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  • Lovearth.net - Connect Through 1000+ EcoHumanePoliticalSpiritual Websites
    Kuglin Direct Actions First they ignore you Then they laugh at you Then they fight you Then you win MohandasGandhi com Saturday September 24 In Washington D C End Colonial Occupation From Iraq To Palestine To Haiti Issues Of Nonviolence Against War Racism And Exploitation Video And Audio Now What Are They Doing To My Little Friends Family of Rachel Corrie Sues Israel and Caterpillar Inc World On Fire by Sarah McLachlan A Perfect Circle Imagine What Would You Do by Paris Einstein Proves Why She s A Bird Brain Jared Diamond Chronicles Failed Civilizations Hijacking Catastrophe Long Download Global Warming Interview with Ross Gelbspan Imagine by John Lennon Transition to Democracy Interview with Howard Zinn Treason Inc by Craig Hill I Have A Dream by Dr Martin Luther King Jr State of the Union editing by Edo Wilkins True State of the Union Message Pray for the Dead by David Rovics Cog created by Wieden and Kennedy Bill Hicks Video Archive The Abraham Zapruder Film Inaugural Address by President John F Kennedy Bush vs Bush by The Daily Show With Jon Stewart US Use Of Depleted Uranium Weapons by Helen Caldicott ASIMO Running Honda s Robot Dennis Bernstein Interviews David Ray Griffin On 911 9 11 In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act George Orwell net Shunned My 911 Work by Mark R Elsis Stand Down Exposing NORAD s Wag The 911 Tale Reply to Popular Mechanics re 9 11 PentagonResearch com Treason Inc by Craig Hill 911 Timeline The Most Comprehensive Timeline On 911 The Shattered Glass by John Kaminski In Plane Site Dennis Bernstein Interviews David Ray Griffin On 911 Reopen 911 Dedicated To Opening A Real Investigation Four 9 11 Moms Battle Bush United States Empire If you make peaceful change impossible you make violent revolution inevitable John F Kennedy net 2005 U S Military Budget 1 Trillion 31 710 A Second This Is More Than All Countries Will Spend Combined Military Expeditures War Resisters FCNL CDI The Raid On Iraq by Douglas Valentine United States By Numbers No 1 by Michael Ventura 20 Lies About The Iraqi War Afghan Massacre The Convoy of Death 108 Peace Slogans For Signs This War On Terrorism Is Bogus Peace And Love American Style Misinformation About The United States Military Palestine Israel One who condones evil is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it DrMartinLutherKingJr com Independence Day by Mark Glenn The Lavon Affair by David Hurst The Real Cost Of US Support For Israel Israel s Attack On USS Liberty Listen Or Watch The Loss Of Liberty A Look At The Powerful Jewish Lobby Bush Administration If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier just so long as I m the dictator GeorgeWalkerBush net Blair Hit By New Leak Of Secret War Plan Stolen Election by Mark R Elsis Analysis Of 2004 Presidential Exit Poll Discrepancies pdf New Disease Gonorrhea Lectim Bush Called Greatest

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  • Lovearth.net - How To Stay Young
    Laugh until you gasp for breath 6 The tears happen Endure grieve and move on The only person who is with us our entire life is ourselves Be alive while you are alive 7 Surround yourself with what you love whether it s family pets keepsakes music plants hobbies whatever Your home is your refuge 8 Cherish your health If it is good preserve it If it is unstable improve

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  • Lovearth.net - Human Evolution by Mathew Iredale
    of Australopithecus even messier than it was before The idea that human evolution is linear is clearly wrong but what about the idea that human evolution involves progress The idea is that numerous though they may have been primitive humans have always been replaced by more advanced humans until we reached the final perfect form the modern human Although it may at first seem obvious after all here we are modern man the sole human species the idea that human evolution is progressive has in recent years been increasingly undermined by the evidence But it is the publication of two very different pieces of scientific research in the last few months that has been most decisive The first of these involved the genetic analysis of lice which sounds unremarkable but has extraordinary implications The second involves one of most astounding scientific discoveries in the last fifty years a new species of human quite unlike any other As they evolve in tandem with their host lice like many parasites can be used as unique markers to investigate their host s evolutionary history something which can be very useful in the absence of any host data Of the two types of lice found on humans today one lives on the body or the head of people all around the world while the other is found only on the head and is unique to the Americas David Reed of the Florida Museum of Natural History and colleagues analysed the genetic differences between the two and found that they were so large that they must have diverged some 1 18 million years ago around the same time that our ancestors diverged from an archaic H erectus species Reed and his team believe that the louse found only in the Americas was the one that evolved on H erectus while the worldwide louse evolved on the population that eventually became H sapiens As both lice are now found on H sapiens at some point in the recent past the two species must have made direct contact again human lice cannot survive off the body of a host for more than 24 hours and the H erectus louse jumped back onto a population of H sapiens which subsequently colonised America The question is when According to Reed the evidence suggests that H erectus was contemporaneous with modern H sapiens in eastern Asia as suggested by Swisher et al This is a reference to Carl Swisher of the Berkeley Geochronology Center who dated the soil in H erectus skulls from Java in 1996 and proposed that H erectus survived in Java up until 53 000 to possibly 27 000 years ago give or take a couple of thousand years In other words H erectus may have survived on Java at least 250 000 years longer than on the Asian mainland and perhaps 1 million years longer than in Africa Swisher raised the possibility that H erectus overlapped in time with modern humans in Southeast Asia but he

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  • Lovearth.net - The Environment: The Most Important Issue That We Face
    cent from 1990 levels by 2010 They are currently 12 6 per cent lower than in 1990 8 6 months is the estimated reduction in lifespan of average European due to pollution 434 000 000 tons of waste is produced in Britain each year enough to fill the Albert Hall every two hours 50cm average distance between pieces of litter on UK beaches Levels of rubbish on beaches have increased 82 per cent in a decade Rubbish is dumped illegally in UK every 35 secs 22m tons of rubbish from British homes sent to landfill sites every year 10 species of wild flower are believed to be disappearing from each county in Britain each decade 21 native flowering plants have disappeared from Britain in the past 150 years 50 per cent fall in the population of birds living in agricultural fields since 1970 with tree sparrows down by 87 per cent 95 per cent of our important wildlife rich lowland peat bogs have been destroyed in the past half century 97 per cent of our flower rich lowland grasslands have disappeared since 1930 17 per cent of household waste was recycled last year The target is 35 per cent by

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  • LOVEARTH.net - Yoga At The Speed Of Light And The Meaning Of 108 by Linda Johnsen
    the sun and moon take through heaven Each is associated with a particular blessing force with which you align yourself as you turn the beads Traditionally yoga students stop at the 109th guru bead flip the mala around in their hand and continue reciting their mantra as they move backward through the beads The guru bead represents the summer and winter solstices when the sun appears to stop in its course and reverse directions In the yoga tradition we learn that we re deeply interconnected with all of nature Using a mala is a symbolic way of connecting ourselves with the cosmic cycles governing our universe But Professor Kak points out other coincidences The distance between the earth and the sun is approximately 108 times the sun s diameter The diameter of the sun is about 108 times the earth s diameter And the distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon s diameter Could this be the reason the ancient sages considered 108 such a sacred number If the microcosm us mirrors the macrocosm the solar system then maybe you could say there are 108 steps between our ordinary human awareness and the divine light at the center of our being Each time we chant another mantra as our mala beads slip through our fingers we are taking another step toward our own inner sun As we read through ancient Indian texts we find so much the sages of antiquity could not possibly have known but did While our European and Middle Eastern ancestors claimed that the universe was created about 6 000 years ago the yogis have always maintained that our present cosmos is billions of years old and that it s just one of many such universes which have arisen and dissolved in the vastness of eternity In fact the Puranas encyclopedias of yogic lore thousands of years old describe the birth of our solar system out of a milk ocean the Milky Way Through the will of the Creator they tell us a vortex shaped like a lotus arose from the navel of eternity It was called Hiranya Garbha the shining womb It gradually coalesced into our world but will perish some day billions of years hence when the sun expands to many times it present size swallowing all life on earth In the end the Puranas say the ashes of the earth will be blown into space by the cosmic wind Today we known this is a scientifically accurate if poetic description of the fate of our planet The Surya Siddhanta is the oldest surviving astronomical text in the Indian tradition Some Western scholars date it to perhaps the fifth or sixth centuries A D though the text itself claims to represent a tradition much much older It explains that the earth is shaped like a ball and states that at the very opposite side of the planet from India is a great city where the sun is rising at the

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  • Lovearth.net - Investing In Environment Pays Off At 100 To 1
    biomes or massive ecosystems before and after development took place for instance a tropical forest in Selangor Malasia that converted to high impact logging and a mangrove system in Thailand that installed an aquaculture and shrimp farming economy Taking into account the erosion of non marketed services like soil formation flood protection and carbon dioxide conversion and the compromise of low impact activities like tourism and the sustainable harvesting of plants and animals the biomes lost about half their value after development took place according to the combined results of the studies That net loss translates to about 250 billion a year given current rates of global development of wild areas The authors performed several statistical analyses to reach the 100 1 ROI figure To establish the 45 billion annual cost of building and maintaining an adequate global reserve of wild nature which they define as 15 percent of the terrestrial biosphere and 30 percent of the marine biosphere the authors extrapolate from current studies including their own earlier research To preserve land areas 20 28 billion per year is needed say the authors while 23 billion per year is needed for the seas To reach the 44 to 52 trillion annual return figure the authors modified earlier estimates of the gross value of 17 ecosystems across 16 biomes For the current study they used the net benefit of conversion the value of the intact system minus the value of the converted system While the reasoning sounds abstract the financial analysis is all too real Costanza says In many cases we re talking about replacing services that ecosystems provide flood protection for instance or repairing damage once ecosystems have been compromised It takes real money to do that There are also lost opportunity costs such as the loss of potential

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  • Lovearth.net - Earth 'Will Expire By 2050'
    study will also reveal a sharp fall in the planet s ecosystems between 1970 and 2002 with the Earth s forest cover shrinking by about 12 per cent the ocean s biodiversity by a third and freshwater ecosystems in the region of 55 per cent The Living Planet report uses an index to illustrate the shocking level of deterioration in the world s forests as well as marine and freshwater ecosystems Using 1970 as a baseline year and giving it a value of 100 the index has dropped to a new low of around 65 in the space of a single generation It is not just humans who are at risk Scientists who examined data for 350 kinds of mammals birds reptiles and fish also found the numbers of many species have more than halved Martin Jenkins senior adviser for the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge which helped compile the report said It seems things are getting worse faster than possibly ever before Never has one single species had such an overwhelming influence We are entering uncharted territory Figures from the centre reveal that black rhino numbers have fallen from 65 000 in 1970 to around 3 100 now Numbers of African elephants have fallen from around 1 2 million in 1980 to just over half a million while the population of tigers has fallen by 95 per cent during the past century The UK s birdsong population has also seen a drastic fall with the corn bunting population declining by 92 per cent between 1970 and 2000 the tree sparrow by 90 per cent and the spotted flycatcher by 70 per cent Experts however say it is difficult to ascertain how many species have vanished for ever because a species has to disappear for 50 years before it can be declared extinct Attention is now focused on next month s Earth Summit in Johannesburg the most important environmental negotiations for a decade However the talks remain bedevilled with claims that no agreements will be reached and that US President George W Bush will fail to attend Matthew Spencer a spokesman for Greenpeace said There will have to be concessions from the richer nations to the poorer ones or there will be fireworks The preparatory conference for the summit held in Bali last month was marred by disputes between developed nations and poorer states and non governmental organisations NGOs despite efforts by British politicians to broker compromises on key issues America which sent 300 delegates to the conference is accused of blocking many of the key initiatives on energy use biodiversity and corporate responsibility The WWF report shames the US for placing the greatest pressure on the environment It found the average US resident consumes almost double the resources as that of a UK citizen and more than 24 times that of some Africans Based on factors such as a nation s consumption of grain fish wood and fresh water along with its emissions of carbon dioxide from industry

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  • lovearth.net - There Are Three Kinds Of Victories
    Act etc These laws focus almost exclusively on scientific information and they require citizens to prove scientifically that harm is occurring to humans and or to the environment before regulatory action can begin I call this the prove harm system of environmental regulation Initially corporate polluters complained bitterly that the new system was going to put them out of business but this turned out to be just another Brer Rabbit in the Briar Patch story polluters LOVE the prove harm regulatory system They thrive under the system With the benefit of 30 years of hindsight we now know why the system can t protect the environment or humans Here is a partial list of reasons 1 The prove harm system of regulation requires that harm must occur before action can be taken This means that many millions of people had to become sick with childhood cancers lymphomas reproductive cancers breast prostate Parkinson s disease chronic fatigue syndrome diabetes endometriosis asthma and a host of other environment related diseases before regulators could pay attention Thus regulators were put in the futile and frustrating position of trying to close the barn door long after the horse had left As a result the entire planet is now contaminated with potent long lived industrial poisons that were released and in most cases are still being released on the assumption that they are safe because no on has proven otherwise By the time scientific proof of harm accumulates it is too late to prevent harm Thus true prevention is generally not an option under the prove harm system 2 Science often cannot define harm very clearly much less prove that it has occurred Take the case of the toxic metal lead In 1975 39 micrograms of lead in a 10th of a liter of human blood was declared harmless 40 was the action level We now know that 39 can cause severe brain damage in children As science improved 29 micrograms was declared harmless then 14 micrograms and now 9 Today 30 years and tens of millions of brain damaged children later many scientists acknowledge that ANY amount of lead in your blood can damage your central nervous system and reduce your IQ However scientists hired by the lead industry dispute these conclusions pointing to uncertainties in some of the data and so the scientific debate continues while the safe level of lead remains at 9 micrograms which most knowledgable scientists consider damaging to children 2 3 As in the case of harm from lead there is always some uncertainty in any scientific conclusion Under the prove harm regulatory system scientific uncertainty provides a green light for business as usual Under the prove harm system when you re flying blind it s full speed ahead until science proves harm If you don t know what you re doing just do it When scientific uncertainty is allowed to create a green light for business as usual scientists can always be found who will cast doubt on

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