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  • Astrological Archetypes
    in individualizing our spiritual Self and finally the qualities roles by which we can live our spiritual life Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members please contact us for permission to reproduce articles Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology

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  • Our Subjective Univers
    previous articles form a double helix of energies and forces that is essential for Life to exist microcosmically and macrocosmically The key level that we experience daily is the Dream Realm the landscape of our dreams The level above it the Heaven Realm is the realm described as heaven or Devachan and is the home of our subjective soul while in the embodiment Our next series of articles will describe

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    levels Most commonly accepted is that there are seven levels although the number 12 best symbolically represents wholeness By updating the perennial philosophy we come to an organization of our universe as seven outer objective Planes and five inner objective Planes The chart below demonstrates how these outer and inner planes interrelate If it doesn t seem readily apparent this organization of Planes is similar to an octave of a

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