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  • Lofland bLOG » SUN Solaris & Veritas bug
    with systems running Solaris 8 or greater needs to verify that logging is either disabled or that the necessary patch for Veritas volume manager is applied See the sunsolve article for patch numbers and fixes ERROR MESSAGE ON THE CONSOLE 00 19 24 WARNING Error writing ufs log state 00 19 32 WARNING ufs log for changed state to Error 00 19 32 WARNING Please umount 1M and run fsck 1M 00 19 33 WARNING Error writing master during ufs log roll 00 19 33 WARNING ufs log for changed state to Error 00 19 33 WARNING Please umount 1M and run fsck 1M 00 19 34 Cannot mount root on pseudo vxio 0 0 fstype ufs http sunsolve sun com search document do assetkey 1 26 57636 1 Example commands to check your server grep i rootvol etc vfstab pkginfo l VRTSvxvm grep VERSION patchadd p grep 112392 If you do not want to apply the patch you can add nologging to the end of the rootvol and var mount lines in etc vfstab like this one line with and one without dev vx dsk rootvol dev vx rdsk rootvol ufs 1 no nologging dev vx dsk var dev vx rdsk var var ufs 1 no You must reboot for the above to take affect either way It may take two reboots for it to actually take when going from nologging to The first boot creates the metaspace for the log and the second actually starts logging IF you DO get a machine that will not boot because of this then you can try booting from the oscopy disk and fixing things like this In the OBP ok setenv auto boot false ok reset all it won t try to boot since auto boot is false ok boot oscopy

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  • Lofland bLOG » Change the Gateway (Default Router) on SUN
    11th 2006 3 22pm by Christen The default route is carried in a file called etc defaultrouter which is read at boot time In order to avoid having to reboot you can also add a default route manually and delete the old one Here are the steps I took to change the default route on a host recently first do a traceroute for later comparison traceroute knownhost anothersub net This command will show you the current default route netstat rn just for the record take a look at what the route is now if any cat etc defaultrouter This sets the new default route for the next reboot echo 10 0 0 1 etc defaultrouter Again just checking to be sure it worked cat etc defaultrouter Now we add the new default route to the current routing table If you are going to reboot you do not need to do this step route add default 10 0 0 1 and we take out the old one If you are going to reboot you do not need to do this step route delete default 192 168 0 1 Now we check that the new route is in and the old one

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  • Lofland bLOG » Mounted File system and Mount Point permissions
    on the top of the filesystem itself are not related In other words If you ls on a directory and then mount a filesystem to that directory and run the same ls command the permissions will look different Thus 1 Restrict the permissions on the mount point directory to be read only This way if the filesystem is not mounted for some reason no one can write any files to the directory This will prevent two things First it will prevent someone from filling up the root filesystem by accident Second it will prevent files from getting spread out across the directory inside the mount point and the filesystem itself It can be a real mess trying to resync up a filesystem and the files stuck in the directory 2 When creating a new filesystem be sure to mount it and set the permissions since you can t do this without the filesystem being mounted How do you tell if a directory is just that or if it is it s own filesystem df k root df k home home dev vg00 lvol5 20464 total allocated Kb 8728 free allocated Kb 11736 used allocated Kb 57 allocation used root df k etc dev vg00 lvol3 143360 total allocated Kb 3976 free allocated Kb 139384 used allocated Kb 97 allocation used See home is its own filesystem but etc is in as you can see above What do you do if you have a directory full of files that should have been in a filesystem mounted at that point First mount the filesystem manually to another directory Under temp or something Use fuser to see if any of the files are open They must not be Then do something like this to get the files over to the mount point cd

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  • Lofland bLOG » Who is holding a file open?
    fetch assoc expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given in home clofland lofland net LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 372 Lofland bLOG Who is holding a file open Filed under Unix Notes on Monday March 13th 2006 2 53pm by Christen lsof will tell you who is using what file system It is a pretty standard unix util but

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  • Lofland bLOG » Running out of free space in /var on HPUX
    2 3 1 php on line 369 Warning mysql fetch assoc expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given in home clofland lofland net LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 372 Lofland bLOG Running out of free space in var on HPUX Filed under Unix Notes on Monday March 13th 2006 11 24am by Christen cd var bdf free space just here cleanup c 1 clean up any patches that have been superceded at least ome time May free up some space check var tombstones check var adm wtmp last user login info type last to get the info most systems zero this out daily Use this to list how much space is used by each directory starting with the biggest Useful for spotting where the problem may be du kxa sort rn more remember filename zero a file out used for open files same as cat dev null filename var adm wtmp holds the info that last shows It gets quite huge if noone cleans it out Most boxes have a cron job to do this just var adm wtmp to empty it last last good login lastb last login

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  • Lofland bLOG » Open Log Files
    lofland net LoflandBLOG wp content plugins wp email notification email notification 2 3 1 php on line 372 Lofland bLOG Open Log Files Filed under Unix Notes on Monday March 13th 2006 11 02am by Christen I ve patched this together some of my facts may be wrong but I think the solution is right When an application is writing to a file it may keep the file open The application will grab the file and open a handle If you delete the file the application still has an open handle to the file s inode Deleting or moving the file out from under the application can have some bad affects One possibility is that the applicatoin just keeps writing to the same handle and the space is not cleared from the drive So if your drive was filling up it just keeps filling Another possibility is that the application just gets upset and will not log anymore until you restart it The solution is to zero the file instead by simply running cat dev null file name this has become such a common thing to do that on most Unix flavors this does the same thing file name That will zero the file so that it is empty but leave the inode alone and the open handle that the applicatoin has open will still work but now your disk wil have more free space again If you need to preserve the file s contents use the cp command to copy the file to somewhere else first befire you zero it Then gzip the copy Just don t ever use mv or rm on an open file The best thing to do is stop the application then move the log then restart it but usually you don t want to

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  • Lofland bLOG » Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on HPUX
    be BLANK meaning everything in the list was NOT a volume Remember all disks on an HP box are in a vg if they are used Now we know what disks are not being used however half of those are alternate links How do we know which ones EMC SAN Arrays inq sortsymm this is an EMC tool so it works if we have EMC disks in the box Each disk has a serial number The first 3 digits 220 is the frame serial number next two E8 is the disk last part is the frame So here you can see what drives are the same drive The Array usually has a bunch of 72 gig drives but they are shown to us as 8 gig drives Internal drives will always be a d0 b c they are not carved up Usually with EMC disks the C s are different but the t and d s are the same for the same drive on the EMC It doesn t have to be that way though so watch those serial numbers Each EMC drive has a unique serial so you can see if two disks on the local system are just redundant paths to the same EMC path To combine the free disk list from HPUX with the serial number list from the Hitachi SAN and get a list of availalbe drives with serial numbers for i in ls dev dsk do pvdisplay i done 2 tmp disk out cat tmp disk out grep v Could grep v belongs cut d f6 sed s g sed s g tmp disklist rm tmp disk out inq sortsymm grep rdsk tmp seriallist for i in kk cat tmp disklist cut d f4 do grep i tmp seriallist done sort k 5 tmp availabledisklist rm tmp disklist rm tmp seriallist Echo Your list is in tmp availabledisklist Maybe we could combine a few more commands and ellimnate one more temp file but the commands start to get insane Obviously the DVD ROM isn t available and any other local drives are not what we want The list should clearly show if they are EMC drives or something else Also there are what may be EMC control disks they are small 4 meg and 2 meg drives Don t use these Just use the ones that are in the standard 8gig size Hitachi SAN Arrays lunstat ts egrep Serial Device paste s d t n This will list the devices with the serial numbers so you can see which drives are identical Be sure to sanity check it all The ctd numbers should be similar for same drives when you add drives to the volume it should automatically recognize them as alernate paths to the same drive Don t use drives that are not on the SAN They will have different serial numbers To combine the free disk list from HPUX with the serial number list from the Hitachi SAN and get a list of

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  • Lofland bLOG
    ahead of time cmmodpkg e pkg01 pkg02 pkg03 pkg04 pkg05 pkgftp1 Turns the enable for failover back on for all packages This should be done if there is a 3 node cluster so that they can fail to node 3 otherwise they cannot fail over to anywhere after this By reenabling it if the other node did go down after your patched node came back up they could come over to it before you did it My trainer had this happen once where his patched server came back up and then suddenly pakcages came to it b c another box failed on him suddenly during the patching window The cmhaltpkg command automaticall disables the pkg switch option as you will see in a cmviewcl display This is covered in the man page for cmhaltpkg The concept is that if you halt a package manuall you don t want it to go starting up anywhere you want it to stay halted or to start where you put it and stay there Also you may get patrol alerts if the pkg switch id disabled cmhaltnode server1 cmviewcl may take a few minutes before the node finished reforming reads soem files before cmviewcl shows things properly shutdown y 0 or whatever it is you need to do After the server comes back up the cluster will come up by itself remember you halted it but the packages should not move over to it UNLESS you have AUTO FALL BACK set on and the PKG SWITCH is enabled Some clients let the SA edit the pkg files some clients don t want the SA to mess with them at all When moving packages BACK to their home server you can use a little trick Just cmhaltpkg the package that halts it and disables the PKG SWITCH then just do a cmmodpkg e pacckage and it will automatically start back up on the package s primary server You get to skip the cmrunpkg n server package command for each package cmhaltpkg pkgftp1 cmmodpkg e pkgftp1 cmhaltpkg pkg05 cmmodpkg e pkg05 cmhaltpkg pkg05 cmmodpkg e pkg05 Only downside here is the cmmodpkg comes back before the package has started unlike the cmrunpkg so you have to use cmviewcl to see when the package has started up you can also cmhaltpkg pkg03 pkg02 cmmodpkg e pkg03 pkg02 to save a little typing One cool note if you are patching or upgrading boxes moving all of the packages to server1 after you patched it and before you patch server2 and then testing the application gives you a quick and dirty real world test of whether whatever you did will break the application before you upgrade server2 If it does break the application right away then you have server2 still in pre broken state so you can just move things there while you roll back server1 No Comments Cheat Sheet Filed under Unix Notes on Monday February 27th 2006 3 51pm by Christen This is common stuff that I always forget at the wrong moment so I print this and put it on my wall at work shell To see what shell you are using being in just sh explains a lot echo SHELL Make vi your command line editory set o vi Or if you are still in sh to switch to ksh and set vi as the command line editor ksh o vi crontab minutes 0 59 hours 0 23 dates 1 31 months 1 12 days 0 6 command Set your backspace key to work stty erase BACKSPACE It may be you just need to switch how Putty is set up Set CTRL Z to suspend job stty susp Z Set other Terminal parameters stty rows 80 stty cols 25 export DISPLAY vt100 Command line completion HPX ESC or ESC ESC SUN ESC AIX ESC ABOVE ESC List all options ESC Put all options on command line LNX TAB vi h left j up k down l right i insert a append A append at end of line x delete X backspace 0 start of line or is it end of line b back word w forward word CTRL H backspace search n next instance Other handy vi commands g go to line of file G last line of file o open a line below me to type in O open a line above me to type in u undo 1 s 4 john g from first line to last line of file search for 4 and replace with john globally all instances on the line yy yank the line copy dd cut current line p paste below P Paste above x as ROOT write and quit even Read Only files Firefox F7 Carret Browsing select text w keyboard search Search only links Simple awk lines I always use but never remember awk print 3 cuts column 3 awk dev print 2 print dev with column 2 c n awk print c print column n More awk stuff http mattwalsh com twiki bin view Main AwkTutorial banner test dev console No Comments On the Sidelines Filed under Personal on Monday February 20th 2006 12 05pm by Christen A friend of mine was recenlty killed in Iraq I wasn t particularly close to him In fact I knew his sisters much better than him His death is one of those things that I look at more like something disturbing on the evening news than as a personal tragedy I do however feel very deeply for his family who is left behind Unfortuantly because I neither share in their personal grief over the loss because I was not close to him nor do I have any personal experience of such a loss that will allow me to relate nor is my friendship with them quite close enough to be the shoulder they might cry on I am basically just a bystander It is very odd to just stand on the side and watch people that you love suffer I feel like I am in this place a lot though It is how I felt about hurricane Katrina Having lived there before I felt the tragedy and loss very greatly but now living in Kansas I cannot personally participate in the grief Just standing on the sidelines watching people I love in great pain When we see a car wreck we all naturally want to help but most of us don t really have the knowledge or resources to be much of any help I struggle back and forth over whether my feelings are of a sincere wish that these people could be helped or whether they are simply selfish feelings of wishing that I could somehow be some sort of hero I don t suppose it really matters what the cause is and probably it is both No Comments Not My Faultism Filed under Personal on Monday February 20th 2006 10 43am by Christen I really get irritated by people who don t take resonsibility for their lives If you talk to me much you probably know that It drives me nuts to see people who just meander through life wondering why it treats them the way it does instead of taking it by the reins and living life on purpose It has recently occured to me though that calvinism may really be a way for people to do this and claim they are backed by the Scriptures in this way of going about life Could calvinism really just be an excuse to abandon personal responsibility I consider myself to be somewhat of a calvinist so this occurance bothers me a bit The only thing more fun than defending my position though is rethinking it I know accepting SOME of the five points but not all of them is considered illogical by most but that is an issue for another post No Comments Scientology Filed under Personal on Monday February 20th 2006 10 40am by Christen Wow I am stunned How can these people even exist Personally I find it somewhat difficult to exist as a believer in Jesus Christ in a world that demands physical proof for any and everything However I believe that the difficulty is a good one I would rather people be sceptical than wishy washy Of course the funny thing is most people believe a huge number of falsehoods everyday that are not substantiated by any physical evidence Things like If you buy this big screen TV you will be happy However I had absolutely no idea just how wacky Scientology was They are absolutely insane The stuff is not even good science fiction Start here for a good shock at the weirdness and then go to the front of the book and read it all if you have time If nothing else it will allow you to know what it is when you hear about it I always thought they were harmless weirdos with boxes but they are crazy No Comments Kill Usage Filed under Unix Notes on Monday February 20th 2006 9 38am by Christen kill HUP PID kill TERM PID kill KILL PID I did not write this I just found it and posted it here for my own reference Why does everyone jump straight to 9 DO NOT USE 9 AS YOUR FIRST KILL SIGNAL Try a nice friendly HUP perhaps a little stronger TERM If for some reason these don t work knock a little louder with KILL ie 9 but don t whine if something else gets hosed due to the strong signal not to scare anyone it s unlikely that anything critical is happening anyway any more than just writing a file but you could leave resources locked in use ie memory etc Also use HUP and TERM and KILL you ll be thankful when you miss your kill 1 and do a kill 1 instead you ll use HUP from then on well maybe not on a pda but on a production server etc UNIX kill signals Signal Name Signal Number Action HUP 1 Hangup INT 2 Interrupt QUIT 3 Quit dumps core file ILL 4 Illegal instruction dumps core file TRAP 5 Breakpoint trap dumps core file IOT 6 I O trap dumps core file EMT 7 Emulator trap dumps core file FPE 8 Floating Point Exception dumps core file KILL 9 Kill with extreme prejudice BUS 10 Bus error dumps core file SEGV 11 Segment Violation dumps core file SYS 12 Bad system call argument dumps core file PIPE 13 Write to nonexistent pipe ALRM 14 Alarm clock timeout TERM 15 Terminate USR1 16 User defined signal USR2 17 User defined signal CHLD 18 Child status aka CLD PWR 19 Power failure or restart WINCH 20 Window size change URG 21 Urgent socket condition IO 22 Socket I O aka POLL STOP 23 Stop from non tty process see CONT TSTP 24 Stop from tty process see CONT CONT 25 Continue a stopped process TTIN 26 Waiting for background tty input see CONT TTOU 27 Waiting for background tty output see CONT VTALRM 28 Virtual alarm timeout PROF 29 Profiling timeout XCPU 30 CPU time limit exceeded dumps core file XFSZ 31 File size limit exceeded dumps core file No Comments For shame Filed under Personal on Friday January 6th 2006 9 53am by Christen Do you remember when Sylvester the cat Loony Tunes AKA Bug s Bunny cartoons had a son that always wanted his dad to teach him how to catch a mouse Sylvester would dutifully try to show his son how to catch a mouse or bird and would dutifully foul up dreadfully His son would put a bag over his head and cry For shame I have a father who can t catch a mouse for shame Well I m searching for my bag This kind of stuff is enough to make me very very embarrassed to call myself a Christian This story came up in several places but I think the Jerusalem Post is a good place to quote from Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon s stroke was divine punishment for dividing God s land ARG What a complete fool idiot dolt etc I can t think up enough words for this jerk It isn t the first time Pat Robertson has said things like this but this is really a new low To make things worse here is what Angell Watts Pat Roberson s spokesperson said when questioned on the issue What they re basically saying is How dare Pat Robertson quote the Bible This is what the word of God says Watts said This is nothing new to the Christian community What For shame for shame Of course the pundits are having a hay day Americans United for Separation of Church and State said a religious leader should not be making callous political points while a man is struggling for his life Well given the choice of which group to join personally I ll join the ACLU before I join the ACLJ What a maroon No Comments My introduction to Apple computing Filed under Personal on Tuesday November 29th 2005 12 09pm by Christen Back in 98 we had some ancient Mac Classic s in a classroom that I worked in I really grew to loath those things The most annoying thing was whenever they were unhappy with you they just popped up this little picture of a bomb It was really the Mac s supposedly non offensive way of giving you the finger But that isn t the point of this One of the students there was really into computers and considered himself somewhat of a geek He also was really into using the term That s the BOMB I never really could figure out if the bomb was good or bad Whenever the Mac would give me the finger bomb though I would always exclaim That s the BOMB He would come running over and say What what where what is it I would just point at the screen and say There see right there on the screen That s the bomb He would just roll his eyes at me and leave But that really is NOT the point I wanted to open up a file on the Mac The dude was not networked not much was back then and so it was sneaker net It was a simple task I just wanted to open up a text file on the Mac that I hadn t actually TYPED on the Mac It happened to come from a PC but it was just straight text I tried a couple of directions and it turns out the Mac was happy enough to read a PC formatted disk which was really cool So I copied my little text file onto the desktop of the Mac Now what I tried finding a way to drop to a command prompt so I could just do a type DOS or cat UNIX command but the Mac HAS no command shell either under it or on top of it Nothing just the GUI I dig through all of the programs and such and it appears that the only thing that is even remotely part of the default install of the Mac OS must have been like 7 or 7 1 maybe that deals with text files is something called TeachText I don t know what it is supposed to teach or be taught but it isn t real bright I opened up TeachText used the menu and tried to open my text file No go didn t like it and couldn t see it I tried renaming the file txt doc tt etc No go it didn t care I tried dragging the file s icon onto the TeachText icon No go Tried opening TeachText and dragging the file into the program No go I mash a bunch of keys in frustration and the Mac give me the finger bomb Lovely you can t open a dang text file from a PC on a Mac So I hunted around and found a self proclaimed Mac guru I learned all about data forks and resource forks Seemed like a really cool idea Why should your file s entire personality be tied into some stupid 3 letter extension I could definitely see the benefits of this resource fork Apparently my PC file only had a data fork and no resource fork and so the Mac had no clue what it was So instead of just renaming the file to whatever txt as I would on a DOS Windows box I just had to give it a resource fork that told the Mac that it was a TeachText file Never mind that notepad on Windows will attempt to open any file you try to give it I guess the Mac is made for stupid people who might try to open the wrong file with Notepad Don t they know that most stupid people use Windows not Mac s So anyway I ask how do we make the resource fork Oh easy you just use Norton Utilities for the Mac or something like that Huh You mean I have to go buy third party software just to tell this blasted machine to open a text file Well uh yeah Dumb dumb dumb Ok so we scrounge around and just happen to actually dig up an old copy probably pirated but who cares at this point of Norton Utilities for the Mac I fire it up and take a look Sure enough the PC file has a data fork but no resource fork So what do I do Oh just make a resource fork for it Ok what do I put in it Oh I have no clue the only way to tell is to look at a file that is what you want it to be like and make it like that one Head hitting keyboard Mac returns the finger bomb So I have to open TeachText make a dummy file and save it Then open that up in the Norton Utilities program and look at the resource fork and write down the information on paper then attempt to make a resource fork for the file from the PC that looks like this the dummy file Wow what a headache but dude I got the PC file to open up on the Mac Now why in the heck did I want to do that in the first place I have no idea I can t remember anymore Oh well I ve seen some of those old Mac Classic s hollowed out and turned into fish tanks I think that is really cool way prettier just as useful and those fish never give you the finger bomb because they don t have any fingers or bombs Disclaimer Mac s and PC s have come a long ways since then I am for using whatever tool gets the job done best I have no particular OS loyalty I do enjoy OS flame wars though and whenever someone starts up a Mac Windows war the above experience is what I always think back to No Comments Cynicism about Money Filed under Personal on Tuesday September 20th 2005 9 48am by Christen Recently I was sitting in a food court near the Space Needle in Seattle There are two things that Seattle has a lot of First is Starbucks s coffee shops I found one corner in Seattle where I could see three Starbuck s coffee shops at once Not three doors but three different shops Crazy The other is Bank of American ATM s I guess it is like their headquarters or something Anyway there are a lot of them too There is a very prominent one in the middle of this food court As I sat there eating my pizza and watching the poor souls that had to make a living serving out junk food I tried to put myself in their shoes What would it be like to stand behind that counter all day I realized exactly what it would be like Sitting behind that counter all day waiting for people to get little green pieces of paper out of that Bank of America box in the middle of the room and come put them in my box I realized that I would become extremely cynical and depressed over the futility of the whole situation I mean if I could just go get those green pieces of paper myself and put a bunch of them in my box then I could go home I could see myself becoming a bank robber I can just see myself trying to explain my little boxes to the police Honestly sir I was just trying to speed up the process Of course I do know enough about economics to know why that doesn t work but I also know enough to realize that on a larger scale that really is just how it does work They little green pieces of paper just go around and around in big circles People have been trying to cut out the middle man for years but the problem is everyone is the middle man The only way to cut out the middle man is for me to get myself out That really is key too I have never really had a love for money but I do love the things I can buy with it Slowly though as I watch the world go around me I am loosing that I think it is part of what God is teaching me through this time of my life I find daily now that I care less and less about anything that money can buy other than the needs of myself and my family Don t get me wrong I like living well However well used to mean buying all sorts of unnecessary toys Now it means just being able to buy generally good quality of whatever it is we need and most of the things that we could use without any worries about the budget I m still not sure how well I could deal with living like a missionary or something but I certainly don t need or even want to live like a king either No Comments A Decade on the Web Filed under Personal on Monday September 19th 2005 9 43am by Christen I noticed recently that my web presence has hit the decade milestone I feel that is pretty impressive considering just how new the Internet was to most people in 1995 Ten years ago when I set up my first web page the idea was more that you set up a page with the places you liked to go and then other people could see it too The idea of a where I go home page is still around and is the focus of the content provided by most ISP s today in the form of things like MyYahoo and such The personal home page however has morphed from a my places site to a public billboard to just say what you want to anyone that happens to pass by Part of the reason for this change is search engines Back in 1995 they were not so prevalent and certainly not so powerful Surfing the web meant just that It meant starting at a page and then jumping from one page to the next via links By posting lots of links on your site you helped people find things that you have found useful There used to be huge pages of links for this and that subject that people would post on their sites These were extremely useful for a long time Even when search engines showed up that could spider the entire Internet they still had a bad habit of just spitting out useless pages based on the words you searched for Now days very few people post lists of links anymore Some sites like Yahoo and Ask Jeeves still have sections where they try to list sites by subject however search engines like Google have become so good that you really can just find what you want through them We really don t surf anymore instead we google the Internet Google s ability to give you useful pages based on ranking was revolutionary for the Internet It is funny though that at least as far as I understand a lot of that ranking is based on how many people link to a site I wonder if Google will ever got so popular that no one will post links anymore and thus Google will have no way to rank sites anymore Anyway My original site remains much as it was ten years ago at http www lofland net Lofland The content has changed a bit and all of the links pages are gone because well because no one surfs anymore and why should I update links when Google has them all At some point I realized my site had multiple agendas so I slapped on the main page that you see at http www lofland net and put the home page under it Then I added a FIAT page pictures page and a Resume Since then this blog was added first as just a text file and then later as you see it here A webcam page has come and gone Remember when those were so cool My bulletin board guestbook has come and gone and come again It is brand new again now though the content is still there I ve gone through several hosting providers Starting with my ISP FutureNet in 1995 then my employer then a buddy of mine then back and forth between him my home over DSL and a lousy provider and back to my friend s server before just this month moving to DreamHost So anyway this is just my rambling post to brag about ten years on the net It isn t really a big deal to anyone but me but it is fun to think about No Comments Pictures Filed under Personal on Saturday September 3rd 2005 6 09pm by Christen I ve just uploaded new family pictures to my website It has been well over a year so it is about time Lofland Family Pictures Link No Comments Hurricane Katrina Filed under Personal on Friday September 2nd 2005 7 02am by Christen I live in Kansas now but from age two to fifteen I lived in Slidell Louisiana Slidell is a small community just north across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans I am sure that the house I spent most of those years in no longer exists Here is a picture my wife found of the neighborhood that house is in The neighborhood Eden Isles is situated very close to the lake That was part of the point Every house had access to the water We often had a boat at the dock in our back yard We always knew that we could be wiped out by any hurricane When they came we brought in the patio furniture so it wouldn t be thrown through our glass doors by the wind and headed north It was just how life was It wasn t scary or a big deal it was kind of an adventure for a kid I always knew that if we came back to a pile of sticks insurance would replace all of our stuff and build a new house for us What everyone who grows up in the area knows is that evacuation in the face of a hurricane is a very personal thing Many people who have spent decades there get hardened to them and don t evacuate They are always interviewing them on television I d rather die in my house than run from a storm I m sure their sentiments are different on the way up to a helicopter in a basket Seriously though in the past there was an evacuation in Louisiana where the evacuees were trapped on the highway by rising waters and then killed by poisonous snakes while they stood on top of their cars Due to that incident evacuations were never again made mandatory in Louisiana Instead the Police drive down the street telling everyone to leave from their bullhorns In true Louisiana style though everyone listens to this and makes their own decision Some flee some stay and those who stay often suffer the consequences of thumbing their nose at nature Hurricanes aren t like earthquakes or tornadoes They used to be but with modern technology we know they are coming for days We really can run from them What is really sad is that while it is true that many of those who did not evacuate suffer the fate they brought on themselves most of the ones we see on the news now didn t stay by choice Especially in New Orleans Large cities always have large segments of poor In a large city cars are not a necessity and can even be a liability having to find parking at home and at work for it and keeping it safe While a poor person in a small community may be able to have an old junk car in a big city it is a luxury that just isn t possible Most of the people left in New Orleans are very poor people who had no personal transportation It is a great shame that we made no formal effort to evacuate them New Orleans is a death trap in such storms and everyone knows it There has always been the fear that some day a hurricane would come right into Lake Pontchartrain and displace the entire lake into New Orleans leaving the city under fifteen feet of water Actually New Orleans got off easy this time The levee broke after the storm surge was mostly over The Lake wasn t actually pushed into the city but rather the levees just broke It could have been worse Unfortunately the contempt that comes with familiarity is part of the nature of hurricanes They always come Some people run and some stay The damage is rarely catastrophic in certain areas and so we get used to them Yes they tell us on the news that this one is really big and that it may be the big one but after surviving so many everyone gets laid back Even government officials charged with evacuating poor people from a death trap In the future New Orleans should probably be abandoned It is a really bad spot for anyone to live certainly for a big city At the least it should just be bulldozed and the entire bit of land raised about 20 feet None of that will happen though They will rebuild The levees will be made stronger and people will return I don t blame them I would go back too It is a wonderful place I believe it is one of the few remaining havens in our country of truly unique culture Personally it is kind of numbing to see it all in what used to be my back yard In a way I wish I was there I know if I ever go back it won t be the same So many around me will look back to Katrina and I ll just remember the news photos However I lived all of my childhood years under the shadow of Camille and it happened before I was born It was always Camille this and Camille that I could point out places where things ued to be that Camille destroyed and show your boats that were still where Camille left them several miles inland So maybe I m just destined to live in the shadow of tragedy that missed me No Comments 1999 Mustang GT Filed under Personal on Tuesday August 30th 2005 1 29pm by Christen Just for fun I thought I d post a picture of my latest toy I bought it this Spring In return I sold my 1985 Volvo Wagon and my 78 Black FIAT Spyder It was basically a decision of practicality that conincided with several other life events Despite the sacrifices this is a very fun car It is a stick shift It had 37K miles on it when I bought it It is 100 stock even had the original tires on it I have lots of ideas for it but for now it is very fun as is and the new tires is enough of an expense for this year These pictures were actually taken before I bought the car No Comments Life is not about doing but being Filed under Personal on Thursday December 30th 2004 11 50am by Christen Life is not about doing but being It is not about being busy either but about being alive and being friends All of the modern conveniences of the 21st Century in the most developed nation in the world have not lead to more free time but to more busy time I hope to spend my year in 2005 learning to do less and be more Specifically I hope to spend much time sitting still and communicating with my wife communicating with my children communicating with my friends and reading meaningful books about quantum physics No Comments Running Scared Filed under Personal on Tuesday November 23rd 2004 9 42pm by Christen I have recently witnessed yet another family who spent most of their years of existence running from evil suddenly caught by it They avoided all modern media nearly all movies all forms of rock music youth groups in churches and just about anything else that could possibly be considered anything short of perfect This running from evil was part of what they ate what they wore their education and everything Then all in one day they discover that despite and maybe even because of their constant running from anything with the slightest hint of anything evil evil found them In fact evil had caught their familiy in ways that few families are caught Things that the most liberal soul outraged Seems I heard someone say recently something to the effect of You can t run from it it will hunt you down and catch you like a dog I know the word he used was sorrow but it seemed to really be a good synonym for evil in both that scenario and the ones I speak of now If you haven t seen The Village do If you don t get it either A You are in a BAD way or B You are lucky enough to have not experienced what I m talking about I really start to wonder if God ever intended for us to run from evil in the way that these people have We don t all hide in a village but many hide behind high standards that keep them from living in our world I m not advocating that we all start indulging in pornography eating pepperoni pizza three meals a day listen to music full of foul language or become nudists I am saying though that maybe the reasons for your decisions needs to be based on your knowledge of your relationship with Christ and not on your fear of a relationship with the devil Hey mom look who s on TV The devil Oh did I quote another movie Everything in our culture is not evil and running from everything in our culture will not protect you from evil No Comments Grand Theft Filed under Personal on Tuesday November 16th 2004 3 40pm by Christen Recently I heard on the radio that the motion picture association is going to start legal action against those it can find swapping pirated movies on the Internet

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