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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 2
    events instead he tried to listen and make sense of the information It turned out that no one had a clue that Mark and Jennifer had been sitting in meetings n3m0 sighed well isn t that bloody strange we never know what that guy is up to She kind of remind me of someone famous n3m0 didn t hear who said it but knew it was Thomas Yeah doesn t she Jack agreed Is this really relevant n3m0 shook his head I think she might have appeared in a movie Thomas continued but I m not positive You know what someone should Google her ass Jack laughed n3m0 had had enough trying his best to sound like a fairy princess he said yes why don t we Google her fine ass lets just hope no one else is called Jennifer Hell with such a pretty face she might have a page rank of nine We never got her last name did we Thomas sounded disappointed However stupid n3m0 thought it was at first it gave him an idea He opened up Firefox and typed Ctrl K Beateval Services Enter The Google results presented him with Beateval s home page He

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 3
    not glitter not all those that wander are lost Did the verses apply to you then asked Frodo I could not make out what they were about But how did you know that they were in Gandalf s letter if you have never seen it I did not know he answered But I am Aragorn and the verses most definitely were not about Jennifer Sam said nothing As Jennifer stopped talking n3m0 s consciousness returned to the office Seeing her with new eyes he thought dreamingly my precious Let s save the questions for later Mark interrupted the explosion in the room As Ms Hartpence was saying her company is one that specializes in call center services just like this helpdesk department We are going to outsource helpdesk to Beateval for most of you that will mean you ll have closer to work n3m0 almost laughed Remembering the visiting address from Beateval s website he knew he would be adding at least half an hours travel in each direction Well isn t this ironic I start working in this dump in order to climb a ladder which is knocked down by those above and now sold by the man in charge n3m0 s eyes found Jennifer s cleavage I wonder if this was a financial decision n3m0 was having trouble staying focused on the discussion and he missed Simon s question To be frank it s my fault Mark answered lately I haven t had time to involve myself in helpdesk I think what you re trying to say is that you haven t cared enough And I know that Jennifer will out perform me any day besides I ve heard they have just as good dental care as we do The group chuckled No Mark that s actually wrong

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 4
    days in the land of always helpdesk He had even taken a few mcp exams to please his evil overlords and now this According to his calculations he would last just over eight weeks without a steady income A few things would have to be sold on eBay in order to buy food during that time After surfing job sites for an hour n3m0 s hope was quickly fading I might have to work at Beateval while I m looking for another job n3m0 felt like screaming out loud The thought of working from home had crossed his mind many times but he just wasn t landing enough jobs to afford it n3m0 always got the feeling that he was lowest down on the food chain both at work and among his online friends It was just minutes before five and n3m0 had worked enough for the day He was out of the building before the computer had finished shutting down At home he logged in to his online bank I wonder how hard it would be to set up a phishing site n3m0 thought as he saw his balance Seeing that orion was online he shot of a ping

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 5
    we get executives down here are when their secretaries are on vacation and they get lost on their way to the bathroom Thomas seemed shocked Mark was here the other day Are you for real Oh silly me we got a top shot to visit us when he was shutting down the department Actually merge our dep Thomas tried But can you imagine I forgot to bask in his executive aura I m told it s quite majestic n3m0 wondered if Thomas understood sarcasm Excuse me are you ready someone asked WHAT n3m0 turned to see Jennifer with a disapproving look on her face Your interview Yeah I m coming n3m0 said to her breasts She turned and walked towards the meeting room As n3m0 followed her Thomas called to him Hey it s not that bad really Then he made a thumbs up sign and mouthed Good luck n3m0 considered giving him the birdie just to see his reaction but he contained himself Instead he raised his thumb Jennifer had been talking for some time n3m0 wasn t listening as much as watching her She leaned over the table and pointed to a chart After a while she fell silent n3m0 looked up from her cleavage and met her eyes they were hard and cold Are you listening she asked with a sharp tone changing position so she was sitting up more straight Yes of course you were saying I was the top performer in this department n3m0 tried a smile it wasn t returned I said nothing of the sort Jennifer continued in a cold voice But n3m0 said pointing at the chart while stealing a glance at her breasts Jennifer stood up What I said was that you work fast unfortunately we value customer satisfaction higher than

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 6
    with Beateval s logo on the cover Thank you mam n3m0 sounded almost perky I have you strapped around my finger n3m0 let the envelope lie on his desk the others had opened theirs he could see them reading the documents inside and later signing them Probably employment contracts As long as n3m0 still had a job he didn t care about the specifics of the contract Helpdesk is still helpdesk Mark walked in to the office Hello team Your desks at Beateval will be ready in two weeks Jennifer wants you to move in asap He faced Thomas I guess congratulations are in order Thomas had a smug smile thank you sir Good luck in the future all of you before he left the cubicle farm he made eye contact with n3m0 and shook his head n3m0 wasn t the only one interested in what Mark had been talking about I ve been promoted Thomas said proudly at Beateval I ll be team leader for this unit n3m0 s jaw dropped what the Jennifer also said she might put me in charge of other departments at Beateval We ll still make you get the coffee Simon joked One more word like that and I ll make you my assistant and you ll be making coffee Seriously what did she see in you that you ve hidden so well from us Jack laughed Amen thought n3m0 Mostly my people skills but lets face it we all know I m brilliant on every level Remember I m you re boss now so you ll have to agree with me I ll be expecting some serious ass kissing Then he let loose that laugh n3m0 had come to hate so much Unbelievable if they made Thomas a manager they damn well better

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 7
    current standards which were neither stylish nor glamorous wouldn t be at all possible with the new pay cut He would have to move to an even worse neighborhood than what he now called home n3m0 wasn t afraid of change and wouldn t have minded giving up his apartment and making other sacrifices if he saw a reward at the end of the tunnel However he had a hard time picturing himself working in help desk data entry was just beyond his imagination The thought of getting another job at Exibice was attractive but Mark was no friend of his n3m0 didn t even know if the company had a real CIO he was pretty sure Mark was in charge of everything He ll never give me a job n3m0 turned up the volume I ve been standing on the edge of the roof looking down I ve been looking at the people that are gathering around I ve been here for an hour or maybe even more just looking at the people that I ve never seen before stupid little faces are all I can see those silly little suckers are all laughing at me n3m0 didn t know what would happen without a job but he knew he couldn t work for Beateval At this stage he didn t care how he would manage Sitting in the dark emotions were washing over him n3m0 tried to identify them all anger hatred betrayal revenge Suddenly he found himself smiling one foot over there s no time to turn around both feet are over and I m heading for the ground I m flying in the air and I can feel the cool breeze the people on the pavement have gone into a freeze no space no time it

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 8
    thinking about the security Exibice had in place to protect their network Could you repeat that the line seems to be bad he said All my files are gone Where do you think they went How do you mean your files are gone When I press open they are gone Wohoo don t get to technical on me When you press open Yes to get to my files they were there yesterday My laptop might be getting to old Laptop Did you bring your laptop home yesterday Yes always so I can work You mean so your kids can play games Ok press the start button and click on Command Prompt Do you mean DOS Yes DOS then you type net use and enter It didn t work Didn t work How to you mean It didn t find anything it says no entries I m going to need you to reboot your laptop But that takes for ages I m so glad I won t be doing this anymore After a few minutes he was able to get to his precious files again Back to business n3m0 knew the sysadmins were following all kinds of security and hardening guides for the network He had done a few probes in the past but always hit a solid wall n3m0 didn t consider himself to be a script kiddy it is a tough network but not that tough Some time back n3m0 had found out that Exibice had violated law number three Isn t that a shame n3m0 thought It turned out to be a very busy day and it flew by n3m0 shut down his computer and made a show of saying good bye to everyone still working He left the cubicle farm in a hurry and found a storage

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  • The Tale of the Disgruntled Employee – Part 9
    place to protect the company assets When talking about the lock that n3m0 was standing in front of now Mark had said To pass the door an attacker has to enter the correct four digit code Keith the sysadmin filled in if someone tries more than five times within half an hour the alarm goes off And how many combinations were there three million Mark asked with a smile Let s see Keith pretended to think It might have been four well it s millions anyway Not even I know the code and you re not going to tell me are you I could Keith started but I would have to kill you Mark laughed together with the group I guess a good sledgehammer would do the trick James pointed out Not true Mark said if the door isn t opened by the keypad the alarm goes off It might have had millions of combinations when the system was introduced Mark s had made the mistake of viewing security as a constant once in place it would always protect you The only constant is change n3m0 thought The numbers 0 1 2 6 7 9 looked like they had never been used the numbers 3 4 5 8 were so worn that it was hard to make out the digits A million different combinations ha Try 24 4 3 2 1 A few months ago n3m0 had wanted to see what the server room looked like so when he was leaving for the day he had walked by the server room and punched in three different codes Mark might have lied about the number of codes you could try before the alarm went off and n3m0 didn t want to risk that by testing five in one go Anyway at

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