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  • Lovearth.net - Resources
    Spending In 2004 Lovearth Network Visitors 2004 Lovearth Network Links News And Direct Action Sources Peace Organizations Progressive Voices Progressive Publishers Video And Audio Flash And Animation World Time Weather Fahrenheit To Celsius Converter Area And Zip Code Maps Ref Desk Reference Dictionary Lunar Calendar Perpetual Calendar World Currency Exchanger Top Level Domains United States Top Level Domains World Make Long URL s Tiny The First 300 Fibonacci Numbers Free

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  • Lovearth.net - Mission: To Pass On An Equitable, Peaceful And Sustainable Earth To Future Generations
    that we have passed the point of sustainability In 1984 the per capita grain output peaked at 755 pounds per person Since 1984 grain output has fallen on average by 6 percent yearly The 2003 per capita grain output was 680 pounds Oceanic Fish catch peaked in 1989 Since then the per capita oceanic fish catch has gone down by 10 All 17 major oceanic fisheries are being fished at or beyond capacity and 9 are in a state of collapse Our species relentless shortsighted destruction to all Earth ecosystems coupled with the outright slaughter to the web of life have left us at the extinction or life fork in the road in our evolution In December 1987 when the exponential growth of human population peaked we entered the 25 year window where we will cross our species Omega point That window will close for our dance on the stage of life if we break through the critical barrier of 10 virgin Rainforests area 50 Species in December 2012 For the sake of our future generations we must immediately heed the inherent limits of Mother Earth and strive for a harmonious sustainability The time is now for each and every

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  • Lovearth.net - Influenza Found In Chemtrails
    6 edition of Real Talk Radio that influenza strains have been found in chemtrails sprayed over the Tampa Bay area The analysis was done by a microbiologist with a phat WTO grant who wishes to remain anonymous what with all the dead microbiologists and everything Listen to the report fluchem mp3 Stadmiller also has pictures of a recent aerosol operation over Austin Texas on his new albeit under construcion website

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  • Lovearth.net - Progressive Voices
    org The Thom Hartman Show http ThomHartman com Another World Is Possible Peter Werbe http PeterWerbe com Black Op Radio http BlackOpRadio com The Gary Null Show http GaryNull com KPFK 90 7 FM Los Angeles 98 7 FM Santa Barbara http KPFK org The Jeff Rense Show http Rense com Radio Nation Marc Cooper http RadioNation org For The Record Dave Emory http WFMU org daveemory Resistance Radio Mike Malloy http MikeMalloy net Guns And Butter http GunsAndButter net Web Active http WebActive com Radio 4 All http www Radio4All org Jim Hightower Commentary http JimHightower com Radio Left http RadioLeft com Living On Earth Steve Curwood http LOE org index php Free Speech Radio News http www FSRN org KPFT 90 1 FM Houston http KPFT org Radio Internet Story Exchange http Rise4News net CounterSpin Janine Jackson Steve Rendall And Peter Hart http FAIR org counterspin index html The Randi Rhodes Show http TheRandiRhodesShow com EarthWatch Radio http EWRadio org The Guy James Show http TheGuyJamesShow com Connecting You To The Frontlines Of Global And Local Mobilizations http MicroRadio net WPFW 89 3 FM Washington D C http WPFW org Free Speech http FreeSpeech org Between The Lines

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  • Lovearth.net - The Real Cost Of US Support For Israel
    bulldozers and other heavy equipment with pellet guns broke paving stones before they were laid and now have defaced again the homes and shops of Palestinians with graffiti The settlers did not want Shuhada St opened to Palestinian traffic as was agreed to under Oslo 2 This renovation project is paid for by USAID funds and it makes me angry that my tax dollars have paid for improvements that have been destroyed by the settlers Most Americans are not aware how much of their tax revenue our government sends to Israel For the fiscal year ending in September 30 1997 the U S has given Israel 6 72 billion 6 194 billion falls under Israel s foreign aid allotment and 526 million comes from agencies such as the Department of Commerce the U S Information Agency and the Pentagon The 6 72 billion figure does not include loan guarantees and annual compound interest totalling 3 122 billion the U S pays on money borrowed to give to Israel It does not include the cost to U S taxpayers of IRS tax exemptions that donors can claim when they donate money to Israeli charities Donors claim approximately 1 billion in Federal tax deductions annually This ultimately costs other U S tax payers 280 million to 390 million When grant loans interest and tax deductions are added together for the fiscal year ending in September 30 1997 our special relationship with Israel cost U S taxpayers over 10 billion Since 1949 the U S has given Israel a total of 83 205 billion The interest costs borne by U S tax payers on behalf of Israel are 49 937 billion thus making the total amount of aid given to Israel since 1949 133 132 billion This may mean that U S government has given more federal aid to the average Israeli citizen in a given year than it has given to the average American citizen I am angry when I see Israeli settlers from Hebron destroy improvements made to Shuhada Street with my tax money Also it angers me that my government is giving over 10 billion to a country that is more prosperous than most of the other countries in the world and uses much of its money for strengthening its military and the oppression of the Palestinian people U S Aid to Israel Interpreting the Strategic Relationship by Stephen Zunes The U S aid relationship with Israel is unlike any other in the world said Stephen Zunes during a January 26 CPAP presentation In sheer volume the amount is the most generous foreign aid program ever between any two countries added Zunes associate professor of Politics and chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Program at the University of San Francisco He explored the strategic reasoning behind the aid asserting that it parallels the needs of American arms exporters and the role Israel could play in advancing U S strategic interests in the region Although Israel is an advanced industrialized technologically sophisticated country it receives more U S aid per capita annually than the total annual Gross Domestic Product per capita of several Arab states Approximately a third of the entire U S foreign aid budget goes to Israel even though Israel comprises just one thousandth of the world s total population and already has one of the world s higher per capita incomes U S government officials argue that this money is necessary for moral reasons some even say that Israel is a democracy battling for its very survival If that were the real reason however aid should have been highest during Israel s early years and would have declined as Israel grew stronger Yet the pattern has been just the opposite According to Zunes 99 percent of all U S aid to Israel took place after the June 1967 war when Israel found itself more powerful than any combination of Arab armies The U S supports Israel s dominance so it can serve as a surrogate for American interests in this vital strategic region Israel has helped defeat radical nationalist movements and has been a testing ground for U S made weaponry Moreover the intelligence agencies of both countries have collaborated and Israel has funneled U S arms to third countries that the U S could not send arms to directly Iike South Africa like the Contras Guatemala under the military junta and Iran Zunes cited an Israeli analyst who said It s like Israel has just become another federal agency when it s convenient to use and you want something done quietly Although the strategic relationship between the United States and the Gulf Arab states in the region has been strengthening in recent years these states do not have the political stability the technological sophistication or the number of higher trained armed forces personnel as does Israel Matti Peled former Israeli major general and Knesset member told Zunes that he and most Israeli generals believe this aid is little more than an American subsidy to U S arms manufacturers considering that the majority of military aid to Israel is used to buy weapons from the U S Moreover arms to Israel create more demand for weaponry in Arab states According to Zunes the Israelis announced back in 1991 that they supported the idea of a freeze in Middle East arms transfers yet it was the United States that rejected it In the fall of 1993 when many had high hopes for peace 78 senators wrote to former President Bill Clinton insisting that aid to Israel remain at current levels Their only reason was the massive procurement of sophisticated arms by Arab states The letter neglected to mention that 80 percent of those arms to Arab countries came from the U S I m not denying for a moment the power of AIPAC the American Israel Public Affairs Committee the pro Israel lobby and other similar groups Zunes said Yet the Aerospace Industry Association which promotes these massive arms shipments is even more influential This association has given two times more money to campaigns than all of the pro Israel groups combined Its force on Capitol Hill in terms of lobbying surpasses that of even AIPAC Zunes asserted that the general thrust of U S policy would be pretty much the same even if AIPAC didn t exist We didn t need a pro Indonesia lobby to support Indonesia in its savage repression of East Timor all these years This is a complex issue and Zunes said that he did not want to be conspiratorial but he asked the audience to imagine what Palestinian industriousness Israeli technology and Arabian oil money would do to transform the Middle East W hat would that mean to American arms manufacturers Oil companies Pentagon planners An increasing number of Israelis are pointing out that these funds are not in Israel s best interest Quoting Peled Zunes said this aid pushes Israel toward a posture of callous intransigence in terms of the peace process Moreover for every dollar the U S sends in arms aid Israel must spend two to three dollars to train people to use the weaponry to buy parts and in other ways make use of the aid Even main stream Israeli economists are saying it is very harmful to the country s future The Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot described Israel as the godfather s messenger since Israel undertake s the dirty work of a godfather who always tries to appear to be the owner of some large respectable business Israeli satirist B Michael refers to U S aid this way My master gives me food to eat and I bite those whom he tells me to bite It s called strategic cooperation To challenge this strategic relationship one cannot focus solely on the Israeli lobby but must also examine these broader forces as well Until we tackle this issue head on it will be very difficult to win in other areas relating to Palestine The results of the short term thinking behind U S policy are tragic not just for the immediate victims but eventually for Israel itself and American interests in the region The U S is sending enormous amounts of aid to the Middle East and yet we are less secure than ever both in terms of U S interests abroad and for individual Americans Zunes referred to a growing and increasing hostility of the average Arab toward the United States In the long term said Zunes peace and stability and cooperation with the vast Arab world is far more important for U S interests than this alliance with Israel This is not only an issue for those who are working for Palestinian rights but it also jeopardizes the entire agenda of those of us concerned about human rights concerned about arms control concerned about international law Zunes sees significant potential in building a broad based movement around it The above text is based on remarks delivered on 26 January 2001 by Stephen Zunes Associate Professor of Politics and Chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Program at San Francisco University The Cost of Israel to U S Taxpayers True Lies About U S Aid to Israel by Richard H Curtiss For many years the American media said that Israel receives 1 8 billion in military aid or that Israel receives 1 2 billion in economic aid Both statements were true but since they were never combined to give us the complete total of annual U S aid to Israel they also were lies true lies Recently Americans have begun to read and hear that Israel receives 3 billion in annual U S foreign aid That s true But it s still a lie The problem is that in fiscal 1997 alone Israel received from a variety of other U S federal budgets at least 525 8 million above and beyond its 3 billion from the foreign aid budget and yet another 2 billion in federal loan guarantees So the complete total of U S grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was 5 525 800 000 One can truthfully blame the mainstream media for never digging out these figures for themselves because none ever have They were compiled by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs But the mainstream media certainly are not alone Although Congress authorizes America s foreign aid total the fact that more than a third of it goes to a country smaller in both area and population than Hong Kong probably never has been mentioned on the floor of the Senate or House Yet it s been going on for more than a generation Probably the only members of Congress who even suspect the full total of U S funds received by Israel each year are the privileged few committee members who actually mark it up And almost all members of the concerned committees are Jewish have taken huge campaign donations orchestrated by Israel s Washington DC lobby the American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC or both These congressional committee members are paid to act not talk So they do and they don t The same applies to the president the secretary of state and the foreign aid administrator They all submit a budget that includes aid for Israel which Congress approves or increases but never cuts But no one in the executive branch mentions that of the few remaining U S aid recipients worldwide all of the others are developing nations which either make their military bases available to the U S are key members of international alliances in which the U S participates or have suffered some crippling blow of nature to their abilities to feed their people such as earthquakes floods or droughts Israel whose troubles arise solely from its unwillingness to give back land it seized in the 1967 war in return for peace with its neighbors does not fit those criteria In fact Israel s 1995 per capita gross domestic product was 15 800 That put it below Britain at 19 500 and Italy at 18 700 and just above Ireland at 15 400 and Spain at 14 300 All four of those European countries have contributed a very large share of immigrants to the U S yet none has organized an ethnic group to lobby for U S foreign aid Instead all four send funds and volunteers to do economic development and emergency relief work in other less fortunate parts of the world The lobby that Israel and its supporters have built in the United States to make all this aid happen and to ban discussion of it from the national dialogue goes far beyond AIPAC with its 15 million budget its 150 employees and its five or six registered lobbyists who manage to visit every member of Congress individually once or twice a year AIPAC in turn can draw upon the resources of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations a roof group set up solely to coordinate the efforts of some 52 national Jewish organizations on behalf of Israel Among them are Hadassah the Zionist women s organization which organizes a steady stream of American Jewish visitors to Israel the American Jewish Congress which mobilizes support for Israel among members of the traditionally left of center Jewish mainstream and the American Jewish Committee which plays the same role within the growing middle of the road and right of center Jewish community The American Jewish Committee also publishes Commentary one of the Israel lobby s principal national publications Perhaps the most controversial of these groups is B nai B rith s Anti Defamation League Its original highly commendable purpose was to protect the civil rights of American Jews Over the past generation however the ADL has regressed into a conspiratorial and with a 45 million budget extremely well funded hate group In the 1980s during the tenure of chairman Seymour Reich who went on to become chairman of the Conference of Presidents ADL was found to have circulated two annual fund raising letters warning Jewish parents against allegedly negative influences on their children arising from the increasing Arab presence on American university campuses More recently FBI raids on ADL s Los Angeles and San Francisco offices revealed that an ADL operative had purchased files stolen from the San Francisco police department that a court had ordered destroyed because they violated the civil rights of the individuals on whom they had been compiled ADL it was shown had added the illegally prepared and illegally obtained material to its own secret files compiled by planting informants among Arab American African American anti Apartheid and peace and justice groups The ADL infiltrators took notes of the names and remarks of speakers and members of audiences at programs organized by such groups ADL agents even recorded the license plates of persons attending such programs and then suborned corrupt motor vehicles department employees or renegade police officers to identify the owners Although one of the principal offenders fled the United States to escape prosecution no significant penalties were assessed ADL s Northern California office was ordered to comply with requests by persons upon whom dossiers had been prepared to see their own files but no one went to jail and as yet no one has paid fines Not surprisingly a defecting employee revealed in an article he published in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs that AIPAC too has such enemies files They are compiled for use by pro Israel journalists like Steven Emerson and other so called terrorism experts and also by professional academic or journalistic rivals of the persons described for use in black listing defaming or denouncing them What is never revealed is that AIPAC s opposition research department under the supervision of Michael Lewis son of famed Princeton University Orientalist Bernard Lewis is the source of this defamatory material But this is not AIPAC s most controversial activity In the 1970s when Congress put a cap on the amount its members could earn from speakers fees and book royalties over and above their salaries it halted AIPAC s most effective ways of paying off members for voting according to AIPAC recommendations Members of AIPAC s national board of directors solved the problem by returning to their home states and creating political action committees PACs Most special interests have PACs as do many major corporations labor unions trade associations and public interest groups But the pro Israel groups went wild To date some 126 pro Israel PACs have been registered and no fewer than 50 have been active in every national election over the past generation An individual voter can give up to 2 000 to a candidate in an election cycle and a PAC can give a candidate up to 10 000 However a single special interest with 50 PACs can give a candidate who is facing a tough opponent and who has voted according to its recommendations up to half a million dollars That s enough to buy all the television time needed to get elected in most parts of the country Even candidates who don t need this kind of money certainly don t want it to become available to a rival from their own party in a primary election or to an opponent from the opposing party in a general election As a result all but a handful of the 535 members of the Senate and House vote as AIPAC instructs when it comes to aid to Israel or other aspects of U S Middle East policy There is something else very special about AIPAC s network of political action committees Nearly all have deceptive names Who could possibly know that the Delaware Valley Good Government Association in Philadelphia San Franciscans for Good Government in California Cactus PAC in Arizona Beaver PAC in Wisconsin and even Icepac in New York are really pro Israel PACs under deep cover

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