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  • The Badger - Image Comics, 1997
    Oeming Dexter Vines and John Callimee Returning characters Lamont Matilda New characters Cat Leaps ex rodeo Indian activist Engaged by Ham to protect a beefalo herd against Native American radicals Badger ends up siding with the Indians BADGER V3N80 3 LOOSE EEL July 1997 Story by Mike Baron pencils by Mike Leonard ink by Barbara Kaalberg New characters Señor Hispano Suiza electric eel Chip Windows software magnate The Eel paranormal

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  • The Badger - Crossovers
    LEGENDS 7 Judah guides Badger and Nexus through the Ring of Technology NEXUS V2N8 UP AND OUT THE TRIALOGUE TRILOGY PART III May 1985 Written by Mike Baron art by Steve Rude Reprinted in December 1989 as NEXUS LEGENDS 8 Badger masters the Ring of Unarmed Combat then with Judah follows Nexus through the Ring of Philosophy subsequently Ashram blasts Badger back to his home dimension NEXUS V2N23 FALSE PROPHETS August 1986 Written by Mike Baron pencilled by Keith Giffen inked by Rick Bryant A story within NEXUS V2N7 before Nexus Judah and Badger reached the Ring of Technology NEXUS V2N30 THE MAZE March 1987 Mike Baron writer Jose Luis Garcia Lopez penciller John Nyberg inker A demon of the Nexus continuity variety traps Nexus Judah and Dave within a maze where it also summons the Badger to its ultimate demise NEXUS V2N44 KREED May 1988 Written by Mike Baron art by Smith and Schubert At the club THE BLACK HOLE an exorcist drives a spirit from one Mr Gastineau the spirit being the Badger who promptly starts a fight Rest of NEXUS storyline elided NEXUS V2N45 RETURN TO THE BOWL SHAPED WORLD June 1988 Written by Mike Baron art by Steve Rude Nexus and Judah having accidentally acquired Badger return to the bowl shaped world in a specially designed low tech craft NEXUS V2N46 BUCCANEERS July 1988 Written by Mike Baron art by Steve Rude Encountering an ocean on the bowl shaped world Nexus Judah and Badger have adventures at sea NEXUS V2N47 THE CENTER August 1988 Written by Mike Baron art by Steve Rude Converting their ship to a lighter than air craft Nexus Judah and Badger reach the old Ring of Technology where they learn of Sklar new master of the world NEXUS V2N48 THE JARS OF

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  • Götterdämmerung
    Particularly sexy is SLIME s willingness to connect to a running Lisp on another host After some fiddling I found that I could run a daemon Scheme48 on a FreeBSD box interacting with it through a SLIME running on my Windows workstation whereupon I thought if Scheme48 on my BSD server why not Pocket Scheme on my docked PPC Unfortunately a docked PPC isn t TCP addressible via ActiveSync from

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  • Götterdämmerung
    must convince PIE to display an incomplete document much in the same manner that PIE displays the first part of a large web page while downloading the rest of that page over a slow link There is no official interface by which to do this so it breaks with nearly every new release of a Pocket PC operating system Why do I persevere with abusing the HTML viewer control like this Because the code for the control is in ROM so using it reduces the total code size of Pocket Scheme and the scrolling TTY model for a Lisp REPL has a long history from Lisps on other devices not to mention being convenient when viewing a sequence of actions I could implement my own output pane or else port some subset of a rich control like Scintilla but that would inflate my code size and introduce plenty of new bugs Alternately I could change the model of the output pane from the current scrolling TTY to something easier to build with the HTML viewer perhaps a series of pages one per evaluated expression with the user seeking through those pages via the History buttons or perhaps just showing the

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