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  • The "Sacrilege Symphony" casts its shadows
    earlier this year Abyss Masterpiece Unlike what I have done for Powerwolf it was orchestration of the songs proper not the standalone orchestral versions I must say that although Heavenwood s music is also metal it s very different so due to this and the nature of my work it was a very different experience than with Powerwolf Was it hard to transform Powerwolf s music into classical arrangements Generally making arrangements is very much the same as composing The one crucial difference is the origin of primary musical ideas when you compose you develop your own ideas when you arrange you take someone else s So the first step I made was to deconstruct the song and so to say extract its basic ideas After that I worked as I usually do trying to make some decent music Powerwolf melodies have proved to be quite appropriate for the orchestral setting apparently and thus a pleasure to work with It wasn t always easy to have both parties the band and myself satisfied which is normal for any collaboration but we have managed it and successfully too What do you think about the final result I m very happy with it The singing is fantastic too so if there are any faults they are all mine I like that each song has somewhat of a double personality representing both Powerwolf and myself I would say that the songs are rather lush and spectacular if it wasn t an immodest thing for me to say I also hope that fans of Powerwolf and others who may not be accustomed to orchestral music could find a way to appreciate it better after all Matthew how was to collaboration for you It was a fantastic experience and totally different from working with the

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    on 19 July 2011 Just got the news that Blood of the saints is ALBUM OF THE MONTH in METAL HAMMER Germany We feel thrilled and honoured about this Souncheck results so far Soundcheck pos 1 in Metal Hammer Germany Album of the month Soundched pos 2 14 15 Points in Legacy 11 12 points in Heavy Magazine 9 10 Rock it 9 10 metal de Powerwolf Imprint Disclaimer Contact

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  • Thank you Metalcamp and Masters of Rock
    Metalcamp in Slowenia and Masters of Rock in Czech Republic and want to express our blessings and benedictions to the crowds for these incredible moments you were awesome The wolves celebrating the metal mass at Masters of Rock 2011 The wolves celebrating the metal mass at Metal camp 2011 11 07 2011 Videoclip for We drink your blood Here it is for your pleasure and salvation the video clip to

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  • Videoclip for "We Drink Your Blood"
    EMP Videoclip for We Drink Your Blood Written on 11 July 2011 Here it is for your pleasure and salvation the videoclip to We Drink Your Blood Powerwolf Imprint Disclaimer Contact Newsletter Built with HTML5 and CSS3 2015 HARD MEDIA

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  • News
    ever played it was incredible Russia the wolves will come back that s a goddamn promise New Shirts in the shop Written on 21 January 2012 There are new merch designs in the shop A new shirt as well as a new girlie shirt based on the Lupus dei Artwork are now available Special Show in Saarbrücken Written on 10 January 2012 On Feb 19th Powerwolf will perform a special show metal mass at Garage Saarbrücken Special setlist pyro madness and extended lightning mayhem included so don t miss this unholy night As a special souvenir every visitor will get a free exclusive Din A1 Art Poster designed by Matthew Greywolf Get your Tickets here Tour finale at sold out Matrix Written on 05 January 2012 Bochum this was the probably hottest celebration ever The sold out Matrix was turned into a heavy metal sauna and the party was awesome thank you all for this perfect final show of the Wolfsnächte tour Album of the year in Metal Hammer Written on 13 December 2011 Halleluja Blood of the Saints has been crowned Powermetal Album of the year in Metal Hammer Germany Moreover Powerwolf are Nr 1 in the category Aufsteiger

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    a SPECIAL TOUR CD with unreleased are rare tracks of all four bands The wolves have exclusively contributed a BRANDNEW SONG entitled LIVING ON A NIGHTMARE The CD is limited so make sure to order your fan Package with the Tour CD really quick By the way We have successfully struggled to keep the ticket prices low and fan friendly So for all of the shows on the Wolfsnächte tour

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  • Touring in Russia
    the wolves will be touring Russia in February The pack will celebrate two headlining metal masses for their russian believers This is where the word of metal will be preached 03 02 St Petersburg Orlandina 04 02 Moscow Plan B

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  • Wolves confirmed for Metalfest tour 2012
    a row of awesome celebrations of metal and madness Here is where the prayers take place 31 05 02 06 2012 Mining Metalfest Austria 31 05 02 06 2012 Dessau Metalfest Germany East 01 06 03 06 2012 Jaworzno Metalfest Poland 03 06 05 06 2012 Zadar Metalfest Croatia 05 06 07 06 2012 Milan Metalfest Italy 07 06 09 06 2012 Loreley Metalfest Germany West 07 06 10 06

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