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  • The Badger - Capital Comics
    Weather Wizard sorcerously exiled from Wales in A D 412 appears catatonic in a mental hospital near Madison in A D 1983 Daisy Fields psychiatric case worker accepts Ham as her first case Norbert Sykes in his Badger personality sits under observation in the hospital Other characters Dr Irving Bor director of the mental hospital Hank Daggett orderly Dr Fred Burton psychiatrist Hubert Pismo psychotic axe murderer and escape artist Rollin Sykes stepfather of Norbert Characters appearing but yet unnamed Yak and Yeti Norbert s mother THE BADGER V1N2 HAM S NEW BROOM Art by Rick Burchett and Jeffrey Butler Two backup stories one drawn by Burchett and Butler one by Charles Truog New characters Riley Thorp appears as a freestyle martial artist Yak appears as an Nepalese anti sorcerer Yeti as his muscular bodyguard Character development Yak calls Ham Hammaglystwythkbrngxxaxolotl THE BADGER V1N3 THE DAY THE COMICS FELL Pencils by Burchett inks bu Dennis Wolf Backup story drawn by Butler Character development Riley names himself Jabberwock and reveals himself as both a martial arts teacher on the Madison Southside and an associate professor of economics at UW Riley expresses romantic interest in Daisy THE BADGER V1N4 DOGFIGHT Written 1984

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  • The Badger - First Comics, 1985
    young child THE BADGER V1N7 BREAKDOWN ON THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS Character development Riley Daisy relationship escalating Norbert names the child personality Emily a nine year old girl Norbert s mother names her first husband as Larry Daisy names herself as Norbert s therapist Personalities named by Emily Emily nine year old girl Badger vigilante Norbert legal identity but named nevertheless Gastineau Leroy Alice Max Pierre psychopath New characters John

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  • The Badger - First Comics, 1986
    la Rosa and Mike Gustovich Returning characters John Wonktendonk New characters Fightin Bob LaFollette German Shepherd Meldrum Funmaker member of Winnebago Nation Pete Carter aka The Hodag ex Green Beret ex PKA Dreadful Zoomtown backup story starts THE BADGER V1N11 SHELL SHOCK May 1986 Pencils by Bill Reinhold inks by Keith Wilson Returning characters The Hodag Yeti Yak Pamela Sue Tilson Lord Weterlackus New characters Max Swell personality of Norbert THE BADGER V1N12 RED SNOW June 1986 Returning characters The Hodag Lord Weterlackus Pierre New characters Lucille badger THE BADGER V1N13 MUSICAL DIMENSIONS July 1986 Returning characters Lord Weterlackus Pierre New characters Judah Maccabee NEXUS crossover Clonezone the Hilariator NEXUS crossover THE BADGER V1N14 SNAKE BILE COGNAC August 1986 Pencils by Bill Reinhold inks by Rick Bryant and John Nyberg New characters Herbert Ng chef Returning characters Warren Oates ghost THE BADGER V1N15 ENTER THE WOMBAT September 1986 Pencils by Bill Reinhold inks by Rick Bryant New characters Jack Moran courier for IBOB Lionel Brain brujo for IBOB Slim Kim the mean Korean The Wombat Returning characters Yak THE BADGER V1N16 SEARCH FOR THE SNOWMAN October 1986 Returning characters Yak Yeti Jack Moran Kim Pierre cameo BADGER V1N17 BUFFALO November

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  • The Badger - First Comics, 1987
    resident BADGER V1N22 RANGE WAR April 1987 New characters T V Loony owner of T V Loony s Appliance Nation host of Shriek Theater Fightin Tim O Neil owner of O Neil s Appliance City Lonnie muscleboy of Tim Doctor Buick Riviera Mexican pro monster wrestler BADGER V1N23 BOB May 1987 Returning characters Yeti New characters BOB demon Reverend Wally Whallop Christian evangelist Polly May Wallop wife of Wally BADGER V1N24 CHEAP SHOT June 1987 Pencils by Bill Reinhold inks by Jim Sanders III Returning characters Riley New characters Vic Bracklin commercial karateka Grand Master Joe Mason sensei of Vic BADGER V1N25 THE DUCK LADY July 1987 New characters Minerva Kuipers retired schoolteacher widow Jerry Grate bad neighbor Chuck son of Jerry Keith son of Jerry Brian son of Jerry aka KILLDOZER pro wrestler BADGER V1N26 THE ROACH WRANGLER August 1987 Pencils by Bill Reinhold inks by Willie Schubert Returning characters Connie Ammerperson New characters Lorraine sister of Connie Elmo Zins urban developer Brady Zins bodyguard Roach Wrangler a creepy guy BADGER V1N27 STOMP THE ROACH WRANGLER Part II September 1987 Returning characters Elmo Zins Roach Wrangler Brady Connie Lorraine Riley BADGER V1N28 BAD BEER October 1987 Returning characters Yeti

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  • The Badger - First Comics, 1988
    format Returning characters Fred X Hodag dies Wombat New characters Hop Sing praying mantis Mavis Davis M D Viet American physician and martial artist The Old Man of the Mountain Montagnard Grand Master Fu Sheng spokesman Yellow Lotus Liu Hu Society Trans Ahm ex major in Pathet Lao BADGER V1N33 KID KANG March 1988 Pencils by Ron Lim inks by Art Nichols New characters Peter Greenwood kangaroo hunter Kid Kang kangaroo BADGER V1N34 UNDERDOG April 1988 Pencils by Ron Lim inks by Jay Geldhof New characters Count Kohler demon lord Motorheads speed club raw mateial for Kohler Dog BADGER V1N35 GARDEN PARTY May 1988 Returning characters Count Kohler Motorheads transformed Dog New characters Waffenpoof pet of Kohler sacrificed Backup story RILEY S DOJO by Rober Salick Pencils by Aaron McClellan inks by Karl Story Crossover into NEXUS V2N44 lies outside the BADGER storyline BADGER V1N36 DIRE WOLF June 1988 New characters Midge of Wolf Tail Ranch childhood friend of Norbert Ronson Feeny developer Jocelyn Feeny femme fatale consort of Feeny Dire wolf BADGER V1N37 WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM July 1988 Angel Medina layouts Rod Whigham pencils Jay Geldhof inks Returning characters Lamont New characters Theresa Jean Greenwood debutante Roland Pendergast Broadway producer John Falling Light artist and shaman A number of Texas Rangers mall yuppies bank robbers Backup story MAD TOWN by Rober Salick Art by Eric Shanower BADGER V1N38 GABRIEL BLOW YOUR HORN September 1988 Brian Murray pencils Jim Nelson inks New characters Gabriel musical goose Chloe musical cow Diva musical cat Two anonymous musical raccoons Ed Roth thug and assassin Tak Sakimoto industrialist Soshi Sakimoto son of Tak Ugery ninja Backup story RUSTLER by Rober Salick Pencils by Britt Wisenbaker ink by Ralph Cabrera Subsequent backup features elided BADGER V1N39 BUDDY September 1988 Neil Hansen pencils Jim Sanders

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  • The Badger - First Comics, 1989
    Special deluxe format issue ANEMONE OF THE PEOPLE Pencils by Jeffrey Butler Inks by Mark Nelson and Jefrey Butler New characters Lewis Milestone sea anemone financier General Eduardo Pinaha oilman and smuggler Colonel Van chief of security TEAR THE ROOF OFF THE SUCKER Ron Lim pencils Paul Abrams inks Returning characters Frank Lloyd Wrong Clarence Cornice Ham and Frank celebrate their Welsh roots BADGER GOES BERSERK V1N1 no title September 1989 Part 1 of 4 Mike Baron story Spyder Jay Geldhof Denys Cowan Malcolm Jones III Denis Kitchen Steve Epting Jill Thompson artists New characters Larry stepfather of Norbert Jessie stepbrother of Norbert General Rightguard leader of the White Brotherhood Returning characters Dr Bor Midge Emily Riley Connie Ammerperson Meldrum Funmaker Gastineau Grover Depaul Character development Mondo flashbacks showing childhood abuse at the hands of Larry and Jessie Badger kidnapped by Larry and Jessie splinters into his constituent personalities BADGER GOES BERSERK V1N2 AIN T I M A DOG October 1989 Part 2 of 4 Mike Baron story Spyder Jay Geldhof Paul Chadwick Denys Cowan John K Snyder Mitch O Connell Jill Thompson Mike Zeck artists Returning characters Gastineau Meldrum Riley Connie Emily Max Buddy McBride Jessie Larry Rightguard New characters Leroy the Dog personality Character development Meldrum re introduces himself to a Badger personality as your old Army buddy Gastineau names himself as Gastineau Grover Depaul More flashbacks including the death of Norbert s dog Leroy Despite Badger s escape the Brotherhood s plan to train dogs continues BADGER GOES BERSERK V1N3 SKIN I M IN November 1989 Part 3 of 4 Mike Baron story Spyder Jay Geldhof Joe Staton Bob Smith Mike Zeck John Beatty Eric Shanower Paul Fricke Jill Thompson Flint Henry Jeff Butler Mark Nelson artists Returning characters Leroy Connie Jessie Emily Larry Buddy Pierre Character

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  • The Badger - First Comics, 1990
    return to Earth BADGER V1N58 EMU THE GODS WOULD DESTROY April 1990 Mike Baron story Gary Chaloner pencils John Robinson inks Returning characters Lamont The Wombat Spuds Grogan Jack Moran Kid Kang cameo Gastineau New characters Hermione racing emu Spuds and Jack attempt to interrupt a race between Lamont and Hermione BADGER V1N59 STYLE May 1990 Mike Baron story Jacob and Arnold Pander art New characters Streetwise street kid Hissy Myawky fashion designer Bagwhan Sammy guru Badger takes a temporary job in couture BADGER V1N60 SCISSORS PAPER STONE June 1990 Mike Baron story Steve Butler pencils Randy Clark inks New characters Curly Bill and Bo Chisum practitioners of stone scissors paper kung fu King Kamehameha stud bull Returning characters Fuzzbuster The Chisums steal the King for sacrifice to a demon BADGER V1N61 A BUNCH OF STOOGES July 1990 Mike Baron story Steve Butler pencils Randy Clark inks Returning characters Fuzzbuster King Kamehameha sacrificed The Chisum brothers New characters Ratfinque demon god of muscle cars low riders and hot rods Motorhead demon god of monster trucks choped hogs and funny cars Motorhead battles Ratfinque BADGER V1N62 FUNERAL HOME August 1990 Mike Baron story Steve Butler pencils Randy Clark inks Returning characters Norbert s mother dies Riley New characters Lemar Schneider Sr funeral director of Valley Funeral Home Lemar Schneider Jr Shanks Tibetan fighting priest Gwen Grundy owner of Grundy Funeral Home Leo Fadiman WWII veteran Character development Norbert s mother dies Norbert s mother s ashes are lost by a crooked funeral home BADGER V1N63 THE WORMS CRAWL IN THE WORMS CRAWL OUT September 1990 Mike Baron story Steve Butler pencils Randy Clark inks Returning characters Yak Lemar Schneider Sr and Jr Riley Shanks Max Swell Fadiman Norbert Sykes personality New characters Rinaldo Shanks Sr father of Shanks Character development Yak

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  • The Badger - Dark Horse Comics
    V1N1 and First s BADGER V1N21 BADGER SHATTERED MIRROR 2 August 1994 Mike Baron story Jill Thompson art Returning characters Badger Max Daisy Fields Dr Bor Odd Todd Eric dies The Phantom A jealous Phantom kills Daisy s coke dealing boyfriend as Badger fails to mainstream BADGER SHATTERED MIRROR 3 September 1994 Mike Baron story Jill Thompson art Returning characters Badger Norbert Max Pierre Daisy Fields Steve Rice Thelma Riley Thorp boyfriend of Thelma Myrtle the God of Badgers New characters Captain Sang of the Pathet Lao More chaos with past continuity as Daisy researches both her mother s death in a campus bomb blast and the roots of Norbert s illness BADGER SHATTERED MIRROR 4 October 1994 Mike Baron story Jill Thompson art Returning characters Badger Emily Daisy Fields Ham The Phantom killed Badger kills the Phantom one on one freeing Daisy to look after him and Ham BADGER ZEN POP FUNNY ANIMAL VERSION 1 Another series from Dark Horse this time firmly in the old continuity albeit pre Mavis July 1994 Mike Baron story Steve Butler Matt Haley pencils Val Mayerik inks New characters Joan Crawford ghost The Mutilator A cattle mutilator terrorizes the county and Ham takes

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