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  • Follow the Sun, Gemini, Mercury & Adjusting to Our Growth Environment
    we will help others but how we can understand ourselves our motivations our inertia and conditioning and how we are responsible for our current environment Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members please contact us for permission to reproduce articles A spiritual truism provided to me by my spiritual mentor goes like this if you can t transmute i e change transform etc something today then live it until you can transmute it It s easy to see how we continue to live within our environment but it s more important to understand what we continue not to change or transform about our environment The spiritual use of our third house Gemini and Mercury is to implement spiritual adjustments to and within our environment as part of our spiritual growth Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter With your natal birth chart in hand look to see what house has Gemini on its cusp As we ve seen with both Aries and Taurus these life activities will be a natural and comfortable place to become adjustment oriented For example if Gemini is on your second house cusp typically a Taurus ascendant individual then it is naturally easy and comfortable for you to make adjustments based on your financial environment your resources your talents and how you seek to develop your sense of self worth all second house life activities Therefore it is natural to start using these activities to initiate and stimulate spiritual growth Next look to what sign and house your natal Mercury resides The house that Mercury resides in natally is additional life activities that can help you spiritually adjust within your current life environment Say for example that Mercury resides in Virgo in the fifth house Then your creative expression involvement with children and romantic and leisure activities all fifth house life activities are also a fertile place to begin spiritual adjustments based on using your mind in service to spirit Mercury being in Virgo indicates that is easy for you to be discriminating modest and analytical in perfecting yourself through finding better techniques to apply your knowledge and understanding characteristics and needs of Virgo The sign characteristics of Mercury s natal position are a natural way to approach spiritually adjusting to the environment In our example if we apply our analytical mind to the environment we live in is it a place of creative expression romantic and leisure activities or are we missing that part in the inertia of our current environment Are we also utilizing our financial resources talents and self identity to adjust our life to our spiritual commitment Gemini on the second house For myself I have Gemini on my eighth house cusp with

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  • Follow the Sun, Cancer the Moonand Internalizing our Spiritual Focus
    regenerative and motivated Simply approaching your journaling with these characteristics will assist in unlocking your unconscious as a powerful spiritual part of the journaling process The depths of your insights will help reveal how Scorpio is a part of your inner stability and identity Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter Beyond the fourth house we next look to where Cancer is in our chart to find further ways in which we can enhance our journaling process In our example Scorpio on the fourth house usually means that Cancer is on the 12 house cusp With Cancer on the 12 house your orientation to overcoming past karma and your unconscious in general 12 house activities tend to communicate to you through creative intuitive dramatic and nurturing ways all characteristics of Cancer Taking advantage of this is to begin to see how the little things in each day are communicating insights to you dramatically intuitively and nurturingly This new internal attitude toward the events of the day will greatly enhance the success of your spiritual journaling In addition you ll probably begin to see how the natural nurturing of Cancer is a quality of your unconscious life Another positive way to gain assistance in internalizing your new spiritual practice or focus is to elicit the Moon in your chart as another spiritual tool The Moon represents not only our instinctual nature and responses based on the past but also our unconscious habit patterns and ability to adapt to life experiences Transformed it becomes the reflector of our true self in the outer world By applying the positive aspects of our Moon to the house activities where the Moon resides in our chart will further help us internalize our new spiritual practice as a part of our inner stability and nature In our example let s say the Moon is in Libra in the birth chart This will normally put it in the third house behind the Nadir of the fourth house we been discussing The Moon in Libra in the third house will make this individual flexible magnetic protective creative and sociable positive Moon qualities in their thinking communications toward their immediate environment and brothers and sisters all third house activities Qualified by Libra this individual will naturally tend to be sharing thoughtful pleasant and balanced in the way they communicate think and relate in their immediate environment as they instinctively express the Moon Therefore to further internalize the new journaling spiritual practice this individual can enhance their insights and spiritual transformation through sharing in a thoughtful and pleasant way what they learned about themselves to those in their immediate environment By doing so the response received will further enhance the potential for spiritual transformation through journaling For myself I have Aquarius on my fourth house cusp with the Moon in

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  • Follow the Sun, Leo, the Sun & Creatively Expressing our Spiritual Practices
    reading spiritually related books at least three hours per week as a spiritual practice for myself almost 2 decades ago As I have already discussed it took me as it would most of us quite a while to make it a consistent spiritual practice Internalizing this spiritual practice through Cancer the Moon and the fourth house as discussed in our last article did not happen for me until I reoriented my day to include a half hour to 45 minutes each day at a coffee shop with my morning coffee and my reading This spiritual ritual helped me to complete at least one book about every couple months Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter As described above the next phase regarding our new spiritual practice is about making it a creative expression in our life We do this most easily by utilizing the spiritual principle described in the first paragraph First we look to see which sign is on our fifth house cusp Let s say for example that Gemini is on the fifth house cusp normally an Aquarius ascendant For this person being flexible intellectual communicative curious and involved in a variety of experiences all Gemini characteristics will naturally help becoming more creatively expressive in a new spiritual practice This could easily translate into expanding the reading of spiritual materials into various fields of study including Eastern and Western mysticism transpersonal psychology or even astrology This broadening of perspective as a natural Gemini characteristic will make reading each day far more enjoyable and insightful for this individual With Gemini on the fifth house cusp Leo will normally be on the seventh house cusp For this individual expressing dramatically generously and kindly all Leo characteristics to others and key one on one relationships all seventh house activities about the insights obtained in this new spiritual reading practice will further enhance the fulfillment and potential for spiritual learning and awareness available through reading spiritual material Let s say this individual has the Sun in Aquarius in the first house Since the Sun rules Leo and is naturally related to the fifth house it will also enhance the creative expression of our spiritual practice of reading spiritual literature How you say Sun in Aquarius in the first house indicates that his her self consciousness and need to shine will need to be original inventive individualistic and independent all Aquarius characteristics in her his basic approach to life and in developing self image and identity in life all first house areas of life By approaching the new spiritual practice of reading spiritual literature with this attitude and orientation will further enhance spiritual growth How might this work out Although this is not my astrology chart it has a similar orientation to mine Just reading one book after another in an area of

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  • Virgo, Chiron & Making Improvements through Self Adjustment
    please contact us for permission to reproduce articles This 6th phase regarding our new spiritual practice is about improving our journaling into a insightful spiritual tool For many the journaling process is about reviewing the day recapping our feelings and emotions and looking for certain insights on the events of the day This is one powerful use of journaling Improving our journaling through self adjustments can magnify and expand the use of this spiritual tool One key self adjustment that applies to this spiritual practice is making the process about self awareness and how we are or are not living our spiritual principles and values It s about beginning to see how the actions of others are not about others but about ourselves in the spiritual growth process Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter For example let s say you have Aries on your sixth house cusp normally a Scorpio ascendant person Your normal approach to self adjustment comes through initiating new activities and being creative and pioneering all Aries characteristics On first brush it would seem difficult for the I of Aries to focus on objective self awareness A good technique to change this focus would be to consistently focus on how others are reacting to me during daily life When your daily routine is seemingly difficult this would be the ideal time for this Aries to ask questions about how others are feeling or reacting Courageously initiating a process of open feedback from others is a powerful way for Aries to become less self oriented and more other oriented Where ever Aries is in your chart this is a good place to apply this technique I m a good example of this since I have a Scorpio ascendant and Aries on the sixth house cusp I had little clue growing up and in early phases of my spiritual growth how others were reacting to me Much of my spiritual growth through self adjustments became about adjusting to others feelings needs and desires Another powerful tool in this process is finding where the natural ruler of this sixth phase sixth house is in your chart Normally the Scorpio ascendant person has Virgo natural 6th house ruler on the 11th house cusp For us Scorpio ascendant people this means we can help improve our self awareness through journaling and or all spiritual practices by being analytical discriminating and modest all Virgo characteristics when interacting with those who share our life goals and hopes and wishes 11th house activities For myself I did this through living in a parsonage retreat with those who shared my life goals and purpose I learned much about myself through them Another powerful tool for improving our new spiritual practice comes from the ruler of the natural sign of the sixth house 6th phase In

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  • Libra, Venus & Objectifying Our Spiritual Practice
    for permission to reproduce articles Taking my exercising spiritual practice to a new level through confrontation came about a year later No matter what I seemed to do I could just barely average three times per week I realized that I would have to do something more outside of myself in order to make my spiritual practice a real success Instead of just competing in periodic races I decided it was time to participate in a triathlon This challenging commitment required me to take my exercising to a whole new level First I had to add swimming to my spiritual practice Second if I was to complete in a triathlon typically 1 hours at minimum I would need to be exercising at least four of five times per week Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter My real first flowering of success in this spiritual practice came through two changes First I was easily able to exercise 4 to 5 times per week in preparing for the triathlon And of course completing a triathlon was a significant success Additionally having internalized my mantra over a couple of years I experienced a drastic inflow of energy through my entire personality and physical body while participating in my first triathlon As mentioned previously my ascendant is Scorpio with Taurus on my seventh house cusp Therefore my natural approach to this seventh phase would be by being productive resourceful practical and realistically determine in how I take my spiritual practice into the outer world Venus ruler of Taurus in Gemini in the seventh house in my chart indicates that success in objectifying my spiritual practice will be aided by being emotionally passionate quality of Venus in a variety of experiences in order to accumulate understanding needs of Gemini Completing an Ironman qualifier triathlon almost 3 hours was certainly helped by my passionate approach to the swimming bicycling and running necessary to prepare for this key event As we learned through previous articles we can also look to where the natural ruler of the seventh phase seventh house and its ruler reside to gain further help and understanding in taking our spiritual practice to a new level For myself this is Libra on my 12th house cusp ruled by Venus in Gemini in my seventh house Having discussed Venus it is how Libra on my 12th house cusp can be of help that is left to identify Regular exercise is good for everyone But making it a spiritual practice means fulfilling some purpose or intent beyond exercise For my spiritual practice it was learning to draw spiritual energies through my bodies while exercising Beyond traditional descriptions of 12 house activities in life the 12 house also represents our meditation our behind the scenes activity and energies which sustain us Libra on this cusp indicates

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  • Overcoming Ego- Desires Thru Scorpio and Pluto
    this eighth phase With Scorpio we can either move forward intensely magnetically and regenerative or controlling power hungry and secretive With Pluto we are either motivated for change and transformation in order to make us more perfect or exerting our internal will for dominance Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter The eighth phase also relates to sharing How we share the success of our spiritual practice new project or life endeavor can either be qualified by ego or non attachment Unfortunately the outer world conditioned by human nature is highly influential on ego fulfillment taking credit and self aggrandizement This is the challenge to overcome in the eighth phase of our creative process For myself with a Scorpio ascendant and Pluto in Leo in the ninth house I have always been motivated to hide my ego I shunned the limelight even when I wished to be in the spotlight Regarding my spiritual practice of exercising competing in triathlons meant jogging instead of my normal speed walking Otherwise my spiritual practice was always about speed walking After having completed four triathlons normal conditioning would be to have me try to be the winner in my age group in any competitive event Instead I chose to go back to speed walking with its energy qualification for my growth Outwardly this meant I would never be competitive in events And even though it became obvious that I was the first speed walking participant to cross the finishing line I denied any orientation to be anything other than just another participant enjoying the day s event How many times have you participated in some spiritual event seminar or conference and recognized the ego expression of the speaker or event organizer This is a good example of the test in the eighth phase If you re sharing what you ve learned on your spiritual journey and not gaining more in the experience than those listening to you you re stuck in the eighth phase On the Spiritual Path the eighth phase relates to the Dark Night of the Soul which is not about experiencing a continuous high but recognizing the depth of what s left for you to transform and regenerate On my spiritual journey my Scorpio ascendant 1st house cusp means that I need to unite my potentials with others through deep involvements based on mutual respect in how I project my self image and approach to all of life s activities 1st house activities This is definitely the opposite of ego expression and fulfillment As to Pluto which rules Scorpio and is in my ninth house in Leo I need to creatively self express Leo my spiritual nature and internal spiritual will Pluto while exchanging abstract ideas and philosophies in order to develop a deeper understanding and philosophy for life activities and

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  • Expanding our Spiritual Orientation thru Sagittarius & Jupiter
    into a vulgarization or art for art s sake habitual practice which results in a loss of meaning and value Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter Other examples within our larger society include how many of our holidays mean little other than a day off to most people Over the last few decades our freedom loving capitalist society has lost much of its freedom loving in the relentless search for materialistic gratification and the assumed ease of end of life that it should produce I believe that surveys taken at this point in our society s progression would reveal that less and less of us feel a sense of freedom and creative potential that were the founding principles of our country I find this somewhat new perspective to highly condition the X and Y generations born after the mid 1960s So what does this relate to our new spiritual practice that is the core of this article series One good example is the spiritual practice of journaling I do not think I ve met one person who continued journaling for a long period of time without either stopping or losing much of the power of reflection through it I certainly did The challenge for me to expand my spiritual orientation was revealed by the passage pray without ceasing Instead of reflectively journaling once a day I realized that this meditative practice needed to be internalized as a continuous reflection on all of life activities as they are happening That is how I learned to pray without ceasing Regarding the spiritual practice of dream analysis I recorded virtually every dream that I had for over ten years I was able to move from analyzing each dream individually to analyzing a set of dreams to gain a much deeper meaning and understanding as to my spiritual journey and issues At one level this is what this ninth phase is about At another level I had to let go of documenting my dreams and move to integrating my nighttime dream life with my daytime spiritual focus in order to take my dreaming to a new creative level Astrologically Sagittarius is on my second house cusp ruled by Jupiter in Aries in my fifth house Creating a deeper understanding and more philosophical approach to life and society characteristics of Sagittarius would most easily be developed for me by utilizing my talents and resources second house activities while developing my self worth goal of the second house This would be greatly assisted by being courageous pioneering and initiating in my creative self expression characteristics of Aries in the fifth house to better integrate my beliefs and ethical standards for living functions of Jupiter I have already discussed in previous articles examples of how I took standard spiritual practices and expanded them into a whole

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  • Follow the Sun, Aries and the First House, Astrology,  Spiritualizing your day to day life, Articles on spiritual growth
    spiritually oriented partner This 10th phase is where we evaluate revalue and initiate actions to create the partnership that will support us in the remaining focus of our growth Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Signs Houses Planets Check out other astrology articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter As you can imagine this means taking the spiritual principles you ve learned and applying them to the remaining mundane issues in the marriage which can include money intimacy conditional love pet peeves fulfilling gender roles emotional pains assumed expectations and security and comfort issues I have not encountered a single couple regardless of their spiritual orientation who are not still exhibiting normal human nature attitudes and behaviors in some of the above areas in their marriage One of my advanced spiritualizing habits for life is focus on the air not the water At one time or another we ve all learned about whether the glass is half full or half empty A positive approach to life is to focus on how much water is in the glass and not the air or emptiness of the glass This is how most everyone learns to positively approach their marriage A spiritual partnership must have a vast majority of the glass full to be supporting spiritual growth Getting into the 90th percentile will never happen by focusing on the water We must focus on the remaining issues as defined above to remove the remaining air in the glass of our partnership It s probably even easier to understand what it means to revalue our work This is not the same thing we talked about in the six phase Here it is about successfully initiating those changes that will assure that we can live our spiritual focus during this period of every day A good example of this is the expanding of our journaling practice into an ongoing meditative reflection of the day s activities Fulfilling the opportunity of the 10th phase in the spiritual cycle is to begin communicating making decisions and taking actions at work consistently based on our meditative reflections and insights It s not enough to just understand that the boss is a jerk In this 10th phase we need to move to a place where our authority figures a 10th house area are somehow aligned with our spiritual principles In some cases this means becoming your own boss Without going into detail the same applies to the rest of our activities in society This can range from our neighborhood socialization to our interaction with local government education and businesses It will definitely include all of our volunteer activities and causes that we support Obviously it will also include your relationship with your spiritual teacher Within our natal astrology chart the placement of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn become supporting assets in our 10th phase opportunity for growth Where ever Capricorn resides are

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