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  • Aquarius and Uranus, Reorganizing our Spiritual Life with Aquarius & Uranus
    this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter Aquarius and its ruler Uranus natural to the 11th house are powerful additional ways to fulfill reorganization By bringing an inventive humanitarian fair minded and freedom loving orientation characteristics of Aquarius to the house activities where Aquarius is in your natal chart will automatically stimulate and facilitate reorganization in the 11th phase of our creative cycle With Aquarius in my third and fourth houses this has included being Aquarian in my writing communication and self expression third house activities and goals It has also included fully expressing an Aquarian orientation to home life family and the foundations of my life experiences fourth house activities A good example of this relates to my current home environment My wife and I have spent more than five years transforming the house and property we bought to become an expression of the characteristics of Spirit We not only renovated much of the inside of the house but meticulously cultivated extensive landscaping gardens and a river restoration on the property The thousands of hours we invested has culminated in the creation of a spiritual sanctuary not only for us and our visitors but all of the diverse wildlife that now increasingly makes our property their home What began as a rustic masculine Colorado landscape of scrub oaks and cottonwoods now includes a diversity of trees and gardens which express the feminine characteristics of Spirit including harmony peace serenity love and beauty An additional way to bring about reorganization in this 11th phase in the creative cycle is Uranus the natural ruler of the 11th house Uranus is our power for metamorphosis urge for freedom and individuality and can become our power of spiritual sight and higher intuitive nature By consciously embracing this tremendous potential within us in the house activities in which it resides in our birth chart adds another dimension in reorganizing our spiritual life For myself Uranus is natally in Cancer in the eighth house Using my power of spiritual sight and higher intuitive nature in dealing the joint resources partnerships and overcoming ego desires all 8th house areas of life has definitely helped reorganization of my spiritual life In Cancer it would somehow relate to home life and family Cancer s natural home and the need for me to be nurturing warm and protective all characteristics of Cancer in expression This is exactly what led us to express the potential of our house and property joint resources in my spiritual partnership through creating a nurturing warm and protective environment for all of life Within this 11th phase opportunities will present themselves in fully implementing our creative expression of reorganization As we move forward creatively with practical effectiveness and increasing awareness which begins this sub cycle we will receive creative inspiration and direction toward our destiny An early pitfall outcome especially if we move

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  • Follow the Sun, Releasing the Past thru Pisces & Neptune
    on significant karma from the past that must be resolved Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter For example I have Libra on my 12 house cusp natally with no planets in the 12 house I also have a good portion of Scorpio in the 12 house including it on my ascendant For much of my life I have preferred to seek a more solitary existence independent of messy relationships The reality of my life has been that I have lived and worked the vast majority of my life based on key one on one and group relationships This includes 15 years living in a retreat and later focusing on creating a retreat environment through my home property and key relationships with my spiritual partner her children and my godson I also spent more than 10 years creating a spiritual partnership in business to help transform the way the business community operates The overriding means of being successful in these endeavors has been for me to maintain a balanced harmony oriented sharing and thoughtful focus all characteristics of Libra With the overall configuration of my natal chart one would conclude that this would at least be difficult to nigh on improbable With Libra on my 12th house cusp it would also involve key one on one relationships Libra s naturally ruling the seventh house of one on one relationships Without getting into a lot of detail it has been the primary way that I have been able to release major karma from key embodiments of mine over the last 500 years The most difficult part of releasing the past recently has been to let go and release all attachments to these key one on one relationships Some of these relationships have died Others have gone through major transformation Some are still in the throes of transcendence or death As has been described in each previous article looking in your chart to where the natural ruling sign of the sub cycle and its ruler reside can provide fertile additional areas to fulfill the needs and goal of the sub cycle For the 12th sub cycle this is the 12th house natural ruler of Pisces and its ruler Neptune I have Pisces on my fifth house cusp and in my fourth house So by being compassionate imaginative and sacrificing all characteristics of Pisces through my creative self expression involvement with children activities of the fifth house and matters concerning my home and family activities and the fourth house I have moved forward to additionally resolve my hidden weaknesses repressed subconscious and past karma all activities of the 12 house As described above my home and family both biological and spiritual has literally helped me transcend human attachments My Neptune in Libra in the 11th house has also synergistically contributed to my self

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  • The Moon, Transforming our Unconscious Habit Patterns and Past Conditioning
    is the ruling planet of the Moon s natal sign For example the ruler of Taurus is Venus Finding Venus in this natal chart helps us to get a handle on the Taurus Moon If Venus let s say is in Gemini in the third house then expressing Gemini s mutability quality and Gemini s natural tendencies element in communicating thinking approaching community involvement and education third house areas of life will help transform this person s Moon s instinctual nature Since Venus represents our emotional nature our values how we give and love and how we attract and appreciate others our example suggests that by being adaptable versatile responsive and sociable descriptors of mutable and balanced detached thoughtful and flexible tendencies of the air element while communicating feelings thinking about values and giving love to those in the community will accelerate the transformation of the unconscious habitual Moon tendencies to be fixed stubborn overly practical materialistic and persistent to the point of unchangeability What this means is that not only by expressing the positive qualities and tendencies of our Moon s position in the areas of life it resides in our natal chart and looking at and transforming the negative characteristics of our Moon s sign we can accelerate our transformation through the positive expression of our Moon s ruling planet in the areas of life where it resides in our natal chart This is described by our above example where Venus rules the natal Taurus Moon Another help in the transformation of our Moon is to express the positive characteristics of the sign on our fourth house cusp in fourth house areas of our life This is because the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer and its natural home of the fourth house In our example with Gemini in the third house Cancer would normally be on the fourth house cusp Therefore being nurturing warm protective and intuitive positive characteristics of Cancer regarding home family matters in internal emotional structures fourth house areas of life will also contribute to transforming unconscious habit patterns and behaviors represented by the Moon in Tau An example in my life relates to my wife Tanya Her natal Moon is in Pisces in the fifth house Simply her unconscious habit patterns and conditioned attitudes from childhood were mostly powerfully developed through creativity involvement with children and through her romantic and leisure activities fifth house activities Her natural tendencies are to be nurturing empathetic highly sensitive protective and responsive water tendencies in these areas On the other hand through these same activities she needs to be adaptable versatile observing flexible and sociable mutable qualities Your Personalities Life Cycle Spiritualizing Your Life Through Astrology In her life she s had three children one as a teenager and two later in her 30s As I came into her life it was obvious that her two girls who live with her were the most important thing in her life Beyond that her current commitment was to

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  • Mercury, Bringing our Intellect into Service of Spirit
    to our Mercury s element earth air fire water we see our natural tendencies toward activities described above If our Mercury is in an air sign Gemini Libra Aquarius we will naturally approach communicating and thinking in a versatile balanced flexible and appreciative way The quality of our natal Mercury cardinal fixed mutable clarifies how we need to think and communicate Let s say Mercury is in Aries This means that while communicating thinking learning and making knowledge useful we need to do so in a dynamic active resourceful progressive and energetic way The characteristics of our Mercury s sign natally shows both the positive and negative tendencies in our thinking In Aries this means that our intellect will tend to operate courageously self proving and pioneering Our intellect will also tend to be dogmatic pushy hasty and argumentative The method to this madness is a fundamental need of Aries to be I am to prove our identity and sense of being through action An Aries Mercury intellect will naturally tend to use communication learning and making knowledge useful as a means of solidifying one s identity and sense of unique beingness Because Mercury naturally rules both Gemini and the third house we can look to both of these in our natal astrology chart to help fulfill the needs of our intellect We ve already described Mercury in the third house and how that naturally fits together With Mercury in Aries in the third house Gemini will normally be on the fifth house cusp This indicates that we can further develop our intellect through our creative self expression our romantic and leisure activities our involvement with children and how we pursue our life goals and purpose in life all fifth house activities With Gemini on the fifth house cusp and in the fifth house we will need to approach these activities just described in a flexible interested intellectual communicative and curious manner It also indicates that this person will tend to be overly gossipy talkative scattered or fickle in these areas of life all Gemini characteristics By cultivating the qualities of Gemini mutable while self expressing pursuing life goals or romantic or leisure activities we can further develop our intellect and ability to communicate In this example that means being adaptable changeable versatile and responsive qualities of mutable in these life activities Another means of helping develop our intellect into its spiritual function as the mind in service of spirit we look to the ruling planet of our natal Mercury In our example Mars is the nadir ruler of Aries and therefore rules our Mercury By cultivating the needs of our natal Mars in this example is another powerful means of spiritualizing our intellect The needs of natal Mars are represented by the sign qualities cardinal fixed mutable and the natal house activities of Mars in the natal chart Let s say in this example that Mars is in Cancer in the fourth house By being progressive resourceful dynamic and

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  • Venus, Living Spiritualized Values
    of these activities will be naturally important to this individual This person s feelings including desire passion and appreciation will all be highly sensitized to experiences in these life activities Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter In our example let s say this Venus in the six house is in Virgo natally The natural tendencies of Virgo include being practical material oriented patient detailed responsible and persistent the Earth element The needs of Virgo mutable sign in the six house qualifies these experiences with the need to be versatile responsive adaptable observant and flexible Venus in Virgo indicates that this person s feeling nature will tend to be modest analytical and discriminating with a tendency to be critical picky and a perfectionist in the work environment in serving others and generally in their daily routine This person values practically perfecting techniques in applying their knowledge in daily activities As we have learned before looking to the natural sign and house that Venus rules in the chart will also provide significant help in fulfilling the needs of our Venus Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus and Libra and therefore also the second and seventh houses astrologically To help assess and determine our values and work on spiritualizing them is accelerated by fulfilling the needs of these two signs and houses in the birth chart With Venus in Virgo in the six house normally Libra will be on the seventh house cusp and Taurus on the second house cusp Therefore being progressive resourceful active and dynamic Libra s cardinal quality in one on one relationships working cooperatively with others in the public seventh house activities will significantly help internalizing values in life for this person In addition being dependable determined reliable patient and consistent Taurus s fixed qualities in dealing with one s resources talents and in building self esteem second house activities in life was also contribute to understanding this person values in life Another major factor in pinpointing our values and to help focus on spiritualizing them comes from the ruler of the sign that our Venus resides in at birth Let s say Venus is in Sagittarius in the 11th house in your birth chart Naturally living the needs of Sagittarius in the 11th house will contribute greatly in understanding one s values In this example it is by being adaptable versatile responsive observant and sociable mutable qualities while socializing with friends and groups in developing contributions to groups with shared life goals and fulfilling hopes and wishes all 11th house activities or goals Almost as important is fulfilling the needs of Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius where it resides in the birth chart If in our example Jupiter resides in Aquarius in the 12 house then living our means of socialization social integration and assumed ethical standards

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  • Mars,Transforming our Desire Nature
    probably mean the individual would make a good lover Since Capricorn is a Cardinal sign individuals with Mars in Capricorn will need to focus their ambition self improvement their personal will and energy by being active dynamic resourceful energetic and progressive all Cardinal qualities With Mars in the eighth house these individuals certainly wouldn t become passive partners in a partnership or sex The second house Mars would need be very dynamic and resourceful regarding their material possessions and in developing their talents and self worth As we have done in previous articles looking to the natural home of Mars will also lend more information about the tendencies and needs regarding our desire nature Mars is the natural ruler of Aries and the first house Therefore wherever Aries is in the birth chart represents further activities and areas of life where one would focus their urge to act move outward from themselves and develop an urge to improve themselves With Aries on the 11th house cusp at birth individuals would naturally want to focus starting new activities externalizing their personal energy and force and develop ambitions regarding participating within groups and associations activities with friends and those whom they share life goals all 11th house activities Some new or first success or destiny would also become a goal for these individuals As the natural ruler of the first house it also means that the sign on the ascendant is a powerful indicator of the natural tendencies and needs in expressing our desire nature With Libra as the ascendant these individuals would be naturally motivated to act start new activities and externalize their personal self by being flexible balanced versatile thoughtful and aspiring all air tendencies Because Libra is also a Cardinal sign it would indicate that these individuals would need to also be initiating resourceful dynamic energetic and progressive in fulfilling their desires whether ambitions natural modes of action or urge to improve spiritualize Your Personalities Life Cycle Spiritualizing Your Life Through Astrology The Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Chiron Uranus Neptune Pluto Doing this in a dependable determined reliable consistent and methodical way all qualities of fixed Scorpio in pursuing the goals of developing our spiritual responsibilities and resolving past karma 12 house goals will powerfully accelerate transforming a self centered personal desire nature Transformed the individual s desire will be an other oriented spiritual force and energy within the personality This other oriented spiritual force will contribute to fulfilling Mars s second house goal of developing self worth and personal talents resources for spiritual use As a further example my natal Mars is in Taurus in the six house This indicates that by being dependable determined reliable consistent and methodical needs of fixed Taurus in my vocation executing daily activities and serving others six house activities will directly transform my desire nature as well help fulfill my six house goal of developing a sense of usefulness through self adjustment I accomplished this through becoming successful as a

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  • Jupiter, Spiritualizing our Bridge to the Outer World
    s natural tendency will be to be flexible balanced versatile thoughtful and appreciative in dealing with authority figures and career All in all a nice combination for building a positive bridge to the outer world Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles With Venus as the ruler of Jupiter in Libra our second step is to look where Venus is in the birth chart for additional areas to assist this bridge building If Venus is in Aquarius natally this would normally put Venus in the first or second house in this birth chart depending on the specific birth time If in the second house then this individual s natural orientation is to be inventive individualistic self sufficient freedom loving and humanitarian all Aquarius characteristics in how they give and receive love value others and attract and appreciate people all Venus functions This will not only help them build their sense of self esteem worth abilities talents and financial stability all second house activities but also assist directly in building a positive and effective bridge to the outer world with those in authority and in their career The next step in our process is to look to the natural home of Jupiter as additional areas of life and focus regarding the needs of Jupiter Jupiter naturally rules Sagittarius and the ninth house Jupiter in Libra in the 10th house normally puts Virgo on the ninth house cusp and Sagittarius on the 12 house cusp So by being adaptable versatile responsive observant and sociable Virgo s mutable qualities in developing a philosophy for life approaching higher education and their own spirituality in life ninth house activities will also help spiritualize Jupiter s bridge to the outer world Sagittarius on the 12 house suggests that by being adaptable versatile flexible and sociable in dealing with those less fortunate overcoming past karma and in pursuing one s spiritual work mutable qualities in 12 house activities all will further contribute to spiritualizing Jupiter s bridge to the outer world Although not discussed in the last few articles each transiting cycle of each planet around the mandala of our birth chart provides a very important focus in spiritualizing each and every planet For Jupiter its entire 360 cycle is about 12 years Therefore it spends about one year in each house and highlights that house in spiritualizing our internal Jupiter In our example a specific focus on the outer world Jupiter s return to its natal position would come every 12 years or about the ages of 24 36 48 etc More importantly each year will provide a different specific opportunity to help us spiritualize our bridge to the outer world For example as Jupiter is transiting our natal fifth house specific focus on our creativity involvement with children and on our romantic and leisure activities will help us spiritualize our bridge to the outer world It will further help us develop our ability

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  • Saturn, Overcoming the Limits of our Personality
    to Saturn s functions through key one on one relationships the public in general and in working cooperatively with others seventh house areas of life In Virgo these individuals natural tendencies toward authority figures will be to be practical patient detailed responsible persistent and dependable Earth tendencies In a woman s chart a good example of this is a woman who marries an authoritative domineering husband Similarly in a man s chart this could be represented by a dogmatic domineering wife who rules the roost Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter Unlocking the keys to transforming our Saturn begins by seeing the needs of our Saturn in the natal house and sign it resides in In Virgo the need to Saturn relate to being mutable Virgo s mutability In this case the individual needs to be adaptable versatile responsive observant flexible and sociable whether a marriage key one on one relationships or toward the public in general Residing in the seventh house the goal needs to be objectifying and balancing of self through others In the marriages as described above the individual needs to realize that their marriage partner is reflecting back to them an aspect of themselves or fulfilling a missing part of their own personality nature As described this is definitely an untransformed Saturnian personality All in all these individuals will be faced with their own lower nature of Saturn in their key one on one relationships and with the public until they internalize their own issues with authority and focus on creating a balance of self through adaptability versatility and flexibility For myself I have Saturn in Virgo in the 11th house in my birth chart My dogmatic domineering authoritative orientation expressed in a persistent enduring and materially oriented way in childhood towards my friends an 11th house activity My closest friends were older than I was but I ruled the relationships I actually ostracized one friend from our group for more than a year because I didn t approve of the way he acted within our friendship group As I matured I became an authority figure within most every group or association I became involved with also 11th house activities To be successful I definitely had to learn how to be versatile adaptable responsive observant and flexible in these group relationships Beyond directly transforming our Saturn through its natal position we also look to the ruler of its natal sign for help in the process In the case of a Virgo Saturn this is Chiron Chiron represents our deepest psychological wound and our bridge between our objective and subjective life It s position in our birth chart identifies key areas where we will suffer with the wound that never heals until transformed where it becomes our greatest gift and pathway leading to fulfillment of our

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