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  • Credit & Praise, like Love, is to be Given Generously
    up for our E Newsletter Applying the same orientation to Loving in giving credit and praising is what this principle is all about Let s start with credit We all want to get credit for the good things that we do But again this is self oriented and tends to feed our sense of self importance Giving credit generously necessitates that we consciously focus on others Focusing on how others should get credit for their efforts and accomplishments and then giving them that credit openly and generously is a powerful exercise in learning to Love The human illusion is if we give credit away we somehow lose credit for ourselves In actuality seeking to receive credit is a narcissistic act of egoism It reinforces the personality rather than help to transform it Learning to diligently focus on how you can give credit away is an excellent means of developing humility As a state of mind humility replaces our sense of pride or self assertion Humility and surrender is the way that we dissipate and eradicate our egoism allowing our spiritual intuitive nature to replace it But dissipating our ego requires diligence effort in small ways over an extended period of time not large dramatic acts that are soon gone and forgotten There is another thing about credit Like Love what you give away does not diminish what you have Internally you still know what you ve positively done All you re doing is adding to the universe not replacing it In my experience humans don t have see credit be given or taken in every event to ultimately understand the worth or value of a person Helping to build the self esteem and self worth in others only adds to the total worth of all humans Praise works the same way It is acknowledging the positiveness of another individual whether their efforts accomplishments or just qualities of their character Learning to be a good parent is learning how to praise your child even if they don t win the trophy Praise goes a long way in helping build self esteem in others Again it takes conscious focus on others and not self to give praise generously In Pentecostal Christianity a significant part of the service is praising the Lord This act of giving recognition and credit to the Lord is very powerful In doing so the Holy Spirit is released and flows freely to each individual and throughout the service The act of praise connects us to a higher spiritual source whether external or internal Praising others can work the same way The key is to give it generously and genuinely If our praise is disingenuous it is about wanting something in return Genuine expressions of praise are always Loving and life affirming What you ll find is that it not only affirms and builds self esteem in others it will build a positive attitude and self esteem within you at the same time This is how praise like Love

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  • Competition and Debate are for Those who must Convince Themselves thru Others
    score possible And whenever possible I also helped everyone else play their best game even if that meant that I lost the wager The results were that we all highly look forward to our social time together and the match involved The wager became incidental and only a part of our social ritual The other result was that all four of us improved our golf game by a few to many strokes per round My commitment to non competitiveness rubbed off on the entire group It not only made the day more enjoyable but improved everyone s self esteem in the process The way to eliminate competitiveness is to always seek win win outcomes When everyone wins everyone grows Step one involves identifying and eliminating the various ways we are competitive If you need some help in identifying your competitiveness just ask your family and friends Beyond the obvious take time to observe the competitiveness around you throughout the day Next take time to become aware of the ways in which you are subtly competitive or support the competitiveness around you Step two is to learn to identify the difference between needs and wants In cultivating a spiritual win win attitude our focus turns to fulfilling others needs and not wants Our girlfriend wants us to be more romantic but what she needs is more intimacy in our relationship Our close friend wants a promotion with more money and a better title but what he needs is for his wife and friends to recognize and affirm his positive traits as a husband and friend Living spiritually means that all of our needs need to be met while fulfilling our wants might be nice but they are not important to our spiritual life Step three is to reorient our attitude and behaviors to help fulfill the needs of others and our self when solving problems in every day life A good way to begin this is by defining what our needs are and what are just wants With this new orientation let s stop chasing after our wants while at the same time hold strong to getting our needs fulfilled Learn to stop sacrificing needs for others wants and focus more of our energy on needs fulfillment Debate is just another form of competitiveness The intent of debating competition in education is to improve everyone s knowledge and speaking ability Again there s nothing wrong with that But look at the debates within our political system and within almost every field of study in our society They don t contribute to more knowledge and better education They just create more competitive polarization which undermines everyone s growth and journey in life My realization was that it isn t a sense of winning that was most important The more intense and serious the arguing the more I saw that the individuals involved weren t even convinced of their own idea theory or position The most important motivation for winning the debate argument

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  • The Spiritual Solution Transcends the Problem
    solved and the symptoms eliminated other future potential problems based on the same root cause will not arise For example most all teenagers go through a period of questioning authority rebelling in one way or another and or just misbehaving These are the symptoms not the problems Many parents just try to eliminate the symptoms which rarely works So what are the typical problems involved One revolves around the difficulties in puberty in establishing one s sense of identity separate from parental authority conditioning Another includes psychological effects of raging hormones A third problem is that the maturing child begins to figure out that most humans don t live what they teach when the going gets tough Typical solutions to these problems include parental dictates with some form of punishment unless the adolescent conforms Second shield the adolescent from our mistakes by reinforcing what they should do not what we did And finally we re all human and therefore we just don t always do what we know to be right There are typically two main ingredients used in eliminating symptoms and trying to solve problems These two catalysts include compromise and do what s fair Most every one of us is taught that compromise is good when it eliminates ongoing issues Unfortunately this usually only eliminates the symptoms and rarely solves problems We can easily see this in global affairs where certain compromises eliminated the wars between the Israelis and Palestinians stopped the genocides in Africa divided North and South Korea and created a separate Pakistan from India As Dr Phil would ask And how s that working out for you Another crippling axiom in truly solving problems is to do what is fair Fairness is based on the idea of treating both sides or all sides alike without reference to one s own feelings or interest Here again the obstacle relates in treating all alike Each individual has unique needs differing psychological issues and soul problems to be dealt with in this life Treating all children students etc the same only creates a mediocre problem ridden society and certainly doesn t encourage spiritual growth Second we need to replace compromise with sacrifice in solving problems The three main components of spiritual growth include love wisdom and sacrifice We are all forced to sacrifice on the Spiritual Path in order to transmute our personal will into spiritual will A major area for sacrifice is always of one s own desires When we are really willing to give something up and move on we transcend our human nature and receive something far greater in return I conclude that the grace we receive from God is proportionate to how much we re willing to sacrifice for God Regarding our adolescent generation the way we teach them the power of sacrifice is as role models We need to show them how to do it by example I d be willing to guarantee you that the changes they see in us from sacrifice

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  • Will, the Necessary Impetus for Change, is Leadership in Action
    soul has towards something which he chooses as a good As a student of Descartes Spinoza also defined an aspect of will as the power to affirm and to deny i e freedom of choice Finally he also defined will as the efficient cause thereof Another valuable perspective here comes in the teachings of don Juan Consistent with Western theology don Juan defined will as something very clear and powerful which can direct our acts He also defined the will as intent Finally he equates will with the energy of alignment Unsurprising to me at this point a source within science provides a definition for will which I believe goes to the essence of Will David Bohm identified a force of necessity He traced the root of the word necessary to necesse which means it doesn t yield Bohm defined this force of necessity as the force producing movement It is the power to breakthrough mechanical life Bohm finally concluded that this will is the force of absolute necessity which he relates to freedom I have come to the same conclusion as Bohm I define his force of absolute necessity as Will For me the essence of Will is necessary impetus for change From the Plane of Spirit the Force of Will produces movement within all of Objectivity It is the driving force of change behind all activity within Matter Will is the impulse or urge within all manifestation toward creating and fulfilling God s Integrity It is the efficient cause of change which is essential if active intelligent Matter is to fully express Love It s fairly easy to see how that Will defined above is a powerful part of the spiritualizing process It is fundamental in the transformation of our consciousness and transmutation of our bodies But this does not complete the principle here The key here is that Will is leadership in action That makes perfect sense in business but how does it relate to spiritual growth Let s begin by defining leadership Webster s Dictionary s first definition of lead the root of leadership is to show the way to or direct the course of by going before or along with If even a significant minority of humanity were taking major steps in spiritual growth we wouldn t lead leaders to show the way What today are the small group of gurus masters and teachers showing the way needs to become a large group as role models for the rest of humanity In A Passion for Excellence Tom Peters devotes an entire section to leadership To him our leaders need to become cheerleaders enthusiasts nurturers of champions hero finders wanderers dramatists coaches facilitators and builders These leaders need to demonstrate passion care intensity consistency attention drama and the implicit and explicit use of symbols His attention here is symbolic behavior In business this involves preaching the Vision and Love You have to have a vision and you have to care passionately That is you gotta love

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  • Nothing in our Spiritual Life is Personal
    means we need to move from being a personal self to a non personal spiritual Being Becoming this spiritual Being is about leaving our person ness behind Living this spiritual principle involves a variety of new orientations And implementing this spiritual principle is about taking definite steps in each of the following areas Our first transformation is moving from self orientation to other orientation Most who feel they are becoming spiritual would say they are other oriented There s a major difference between doing things for others and becoming other oriented If you dissect other oriented behavior in most humans it is based at some level of on selfishness Our personal self has something to gain by doing things for others It can be as simple as love expected for love given It can be about creating credit that can be utilized in the future when necessary A big one to overcome is about giving to others in need in order to help overcome the same issue within ourselves We want to help heal others as a way to heal ourself At a very subtle level it is our giving to others in order to validate ourself as a good person We give to others as a way to confirm our self esteem and virtuousness Nothing in this is about stopping our giving because it s not completely selfless It s about self evaluation and digging into the depths to root out i e transform the personal part in it for us How do we do that you ask Using mindfulness and self reflection while giving to others is a great way to begin Secondly giving to others of those who we do not feel deserve it is a great contrarian behavior that will uncover our self orientation Our second transformation is from attachment to detachment This of course includes our self indulgences vices and easily identifiable self interest Unfortunately this is just becoming a better human Spiritual transformation includes releasing our dependencies and co dependencies with our loved ones our friends and all of our family members Beyond this it involves letting go of those things people and ways of living that provide our sacred security in life As long as we hold onto these we will never truly embrace our source of Spirit s security And remember it s the attachment and reliance we re trying to get at not just change for change sake A good way to move from attachment to detachment is by replacing desire with volition Human desire is about getting what one wants and avoiding what one determines is non pleasurable A higher level of desire is volition creating and implementing the will to do what is necessary for spiritual growth Our last article on Will says about all that needs to be said here Thirdly our new orientation to good and evil described above involves a specific change that many have difficulty with This one may seem very cold and impersonal but

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  • Justice is How You Live, Not What You Get, in Life
    be dealt with The more we are aligned to Spirit the more perfectly our karma comes to us in and from the outer world Our outer court systems within this country as an imperfect reflection of Spirit means that there is a spiritual court system based on the Spirit characteristic of Justice Actually Justice as an energy expresses through these courts impartially dispassionately equitably and righteously in treating individual Beings and groups equally among equals and unequals unequally but according to their relative differences We have the opportunity to take advantage of Justice through these courts A great place to begin is the Court of the Christ First each of us has to be willing to stand in Divine Justice in the Court of the Christ This means standing in the energy of Justice Subtle but most important this means we must be willing to be dealt with first in Justice before anyone or anything else Through you and in you Justice will be exacted If you call yourself and someone else into Divine Justice and then refuse to stand there yourself you will definitely be treated unequally among unequals If that makes you shake in your boots a little regarding Divine Justice it should On the other hand standing in Divine Justice will bring you Justice every time with no exceptions That you can count on What may seem unfortunate at times is that Justice does not always work instantaneously The wheels of Justice turn at different speeds for each individual according to their karma and according to the issue Therefore we need to maintain a just perspective while in Divine Justice and afterward This means we need to maintain a detached objective righteous attitude while the light of Justice works This also means maintaining a no expectations attitude toward the outcome of Justice I learned to stand in Divine Justice from my mentor And I learned it imperfectly to begin with In the beginning I looked to see what physical outcomes would reflect justice What I learned was that the physical working out of Justice would many times take years to see What became far more meaningful was to clairvoyantly watch Divine Justice work in the Court of the Christ and feel it through my being Seeing it accurately at the level of the Court of the Christ did require taking an impartial detached dispassionate and exacting focus Second we need to replace compromise with sacrifice in solving problems The three main components of spiritual growth include love wisdom and sacrifice We are all forced to sacrifice on the Spiritual Path in order to transmute our personal will into spiritual will A major area for sacrifice is always of one s own desires When we are really willing to give something up and move on we transcend our human nature and receive something far greater in return I conclude that the grace we receive from God is proportionate to how much we re willing to sacrifice for God

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  • Integrity is for its Own Sake, & Our Growth
    one s integrity requires being consciously centered to a point of inner tension From this point integrity is focused dynamically outward Science provides significant help in understanding integrity It involves the concept of symmetry In The Life of the Cosmos Lee Smolin describes symmetry as follows Imagine a pencil balanced on its point It cannot stay that way long for it is unstable a little push to one side or the other and it will fall But any small disturbance will break the symmetry leading to a choice of a more stable but less symmetrical configuration in which the pencil is lying on its side Integrity is what produces and maintains symmetry When something is symmetrical it demonstrates a wholeness and entirety in itself Symmetry is a perfect idealized condition like the balanced pencil Living in integrity is expressing the symmetry perfected wholeness of our God Within But this does not actually define what Integrity is To me Integrity is a ruthless aligning into symmetry and the key here is ruthless Webster s defines ruthless as without ruth pitiless Ruth is pity compassion sorrow grief remorse Except for compassion each of these words involves attachment and a form of bondage Therefore ruthlessness is a lack of attachment and or bondage to form and Matter So Integrity further becomes the characteristic of lining up affiliating and cohering independently and without attachment to outside influence in a perfect condition of symmetry Integrity relates directly to the birthing and first representation of Spirit rather than the full expression of Spirit through Innocence Integrity represents the oneness of expression It is the singularity point projection which begins manifestation To live in a state of integrity means expressing consistently and continuously from one point of orientation That point can be from Love Justice Harmony or any other virtue From each of our above descriptions living with integrity becomes ruthlessly living in directed purposeful alignment to our one source our God Within Integrity willfully aligns us to the energy of Spirit It is the energy which brings about the perfect condition and unimpaired expression of our Spirit within Integrity is the characteristic which helps us become the One the single thread of Spirit I think it s fairly easy to see how integrity will accelerate and facilitate our spiritual growth But this does not describe the entirety of this principle It is about living with integrity for its own sake So what does this mean Many of the keywords for integrity bring this principle into the light of day Without consideration for the circumstances people involved particular daily activity and even our spiritual practices living in integrity is about maintaining a continuous focus tension and expression with the entirety of ourself aligned ruthlessly to purpose This perfect condition and unimpaired expression is with a lack of attachment and or bondage to outside influences in the ordinary world Through integrity we can then faithfully and lovingly express whatever energy is needed at the time By lining up

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  • Always Be Prepared for Your Death
    the more we fear death as the end of our personality life The unfortunate reality is that until we have fully developed a subjective self conscious Soul and objective Self death is an end to who we are The Tibetan equates death with The Process of Restitution This process governs the period of withdrawal of the soul from the physical plane This concerns the Art of Dying His definition of death is as follows Death itself is a part of the Great Illusion and only exists because of the veils we gather around ourselves Through death a great at one ing process is carried forward Death if we could but realize it is one of the most practiced activities Much has been written regarding how older people getting close to death begin a preparation process for death It s as though we hold on to life until it becomes too difficult then we get ready for death which proceeds fairly soon after For many in nursing homes or living with relatives holding onto life can be assisted by various caregivers long after any form of productive or meaningful life activity ceases I consider this a tragedy of human nature attached and bound to instincts and an unspiritual life As to our spiritual principle here it may seem somewhat absurd to prepare for your death in the middle of life To better understand this principle let s outline what we would do to prepare for death right now First if we are going to die soon how important are the on going conflicts with family friends and coworkers that many tend to hold onto Wouldn t it be a good process to resolve these conflicts or simply let them go And besides conflicts would not it be beneficial to help those close to us become truly independent of us before we die It s fairly obvious to see how losing a parent or close loved one to soon makes life more difficult at least for a period of time Our normal relationships are typically either dependent or co dependent oriented Even inter dependent relationships are hard to let go of Thirdly what about the unfinished business that is left hanging when someone dies unexpectedly We are all taught and conditioned to put our house in order in the latter part of life This then makes our death non burdensome to those around us after we re gone Isn t this why we create a will create powers of attorney and invest in life insurance I can certainly attest to what is normally not communicated but is experienced by those close loved ones after someone dies Resolving the house furniture clothes belongings bank accounts investments etc etc is a painful grief oriented process In many religious circles the coming of death triggers certain rituals These can include receiving absolution of sins or seeking purification for how one has lived instinctually emotionally or morally We are again taught to make peace with God

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