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  • Reflexology and EFT in Blackburn, Lancashire - Peter Tomlinson
    click here Reflexology has progressed in the 22 years that I have been a reflexologist but I feel that its full potential is not being reached Reflexology is much more than a foot massage it is a healing technique and an art form that creates wellness After studying other energy therapies it became obvious that reflexology can be more effective than it currently is using traditional methods By utilizing different aspects of other energy therapies and applying those to reflexology can dramatically increase its effectiveness It s known that up to 80 of illness can be linked directly or indirectly to stress caused by emotional issues Whilst normal reflexology is excellent for reducing stress through relaxation what it can t do is remove the emotional charge that is actually causing it By using techniques from other energy therapies we now can alleviate or significantly reduce the cause of the problem with FTR I have spent several years researching and experimenting with FTR before its launch in 2012 Since then over a hundred reflexologists have been trained in this remarkable new technique It is my aim that many more reflexologists can be trained nationally and worldwide to be able to give

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  • Contact Form
    Your Email Your Message click 2016 Peter Tomlinson is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Contact Information Blackburn Call 01254 248989 Click here to email Share

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  • About Reflexology
    its efficacy in reducing stress by inducing deep relaxation Reflexology may be helpful in the following areas Stress related conditions Muscular and joint pain Breathing disorders Headaches Digestive disorders Hormonal imbalances Fertility issues Improving performance of athletes and sports people Faster recovery from injury Preventative medicine Reflexology is NOT an alternative to orthodox medicine but complementary to it People of any age can derive positive benefits from it There are few limitations Some medical conditions may require the co operation of the general practitioner Because no two people are the same what may be of great benefit for one person may not have the same results for another For each person the application and the effect of the therapy are unique Imbalances can be detected in the energy pathways which prevent the body from functioning effectively and the body s own natural equilibrium is restored encouraging the body to heal itself REMEMBER YOU DON T HAVE TO HAVE ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU TO GAIN BENEFIT FROM REFLEXOLOGY IT IS PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE MAKES YOU FUNCTION MORE EFFICIENTLY HOW LONG DOES A TREATMENT TAKE At the first treatment session there is a short consultation where details of your medical history and lifestyle will be taken prior to treatment A treatment session usually takes about an hour A course of treatment varies in length depending on your body s needs Cost 30 per session PLEASE NOTE I CAN ONLY ACCEPT CASH OR CHEQUES Gift vouchers are available for that special present for the person who has everything Flexible appointment times are available including evenings All treatment sessions are by appointment For further information or to book an appointment please ring 01254 248989 Answerphone messages will be returned as soon as possible PLEASE BE AWARE NOT ALL REFLEXOLOGISTS ARE THE SAME I am a

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  • Foot Tapping
    trying to deliver its message If we are feeling bad it is because there is something we need to notice about ourselves our environment or our relationships Our emotional intelligence reacts immediately to people and situations at an unconscious level and reads all the non verbal signals which tell us about physical and emotional threats and opportunities and most importantly it tells us how we are relating to ourselves Emotional pain is there to protect and guide us just as physical pain is there to teach us not to hold our hand over a fire We cannot always escape from emotional pain Things happen in our lives that upset us In theory we should learn from these things and then allow the energy connected with that particular incident to flow away from us and move on However if the incident is particularly traumatic or the energy system is not functioning as efficiently as it should the energy connected with the incident can t escape So the energy stays within our body sending out signals trying to be heard and causes us psychological or physical pain As reflexologists we may get feedback from the feet that a client has an emotional issue but what can we do about it Probably not a lot We may be limited to just discussing it with the client unless we are qualified in some other therapy to be able to help This no longer needs to be the case As reflexologists and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner it occurred to us that by utilizing parts from other therapies it would be possible to come up with a simple yet effective technique that can be incorporated in a normal reflexology treatment to reduce or eliminate the clients emotional pain So after a lot of experimentation over several years foot tapping reflexology FTR was born It soon became obvious that simply tapping on the feet did not produce the desired result and so a technique had to be found to overcome this Utilizing basic mechanical principles and skills as a guitar player we developed a simple technique that when done correctly greatly enhances the effectiveness of reflexology FTR can be used in two ways 1 To change the state of a disturbed reflex usually much faster and more permanently than conventional techniques or used as a method to increase energy or kick start a clients energy system When used for this purpose it can lead to dramatic cleansing reactions 2 It can be used on an emotional level to relieve or reduce emotional pain This can be done if required without the therapist actually knowing what the emotional issue is This is very useful for embarrassing issues All it needs is the clients co operation in wanting to get rid of the emotional pain and following the simple treatment protocol For the benefit of reflexologists who are trained in EFT this technique does not involve the use of setup statements Every reflexologist works differently and we have

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  • About EFT
    of dentists It only took fifteen minutes of tapping and I went to the dentist that afternoon quite happily Now dentists are no problem at all JM Blackburn Ever since I was pushed into the water by an incompetent swimming teacher when I was a child I could not put my face in the water Now forty five years later and half an hours tapping I can swim under water and open my eyes I am looking forward to trying snorkelling JA Bolton Le Sands Hi Peter Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for what you did on Tuesday I can t believe that what I have carried around with me subconsciously for 10 years has now finally been put to rest I related the experience to my friends on Tuesday night and then again today and I did it without fear crying or a feeling of unhappiness I will keep your information and pass it on to anybody who needs your help Thank you so much Carry on helping others the way you have helped me KN Morecambe So How Does EFT Work Most of us suffer from negative emotions and patterns of behaviour at some time which may stem from our upbringing These may not always be helpful to us Events or what people say or do to us affect all of us Sometimes we respond badly to these things making life painful or uncomfortable All negative emotions arise from a disturbance or blockage in our body s energy system This discovery has led to a revolutionary way of dealing with our emotions through freeing these energy blocks in our system Working with energy is simple it has rapid results and a very high success rate In simplest terms EFT is a form of acupuncture except that we don t use needles Instead we tap with the fingertips on certain meridian points whilst fully clothed to stimulate the energy system while the client concentrates on the problem Working with the subtle energy that flows throughout the body gives results that are FAR beyond those of conventional methods EFT has often been found to provide relief for a very wide range of physical symptoms because there is an absolute link between our physical ailments and our emotional issues Dramatic changes can be brought about with this process What is this energy Every thing is energy from the things we can see and feel right down to our thoughts We know this through physics When someone gives us a certain look says something to us or we witness an event we receive energy If we handled all this energy well it would flow through our body nourish us and then flow out freely The problem happens when energy gets blocked If our system doesn t handle it easily enough as it comes in it builds up becomes denser and then can t flow through the channels which are there to carry it We may experience

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  • About me
    Trusts All members of the Association of Reflexologists are fully insured and work to strict codes of practice and ethics I qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique EFT in 2004 to become a Certified Practitioner of the Association of Meridian Energy Therapies I have spent several years researching and developing a revolutionary new reflexology technique that increases the effectiveness of treatments Along with my colleague Jean Allenby MAR this unique technique called foot tapping is now available to all fully qualified reflexologists and students of reflexology as a one day workshop see foot tapping page for details My clinic is in Langho Blackburn Lancashire easily accessable from the M6 and M65 making it convenient for people from Burnley Padiham Sabden Whalley Clitheroe Ribble Valley Gt Harwood Rishton Clayton Le Moors Accrington Morecambe Heysham Bolton Le Sands Carnforth Arnside Garstang and South Cumbria If you are experiencing conditions such as Stress Headaches or Migraine Neck ache Back ache Muscle tension P M S Menopausal symptoms High blood pressure Digestive problems Infertility Insomnia then please feel free to contact me as I may very well be able to help you with reflexology If you suffer from FEARS or PHOBIAS flying heights water spiders

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  • Workshops
    been on one of our EFT workshops or retreats DATE TBC VENUE TBC COST TBC What is a TAPPING DAY It s an opportunity for you to share your successes or failures you ve had using EFT If you ve had failures perhaps we can explain why and help you to avoid them in the future If you have any problems of any kind that you just can t get round to tapping on or don t know where to start with set up statements we can help and you can also benefit from the added power of group tapping to help shift things that seem to be stuck The day is YOURS to bring whatever you want to us Please ring 01254 248989 for more information or to book places are limited or Email via this website click here to email me INTRODUCTION TO EFT EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE This 1 day workshop will give you everything you need to get you started with EFT You will then be able to work on yourself family friends DATE TBC VENUE COST If you are interested please contact me and I will organise another PLEASE RING 01254 248989 FOR MORE DETAILS OR

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  • BLOG
    progress coming soon click 2016 Peter Tomlinson is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Contact Information Blackburn Call 01254 248989 Click here to email Share Email

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