolls × °
    at the time to contain tutorials on how to make cartoon dolls and look what I helped spawn 03 13 2012 My tutorials are great for beginners and but they are VERY old We re talking I wrote these almost 15 years ago If you are looking for more advanced or simply other tutorials please visit my DOLL TUTORIAL SEARCH ENGINE It is the new cartoon dolls tutorials search engine

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - Contacting Veriria × °
    an email or a message Email wowixor at yahoo dot com write like a normal email address AIM Veririaisme Yahoo veriria Myspace Veriria Livejournal Veriria Credits Site Veriria Layout Dixy Pixy Valid CSS and HTML Dream HOME DOLLS BASE BODIES

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - Cartoon Doll Links × °
    Chat server You can connect by clicking this link darlingdollz epalaces com 9998 if you already have the Palace Chat client installed Pixel Art Tutorials Links Following in the footsteps of Xandorra and UVDolls I ve created a new resource for the dolling community our new Cartoon Doll Search Engine It s mainly a resource for tutorials wherever they are hosted online there are doller s own websites and some are on deviantART as well but it will also feature categories for links to dolling articles color palette generators and information on The Palace Chat where cartoon dolls originated from Please check it out and add your own website or even add websites you admire New Cartoon Doll Links I got rid of all my old links I m sorry to say that at least half them no longer worked So I m starting a fresh Wikipedia s Entry on Cartoon Dolls Dr A s Labora Oratry Cartoon Doll Pixel Art Forums These are the forums I am most active on You can find more forums listed on the Cartoon Doll Search Engine Link to Veriria s Palace I found my linking images Hooray Please feel free to use either

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - About Veriria× °
    placing them on their websites and pro claiming them as their own or they made them I can t say I was the first but I can damn well say me and my website were the second to put up tutorials on how to make dolls Sounds silly but what do I care it s true While there are many more dollers out there who are simply fabulous at making said dolls my website does enjoy a steady traffic flow simply because so many others have linked to me over the years I humbly thank all those who have and continue to support me and my website And the rest as they say is history About Veriria Herself Updated 02 21 2012 I just turned 30 years old on February 5th 2012 I don t feel 30 years old let alone like an adult yet Hobbies I enjoy doing many things I have a ton of different hobbies Right now I bounce around between making cartoon dolls making handmade soap being on my webcam and watching Lost it s my favorite show in the entire world I ve also lately been trying to paint Nothing fancy of course strictly abstract painting D I ve actually been reproducing some Keith Haring artwork he s one of my favorite artists I ve also been creating my own Palace Chat server again Check it out the address is verypalace com 9998 Or click here to open the Palace in your web browser Housemates I currently live with my husband Zero Phoenix my two cats Maestro and Rozz Williams and our Pomeranian Geronimo Work I work onboard Amtrak trains and while some people may think it is a glamorous or adventurous job I m here to tell you that it AIN T It s

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - Base Bodies × °
    it can be drawn on I ll try to draw it on Please govern yourself accordingly Also I ve taken down some of the much older bases I will either re work them or just leave them off of my site So keep checking back for more 03 06 2012 New Prep 1 Ballerina Sitting Lolita Credits Site Veriria Layout Dixy Pixy Valid CSS and HTML Dream HOME DOLLS BASE

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  • °° // Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven - Cartoon Doll Contest × °
    plan on having at least one cartoon doll contest in the near future Credits Site Veriria Layout Dixy Pixy Valid CSS and HTML Dream HOME DOLLS BASE BODIES TUTORIALS CONTESTS BLOG FORUMS LINKS ABOUT CONTACT Affies Take Life As It

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