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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 10
    the server room this time he walked around and really absorbed his surroundings He found himself yawning and feeling a bit cold he only had his t shirt and the cooling system was a bit too effective for his liking n3m0 saw a lot of equipment that he wanted for himself Thoughts of his own economy were returning to him if he didn t take the job at Beateval he would be broke I m already broke n3m0 took a seat on a disconnected switch I m not working for Jennifer he just sat on the switch and stared at one of the racks n3m0 missed the adrenaline rush he usually felt when breaking into systems He started seeing images of his land lord kicking him out and he was still pissed at orion s inability to get him some sort of job The taste of the coffee felt sour in his mouth The spinning sound of a bad fan woke n3m0 up an hour later he had fallen asleep sitting on the switch With a severe pain in his neck he turned his head to see that his pillow had been a server It had a sticker which read Exibice Forest Root 2 EXDC02 He inhaled sharply and felt his heart beating faster Just watching the sticker made him feel the same way he had when Jennifer made eye contact with him that first time He laid his hand on the server We are going to have a good time While dreaming n3m0 had seen himself as a powerful man with thousands obeying his will his worries about his financial situation had vanished He felt a moment of panic when he realized the CD had disappeared n3m0 wiped of some drool on his sleeve and stood up He saw

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 11
    system was done loading he configured the network opened up a command prompt and typed c cd temp md temp cd temp copy c windows system32 cmd exe He opened the Opera browser and downloaded srvany exe which he placed in the C temp directory n3m0 grabbed another tool and double clicked on the application RegistryEditorPe When the registry loaded he browsed to the HKLM REMOTE SYSTEM ControlSet001 Services key He added a new key and called it revenge Under his revenge service he filled in Type Start ErrorControl ObjectName ImagePath This will be perfect n3m0 was humming to himself as he added a new key Parameters Under it he created two entries Application with the value C temp cmd exe and AppParameters with the value k dsadd user cn root cn users dc exibice dc com samid root pwd Password13 memberof cn Domain Admins cn users dc exibice dc com n3m0 closed the registry editor and clicked start shutdown options reboot eject CDs Again the boot process took an eternity He wished he had a blue pill to feed the server When Windows was done booting n3m0 issued the three finger salute and entered root and password Password13 The instant he hit enter he was presented with a message box Logon Message The system could not log you on Make sure your User name and domain are correct then type your password again Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case n3m0 just stared at the message box this is not happening He knew he had typed it in right but tried again anyway The same message was returned Something inside n3m0 clicked and he started swearing and shouting at the server After a few minutes he calmed down he was sitting on the switch again talking

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 12
    zombie movie He tried to fix his hair as best he could and headed for his workstation n3m0 spent the day trying not to fall asleep he would hand Jennifer his resignation tomorrow Not having a clue what Exibice offered in terms of employee exit policy he didn t want to risk being escorted out by security guards at least not when he had the USB drive in his rucksack The second reason he wanted to stay was that he wanted to see if anyone had noticed his nocturnal activities During lunch n3m0 saw several of the network staff who were smiling and chatting away They don t have a clue n3m0 crashed in his bed when he came home and slept until morning He woke up starving he didn t have any kind of food at home As he was going to quit his job today he didn t feel a pressing need to show up in time He stopped by McDonalds on the way Good luck in the future clear your desk and leave n3m0 hadn t expected tears from Jenifer but perhaps more than ten words tags security security fiction fiction insider threat disgruntled employee physical security tags Filed Under Stories Comments LonerVamp says September 20 2006 at 10 59 pm As I read this the question comes up What if this employee worked where you do would you detect this or notice it Who would do it just any employee that normally wouldn t have special privilege Kinda puts security into perspective as many stories like this do hopefully Patrick Ogenstad says September 25 2006 at 4 14 pm Excellent making people think is one of my objectives If we start with the first question this would depend on a few circumstances First though if it

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 13 – Conclusion
    host machine on the Beateval network was running fine At Exibice What is happening Mark roared We don t know Keith whispered What do you mean don t know what have you done It was just patch Tuesday one of the updates might have been flawed Ben said his voice not much louder than Keith s Then remove the damn flaw After a moments silence Keith worked up the courage to answer We can t Mark just stared at him Ben jumped in We can t get into the servers our passwords doesn t work Something must be wrong with the AD The local server passwords don t work either Oh how delightful Mark said sarcastically At least I won t have to spend a fortune on Christmas bonuses Didn t you write the passwords down somewhere Yes but we think someone might have changed them Keith said nervously Thank god it s Friday then now you know what to do during the weekend Let me know when this is fixed I don t care what time you call Mark walked away Ben and Keith exchanged a glance neither of them looked confident Mark called them both several times during the weekend not once did they have any good news to share with him When Monday came the network was still a mess and nobody could work Two weeks later the network had been redesigned from scratch The board of directors wasn t impressed Shortly thereafter Mark was sacked and a new CTO was hired along with a separate CIO Please note this is a purely fictional story any names found here are made up I ve written this because I like writing if someone reads it and enjoy it great If they get more conscious about security that s

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  • A Stock Bubble of His Own – Part 1
    a few online identities he had created or bought Up to a certain amount spending money wasn t a problem but he was getting more careful and the thought of getting caught didn t really appeal to him His biggest problem was that his real identity didn t have a job and should have been broke midfr0st was still thinking about a long term solution to the problem the life he pictured for himself was a lot more luxurious that living in a small apartment as he did now The short term plan was to make his legal assets grow without causing anyone to get suspicious The best candidate for the job was the stock market but although midfr0st was interested in shares and bonds he didn t feel he had time midfr0st had found an institute offering private banking services He had been piling up his legal asset but was still about 35 000 short of the 300 000 needed to open up the account he wanted Although he had the money elsewhere he couldn t just transfer it since that kind of trail was exactly what he wanted to avoid Aside from the money he had on his bank the only other asset to speak of were some stocks in a company he had bought back in 99 The company Meriabeck Technologies hadn t quite shared the fate of the crashed company midfr0st had worked at but close enough It didn t matter midfr0st had invested in Meriabeck after a recommendation from a friend at first the stocks had soared before they hit rock bottom During the years to come midfr0st had more or less forgotten about them so when he finally checked them he was happy to see that they had in fact increased a lot in

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  • A Stock Bubble of His Own – Part 2
    a lot of information or rather speculations to be read in different online forums Apparently the company was now creating some sort of RFID chips and there was a lot of talk about a big deal being very close Backtracking to earlier discussions midfr0st found out that this had been the situation for the last two years Perfect he smiled and inhaled some more smoke from his cigarette The sun was shining on his balcony and the neighbor s dog was barking Business as usual midfr0st logged on his Internet bank and signed up for a service which would send a text message to his phone and an email if the stock price for Meriabeck Technologies changed more than 5 in either direction Paranoia is good for you midfr0st mused He didn t want it to look suspicious since he was hardly ever logged on to the bank and hadn t done any other affairs the last few years it might look odd if he suddenly managed to sell the stocks during the hours they soared If the stock crashed a few hours later it would be more suspicious In reality the amount of stocks he traded would be insignificantly

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  • A Stock Bubble of His Own – Part 3
    anyone and hope no one would notice if he disappeared midfr0st had a few exit plans but he wanted to remain himself and all the other plans meant he would have to change his identity In his vision he would reclaim the social life he once had but at this stage it was too dangerous For now he settled with opening a bottle of red wine and poured himself a glass The deadline was crawling closer still five weeks off he was looking at Meriabeck s web site midfr0st had most of the current website memorized and it didn t interest him anymore instead he was looking for clues at the Internet Archive Meriabeck had gotten a new website about a year ago for the first month the footer had contained the text Created by Quirith Design Opening up a new tab in his browser midfr0st surfed to quirith com as he suspected they were web designers midfr0st had a sip of his wine while waiting for the flash animations to load The company offered web sites starting from just low end static pages to more advanced sites using their own QuirithCMS In midfr0st s experience security was just an afterthought for web designers among others If they did think about it it was in the lines of Yeah sure we re using SSL 128 bit encryption The reason why web designers developed their own CMS system was beyond midfr0st the only reason he could think of was that they could charge their clients more money Moving on midfr0st went to the websites for Quirith s showcase customers One of them had a nice little link in the bottom left corner titled Admin the href for the link pointed to QuirithCMSAdm Opening up a new tab he typed in the

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  • A Stock Bubble of His Own – Part 4
    system Using Quiriths showcase customer midfr0st played around in the system to get familiar with it His neighbors below him had obviously been drinking much more than he had and were now laughing mad midfr0st left the empty wine bottle outside I can t think with that noise He fired up Sepultura s Chaos A D It was time to focus on Meriabeck s internal network A few days ago he had asked tr0y an online friend of his if he had any connections in Meriabeck that could be used Although tr0y didn t have anything on the company he was very eager to hear about midfr0st s plans Though there was a risk telling others tr0y could be trusted to not spread the word and when offered 6500 midfr0st just couldn t turn his friend down In the end midfr0st decided to target a sales manager who had his email address on Meriabecks public website He was going to use an Excel vulnerability he had known about for some time but since it was public now its usefulness would be running out To jake gordon meriabeck com From john houte hdg furniture com Subject Chip Inquiry Hello Jake My name is John my company HDG Furniture have been looking into the RFID technology to lower our costs related shipping and warehousing I have read about your reference customers and would like to hear more about your solutions Attached you will find a Word document describing what we want to do in the Excel you have the relevant data John Houte HDG Furniture midfr0st had found HDG Furniture at random he knew that the company didn t have an employee named John Houte midfr0st also knew that hdg furniture com didn t bounce any mails even if the to address

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