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  • Lofland bLOG » On the Sidelines
    12 05pm by Christen A friend of mine was recenlty killed in Iraq I wasn t particularly close to him In fact I knew his sisters much better than him His death is one of those things that I look at more like something disturbing on the evening news than as a personal tragedy I do however feel very deeply for his family who is left behind Unfortuantly because I neither share in their personal grief over the loss because I was not close to him nor do I have any personal experience of such a loss that will allow me to relate nor is my friendship with them quite close enough to be the shoulder they might cry on I am basically just a bystander It is very odd to just stand on the side and watch people that you love suffer I feel like I am in this place a lot though It is how I felt about hurricane Katrina Having lived there before I felt the tragedy and loss very greatly but now living in Kansas I cannot personally participate in the grief Just standing on the sidelines watching people I love in great pain When we

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  • Lofland bLOG » Not My Faultism?
    wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 369 Warning mysql fetch assoc expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given in home clofland lofland net LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 372 Lofland bLOG Not My Faultism Filed under Personal on Monday February 20th 2006 10 43am by Christen I really get irritated by people who don t take resonsibility for their lives If you talk to me much you probably know that It drives me nuts to see people who just meander through life wondering why it treats them the way it does instead of taking it by the reins and living life on purpose It has recently occured to me though that calvinism may really be a way for people to do this and claim they are backed by the Scriptures in this way of going about life Could calvinism really just be an excuse to abandon personal responsibility I consider myself to be somewhat of a calvinist so this occurance bothers me a bit The only thing more fun than defending my position though is rethinking it I know accepting SOME

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  • Lofland bLOG » Scientology
    notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 369 Warning mysql fetch assoc expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given in home clofland lofland net LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 372 Lofland bLOG Scientology Filed under Personal on Monday February 20th 2006 10 40am by Christen Wow I am stunned How can these people even exist Personally I find it somewhat difficult to exist as a believer in Jesus Christ in a world that demands physical proof for any and everything However I believe that the difficulty is a good one I would rather people be sceptical than wishy washy Of course the funny thing is most people believe a huge number of falsehoods everyday that are not substantiated by any physical evidence Things like If you buy this big screen TV you will be happy However I had absolutely no idea just how wacky Scientology was They are absolutely insane The stuff is not even good science fiction Start here for a good shock at the weirdness and then go to the front of the book and read it all if you have time If nothing else

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  • Lofland bLOG » For shame!
    Sylvester the cat Loony Tunes AKA Bug s Bunny cartoons had a son that always wanted his dad to teach him how to catch a mouse Sylvester would dutifully try to show his son how to catch a mouse or bird and would dutifully foul up dreadfully His son would put a bag over his head and cry For shame I have a father who can t catch a mouse for shame Well I m searching for my bag This kind of stuff is enough to make me very very embarrassed to call myself a Christian This story came up in several places but I think the Jerusalem Post is a good place to quote from Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon s stroke was divine punishment for dividing God s land ARG What a complete fool idiot dolt etc I can t think up enough words for this jerk It isn t the first time Pat Robertson has said things like this but this is really a new low To make things worse here is what Angell Watts Pat Roberson s spokesperson said when questioned on the issue What they re basically saying is

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  • Lofland bLOG » My introduction to Apple computing.
    wanted to open up a text file on the Mac that I hadn t actually TYPED on the Mac It happened to come from a PC but it was just straight text I tried a couple of directions and it turns out the Mac was happy enough to read a PC formatted disk which was really cool So I copied my little text file onto the desktop of the Mac Now what I tried finding a way to drop to a command prompt so I could just do a type DOS or cat UNIX command but the Mac HAS no command shell either under it or on top of it Nothing just the GUI I dig through all of the programs and such and it appears that the only thing that is even remotely part of the default install of the Mac OS must have been like 7 or 7 1 maybe that deals with text files is something called TeachText I don t know what it is supposed to teach or be taught but it isn t real bright I opened up TeachText used the menu and tried to open my text file No go didn t like it and couldn t see it I tried renaming the file txt doc tt etc No go it didn t care I tried dragging the file s icon onto the TeachText icon No go Tried opening TeachText and dragging the file into the program No go I mash a bunch of keys in frustration and the Mac give me the finger bomb Lovely you can t open a dang text file from a PC on a Mac So I hunted around and found a self proclaimed Mac guru I learned all about data forks and resource forks Seemed like a really cool idea Why should your file s entire personality be tied into some stupid 3 letter extension I could definitely see the benefits of this resource fork Apparently my PC file only had a data fork and no resource fork and so the Mac had no clue what it was So instead of just renaming the file to whatever txt as I would on a DOS Windows box I just had to give it a resource fork that told the Mac that it was a TeachText file Never mind that notepad on Windows will attempt to open any file you try to give it I guess the Mac is made for stupid people who might try to open the wrong file with Notepad Don t they know that most stupid people use Windows not Mac s So anyway I ask how do we make the resource fork Oh easy you just use Norton Utilities for the Mac or something like that Huh You mean I have to go buy third party software just to tell this blasted machine to open a text file Well uh yeah Dumb dumb dumb Ok so we scrounge around and just happen to actually dig

    Original URL path: http://www.lofland.net/LoflandBLOG/2005/11/29/my-introduction-to-apple-computing/ (2016-04-27)
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  • Lofland bLOG » Cynicism about Money
    ATM s I guess it is like their headquarters or something Anyway there are a lot of them too There is a very prominent one in the middle of this food court As I sat there eating my pizza and watching the poor souls that had to make a living serving out junk food I tried to put myself in their shoes What would it be like to stand behind that counter all day I realized exactly what it would be like Sitting behind that counter all day waiting for people to get little green pieces of paper out of that Bank of America box in the middle of the room and come put them in my box I realized that I would become extremely cynical and depressed over the futility of the whole situation I mean if I could just go get those green pieces of paper myself and put a bunch of them in my box then I could go home I could see myself becoming a bank robber I can just see myself trying to explain my little boxes to the police Honestly sir I was just trying to speed up the process Of course I do know enough about economics to know why that doesn t work but I also know enough to realize that on a larger scale that really is just how it does work They little green pieces of paper just go around and around in big circles People have been trying to cut out the middle man for years but the problem is everyone is the middle man The only way to cut out the middle man is for me to get myself out That really is key too I have never really had a love for money but I do love

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  • Lofland bLOG » A Decade on the Web
    a public billboard to just say what you want to anyone that happens to pass by Part of the reason for this change is search engines Back in 1995 they were not so prevalent and certainly not so powerful Surfing the web meant just that It meant starting at a page and then jumping from one page to the next via links By posting lots of links on your site you helped people find things that you have found useful There used to be huge pages of links for this and that subject that people would post on their sites These were extremely useful for a long time Even when search engines showed up that could spider the entire Internet they still had a bad habit of just spitting out useless pages based on the words you searched for Now days very few people post lists of links anymore Some sites like Yahoo and Ask Jeeves still have sections where they try to list sites by subject however search engines like Google have become so good that you really can just find what you want through them We really don t surf anymore instead we google the Internet Google s ability to give you useful pages based on ranking was revolutionary for the Internet It is funny though that at least as far as I understand a lot of that ranking is based on how many people link to a site I wonder if Google will ever got so popular that no one will post links anymore and thus Google will have no way to rank sites anymore Anyway My original site remains much as it was ten years ago at http www lofland net Lofland The content has changed a bit and all of the links pages are gone

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  • Lofland bLOG » Pictures
    LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 369 Warning mysql fetch assoc expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given in home clofland lofland net LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 372 Lofland bLOG Pictures Filed under Personal on Saturday September 3rd 2005 6 09pm by Christen I ve just uploaded new family

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