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    only logical that we try and make something together Did you work with rock metal bands before Only once as it happens I made symphonic arrangements for Portuguese metal band Heavenwood latest album released earlier this year Abyss Masterpiece Unlike what I have done for Powerwolf it was orchestration of the songs proper not the standalone orchestral versions I must say that although Heavenwood s music is also metal it s very different so due to this and the nature of my work it was a very different experience than with Powerwolf Was it hard to transform Powerwolf s music into classical arrangements Generally making arrangements is very much the same as composing The one crucial difference is the origin of primary musical ideas when you compose you develop your own ideas when you arrange you take someone else s So the first step I made was to deconstruct the song and so to say extract its basic ideas After that I worked as I usually do trying to make some decent music Powerwolf melodies have proved to be quite appropriate for the orchestral setting apparently and thus a pleasure to work with It wasn t always easy to have both parties the band and myself satisfied which is normal for any collaboration but we have managed it and successfully too What do you think about the final result I m very happy with it The singing is fantastic too so if there are any faults they are all mine I like that each song has somewhat of a double personality representing both Powerwolf and myself I would say that the songs are rather lush and spectacular if it wasn t an immodest thing for me to say I also hope that fans of Powerwolf and others who may not be accustomed to orchestral music could find a way to appreciate it better after all Matthew how was to collaboration for you It was a fantastic experience and totally different from working with the band It was thrilling to see the songs being re arranged In the beginning I had to learn that working on orchestral arrangements demands a different approach to putting things together like you can t just double a rythm guitar to make it sound more powerful you got to understand how an orchestra works and how the sound evolves from the single intrument groups That was an exiting thing to learn How do you see the orchestral pieces compared to the original metal Versions To me they are different songs which are only based on the main themes of some Powerwolf tunes For example In blood we trust Dominic deconstructed the song completely and came up with this intense arrangement that only sometimes reveals some aspects of original themes of the song as it is on Lupus dei I had goosebumps allover my body when I listened to it it was pure magic From the beginning on it wasn t the concept of The sacrilege symphony

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  • Video premiere on metal-hammer.de
    come tomorrow morning from 11 a m on you all can witness the world premiere of the video to We drink your blood on Metal Hammer Germany s website exclusively Here s the link to your visual benediction www metal

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  • Video-Trailer online
    Trailer online Written on 27 June 2011 As a foreboding of the things to come here s a trailer to the video for We drink your blood Enjoy Powerwolf Imprint Disclaimer Contact Newsletter Built with HTML5 and CSS3 2015 HARD

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  • Haunting the chapel for a videoclip
    on the set with almost no sleep at all we have learned to comprehend the moaning of actors the prematurely aging of directors and the rings under the eyes of any camera assistent on the face of this earth And we thought we had the right to lick our wounds after a 90 minutes liveshow Apart from hard work it was a fantastic experience and we would like to thank

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  • Videoshooting for "We drink your blood"
    out of this place was marvelous We can t wait to share the result with you Expect a premiere of the clip very soon For now here s some making of photography Enjoy We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink Your Blood Videoshoot We Drink

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  • A shift in the sacristy
    longer part of the pack We decided to part ways already in December during the songwriting process for Blood of the saints The wolves would like to thank him for a great time and bless him for his future However the holy drumseat is not vacant any longer For upcoming crusades the pack welcomes Mr Roel van Helden the probably most hard hitting drum reverent from the Netherlands known to

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  • News
    Nuclear Blast webshop Touring in Russia Written on 13 November 2011 By the grace of the saints the wolves will be touring Russia in February The pack will celebrate two headlining metal masses for their russian believers This is where the word of metal will be preached 03 02 St Petersburg Orlandina 04 02 Moscow Plan B Club Wolves confirmed for Metalfest tour 2012 Written on 23 September 2011 The wolves are confirmed to preach the word of metal on the Metalfest tour 2012 The pack is looking forward to a row of awesome celebrations of metal and madness Here is where the prayers take place 31 05 02 06 2012 Mining Metalfest Austria 31 05 02 06 2012 Dessau Metalfest Germany East 01 06 03 06 2012 Jaworzno Metalfest Poland 03 06 05 06 2012 Zadar Metalfest Croatia 05 06 07 06 2012 Milan Metalfest Italy 07 06 09 06 2012 Loreley Metalfest Germany West 07 06 10 06 2012 Pratteln Metalfest Switzerland 08 06 10 06 2012 Plzen Metalfest Czech Republic For more information visit www metalfest eu Headlining show in Essen Written on 23 September 2011 For all those who didn t get enough blessings on the

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  • News
    the Power of Metal tour Written on 03 September 2011 There will be some new fashinable merch available at the Power of Metal tour Mae sure to get yourself dressed for the metal mass eveybody Power of Metal tour ahead Written on 30 August 2011 Summerbreeze was hot Thanx to all of you for this memorable night Right now the pack is preparing for the Power of Metal tour which will start in Vienna in one week For all of you who don t have their tickets yet hurry up and make sure to attend the metal mass when it comes to town Looking forward to some serious metal madness and of course to meet you all out there See you Powerwolf at 23 in the German Album Charts Written on 11 August 2011 Ladies wolves and gentlemen Blood of the saints has entered the German Album Charts at a sensational position 23 This is incredible we re really overwhelmed It is a real triumph for the wolves but as well a triumph for you our fans you made this happen you made it possible that the wolves set an example in the name of metal in these regions of

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