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  • Naturopathy in Swansea - Osteopath and Colonic Hydrotherapy for Port Talbot and Bridgend
    illnesses there is greater support in the medical literature for a natural approach than there is for drugs or surgery Dr Michael T Murray Bastyr University Seattle U S A My latest Blog Entry April 2016 Blog Musings of a naturopath I often get frustrated when hearing the news about the latest epidemic or how patients get treated if they catch it But before I talk about my ideas let me say first that I have the utmost respect for how modern medicine copes with acute health crises or bad accidents in A E I could never do this sort of work and I take my hat off to the doctors and nurses who do They do a magnificent job What I ponder about is how I might cope with a situation such as someone who has been infected by Ebola or who might want naturopathic advice to possibly prevent getting it Let me jump in the deep end and give a very humble opinion how I might go about it First let s look at the symptoms The Centre for Disease Control Prevention CDC gives this information Symptoms of Ebola include Fever Severe headache Muscle pain Weakness Fatigue Diarrhoea Vomiting Abdominal stomach pain Unexplained haemorrhage bleeding or bruising Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to Ebola but the average is 8 to 10 days Recovery from Ebola depends on good supportive clinical care and the patient s immune response People who recover from Ebola infection develop antibodies that last for at least 10 years So from the start we see that there are several symptoms involving the digestive system and immune system Much of the body s immune system lies within the intestinal tract and will be affected in any infection So how do we help this naturopathically and how might I want to be treated if I was in this unfortunate circumstance Prevention is better than cure so I would take precautions if I knew I was going to be in an infected location If one had succumbed to all the above mentioned symptoms then I am sure one would need all the expertise of modern medicine But it is important to try and do some prudent preventative work First attend to the health of the bowel It would be important to use a good quality probiotic supplement on an ongoing basis for bowel protection and to combat any possible viral infection A large body of scientific evidence has now been amassed showing how effective and necessary probiotics are for bowel health and hence the body s overall health and wellbeing The modern scientific term now used is microbiome In addition I would use the usual supplements that are known to help immune function beta glucans zinc Vit C garlic echinacea Another favourite of mine which has dropped out of sight in recent years would be the glandular supplement Thymus It is most affective for immune problems and not at all costly It

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    Location Testimonials Further Information Frequently Asked Questions Links and Other Information Recent Blogs Older Blog posts Administration Email Contact Form Your Name Your Email Your Message click 2016 Richard Burden is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Clinic Location 20 Walter Road Swansea SA1 5NQ Call 01792 654751 Click here to email Share Email Print 2016

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  • About Naturopathy and Osteopathy
    has become a common problem in this modern age especially when people are under a lot of stress or have suffered chronic stress during their lives Stress affects the hormonal system and can lead to thyroid or adrenal problems More information from www naturopathy org uk Colon Hydrotherapy complements naturopathic treatment and gives it an extra dimension especially with digestive problems or when detoxification is needed Please see the next page for more information about Colon Hydrotherapy Please click here for all fees OSTEOPATHY is a system of diagnosis and treatment concerned with the structure and mechanical problems of the body It uses manipulation neuro muscular techniques massage stretching and exercises Backache is most frequently treated as well as pain in all parts of the body from injury accident overstraining and wear and tear It is helpful for many types of arthritic rheumatic pain injuries of many sorts backache headaches frozen shoulder tennis elbow cramps and sciatica When considering Osteopathy it might be helpful to think of the treatment as returning the body to a state free of the muscle tightness which in time has pulled the spine out of alignment or stressed the joints causing pain What Conditions Can

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  • About Colonic Hydrotherapy & BIOSCAN Testing
    system with a water tank on the wall Many colleagues like myself use a machine to deliver and control the water There is no difference with either of these systems to the procedure the result or the time taken to carry out a treatment The type of equipment used is entirely up to the choice of individual therapists Strict sterilization procedures for all equipment have to be adhered to by all ARCH registered members Please ring 01792 654751 during office hours for an appointment The initial appointment will last up to two hours to give time for a full consultation before the treatment The receptionist will ask for your card details to guarantee the appointment You will not be charged until you have treatment and you can then pay by cash cheque or card as you wish Please click here for all fees For more information please click here for a comprehensive FAQ BIOSCAN TESTING Health assessment using the BioMeridian has now been updated with the amazing new BIOSCAN system The BIOSCAN is an innovative and amazingly accurate scanning and screening device that indicates in great detail all the stressors that are causing ill health It can indicate the energetic state of internal organs food sensitivities nutritional needs hormonal balance toxin response and much more Computer software analyses profiles and interprets these measurements to identify areas of specific body systems and organs that have moved away from normal Treatment is given at every appointment and includes using a laser over specific acupuncture points BIOSCAN testing may be helpful 1 if you need to fine tune your health even if you are relatively healthy It will help highlight areas in the body that are stressed Treatment will then be then carried out This includes using a laser over certain acupuncture points

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  • Fees, Qualifications, Location, Testimonials
    Swansea SA1 5NQ Click here for a map It is easier to find parking in the streets on the North Side of Walter Road Look for spaces in Humphrey Street or Hanover Street also the east end of Brooklands Terrace or the lower part of Constitution Hill These latter two are both accessed via Bullin s Lane There are often spaces at the lower end of George Street at the junction with St Helens Road Testimonials I first started coming to Richard Burden for colonics after losing my father to colon cancer I felt it was important to do what I could to protect the health of my colon I m so pleased that I did Since starting regular colonics administered by Richard I feel so much healthier in many ways My IBS symptoms have disappeared and my digestive system is now running like clockwork He always makes each treatment as comfortable as possible and I never feel embarrassed as I thought I might He s very knowledgeable about so many areas of nutrition based health care advising me of supplements that have helped me enormously but never with a hard sell I d recommend Richard Burden to anyone wanting to give their health a boost Best wishes S D Swansea I wanted to thank you for all your help and support I have been able to achieve significantly better health and vitality as a result of the colonic hydrotherapy sessions and the osteopathy treatment has been marvelous in getting my back into good shape no need to suffer those aches and pains any more You re my first port of call if ever I have any health challenges Thank you so much Mrs G Ammanford Richard Just thought I d drop you a line to say a very big

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  • Frequently Asked Questions, Links and Other Information
    Supplements Ltd For further information about OSTEOPATHY please see osteopathy org and osteopthy org uk osteopathywales com For further information about BIOSCAN Testing please click Bioscan If you need further information about THE SWANSEA CLINIC please click here We have other therapies at the clinic including Sports massage therapy Shiatsu Acupuncture Homeopathy and Counselling Our receptionists are at the clinic between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give a receptionist or myself a ring Don t be put off by the answer machine especially out of hours or in the lunch hour Please leave your number clearly and slowly We will return your call I am happy to reply to queries by email click here to contact me Actual appointments will need to be made by phone Educational Websites Visit www janeplant com the website of Professor Jane Plant dairy free diets for prevention of breast cancer prostate cancer and osteoporosis cancerdecisions Information from Ralph Moss the internationally famous researcher about different types of cancer and their treatment canceroptions co uk A U K organisation that provides help and support for cancer patients mercola com Largest natural health information site

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  • Older Blog posts
    food stores so they don t need to be taken separately Wishing you all a healthy New Year December 2015 Blog Depression moods and anxiety are common problems So let s this month look at the causative factors and what can be done about them The causes and possible treatments will be helpful for most brain related problems There are very effective alternatives from the use of anti depressant or anti psychotic medication We all need to look after the health of our brains There are many different causes 1 Stress is the biggest one in this day and age I get a large number of patients coming to me these days who present with various physical symptoms for which the underlying cause is stress There s no time or space to explore the huge subject of stress and what can be done about it There are many different avenues that can be explored for it to be reduced Continuous stress will lead to ill health or an inability to improve one s health 2 Lack of physical exercise and activity if prolonged over time will eventually lead to age related degeneration associated with dementia Alzheimer s Get up and walk around the house or office frequently throughout the day Try and go for a daily brisk walk or do some sport or go to the gym regularly Physical activity helps the circulation and gets fresh blood to the brain It is well researched that exercise is one of the best treatments for depression 3 High Omega 6 to Omega 3 oil ratio in our diets Too much vegetable oil is consumed in the western diet These are present in cooking oils margarine mayonnaise low fat spreads processed and ready made foods More fatty fish needs to be eaten or raw nuts and seeds if you are vegetarian Use fish oil krill oil or linseed oil supplements on a daily basis The brain contains up to 60 fat so it is important to eat plenty of healthy fats and oils like olive or coconut oil but not refined vegetable oils 4 Poor methylation A complex but important process in the body that affects DNA repair and detoxification amongst other functions But suffice to say that making sure we have plenty of Vitamins B6 B12 and Folic Acid will help this process 5 Poor gut health As the colon is our second brain it is important to make sure it is kept in good working order 6 Poor micronutient status To say that we are what we eat is a no brainer Ill health is never usually an accident or poor luck If we look after our bodies it will have a chance to stay healthy Unfortunately in this day and age too many people consume too much carbohydrate food bread pies pasta etc and not enough nutrient rich food such as are found abundantly in vegetables or berries These latter should be the foundation of all our diets In the news the other day was an item that reported that school children who ate breakfast were far more alert and learnt more than those who sadly ate no breakfast But the pictures that accompanied the report showed children eating corn flakes and white toast with margarine Oh dear No sign of any any food full of important micro nutrients or omega 3 fats Enjoy the Christmas season and the break it allows to de stress afterwards November 2015 Blog Red meat and in particular processed meat has been in the news very recently I frequently get asked about bowel cancer particularly when I get patients who tell me that one of their close family members has suffered from it What can they do to prevent this type of cancer they commonly ask It is important to first understand why there is a risk consuming red meat Some hold the view that meat from cattle that are naturally grass fed is far less risky Such cattle will be far less stressed eating grass that is their natural food as distinct from mass produced cattle that eat grain to fatten them up quickly And a lot of grain in this day and age is GMO and may be contaminated with Roundup another potential carcinogen Others also hold the view that red meat encourages inflammation in the body particularly as it is quite high in the Omega 6 fats It is the Omega 3 fats found plentifully in fatty fish nuts and seeds that discourage inflammation Cows fed on natural pasture and grass have less Omega 6 fats and more Omega 3 fats in their meat And hopefully the pasture which they eat is not contaminated with pesticides That in turn will be passed on in the meat Another important point not made in the recent news reports concerns the way meat is cooked Experts say that char grilling and barbecuing meat at high temperatures causes carcinogenic compounds to be formed in the meat Other ways of cooking it are far safer It was also not mentioned that processed meat is high in nitrite and nitrate preservatives They are also known to be carcinogenic Meat itself isn t always bad for the body It s the way meat is raised that matters most And on the same subject of meat production I was introduced to a film recently that really opened my eyes to the way meat is being produced around the world If you have an hour and a half to spare you may be a fascinated to view Cowspiracy Or watch it in sections over a few days It can be found on youtube but it needs to be viewed with Spanish subtitles to see the whole documentary This really is a disturbing film the subject of which is never discussed or mentioned in the media I want to end up and be positive My message to everyone who wants to stay healthy is to eat lots of fresh vegetables salads and a little fruit And of course eat a little organic meat if you re not vegetarian And if you re sick and unwell and want to try and become healthy then start by doing this or even get into juicing regularly October 2015 blog Age Related Macular Degeneration AMD This subject has been hot news in the last few days with the latest medical discovery using stem cells to treat this condition And once again I put on my sceptics hat when I hear about this Why not prevent it in the first place Why do we always have to expect to suffer from all these degenerative problems as we get older The medical world is very good at treating acute conditions but when it comes to chronic degenerative problems there is no simple answer and most people who have degenerative problems end up taking a lot of medication to manage their condition but with no hope of halting or even improving their health problem There is a lot that can be done to prevent and treat AMD Last month I wrote about supplements that help to keep us healthy so keeping AMD at bay will have the same approach but it will also help prevent other degenerative problems as well First it is important to eliminate the causes of the condition particularly smoking along with other lifestyle damaging habits that cause free radical harm to our bodies So the approach must be to increase the intake of antioxidant nutrients to try and counteract free radicals A diet rich in vegetables and fruit is a must a rainbow diet with vegetables and fruit of all different colours These type of foods have nutrients that help to diminish free radicals and are associated with a lower risk for AMD The Macular at the back of the eye owes its yellow colour to the high concentration of lutein and zeanthin These yellow carotenoids prevent damage to the retina and protect against AMD So it is important to eat foods that contain these essential protective phytochemicals What is the best food for the eyes Undoubtedly the Bilberry The bilberry s rich content of anthocyanadins have a strong affinity for the retinal pigment So eat lots of these every day but try and get organic ones as many are grown using lots of pesticides But other fruit particularly berries together with vegetables all help green leafy veg particularly from the cabbage family tomatoes red peppers sweet potatoes and carrots Omega 3 oils are also important from oily fish linseeds and other nuts and seeds And if you want to take supplements to help then use antioxidant formulas along with Lutein Ginkgo biloba Grape seed extract or Pine bark extract There is so much we can do to help us stay healthy September 2015 blog What are the best supplements to take regularly First let me answer the question why is it necessary to take supplements on a regular basis if we believe that our diet is already very healthy In a perfect world we would not need to take any supplements we would be getting all our nutrients from our food and drink But in this current world of high stress levels and an environment contaminated with thousands of chemicals and other hazards we need to take precautions and use supplements as health insurance The foods we eat no longer contain the nutrients they once did Even organic food does not contain all the nutrients they did 100 years ago mainly because of intensive farming methods That results in the soil being deficient The foods we eat no longer contain the nutrient levels required for optimal health Crops are raised in soil where nutrients have been depleted Plants are treated with pesticides and other chemicals which further diminishes their nutrient levels and their phytonutrient content not to mention the toxic exposure we ingest from such chemicals Animals are raised in pens and can t roam free eating the nutrient rich wild grains and grasses they once consumed Since cow s stomachs are adapted to grass instead of corn they must take antibiotics to prevent them from getting diseased Antibiotics are passed on into their milk cheese yoghurt etc We live with too much stress we don t sleep enough we don t exercise enough and we are inflamed making the nutritional demands on our bodies even heavier Those with chronic illnesses are in even worse shape So what do I recommend 1 A good quality multi vitamin mineral supplement or if you are really struggling with your health use one of the many Green Food powders on the market These should contain things like kale broccoli spirulina chlorella barley grass and wheat grass 2 Fish Oil or Krill Oil Use at least 500 1000mg daily to get a regular supply of the important Omega 3 fat Use Flaxseed Oil if you re vegetarian There s a huge amount of research that has been done in recent years that shows how important Fish Oil is for so many aspects of our health particularly for the cardiovascular system our nervous system and brain The brain contains at least 60 fat and a fresh supply is constantly needed 3 Vitamin D Most of us are deficient In the U K climate we do not get enough sunshine or we use sun tan lotion when we go on holiday further depleting the main natural source of Vit D There has been a huge amount of research in recent years showing that Vit D is important in a wide range of health problems from cancer and cardiovascular disease to cognitive impairment and problems with auto immunity such as multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes Vitamin D is also strongly linked to depression Use the D3 form and even better use one combined with Vitamin K which enhances the body s absorption of Vit D This would be my recommended minimum If you want to go further then use A good quality probiotic Use for a couple of weeks every few months to help keep the lower digestive system in good health The Colon is now known to be the second brain and has strong links with the brain in our head so it is important to keep the colon healthy Astazanthin is an extremely strong antioxidant and gives additional protection for good health Vitamin C at least 500mg daily is also another excellent source of antioxidant protection If you can get one that contains natural forms of Vit C such as extract of pomegranate plum or blueberry so much the better And if you re still not persuaded that supplements are the way to keep healthy or you can t afford them then I would urge you to juice on a regular basis Get a juice extractor they do not need to be expensive and juice lots of vegetables carrots kale cabbage beetroot cucumber celery etc etc You ll find lots of good recipes on the Internet or get a book such as Dr Michael Murray s The Complete Book of Juicing Wishing you all good health August 2015 blog What is the Ideal Diet The debate will always rage about which or what is the best diet I came across one the other day by complete accident in a magazine and because I had not heard of it before I read the article briefly I was amazed to see that it was the sort of diet I have followed myself for many years It is called Pegan It is a mix of the Paleo and vegan diets And I must say that I thoroughly approve It includes plenty of nuts and seeds lots of vegetables salads some meat if the animal is grass fed non gluten grains such as quinoa and brown rice lots of berries and some other fruit and no dairy Why no dairy Unless the animal is raised organically and grass fed the milk will contain residues of pesticides hormones and antibiotics And in addition the milk is pasteurized and homogenised further making it unsuitable for consumption If you can get organic raw milk that is far more acceptable There are only a few suppliers in the U K who are authorised to sell raw milk But we are straying a little from the subject of the best diet overall The Alliance for Natural Health ANH have also recently proposed the ideal diet and this one too I wholeheartedly agree with They call it the ANH Food4Health Plate 40 vegetables 25 high protein foods including grass fed meat wild fish 10 fruit 10 healthy fat includes extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil avocados nuts seeds And controversially for most people recommend just 10 gluten free grains brown rice quinoa gluten free oats Why all this emphasis on gluten free you may ask Researchers are now finding that gluten is causing health disturbances even in those who do not have coeliac disease The research is even strongly pointing to the fact that gluten is a factor in all auto immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis Lupus Gluten is unable to be digested In most modern grains there is a far higher percentage of gluten than there used to be 50 100 years ago before man began hybridising and mass producing grains The media make mention of the recent fad for gluten free products but this is based on good science and of course the grain flour industry won t like it Researchers in Italy have just published a report stating that there is a high prevalence of autoimmune disease among patients with NCWS non coeliac wheat sensitivity So to summarise a healthy diet should contain 1 Lots of vegetables of all different colours And better to substitute white potatoes with sweet potatoes 2 Some fruit especially berries but not too much other fruit Fruit contains fructose fruit sugar and too much sugar affects the body s blood sugar levels I saw a wonderful phrase recently fructose feeds fat The body converts excess sugar and carbohydrate to fat Many junk foods contain excess levels of high fructose corn syrup which is a major cause of obesity Fatty foods are not the cause of obesity 3 Eat plenty good fat olive oil coconut oil avocados nuts seeds and a little butter and cheese 4 Gluten free grains 5 Organic meats fish eggs 6 Fermented foods such as kefir yoghurt sauerkraut miso 7 Lots of herbs and spices Next time I ll discuss the best supplements to take on a regular basis June 2015 blog One of the most recent buzzwords in our media for the treatment of some of today s stubborn illnesses has been the word Immunotherapy Such phrases have been combined with claims that patients survive on one of these drugs for 3 2 months longer than those receiving chemotherapy I wonder what the quality of life is for these people Does it improve their lives And undoubtedly these drugs probably have side effects that are not being publicised Is it fair on the NHS that the cost of these drugs are justified In this case 100 000 per patient Being of a cynical nature I ask who benefits the most the patients or drug company Can we do better at a fraction the cost of the above drug both in terms of improving general health and in life quality The answer is a resounding YES There are so many beneficial natural substances that will improve immunity 60 70 of the Immune System is located in the lymph tissue of the gut So keeping a healthy colon is of primary importance Probiotics in supplemental form will help enormously Commercial yogurt has recently been shown in research done by the University of Madrid not to improve health There are many other natural substances that will help the immune system Vitamin C Vitamin D Echinacea Goldenseal Elderberry Zinc Lysine Beta glucans Many of these can be

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    Blog posts Administration Administration Area Login This administration area is reserved for the webmaster You require a password to enter If you have forgotten your password please e mail service webhealer net Login Remember me how does this work click 2016 Richard Burden is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Clinic Location 20 Walter Road Swansea

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