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  • Living Spirt Store Paths
    reproduce articles Images provided by NASA NASA does not promate this web site Books Paths Astrology Look Inside Look Inside Look Inside Look Inside Path of Individuation This Aquarian spiritual Path transforms C G Jung s psychological process of individuation into a spiritual journey to Mastery Phase 1 retail price is 125 88 00 Path of the Eastern Mystic Through integrating the teachings of Buddha and Lao Tzu in light of our Aquarian Age of self resonsibility this spiritual Path to Adepthood Mastery becomes your spiritual teacher Phase 1 Retail price is 125 88 00 Path of the Living Christ Living Spirit s Path of the Living Christ creates an Aqaurian means of utilizing western mysticism as your self directed journey to Ascension Phase 1 retail price is 125 88 00 Professionals Spiritual Path Living Spirit s spiritual Path for professionals is designed to transform your career vocation into your spiritual journey to Mastery Phase 1 retail price is 125 88 00 Warrior s Path Living Spirit s Warrior s spiritual Path is how we utilize the teachings of don Juan Matus his Warrior s Path or Path of Knowledge to gain spiritual Mastery Freedom Phase 1 retail price is

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  • Living Spirit, Books on Spirituality,  Look Inside
    by New Paradigm Publishing God Man and the Dancing Universe A Synthesis of Metaphysics Science and Theology by Jef Bartow Living Spirit s Guidebook for Spiritual Growth A Program for Spiritual Transformation by Jef and Tanya Bartow Purchase these Books

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  • Tenants
    the Being in whom we live move and have are being For most of us we experience this as living through the difficulties unanticipated events and adjustments that are seemingly forced upon us Unfortunately in most cases pain is the catalyst for growth Many times this process does not bring us consciously closer to God but only left in a state of questioning and anxiety regarding God s purpose or direction for our lives For those individuals who have internalized their growth process through self initiated changes in themselves and their lives a growing realization and internalization of peace and faith ensues The fact that we are truly part of a spiritual process and not alone in it makes its presence known The requirements for consciously participating in this spiritual process do not make living life easier or happier It does make life more joyful and fulfilling Self initiated growth does not mean abandoning our involvement in religious philosophical psychological spiritual or family groups It means taking responsibility for our own spiritual progress while utilizing whatever means necessary to accomplish that growth For some it will necessitate many changes regarding the groups or individuals relied on in the past that either do not support or actually hinder further progress For all it will require a reorientation of one kind or another in the way one thinks feels and relates to others The Center for Individual Studies is founded to provide practical and effective assistance for individuals who have chosen self directed growth For those who chose to self direct their growth path the Center is set up to provide materials and programs to equip you with a tool belt of resources in your self construction of a spiritual life and accomplishment For those of you who have relied on outside

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  • Spiritual Mentors for Living by Spirit, Jef Bartow, Tanya Bartow, Spiritual Growth mentors
    business consulting practice focused on helping entrepreneurs transform entrenched operational management and financial issues This consulting experience included developing two comprehensive programs Strategic Profit Management and the Spirit Process to ensure on going wealth generation for small businesses Further I continued my on going study of metaphysics astrology western theology eastern mysticism the sciences and transpersonal psychology all from the perspective of transformation in support of Spirit I now am a metaphysician and alchemist focussed of transmutation of physical matter into a tool for Spirit and human spiritualization Concurrently I continue to define a 21st century synthesis of metaphysics science theology and transpersonal psychology being published in the 3 volume treatise God Man and the Dancing Universe Volume 1 published in 2006 focuses on our universe and Life in it It is a double award winning finalist with various high critical reviews Volume 2 on human consciousness is being published in 2015 Other publications include LifeCycles Astrology Journey of the Personalityas the first of a series on using cycles in Life as a spiritualizing tool Jef Bartow Tanya Bartow The early years of my spiritual commitment involved becoming a certified shamanic teacher Further internal calling led me to intensify my

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  • Library of Articles
    It s Time for Change 9 Spiritualizing Habits Characteristics of Spirit Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Follow the Sun Astrological articles Astrology Individuation Living Christ Relationship Professional Eastern Mystic Warrior s 7 Spiritual Paths Images on this page provided by Jenny McCarthy Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles From Life Struggles to Living by Spirit These habits are best implemented progress ively from the top down in this list Begin with the current month or whichever characteristic moves you the most Self Publishing is a Business Appropriate Publishing Method Style and Presentation Get Your Book Recognized Early Taylor Your Distribution Becoming Recognizable to Your Audience Overcoming Pitfalls in Self Publishing Sign up for our E Newsletter Journey through Spirit and Matter Articles on the structure of man Individual Articles Home About Us Articles Books Programs Publishing Paths Contact Us Links What Goes Around COmes Around Credit and Praise Competition and Debate The Spiritual Solution Will Impetus for Change Spiritual Life Justice is How you Live Integrity is for Its Own

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  • A new paradigm for spiritual/metaphysical book publishing, spiritual/metaphysical book self-publishing
    to publish and promote the books written by our founders and provide self publishing help to those who need it At present this includes a multi volume treatise entitled God Man and the Dancing Universe Living Spirit s Guidebook for Spiritual Growth and Jef s LifeCycles Astrology to be published in 2012 Our second phase vision will be to fully execute New Paradigm s mission which is to Provide books

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  • Follow the Sun, Astrology, Your Personality's Life Cycles
    the author For non members please contact us for permission to reproduce articles Purchase the Astrological Path and charts and interpretations at our Living Spirit Store Sign up for our E Newsletter Home About Us Articles Books Programs Publishing Paths

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  • Serenity, Characteristics of Spirit, Spiritual Growth through Spirit, Articles on Spirit and Spiritual Growth
    within I have come to more easily understand Serenity as not freedom from the storm but tranquility within the storm This storm is usually created by our instinctual nature s conflict within Matter We live it out through our fears and agitation within daily life and our reactionary out of control dreams at night Spiritualizing Exercises So how do we experience Serenity and use it to transform our instinctual nature and dream life Astrologically the 11th House and the natural home of Aquarius provide some help The 11th House astrologically is the home of our activities with friends large groups and those who share our life goals The positive side of Aquarius includes being original inventive individualistic and independent It s need within us is to know and create the freedom to express our inner individuality and originality in a meaningful way through changing our conditioned behavior by new ideas Within all of us this equates to us initiating an attitude and orientation of being original inventive and independent in our friendships We can further this new orientation by expressing our individuality and independence within the large groups we find ourselves tied to And most meaningful by expressing our inner individuality and originality to those who we share life goals with This sounds powerful and also pretty difficult Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Characteristics of Spirit January Serenity Feburary Innocence March Integrity April Love May Justice June Harmony July Truth August Faith September Order October Peace Novermber Purity December Beauty Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members please contact us for permission to reproduce articles To make this more easily understandable let s focus on how to achieve serenity We accomplish this new orientation by changing our conditioned behavior through new ideas These new ideas can be the principles and teachings we encounter when reading spiritual material In addition use the behaviors of those spiritualized individuals that we consider to express serenity How did they transform their conditioned behavior from childhood and adolescence What changes did they initiate and live to become the spiritual being they are How did they consistently challenge the status quo I think a few examples here may help Buddha gave up the easy life of royalty and riches he was accustomed to Jesus left his family and home to go about his Father s work More recently the Dalai Lama began a whole new life in the West which completely changed the conditions of his upbringing Most of us do not need the drastic ness of these changes to bring Serenity into our life But I ve shown these drastic examples here on purpose To embrace and live Spirit through Serenity will necessitate a thorough review of how our conditioning restricts our freedom and individuality Being willing to remove the conditioned expectations of friends and groups to not live based on their orientation

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